A-Rod will have hip checked out during homestand

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Via Brian Costello, Alex Rodriguez will have his surgically repaired hip examined during the Yankees’ next homestand, beginning Friday. “That was something that came from Kevin [Long],” said A-Rod. “Kevin’s been working with me a long time. He just felt that we want to make sure that we dot our I’s and cross our T’s and are diligent about it and think big picture.”

Alex made it clear that the hip is nothing bothering him, and that he’ll have the joint checked out regularly for the rest of his career. “It’s not an excuse for poor performance,” said the third baseman. “It has nothing to do with a bad feeling or aching or anything. I’ve been actually working my tail off with Kevin and feeling better each and every day. Finally yesterday I got a little result.”

Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles
MLBTR's 2012 Contract Issues
  • Guest

    That K-Long is the one suggesting this is a bit scary.

    No one else knows A-Rod’s swing better than K-Long. And if K-Long is suggesting A-Rod get his hip-checked, that means K-Long thinks there is something going on with his hip that is preventing A-Rod from doing A-Rod things(e.g., not getting as much torque, not shifting his weight from his back side to his front side as quickly/intensely as normal, etc.).

    Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • infernoscurse

      kevin long is an overrated batting coach and not a Dr

  • MikeD


  • MonteroSmash

    and what if it turns out that he needs DL time? Pena? Vazquez?

  • Adam

    He’s fine. Anybody who has major hip surgery goes for frequent visits a few times a year to make sure everything is OK, Alex is a professional athlete so obviously he’s going to double and triple check these things. If it was really serious he wouldn’t wait until they get back home to have his hip looked at.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hulkheyman HulkHeyman

    He made it clear that its not bothering him. It’s just a check-up after a surgery, people do this kind of thing all the time. So please stop over-reacting.

  • Kismetized

    “Rodriguez likened the feeling he has had at the plate recently to how he felt two years ago before the surgery. “You would fire (the lower body), and then the hip would fire. It was almost like it wasn’t in sync,” said Rodriguez. He changed his tune after the big performance on Tuesday: “I finally felt like I had my legs under me again…I feel a lot better about the whole thing,” he stated. Rodriguez will have his hip examined when he returns to New York on Friday, and it’s good that he felt better on Tuesday, but this is definitely a situation to monitor.”

    From today’s Daily News.

  • Adam

    ZOMG TEH OLD AGe!!!!@21!

  • OldYanksFan

    No probelem. It is only smart to keep a constant eye on the hip. Hopefully it’s fine, but if an issue arises, catching it early is the best thing.

  • Raza

    If it is re-injured then we are fucked. No way around it.

  • Medium Heat

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  • Medium Heat

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