Long: Gardner needs to use his lower half more

Shockingly, Kevin Millwood looks "terrible"
Open Thread: Hughes' Throwing Program

Via George King, hitting coach Kevin Long found a mechanical flaw in Brett Gardner‘s swing during a recent video session. “He is not trying to lift the ball at all, it has more to do with what he is not doing with the lower half,” said K-Long. “He isn’t using the lower half. And he is looking at pitches and expanding the zone more than usual. He has been feeling for his swing.” For what it’s worth, I noticed that Gardner had abandoned the two-handed follow through during his at-bat today. OF course, it was just one at-bat. Hannah wondered if he should hit ninth, but me? I say absolutely, let him work out the kinks in a non-premium lineup spot.

Recommended: Check out this FanGraphs Community post about Gardner’s propensity to take strikes. Very interesting stuff.

Shockingly, Kevin Millwood looks "terrible"
Open Thread: Hughes' Throwing Program
  • Burt Bondy

    Like Phil Hughes we can’t keep trotting Gardner out there every day to fail. I like how Joe gave him a couple days off. Give him a little while longer to turn it around at the #1 spot before moving him down to #9.

    Of greater concern is Soriano who with one more blowup should be demoted to 7th inning guy and if he fails there 6th inning guy while Robertson and Joba each move up one guy.

    • http://twitter.com/Carlosological Carlosologist

      Soriano didn’t completely melt down today. He gave up 2 runs in a game we were leading 5-0. It’s whatever. It’ll even out over the course of the season.

      • http://twitter.com/Carlosological Carlosologist

        My bad, a game in which they were up 3-0. At least he didn’t turn over the lead.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/iiKeane JobaWockeeZ

        At the time “we” were leading 3-0.

      • Mickey Scheister

        The Yanks were leading 3-0 at that time, then 3-2, and Soriano put the go ahead run on and nearly gave up a 3 run shot to Beltre BEFORE Cano cashed in with his 2 run shot in the bottom of the 8th. Sori needs fixed, he is afraid to throw his FB and he should be, it’s very Hughes-eque right now. I’m more concerned with Soriano than Gardner after today.

        • Frank

          Soriano will be fine. I betting when the weather gets hot, so will he.

          As for Gardner, bat him ninth. Nonetheless, I dont see him as a starter by the All-Star break, if not sooner.

        • mike c

          hughes esque? he still is throwing hard… he just doesn’t have that control yet and is walking guys because of it. he’s still got some rope left

          • Mickey Scheister

            He was touching 89-91 with his “fastball”, all up high in the zone. I hope he figures it out and does heat up when the weather heats up as Frank suggests. With Gardner, he’s making peanuts compared to Soriano and his replacement has HOF credentials. I hope Soriano shows what he did last year, plenty of time to do so. D-Rob was up getting ready after the first run, or second hit Sori gave up, it does make ya wonder if his leash is shorter now.

            • oiadwnoaadw

              saw him hitting 93. stop making up lies.

              • mike c

                I saw him throw 94 to beltre

      • FachoinaNYY

        I felt that at least some of the blame for sorianos performance was bad luck, only was able to see the game sporatically though.

    • mike c

      the 9 spot might be where he ends up… he’s a true leadoff hitter, but there’s a lot of pressure on a young player to bat first in that lineup. I know there’s not a statistic for that, but I’m sure it’s a heady experience for a guy like gardner to be in that spot

  • http://twitter.com/unfixed unfixed

    I say absolutely, let him work out the kinks in a non-premium lineup spot.

    You think Francona will go for that?

  • Pinky

    I have a better idea. Lets grade Gardner. 5 home runs last year? Not good enough!!

    • http://Facebook.com/dougchu Doug

      D-. The gentleman’s F.

  • Dice-Klay

    “Gardner needs to use his lower half more”


  • Icebird753

    Trade Gardner for Josh Hamilton’s hidden beer stash; at this point, thats worth more than GGBG.

  • TSJC Troll Doppleganger

    As FanGraphs suggest, Gardner needs to take the damn bat off his shoulder. He’s like a deer in headlights out there.