Yankees RISPFAIL their way to loss vs Jays

Heathcott's big night goes for naught in loss
Checking in on Andy Phillips
(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

Hitless in eight at-bats with runners in scoring position, eleven men left on base. Yankees lose, thaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees lose. Bullets points is all I have the motivation for, so…

  • Four at-bats with the bases loaded, and all four guys swung at the first pitch. Three resulted in outs, the other a swing-and-miss. This game was over after the fifth inning, when the Yankees had the bases loaded with no one out only to have Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez make three outs on two pitches. Terrible job by them, and also by Derek Jeter (strikeout on a pitch at eye level) and Nick Swisher (first pitch groundout) for those hacky at-bats with the bases loaded in the eighth.
  • We got our first look at bad Freddy Garcia in this one. He had no command of his slop, giving up homers to Jose Bautista and J.P. Arencibia on a pair of 80-something mph nothingballs that hung out over the plate. Batting practice pitches. He walked five guys in five innings, and the only reason it wasn’t worst than it was (three runs in five innings) is because Juan Rivera hacked at pitches out of the zone to end two innings/threats.
  • David Robertson botched a run down that directly led to two extra runs scoring for Toronto in sixth, the eventual margin of victory. That was (at least) the second time this year a Yankees pitcher botched a run down that led to multiple runs for the other team. Also, walking the leadoff hitter (a fast guy at that) on four pitches is a major no-no.
  • Robinson Cano had two homers and two walks, raising his season totals to eight and three, respectively. His last two homer game came exactly one year ago Friday. Tex and Russell Martin each had a single and a walk, but the other six hitters in the lineup combined to go 3-for-24 with three walks (two by Brett Gardner) and ten strikeouts.
  • Here’s the box score and video, here’s the WPA Graph.

That’s pretty much all I care to write about this loss. These same two teams will play again tomorrow afternoon (4pm ET start, but apparently it’s on YES and not FOX), when A.J. Burnett faces Kyle Drabek. If you want to head up to the Stadium, RAB Tickets can get you there dirt cheap.

Heathcott's big night goes for naught in loss
Checking in on Andy Phillips
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  • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

    its good that RAB is going down at 1am so i dont have to sit here and dwell and read about the loss.

  • First time lawng time

    Let’s hope more of our offense can produce tomorrow.

    I put more blame on offense than pitching for this one.

  • Rookie

    Wow. Freddie Garcia pitches for the first time this year on regular rest and continues his very consistent pattern now for years of excelling on long rest and being mediocre on regular rest. What a shocker. Who could have ever guessed….

    • V

      Maybe the Yankees should call up one of their mediocre SP prospects (Noesi or the like), and Garcia and that prospect can alternate every 10 starts…

      Sorry, too ‘outside the box’ for a major league team to attempt.

      • Slugger27

        its actually an interesting idea, theres just other issues at hand. for one, it eats a roster spot, unless your plan is to have him take pendletons place and just go without a long man.

        also, 10 days rest would hinder their command, i would imagine.

        • Rookie

          V and Slugger,

          Yes, the Yankees would either have to use one of their mediocre SP prospects (and/or rely on Millwood and/or Silva down the road) and it would eat up a roster spot and/or require shuttling pitchers up and down from their farm system, not to mention start the arbitration/free agency clock for those prospects that much sooner (with all of the negatives that brings with it).

          However, I fear that to do otherwise would be likely to lead to mediocre pitching performances when excellent ones are there to be had and, more importantly in my mind at least, I fear that it would dramatically increase the likelihood of Colon and Garcia not being available/at their best when it counts the most — in the Post Season.

          And I think that’s important even if the Yankees go out and get TWO #1/#2-level starters this year — because Colon and Garcia could be very important weapons out of the bullpen even then. (And I wouldn’t want to bet on, much less rely on, the Yankees getting two #1/#2 level players before the Post Season begins and both Sabbathia and Burnett being healthy and pitching lights out by that time.) Like the tired, old (but true) baseball axiom goes, you can never have too much pitching.

          I don’t think it’s wise to use potentially valuable contributors like Colon and Garcia like they’re spare tires. Buddy Carlyle, yes. Colon and Garcia, no.

          And even if the Yankees somehow expect to wind up with an abundance of pitching by the time the Post Season rolls around, if Colon and/or Garcia (and, however hard it may be to imagine, Millwood and/or Silva) are pitching well and there’s no place for them, they could be helpful pieces in trades for those young #1/#2 starters the Yankees covet so much.

  • Slugger27

    i think mike needs to go get laid, smoke a blunt, or have his way with a punching bag. maybe all of the above.

    it was frustrating cuz of the RISP fails, no doubt about it. but sheeeesh.

  • Rookie

    Shocker #2: A soon-to-be 36-year old ARod starts the season like a lion, but (if I heard correctly) suffers an oblique injury and has begun to hit like a lamb.

    Surprising? Unfortunately for us Yankee fans, I don’t think so. According to BaseballReference.com’s search tool (thanks for showing it to us, Mike) among Hall of Fame players since 1901, there have only been 28 seasons combined among all of them with a WAR of at least 4.0.

    I don’t think it’s going to be pretty as Jeter in his age 37-39 seasons and ARod in his age 36-38 seasons account for a combined $46-47 million of payroll BEFORE including the $3 million buyout for Jeter’s age 40 season and the (is it a 40%?) luxury tax gets added on.

    And it’s hard to imagine that it gets a whole lot prettier when ARod in his age 39-42 seasons is drawing $20-28 million per year for not a lot of production.

    All of a sudden, our huge financial advantage is looking a whole lot less huge, and Tampa Bay, Texas, and Boston are looking a whole lot more competitive.

    But don’t blame Cashman. As I understand it (correct me if I’m wrong) he pushed hard against both deals and got overruled by Levine and the Steinbrenners.

    • Slugger27

      you’re not really breaking any news here, just more or less stating obvious observations that are already complained about here on a daily basis.

    • David, Jr.

      Not worried about ARod.

      The Almighty Captain had his normal sterling game, one for five (bunt single) including a crucial bases loaded whiff. Of course he makes up for it with his astonishing range at shortstop, which produced his Gold Glove award.

  • Rookie

    P.S. Since the screen only includes seasons by Hall of Famers, it doesn’t include recent seasons by the likes of Barry Bonds and other recently retired players. Hopefully, in the post-steroid era, we’ll see ARod and Jeter demonstrate a pattern of sustained performance beyond the historical norm preceding the steroid era.

    • Slugger27

      arod i could see it. he’s a physical specimen and i think his body type will help him out as he ages.

      jeter, on the other hand, is cooked.

  • Rookie

    P.P.S. But the early returns there aren’t good. Hobbled by his hip injury, ARod’s WAR in the years he turned 33 and 34 were 3.9 and 3.2, respectively — after he generated an average WAR of nearly 8.0 in his age 24-31 seasons and had a WAR of 6.2 or more in all but one of those years.

    My guess would be that even if his hip is never again a problem that other parts of his age 36-42-year old body — if not his declining muscle density, slowing reflexes, and worsening eyesight — will make it highly unlikely that he even earns half of his contract in terms of productivity for the remaining term of his contract during his age 36-42 seasons.

    (If I’m off by one year, I apologize. I assumed that 2011 is his age 36 season since he turns 36 on July 27th. However, BaseballReference.com shows 2011 as his age 35 season. I don’t think that should have a material impact on my numbers — aside from the fact that there would be more 4.0 or more WAR seasons by Hall of Fame players at age 35 (31 to be exact).

  • http://twitter.com/tjamato T.J.

    I thought the site was going down at 1?

  • Rey22

    Well….at least Gardner’s been doing better lately.

    /silver lining

  • Accent Shallow

    Guys, it’s my fault. The first game I tried to attend was rained out.

    Then I was there last night. Clearly, if I stay home, the Yankees will be fine.

    At least Robbie is still awesome.

  • toad

    OK. Garcia didn’t pitch well, but let’s not pin the loss on him. Three runs in five innings is far from insurmountable.

    Robertson’s blunder and the ineptitude with the bases loaded had a lot more to do with it.

  • Jonathan

    I really don’t think Alex is healthy and the oblique/back issue is still there. He’s a different guy at the plate. He seems unable to stay back on breaking pitches or turn on fastballs. It definitely doesn’t look like a regular slump to me. I really hope he starts feeling better.

    This was one of those games where if you didn’t watch it and just looked at the score and saw it was Freddy vs Romero, you wouldn’t be surprised and would probably expect it. But we were just throwing away runs. As the guys always say, the best thing is we play again the next day. No, scratch that. The best thing is my DirecTV is getting hooked up so i can watch every single inning.