Open Thread: March 5th Camp Notes

Cashman speaks up about non-tendering Aceves
2011 AL East Busts: part 2 of 2
(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The latest from Tampa…

  • The Yankees and Nationals played a wild one today, with the former Expos prevailing 10-8. CC Sabathia got smacked around in his 2.2 IP of work, then said he wasn’t going to lose any sleep. In fact, the second start of spring hasn’t been kind to the left-hander, historically. Brett Gardner had a double and a triple, Jorge Vazquez and Austin Romine a double each, and Jesus Montero went 2-for-3. The Yankees scored all eight runs in the fourth inning. Some pitchers that won’t be on the team come Opening Day (Romulo Sanchez and Daniel Turpen) blew the lead late. Here’s the box score.
  • Jesus Montero took a foul tip off his right hand, but there’s no real concern about an injury. “I’ll wait to see how Monty’s finger is tomorrow, but he finished, and he had great strength in it,” said Joe Girardi. “Those hurt, but as a catcher you’ve just got to take it.” (Chad Jennings)
  • Andrew Brackman threw 30 pitches in the bullpen then another 25 to batters in a simulated game; his groin/hip issue was tested with a comebacker on the first pitch. The big right-hander is likely to get into a game either Monday or Tuesday. Warner Madrigal also threw live BP while Freddy Garcia, Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances, and Adam Warren all threw bullpen sessions. (Jennings, Marc Carig & Erik Boland)
  • Frankie Cervelli is in high spirits despite his fractured foot. “I’m positive,” said the catcher. “A lot of people in the world, they don’t have legs, they don’t have arms. I’m healthy. It’s going to be okay.” (Boland)
  • The Yankees are doomed to finish third this year because pitchers were busy practicing their putting on the backfield instead of working on a new pitch. What teh hell? (Ben Shpigel)

Here’s the open thread for the night. The Isles and Nets already played, but there’s a ton of college basketball on plus a replay of today’s Marlins-Red Sox game on MLB Network. Chat about whatever, go nuts.

Cashman speaks up about non-tendering Aceves
2011 AL East Busts: part 2 of 2
  • OldYanksFan

    If you want to see how really lean (and in fine shape) ARod looks, just check out the pic titled “Alex Rodriguez and Brandon Laird awaiting ground balls”.


    • Monteroisdinero

      I was there today. Alex is so thin I almost confused him with the long and lanky Justin Maxwell. Highlight of the game for me was Gardy smoking a triple down the RIGHT field line.

  • Kiersten

    “I’ll wait to see how Monty’s finger is tomorrow, but he finished, and he had great strength in it,”

    Oh lordy, it’s starting already.

    And OMG CC sucks, we’re DOOOOOOOOOOOOM3D!

    • JGS

      lordy? IT’S INFECTED YOU TOO

      • Tom Zig

        It has gotten to us all, Jordy.

        • JGS

          Says you, Ziggy

    • steve (different one)

      I guess the other way he could have gone was Jeezy…

  • Sean C

    I’ve reached the point where I don’t read the comments sections of the weekend writers. They can pretty much be summed up as “This sucks. Use better grammar.” “This is stupid.” and “This writer is a doodoohead.”. While I admit that I have yet to see that last one, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone went there. I’ve found that I generally like the weekend posts. Apparently some people don’t, but saying it in every single comment section every time one of their posts comes up is getting annoying to me. So I don’t read those comments. A differing opinion is great, but expressing it with “Get rid of these guys.” is an unproductive way of doing so.

    Rant over. I just needed to get that out after a few weeks of people offering little more than rude/childish comments in the weekend posts.

    • The Tenth Inning Stretch

      Hear hear.

    • Nostra-Artist

      All sorts of this. Hannah’s been taking way too much crap from some of the losers around here, and I honestly thought it would have died down by now. Her latest post wasn’t my cup of tea (I thought it was too personal and you should write more for the reader than yourself) but why anyone would feel compelled to respond with “go away” is beyond me.

      Maybe the authors of the site should write a post letting it be known they’re happy with the 3 writers, and they’re not going anywhere. Maybe that will work.

  • Pat D

    Did Shpigel predict them to finish third or something? Just because I don’t see that as part of his tweet, so I want to make sure that I understand the comment.

    • Mike Axisa

      I was joking.

      • Pat D

        Oh, ok.

        I thought that was it, but knowing how some of these beat writers have been lately, one never knows.

      • JCK

        On the plus side, I hear AJ’s odds at The Masters are on the rise.

  • Nemesis

    Manny Banuelos is my God!

  • ColoYank

    Report from Tampa: extra special batting practice shows put on by Granderson and Montero. They were the only ones to clear the fence, having multiple long balls each, Grandy getting two in a row.

    Betances wowed the crowd in his bullpen session. And I was in that crowd. I tried to get some video, but you’re not allowed very close to that action. Staff everywhere very friendly and helpful. I went over to the minor league complex but those workouts do not start until Monday. Wanna see me some Culver, Gumbs, Williams, Segedin, and Stoneburner and Kahnle. Among a lot of others obviously.

    This is so much fun! My first time at spring training.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Actually ARod put a few out including a long one over the stream behind the fence on the main practice field. Keith Olbermann was at the game!

  • Pastadivingarod

    Come on Joey that’s the best you can do?

    • Tom O

      I think he’s just trying to set up John Sterling for a Full Monty home run call.

  • murakami

    Thanks for Betances update. Dealin’ Dellin is Da Man. Enjoy being there.

  • Pastadivingarod

    I say we call him Jesus Bam Bam Montero.

    • mbonzo

      Man Ban and Bam Bam are gonna confuse me.

  • murakami

    When I hear ‘Monty’ I think of a middle-aged white guy wearing a hairpiece and a bad suit smiling idiotically and asking me to look behind Door Number 3.

    I am never calling The Jesus “Monty.”

  • Pastadivingarod

    BASEBALL JESUS in a few years when he is hitting the cover off the ball.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Monteroesdinero is my (biased) favorite. His dad was there watching today. Jesus seems like a really nice guy. Swish and Grandy very nice to fans today as well.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Yesterday, before Soriano threw some with Girardi and others watching, Brian Anderson pitched to 2 minor leaguers. I was there on a back field and Phil Hughes was standing on the other side of the fence watching closely. Harkey and Rothschild were watching too. He’s a converted OF’er with 5 years on the White Sox (according to Phil). He’s a non-roster invitee and his stuff looked pretty good-but I am no expert.

  • Tom Zig

    If Betances makes it to the majors, what will Girardi call him?


    • Nostra-Artist

      Andre the Giant?

  • Midland TX

    So Teixeira fired Boras today, and cryptically said the following:

    “From the time I was a rookie, people started talking about my free agent contract,” Teixeira said. “Hey, that’s the world I live in. Unfortunately, it took away from a lot of the things I did on the field. At times I felt like I was Mark Teixeira, Scott Boras client, instead of Mark Teixeira, baseball player.”

    Anyone care to read between the lines? My interpretation is that now that he’s landed the big payday in a place he likes, he no longer has to (or wants to) hold his nose and deal with Boras.

    • Nostra-Artist

      Bingo. Though it would have been a much more bold statement had he done it before Scott got him his FA contract, not after. It’s easy to look like a big hero and dump Boras now, after Scott got him the biggest payday of his life. If he was really that worried about his image, he would have hired someone like Leigh Steinberg 10 years ago.

      I can’t give Tex too many kudos for this. Too convenient for him.

      • JMK


        • Tom Zig

          Well look who it is.

      • Plank

        You seem to admit that Tex would get more money on his big contract by staying with Boras. Why would he go to an agent that would get him less money?

        Would you do the same job for less money if you have 10 years at most until retirement?

        • bonestock94

          That’s fine, but why backpedal now from that “get as much money as I can” disposition that comes with being a Boras Client? Too little too late.

          • Plank

            How is he backpedaling? He said he was with Boras to get a big payday, and now that he’s gotten it, he’s going with someone else who is more suited to his needs?

            Who wouldn’t try to get as much money as they can? Baseball players are incredibly underpaid for their first few years in the league, and for many players, their only years in the league. The draft, reserve clause, and arbitration are in place to ensure players don’t get paid fairly for their skills. If they are lucky enough to get “market value” for their services after 6 years, why would they continue to play for less than their skills are worth?

            Too little what?

    • mike c

      I was thinking that boras could have been pressuring tex to drop his no-trade clause so that the yankees might be able to pursue pujols, but I don’t think he works with boras either

  • Kiko Jones

    That quote from Frankie C is just one more reason why I’m always rooting for that kid.

    • Midland TX

      Fine but why did he bring up Jim Abbott?

  • Nick
    • mbonzo

      I don’t buy it. The kid has plenty left to learn and prove. I’m sure he could be an effective major league pitcher, and possibly be better than whoever lands the 4th or 5th spot, but thats not whats best for Banuelos. If he really is this good, he’ll dominate AA, and if he’s really this good he’ll dominate AAA.

      By keeping him AA you’re making sure that he truly is ready for baseball, and if you’re wrong the worst that happens is that hes called up later in the year when good starts are the most important. If the Yankees were to call him up prematurely, the worst that could happen is a major injury. Leave him in AA, and if he’s godly then he’ll see the club in June or July.

    • Zack

      This is the downside of Yankees having good prospects, have to listen to people try to ruin them.

      A. Just because it working for Felix freaking Hernandez, doesn’t mean it’s the right path for Manny
      B. Felix dominated 88 innings in AAA before he was called up, but lets not mention that in our Bleacher Report article
      C. Can Brian Cashman really be so blind as to not recognize a special set of circumstances when he sees them? Yeah, always have to add the “Cashman sux” when we get a chance.

  • OldYanksFan
    • Jimmy

      He seemed a little angry in that interview.

  • fire levine

    Gotta love frankie’s attitude