Shockingly, Kevin Millwood looks “terrible”

A-Rod lifted with back and oblique stiffness
Long: Gardner needs to use his lower half more

Via Jayson Stark, an unnamed source (scout? GM? fan? he didn’t specify) gave a not so glowing review of Kevin Millwood from Extended Spring Training: “He looks terrible. Here’s a guy who used to throw 94-95. Now he’s throwing 86.” PitchFX only goes back so far, but Baseball Info Solutions says he hasn’t sat anywhere near 94-95 in the last ten years, but I guess I’m just nitpicking.

Millwood will make a start for Double-A Trenton on Sunday, and he told Mike Ashmore that he threw 75 pitches last time out and should be able to get it up to 90 this weekend. “My whole thing was trying to build up arm strength and trying to get my pitch count up [in Extended Spring Training],” said the righty. “And I did that. It still probably has a little ways to go, but it’s definitely closer than it was when I got here.”

A-Rod lifted with back and oblique stiffness
Long: Gardner needs to use his lower half more
  • Steve H

    Jayson Stark’s anonymous scouts have zero credibility after the whole Cervelli>>>Montero garbage.

    I believe that Millwood looks like crap (because he kind of is), but not based on Stark.

  • Jerome S.

    What? Why am I wasting my time being told something I already know?

    Need money back.

  • Drew

    Even with Hughes and Nova struggling, I can’t see the Yankees bringing him up if he’s looked as bad as it’s being reported. You might as well stick with the kids with higher upside.

  • Jonathan

    I love how a shitty pitcher pitching like shit in what is basically the first week of spring training for him is somehow a story. Did anyone else notice that Stark crossed over to Yankee hater after the 09 WS and beating his beloved Phillies? Not saying him reporting this is Yankee bashing. Just a thought in general. Between him, Neyer, Caple and all the ….wonderful….people at ESPNBoston/NewYork I almost never go to ESPN anymore.

    • icebird753

      That’s right; Jason cannot see the light, Jonathan. The Yankees are flawlessly run, should be undefeated and have the best team in baseball every year. Why can’t Stark see this?

      • Jonathan

        Dear Mrs. Stark. Please try not to take things so seriously about your son.


  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Meh, we’ve already moved on to Carlos Silva.

  • Ross in Jersey

    Now, hold on here. I am no Kevin Millwood fan, I’m pretty sure he does, in fact, suck. But was this scout under the impression that at age 36 Millwood would be throwing at the same velocity that he did 10 years ago? Come on now. We’ve seen tons of pitchers who can survive below 90mph, if that was his only criteria then why are we listening? I’d be much more concerned about his location, break on his pitches, you know, his ability to get hitters out.

    Stark should be ashamed for treating such a stupid report as “news” worthy of reprinting.

    • ADam

      Stark is an avid Yankee hater…. has reported bases on his bias for years…

  • ADam

    Can you guys please bring back the D-Rob Dry Hump Counter??

  • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

    You mean going 4-16 last year wasn’t evidence enough?

    • Gonzo

      W-L alert! W-L alert!

  • a plethora of pinatas

    Maybe we can use Millwood solely against the Rangers. It appears that they can’t succeed against sub-90 heat.

  • NJYankeeFan

    Maybe they can send him and Hughes to Rick Peterson’s school for building arm strength.

    • Sabermetrically Challenged

      Maybe good ol’ Roger can teach them ways of arm strength. They’ll go on a magical journey to his bathroom cabinet

      • Plank

        He would probably just refer them to Mrs. Clemens.