Game rained out as Carlyle replaces Noesi

Is Curtis Granderson's power sustainable?
Friday Open Thread

Tonight’s game between the Yankees and the Orioles has been postponed by rain in the Baltimore area, but no make-up date has been announced yet. It will not, however, be made up this weekend. The Yanks have a two-game set in Baltimore in mid-May and four-game series scheduled for late August. My guess is that this one will be made up in May. We’ll have our open thread up in a little while, but this rain-out certainly makes watching the Knicks game easier.

Prior to the decision to cancel the game, the Yanks made a roster move. Via Andrew Marchand, the club has sent Hector Noesi back to Triple-A Scranton so that he could actually pitch, and Buddy Carlyle, a veteran right-hander with little history of success was called up to take his place. To clear a space on the 40-man roster, Jose Ortegano, a pitcher the Yanks had claimed from the Braves last month, was designated for assignment. Additional reporting by Benjamin Kabak.

Is Curtis Granderson's power sustainable?
Friday Open Thread
  • Cy Pettitte

    Jose Oretgano DFA’d to free a 40 man spot

  • Jordan

    “To open a 40-man spot, lefty Jose Ortegano was designated for assignment.”

    Via Lohud

  • Drew

    Laters on the menjay Noesi! Glad you’re going to be able to actually pitch.

  • Pat D

    Game’s been called.

    • RRRRRRandy

      You’re commenting on a post, which is telling us that the game is been canceled, telling us that the game is canceled.


      • JerseyDutch

        But what he failed to mention is that the game is canceled.

      • Mike Axisa

        The post didn’t say that originally, it was updated after his comment.

        • RRRRRRandy

          Darn. Now I feel bad.

          • Pat D

            That’s OK, as soon as it was updated I knew someone would make that comment.

  • YankeesJunkie

    These rainouts and off days are really annoying. I would hope for a DH, but that means the Yanks would need a sixth starter, but I guess CC could go on three days rest.

    • zs190

      Beatwriters wrote that there will be no DH this weekend. To make it worse, it’s supposed to rain for both Saturday and Sunday too.

      • YankeesJunkie

        At least the Yankees won’t have any off days from the all star break on.

  • SF Yanks

    Uuuuggggghhhhhhh!! I really wanted to watch some Yankee baseball tonight. So disappointing.

  • Jerome S.

    Cancel the season.

    • JerseyDutch

      Cancel Girardi! I mean, fire Girardi!

    • Marcus

      They have Spy Tech.

  • JerseyDutch

    What’s the criteria for cancelling a game these days? Five rain drops and a duck spotted in the general vicinity of the stadium?

    • CS Yankee

      No, wet firewood for Boog’s BBQ pit

  • M-Three

    I guess Carlyle is here to be the designated piece of garbage in the bullpen since Ayala is on the dl. Plus, with Cervelli hurt he now the guy who will be wasting a roster spot. I can’t wait until a our best reliever prospects like Kahnle and Burawa are ready so we can stop wasting bullpen spots on crap relievers like Carlyle, Ayala, Park, Tomko and Hawkins.

    Also, I wish Girardi would have actually used Hector Noesi. I get why he used Lance Pendleton someone who is not a longterm answer for us over Noesi who could be a very good for us eventually.

    • M-Three

      *Edit: I meant to say that I don’t get why Girardi has been using Pendleton over Noesi. Lance Pendleton will be nothing more than another Dustin Moseley or Sergio Mitre as a mop-up guy.

  • ArchStanton

    Not that anyone would care, but there was a cool story in my local paper about Carlyle and his family forming a friendship with a Japanese family last year during his time there, and when the triple disaster went down they brought them over here to the States.

    • Pat D

      Another great handle!

      • Andy in NYC

        No, no, the great handle is the one next to Arch Stanton.

  • Stevesy

    As a fan, I’m very disappointed to have all of these off days and rain outs. However, until now I’ve thought that it’s a good thing for the team, especially the bullpen. Surely that’s a good thing? But this will all be paid for later in the season, when we get to ‘enjoy’ 21 straight days of baseball while the team tires itself out and burns through the bullpen. No more rain! Play through a bit of wetness!

  • Urban

    Too many off days! I need my baseball.

    As has been said above, it’s surprising Noesi didn’t get into a single game. Why bother bringing him up in the first place? He’s a legit prospect. Maybe they think he can use a little more seasoning, but why not see what he can do? How else will the Yankees ever find out if the answers to their pitching shortage might be down on the farm if they have no intentions of letting the better prospects throw the damn baseball, even when they’re on the roster?

  • Mickey Scheister

    Damn, damn, damn. No baseball and we never got to see Noesi pitch, instead we got the number four starter during the best opportunity to see Noesi and no baseball on a boring Friday night. On a side note, I need to get a life.

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    While I’m glad Noesi is going to be pitching, I think the team should try avoiding adding worthless players to the roster.

  • Pat D

    I wonder if the Yankees wish they had Jon Albaladejo about now?

    • Uke

      I’m sure they don’t.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      He’s pitching in Japan. Couldn’t even catch on with any of the other 29 teams.

      • Pat D

        Wasn’t he sold to Japan?

        Also, I’m just using it from a different kind of smell test, I guess. I mean, he’s gotta be better than Lance Pendleton or Buddy Carlyle, right?

  • Andy

    What the frig? Why not Andy Sisco???? Someone who might actually be good, and is left handed? Buddy will never be any good.

  • Greg C

    Maybe Cano needed another buddy from Columbus.

  • Accent Shallow

    All these rainouts make me upset that none of these stadiums have a roof.

    This lasts about 30 seconds until I remember what a travesty baseball on carpet is.