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Yankees lose battle of free baserunners, game
2011 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v2.0

The Yankees hit the scrap heap jackpot this season with the likes of Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, and Eric Chavez, not to mention all the production that Russell Martin has given them after signing as a free agent. Dan Barbarisi wrote about the process that goes into signings like that, and how the Yankees rely on their pro scouting department to unearth such gems. “It’s easy to recommend a guy when the numbers are there,” said scout Tim Naehring. “The most difficult thing is feeling confident and putting in a report when the production isn’t there. The biggest challenge is sticking your neck out and saying, ‘I know there’s more in there. I know there’s better performance coming.'” Give a read, very interesting stuff.

Yankees lose battle of free baserunners, game
2011 Draft: Baseball America's Mock Draft v2.0
  • Phil

    So who was whispering into Cashman’s ear w/regard to Alfredo Aceves? If you want to take a bow for the good calls, you’ve gotta be willing to be called out on the bad ones.

    • Brian in NH

      We don’t have access the the medicals. For all we know he has duct tape holding his back up. If his back blows up tomorrow we look a lot better. Its a risk you take. Even while “losing” on Aceves, we definitely won with Colon, Martin and Garcia. Three outta four isn’t bad.

      • Greg

        It might be a case of winning the separate battles but losing the war.

        • Jerome S.

          what do you mean?

          • AndrewYF

            A good process doesn’t always produce good results.

        • The Fallen Phoenix

          Better for the Yankees to have whiffed on Aceves than the Red Sox to have wiffed on Martin.

        • Zack D

          It might be a case of it’s May 28th and all 4 players are healthy. If we re-visit this on June 28th, July 28th, August 28th, and September 28th, then we’re likely to bounce back and forth between which medical staff “won”

    • Zack D

      What’s the “cutoff” date for when a decision is good or bad?

      If Ace’s back goes out tomorrow was Cashman right? If Freddy/Colon blow up by July, was it bad calls?

      • Brian in NH

        Nobody expects Colon and Garcia to even hold up the whole year let alone be good. If they went down by July 28th I’d say we got what we expected and it went fine. Anything else is gravy. And missing out on Aceves while winning with Martin, Colon, and Garcia isn’t going to ruin the season. A 4th and 5th starter + above average starting catcher >>>>>>>> one middle/long relief pitcher no matter how good he is.

    • Ted Nelson

      Except that Aceves has been below replacement level so far this season…