The RAB Radio Show: March 3, 2011

Who exactly is Steve Garrison?
Food For Thought: A.J. Burnett

There was plenty to like from today’s game against the Rays, not least of which was Ivan Nova going three innings. This might not be noteworthy by itself, but it does signal that they pitchers are increasing their workload. Hey, we’ll take anything that makes Opening Day feel closer.

Somehow, as we discussed the game and the guys involved, Mike and I got sidetracked on the Angels. They seem to attract bad contracts, and they didn’t help that reputation this winter. It’s nice that they’re no longer a perpetual thorn in the Yanks’s side.

Podcast run time 25:17

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Who exactly is Steve Garrison?
Food For Thought: A.J. Burnett
  • mike_h

    you guys should do a post or podcast about what goes on at minor league camp

    btw for late arrivers Yanks and Rays played 10 innings and finished with a tie

    • YankeesJunkie

      If the Yankees can’t even win the Grapefruit league, how do they expect to even compete in the AL East.

  • Slu

    Guys I like the show. Listened a bunch of times thus far and will continue to listen.

    A bit of constructive criticism that I have made once before. Joe, please get a new mic. You sound like you are on a speaker phone.