Checking in on Andy Phillips


Now that we’re out of that time warp, I offer you this Tyler Kepner article on former Yankee Andy Phillips. Phillips, 34, is currently coaching at the University of Alabama, and he grew up in the recently tornado-devastated Tuscaloosa. “There’s almost a mile-wide path the tornado went through,” said Phillips. “They said you could literally stand a mile and a half away from [the stadium], where there used to be homes and buildings in between, and now there’s nothing.” Phillips and his family are safe, but some of his players lost everything. David Robertson, another Tuscaloosa native, said his family and house are safe as well.

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  • bakekrukow412

    Didn’t some guy recently go around pretending to be Andy Philips and was harassing prostitutes or something like that? Though I read that somewhere…

    • Xstar7

      That did happen a few years ago. I forget how it was resolved though.

  • http://www.blogs.thetenthinningstretch.com the tenth inning stretch

    Glad to hear that Andy and his family are safe. I had the chance to meet him when we were teaching at the same baseball clinic in the Dominican. Just a great human being.