Feliciano has setback, Ayala to disabled list


Via Jon Heyman and Marc Carig, Pedro Feliciano suffered a setback to his strained rotator cuff during today’s throwing session and will have an MRI tomorrow. I wouldn’t wait around for him, there’s a decent chance he won’t be pitching for the Yankees anytime soon. For shame. In other news, Luis Ayala is hurt as well, and he’s headed to the disabled list with a strained lat. Not sure who will be replacing him on the roster, but it’s unlikely to be Andrew Brackman, Steve Garrison, or Ryan Pope. The first two are making minor league starts tonight, and Pope’s on the minor league DL himself. Could it be … Mark Prior time?

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  1. If it is Prior and not Garrison/Brackman/Pope, though, who’s getting bumped off the 40 man?

    Would we 60-day DL Feliciano already? I don’t know if we’d do that before seeing the results of that MRI.

    DFA Corona?

    • Greg G. says:

      DFA Hughes or Jeter.

      You’re welcome.

    • Hurling Darvish says:

      Corona is already on the 60day DL. I don’t think DFAing him will accomplish anything, since he already doesn’t count toward to 40 man roster.

      Maybe Ortegano or Russo. Don’t know what they think about Ortegano or if he is really hurt or not, but he, like Pope, is on the minor DL. Russo is really far down the depth chart behind Pena, Laird, Dickerson, Golson, and Maxwell.

  2. Pastadivingarod says:

    Please pick up denny reyes

  3. jorge brosada says:

    damn that sucks. I’d rather have a second lefty in the pen besides Logan, maybe Andy Sisco? He’s got some upside right?

    • Cuso says:

      if i were a betting man, i’d place a sawbuck on you seeing Sisco called up tomorrow.

      wait…..i am a betting man actually

  4. Bryan L says:

    Pedro Feliciano doesn’t throw a pitch in a Major League game this season:

    Fact or fiction?

  5. bonestock94 says:

    With the “abused” comments and this, the signing seems completely retarded

    • CP says:

      The problem is that there really wasn’t a better alternative. Cashman felt (rightly) that the team would benefit from having a lefty reliever, and Feliciano was probably the best option to fill that role – even with his issues.

      • Rey22 says:

        Randy Choate? Same thing, less workload, cheaper.

      • Mr. Sparkle says:

        Sure there was…Scott Downs. A guy the Yankees saw plenty of and should have known he was a very effective bullpen lefty. Someone they (and many others) reached out to Toronto for as a possible upgrade via trade last season. Oh, more importantly, hadn’t averaged 90 appearances for the last three years.

        Instead, Cashman sat on his ass, did nothing and was left picking from the leftovers that no one wanted. Downs didn’t sign with Anaheim until December 10th. It’s not like he was snatched up quickly and not like the Yankees didn’t realize they needed lefty arms in the pen. It’s hard to argue Cashman screwed this one up, then made it worse by actually trying to blame the Mets.

  6. Chip says:

    Problem with Prior is you can’t send him back down right? If he doesn’t hold his own right away you have to expose him to waivers in order to send him back down since you’ll be converting his minor league contract into a major league one unless I’m mistaken

  7. Guaranteed money sucks, especially for relievers.

  8. Cy Pettitte says:

    you know who would be great to fill out the bullpen right now? Alfredo Aceves

    • Kiersten says:

      you know who would be great to fill out the bullpen rotation right now? Alfredo Aceves


    • bonestock94 says:

      To be fair, we’ll have to see if Aceves can stay healthy before calling that dumb. It’s been a whopping 2 weeks.

      • bonestock94 says:

        Not saying you called it dumb, just a general response

      • YankeeJosh says:

        I’m not sure Aceves can stay healthy but Boston seems confident. they used him 3 times in 4 days, which would seem strange for someone with health concerns.

        Even if Aceves could only stay healthy through May, 2 months of him in the rotation (or pen) would be better than Freddy Garcia I think. Yanks can pick up a pitcher later, having Aceves for now when the pitching is thin would be a huge help. Maybe even worth the cost.

        • NJYankeeFan says:

          He only signed for $650K. You would think the Yankees FO would have been close to 100% sure he couldn’t come back from that injury before allowing a talented 28 year old pitcher walk.

          They pay Jeter than much in a week.

  9. Granderslam says:

    What about Andy Sisco?

  10. Not Prior, apparently.


    (They’re all over this shizz tonight. Tweet tweet, biiiiiiiitch.)

  11. Dice-Klay says:

    $8,000,000.00 down the drain.

    Well done, Cash.

    • Pat D says:

      That’s a huge chunk for the Yankees, especially split over two years.

      • Dice-Klay says:

        please, on a stat-head blog, every cent is scrutinized.

        • Dice-Klay says:

          And ya know the stat-heads have a point about dollars and cents.

          After all, Aceves was let go because his 650K contract was concerned too high.

          • Pat D says:

            With Aceves, they had legitimate concerns about him being healthy enough to begin the year. Either Aceves healed much quicker, or they had bad information. Or Aceves’ back will flare up again in a week or two, thus proving that he wouldn’t be reliable.

            And I believe we’ve had discussions about Feliciano’s contract before where the consensus has been that he’s overpaid like a lot of middle relievers but that relative to the Yankees’ costs and contracts, it’s hardly that significant. As in, it’s not going to prevent them from making other moves down the road.

  12. Dice-Klay says:

    Kei Igawa is a lefty

  13. Monteroisdinero says:

    At least I saw Feliciano strike out Ryan Howard in ST. Maybe never again.

    Who makes it back sooner? Marte or Feliciano?

    Pedroia strikes out against Price-good stuff tonight.

  14. James G. says:

    I am an unbelievably large Mark Prior fan. More Prior. Less everyone else.

  15. Kevin says:

    Do we even need a lefty? If i see boon logan in one more series i think i may have a stroke. Just get the best pitchers out there who can throw strikes.

  16. Sabermetrically Challenged says:

    could now be silva’s time to shine? Hughes goes to the bullpen to work on stuff

  17. pastadivingarod says:

    It will be Millwood knowing the yanks and he will have a rough time in the pen

  18. Monteroisdinero says:

    Too bad we can’t get some dotf updates. Brackman pitching tonight. I say we leadoff Golson and bat Gardy second.

    /awaits verbal onslaught

  19. IRF says:

    Heh, apparently you can’t use a pitcher 266 times in 3 years and expect him to stay healthy.


  20. Pastadivingarod says:

    How about noesi
    He has good stuff for the pen even thoughnhe would rather starter.

    • Probably better off keeping him starting in the minors as SP depth, in case we wake up in mid-May and Hughes is still scuffling and Colon/Garcia/Millwood/Silva have all turned back into frogs.

      It’s just one BP spot out of seven; no need to take a legit SP prospect off his development track in April for it.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I’d prefer Colon to be the swingman til he loses it. I don’t want to lose the SP depth to the bullpen which requires no improvement at all.

      • Cuso says:

        yeah, Colon has that cut-pitch that seems to be tough on lefties.

        i’d be hesitant to shorten him up though. his value is running him out there for at least 7-8 outs so he’d be able to plug in the rotation if necessary

  21. nathan says:

    This is depressing.

  22. OldYanksFan says:

    Here’s a very interesting read:

  23. Pastadivingarod says:

    3-1. Rays
    Damon just got on cy lester

  24. Monteroisdinero says:

    A pitcher from the organization…


  25. Pastadivingarod says:

    Josh hamiton out 6-8 weeks on that stupid play today. I know the rangers last year developed the whole antelers steal runs play but in a game in april 1 of 162 and now your best player is gone? Wow makes me as a yankee fan crack a smile and make the antlers gester with my hand this one is to you big josh(dumd ass)

  26. cranky says:

    It may be time for. . .Andy Sisco.

    I know the Yanks like Garrison, but he’s never pitched in relief.
    And Sisco has actually been finding the plate, lately.
    An Andy Sisco with control is worth two Steve Garrisons.

  27. Mike Myers says:

    whos rooting for Farnsworth right now?

  28. NJYankeeFan says:

    If I’m a lefty reliever right now, I’d think twice about signing with the Yankees. There seems to be some sort of curse going on.

  29. BigGuy says:

    ANDY SISCO being called up to NY to replace Ayala. They announced it at the SWB game.

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