Fun With ESPN Player Headshots

It's the Jesus & Jorge show in Scranton
Report: Noesi up to replace Ayala

The Yankees were rained out tonight, and I don’t think anyone is the mood for in-depth analysis and what not at this hour of the night/early in the morning, so instead I give you this: The 25 Most Terribly Awesome ESPN Head Shots. That one of Henry Blanco is called the “your wife just filed for divorce and wants half your sh!t.” Fitting, ain’t it?

It’s not exactly the most politically correct or safe for work link, so click at your own risk. All 25 are equally hilarious though, just in case you need a laugh on this Yankees baseball-less night.

(h/t BtB)

It's the Jesus & Jorge show in Scranton
Report: Noesi up to replace Ayala
  • JGS

    Travis Snider is amazing. It’s not just the mustache, it’s the neck too.

  • Anthony S.

    very funny , loved the travis snyder caption lol

  • nacho

    I lost it when I got to Rafael Perez…

  • Hurling Darvish

    2 former Yankee farmhands, Jhonny Nunez and Tyler Clippard. No wonder they traded them.

  • Engelbert

    the Brian Tallet caption was hilarious

  • danimal

    I am giggling like a little girl looking at these.

    I think my favorite was probably Anthony Ortega’s Fun Fact of the Day!

  • Steve Garrison’s Roster Spot

    This is too much! I’m relieved no Yankees are on this (no current ones at least).


  • bonestock94

    Apparently being inbred and a professional athlete are not exclusive. Still dying over here.

  • jorge brosada

    oh my god this is freaking hilarious, Rafael Perez is by far the best one. I burst out laughing whenever i see that. Henry Blanco, Chris Archer, Luis Valbuena, Anthony Ortega and Ramon Castro are also hilarious.

  • David N

    The captions for Mangini, Archer, Cameron, Blanco and Snider are great. But they don’t come close to the brilliance of Chavez, Casto and Wallace.

    Also, Jon Rauch is one freaky looking dude. And is Matusz’s neck really that long?

  • Anthony Murillo

    Amazing. The Nunez one was awesome.

  • yankees=warriors

    That was VERY entertaining, thanks for the laughs!
    But in the player’s defense, I think it’s all the cameraman’s fault. I actually took the trouble to look through all the Yankees’ shots, and they didn’t look too hot, either. Couldn’t recognize half of them!

  • BavarianYankee

    LOL, those headshots are awesome XD. It’s hard to pick the best one, they’re all pretty hilarious.

  • Mattchu12

    Matt Treanor does look like an idiot. But he gets to have sex with Misty May. He gets a free pass for everything, including his stupid face, for that reason.

  • jsbrendog

    ramon castro is def my fav. this link was awesome hahahaha thanks guys

  • Yank the Frank

    Without baseball what the hell would these guys do?

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    I am usually at work when games are going on so I watch on gamecast where you see the headshots all the time. My co-workers and I always laugh at the ridiculous ones. Wily Mo Pena used to have a funny one when he was with the Sawks with his cap pulled way down over his eyes. Scotty Brosius had about the worst pic ever. It looked like the cameraman caught him completely by surprise.

  • OldYanksFan

    Someone needs to tell Youk to take his Bong hits AFTER taking the picture!

  • FachoinaNYY

    This post was classic, that website is pretty good too. Anyone have others of similar hilarity/subject-matter/quality?

    (I promise it will not take away from my RAB time which takes up a good 50% of my internet time)

    • FachoinaNYY

      semi-related to that:

      Anyone know if “Fack Youk” is no more? Seems like it hasn’t been updated since last October.

      • bexy on another computer

        Sadly I think they don’t have the time any more. Too bad, that was really one of my favorite Yankee sites.