Yankees lose battle of free baserunners, game


"Hey, Luis, let's not walk the guy with 149 walks in 2,210 career plate appearances on four pitches, mmmkay?" (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

It’s late and I’m grouchy, you’re getting bullet points and you’re going to like it!

  • The Mariners came into the game with a .302 OBP and yet Yankees’ pitchers managed to walk six and hit another. Michael Pineda tried to return the favor with five walks in five innings of his own, but as usual the Yankees couldn’t do a damn thing against the bullpen. Just three of their final 14 batters reached base, when some guys named David Pauley and Jamey Wright were on the mound. Gross.
  • A.J. Burnett was pulled after five rocky innings and 97 pitches, and I thought that was the right move. Of course it would be nice if Boone Logan actually got a lefty out one of these days, and Luis Ayala got beat on walks and wild pitches against crappy hitters. Burnett was a grenade with the pin pulled at that point and we know how quickly he can melt down, but Logan and Ayala just didn’t get it done. Would be nice if Joe Girardi wasn’t so stubborn about marrying relievers to innings, that sixth inning was a spot for the David Robertson.
  • Two blown opportunities: Curtis Granderson getting stranded on second after leading off the third with a walk and a stolen base (Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez didn’t even put the ball in play), and Eduardo Nunez getting picked off second with two outs in the eighth. That’s just awful, the Mariners straight up caught him napping there.
  • As for the actual offense, Tex hit a first inning solo homer, Grandy scored on a wild pitch, and A-Rod singled home Tex on a ball that Franklin Gutierrez nearly caught. Gutierrez did rob Nick Swisher of a homer earlier in the game, which sucked. All four Mariners’ runs came on RBI ground outs because the Yankees were so generously putting men on base. Just one of the six walks drawn by New York batters came around to score. I say again, gross.
  • Here’s the box score and video, and here’s the WPA graph.

Anyway, the good news is that we got our 1,000,000th (non-spam) comment on Friday night, so that’s pretty cool. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting over the years. Hopefully you’ll be back tomorrow night when Ivan Nova takes on Felix Hernandez in what will surely be a good ol’ time.

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  1. Zack says:

    ANother disgraceful loss. This is a game we SHOULD have won..and instead blew yet again.

  2. It'sATarp says:

    When will girardi realize boone logan fucking sucks this year…Dear god has he been watching every logan outing with his head up his ass this year?

    • jayd808 says:

      But yet — when I saw the early hook for AJ something in me went good call. And Boone came on in a flood of “his last few outings have been good…” He only faced the one guy and was gone. In the overall scheme of things Ayala did alright but the game was truly lost by the inability to get a run across against guys named Pauley Wright and League. Looking at the box score today I never knew they had such glittering eras. This west coast trip could turn very nasty very fast and I had been thinking seven out of nine hoping Posada and Swisher we’re going to have major breakouts. Swisher especially — Gutierrez won the game with that catch.

  3. Paul says:

    Why is Nunez on this team? Yeah, it’s nice for a bench player to have some pop, but when the guy is god awful on the base paths and in the field it makes no sense to keep him around. If anything he’s a huge detriment. Really don’t understand the love affair the Yankees have with this guy. Really have to be concerned with a lot of the decisions being made behind the scenes.

  4. MikeD says:

    I don’t have strong feelings on keeping AJ in or removing him, since I was distracted at that moment in the game, and I wasn’t following how he was pitching. I do know he can collapse quickly, so pulling him is not going to bother me too much, even though it would have been good if he could have made it through the 6th inning to avoid what is the weakest part of the Yankee pen, now thhe Logan/Ayala/Pendelton part.

    I understood Logan, even if he hasn’t been effective. I don’t understand Ayala over Robertson when it was clear at that point the inning (and therefore possibly the game) was unraveling. Ayala probably would still need to be used, but I’d rather have Robertson in to shut down the 6th inning, and then have Ayala pitch either the 7th or 8th with no men on. If the committment was being made to use both Ayala and Robertson tonight, then it’s Girardi’s job to know when to use each man, and the mess in the 6th was clearly the time for Robertson.

    • It'sATarp says:

      No Robertson is the 7th inning guy right now therefore can only be used in the 7th.

      Honestly at this point i hope the team keeps losing so we can have a major shakeover where we get manager who isn’t in love with shitty pitchers and has the balls to move our worst hitters (whether they be legends or not) down the line up so we can have a line up that is efficient.

    • David N says:

      I’d rather have Robertson in to shut down the 6th inning, and then have Ayala pitch either the 7th or 8th with no men on.

      This. It’s almost as if Girardi’s afraid someone’s going to kill a puppy if he brings Joba or Robertson in before the 7th. That kind of thinking is really getting old.

      • Esteban says:

        I agree, but it’s a problem that includes almost all MLB (and probably MiLB) managers. I don’t know what the solution is.

      • Mattpat11 says:

        That actually doesn’t bother me as much as “Batter [X] is left handed, thus we must throw any left handed human being available out to face him”

        Its bad enough that we’re mixing and matching against *Adam Kennedy* but the lefty no out guy is really wearing on me.

    • Cuso says:

      Everyone is making a big deal about him not going to D-Rob in the 6th.

      It’s the first game of the West Coast swing and what? We’re gonna run Robertson out there for 2+ innings? Or split 3 innings between him and Joba the first night?

      Look, it’s a problem that Soriano & Feliciano aren’t out there. But someone ELSE has to pitch too, you know?

      Who’s t say that a pressure spot wouldn’t have happened in he following 3 innings?

      People are acting like the only time anyone not named Mo, Joba or D-Rob should be in the game is when we’re either up od down by 4+ runs. you play that theory, the 3 aforementioned guys are going to have 100 appearances each!

      Does Logan suck? Yeah. Does Ayala suck? Yeah. But what else can ya do? thats what we’re stuck with until at least Hughes gets back.

      • M-Three says:

        How about give Noesi a chance in something other them a long relief appearance? Or better yet bring-up Kevin Whelan, who has been closing at Triple-A and give him a shot. DFA either Carlyle, Sanit or Ayala and add the kid onto the 40-man. Whelan has been doing great down there this year and is finally showing some control, might as well let him have a shot.

        • Evan3457 says:

          Because Noesi is the long man, and you might actually need him tomorrow in the event, albeit unlikely, that Nova gets knocked out tomorrow, and Ayala is actually a short reliever who’s been pitching well lately?

      • V says:

        Why can’t we put Ayala in later, when the game isn’t immediately on the line?

        There’s this bizarre idea that once you go to a ‘high leverage reliever’, you can’t ever go to a ‘lower leverage reliever’. I don’t get it. The game was -on the line- in the 6th inning. An inferior pitcher blew it.

        If Robertson gets out of it (not guaranteed), you don’t have to pitch the d00d 2+ innings just because he’s in the game.

        • Evan3457 says:

          The game is immediately on the line with a man on 1st, 0 outs, in the 6th inning? Really?

          It’s really better to use Robertson against Olivo, Peguero and Ryan, and, if works, save Ayala for Ichiro, Rodriguez, Smoak and possibly Gutierrez?

          No, I’m sorry. Ayala has to be OK to be used there, against the bottom of one of the worst lineups in baseball, or he’s not safe anywhere.

          • MikeD says:

            Who says he has to be used against those batters? Those could have been Joba’s batters.

            Once Girardi pulls AJ in the sixth, he knows to win the game he has to mix-and-match his bullpen, selecting from a dog’s breakfast of low-quality relievers in Ayala, Boone and Pendelton, and higher quality arms in Robertson, Joba and finally Mo. He needs to match them based on skill level and the situation. He brought in Ayala after Logan gave up a lead-off single. There is a higher probability a lead-off runner will score, and in a 3-2 game that’s bad. It’s a high-leverage situation, so the team should call for the better arm to reduce the chances of a run scoring and increase the team’s chance of winning. Robertson with a runner on is a better choice than Ayala with a runner on. Bring Ayala in the following inning with no runners on. If the heart of the Mariner order was coming up in the 7th, then go to Joba and hold Ayala to the 8th with the weaker hitters. Match to the relievers to the situation. The 6th inning , with a runner on base, should have been Robertson.

            Is it possible Roberston also would have failed? Yes. Is it possible Robertson would have succeeded and Ayala would have failed in the 7th? Yes. But there was a greater chance of success for the Yankees with Robertson in the 6th and Ayala in the 7th. Girardi, like many managers today, is matching the reliever to the inning and not the situation. That’s bad, and the Yankees might lost a game last night because of that.

            BTW An argument can be made that Ayala never had to pitch last night by extending Robertson, Joba and Mo by one out each. Considering that King Felix is going tonight against Nova, a higher sense of urgency to lock down one win in the first two games is something to also consider. The Yankees were close to a win, but the game was close, and that’s when a manager earns his stripes. (BTW I’m generally a Girardi supporter, I just didn’t agree with this move.)

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              Blog it!

            • Evan3457 says:

              Well, OK, then Ayala pitches the 8th, and if he gives up the lead then, the Yanks have 3 outs to come back, instead of 9. If Ayala gets into trouble and you’ve used Robertson and Joba, your only choice is to use Mo for two innings, or 5 outs.

              If Robertson has a better chance than Ayala to succeed in the 6th, and I have to agree that he does, it doesn’t mean the Yanks’ chances of holding the lead are significantly better from the 6th through 8th until they get to Mo.

              Yes, you can extend Robertson, Joba and Mo for an out each, but then each of them is pitching “two innings” (two warmups, sitting down and getting up again).

              In the 8th, he’s likely facing the same hitters he failed against in the 6th.

              The aggregate gain in winning percentage chance in using Robertson in that spot in the 6th rather than Ayala can’t be anything substantial. It’s not bases loaded, 1 out; it’s man on 1st, 0 outs. We’re burning Girardi for a move because maybe it increased the Yanks chances of losing by what? 2%; relative to using Ayala later on? Maybe?

              A manager earns his tactical stripes in close games. But he earns his strategic stripes, among other reasons, by managing his pen through injuries and for the long haul.

              The amount of argument directed at this reasonable move is out of proportion to its predictable consequences, and is driven solely by anger over what did happen.

        • Guns of the Navarone (a mushroom cloud layin' mothafucka, mothafucka!) says:

          Why can’t we put Ayala in later, when the game isn’t immediately on the line?

          There’s this bizarre idea that once you go to a ‘high leverage reliever’, you can’t ever go to a ‘lower leverage reliever’. I don’t get it. The game was -on the line- in the 6th inning. An inferior pitcher blew it.

          If Robertson gets out of it (not guaranteed), you don’t have to pitch the d00d 2+ innings just because he’s in the game.

          Boom. Every single word of this. Repeated for emphasis. The only thing I’ll add is my two cents that I try to repeat every now and then… and I think more and more people are catching on:


          • Evan3457 says:

            If the game ‘was on the line’, then the assumption must be that if the M’s score two, the Yanks are beaten.

            This is crazy; I know that both Wright and Pauley are pitching great so far this year, but if you know the quality of these two pitchers, that can’t last much longer (BABIP: Pauley, .207; Wright, .269, neither has allowed a HR yet in 20+ innings each).

            If the Yanks are so weak they can’t be expected to score one more run against the M’s pen, then EVERY situation from that point on is “gave on the line”. If you can’t use Ayala with a man on 1st, 0 outs in the 7th, facing Olivo, Peguero, and Ryan (if Ayala does his job), then how can you justify using him in a 1-run game in the 7th facing Ichiro-Rodriguez-Smoak, and possibly Cust?

            No; this time, Girardi’s decision was perfectly acceptable. In a 1-run game, he wanted to let his lesser relievers go against the bottom of the order of a team that can’t hit, and let his 2nd best reliever go against the adequate part of the M’s lineup.

            It just didn’t work. That’s all.

            • MikeD says:

              It didn’t work, but Girardi increased the chances of a Yankee loss by not bringing in the best arm with a man on base.

    • Evan3457 says:

      So Robertson gets the Yanks out of the jam (man on 1st, no one out is a critical jam? Really??), and gets through the 6th. So now Ayala comes in for the 7th. What’s the difference; not much that I can see, except that Ayala winds up facing Ichiro and Smoak for sure in the inning. He gets them both later after the lead is gone, but if you can’t use him with 1 runner on in the 6th with no one out, how can you justify using him in the 7th against the best the Mariners have?

      So, what then; Robertson for 2 and Joba for 1; or Robertson and Joba both for 1+ innings, dividing the 6th, 7th and 8th between them? Why?

      Pardon my French, but if Ayala isn’t good enough for the bottom of the Mariners order with a 1 run lead in the 6th, then he’s not good enough to pitch anytime, anywhere.

      • JohnnyC says:

        And…he’s not. Cashman’s got to bring in some more suspects while Soriano’s out or we’re going to have a number of these disappointing losses. Unless,magically, the rotation starts averaging 7+ innings a game.

        • Evan3457 says:

          But this is…I don’t know…

          He just pitched key innings in games vs. the Mets and Orioles. Why can’t he pitch against the Mariners?

          This is the Mariners, for gosh sakes.

      • MikeD says:

        Because the probability of a runner scoring with a man on is much higher than with no man on. In a 3-2 game, it’s critical to shut that run down. He went with the weaker arm with a runner on. He should have gone to the weaker arm win no one on.

        • Evan3457 says:

          The sequence needed for the M’s to get two runs out of the inning is low probability, even with man on, nobody out. The expectation difference is +0.36 runs. That’s all. It’s 0.82 runs with man on first, and 0.46 with no one on.

          Only data I could find is that a team has a 43% chance of scoring a run with man on 1st, 0 outs, as opposed to 29% with no one on. (That’s from the 2004 season, odds for both are probably a bit lower this season.)

          It’s just not that great a difference to justify going to Robertson earlier, are at least to make a huge fuss over it. Weigh it against the lineup difference (M’s 7-8-9 vs. 1-2-3) and against the consequences of losing the lead later with fewer outs to recover and I think the difference is just about nil.

    • The BIG 3 says:

      I should change my alias to “Devils advocate”, or something..

      It’s said that a good bullpen is one in which every member has a role, knows that role, and whose manager respects that role. Girardi is not doing anything any other successful manager of a successful wouldn’t do.

      The problem is the talent of the 9-12 pitchers, not how Girardi is giving them innings. Another problem, of course, is starters going only 5 innings.

  5. Cuso says:

    I’m going to piss myself off right now and listen to What Swish has to say in post-game.

    • Cuso says:

      Holy shit. I almost got a glimpse of the “unphony” Swisher in that interview. Only took 2-and-a-half fucking years.

  6. Cuso says:

    By the way, I think it’s time for the Yanks to officially employ their 1st platoon since the Curtis/Spencer/Ledee days.

  7. BigBlueAL says:

    I guess I’ll be the first to mention it, the Red Sox are alone in 1st place for the 1st time this season.

    I knew even after their 2-10 start they would get it together and make a run in the division if not still win it but I didnt expect them to make up the entire deficit by the end of May. Good thing is the Wild Card is still almost a lock to come from the AL East.

    • Zack says:

      Blue, that’s because they’re doing what the Yankees can’t, taking advantage of weaker teams.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Boston is a real good team, most likely better than the Yankees. I dont necessarily look at it as the Yankees arent playing that good. Obviously they had a poor stretch recently where they lost 6 in a row but they have rebounded since then and played very good since.

        Unlike last year where I thought the Yankees were the best team in baseball and hated giving away the division I could care less if the Yankees dont win the division this year. I will be more than happy with the Wild Card, I just want to make the playoffs.

        Im not saying the Yankees still cant win the division because they certainly can but I dont think over 162 games that they are as good as Boston is. But the playoffs is a different story and I will take my chances against any team with the Yankees in a playoff series. Im just worried about actually getting to the playoffs this season.

        • The BIG 3 says:

          They weren’t then, they are now. Compare that to the Yankees; they were then, they aren’t now.

          Funny how streaks like those two occur over 162 games.

  8. RollingWave says:

    we managed to get to Pineda but can’t win? fail

  9. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I have to say that I was very impressed with how the Yankees handled Pineda. I was expecting a 7IP 3H 1R kind of outing from him. They hit 2 home runs off him (although one of them was caught) and managed to work the count some and draw 5 walks, but were victimized by RISPFAIL once again.

    I thought with a 3-0 lead against the punchless Mariners offense that this would be a (easy) win, but Joe did his usual questionable bullpen moves by using Ayala instead of Joba or Robertson in the 6th. They had an off day so either one of them could probably go 2 innings if they kept a pitch count around 30ish.

    Also what the hell was Nunez doing getting picked off after he almost got picked off first? Pinch runners are there to run, not get picked off! I know that there’s this whole human element to the game, but that is unacceptable for a pinch runner to go in and almost get picked off 1st and get picked off 2nd! Nunez should either a)steal on the first pitch or b) wait for Swisher to hit a gapper so he can come aroung to score.

  10. ArchStanton says:

    It was a must win game in my eyes, because there is no way they win tomorrow with that pitching match-up. Too bad they didn’t play or manage like it.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Remember last year when Javy Vasquez almost outpitched Felix? I feel very good about Nova holding the Mariners offense in check. All we will need then is to score 2 or 3 runs of Felix which amazingly can be done.

  11. Midland TX says:

    I was at the game, only got up during one half-inning–and in a strange synchronicity, guess where I was when Logan and Ayala pissed away the lead to the 6-9 hitters?

    I can’t really fault Tex and ARod in the 3rd. Pineda bore down, was hitting the outside corner at the knees between 95-98, mixing in the slider. Kid has great stuff. On his deep ball, Swisher figured out the slider middle-in after looking at it for a strike the previous pitch. Maybe that’s a reason for hope.

    Rookie mistakes will happen but after the multi-error games and now this loss, I don’t know how many more I can take from Nunez. Inexcusable.

  12. Kosmo says:

    Burnett Burnett Burnett walks 5 .97 pitches thru 5 innings.He has to pitch deeper into games especially especially against truly one of the shittiest hitting teams in all of baseball.Inexcusable. Don´t blame it on the bullpen or Girardi´s bullpen usage.
    16 million per for Burnett the huckleberry.

    • Will says:

      Ok, how about we blame it on Girardi’s asinine decision to pull Burnett after the 5th inning? He wasn’t getting hit around, and 4 of the 5 walks were in the first 2 innings (not to mention the HP ump had a ridiculously small zone, which affected Pineda too). I’m sorry, but AJ Burnett is a better pitcher on his worst day than Logan or Ayala on their best days.

      • Zack D says:

        Probably the first time anyone’s complained that Girardi pulled AJ too quick.

      • Kosmo says:

        Not that I disagree with you entirely but Burnett had run up near 100 pitches and your skating on thin ice with him .My point being if he didn´t walk 5 his pitch count might have been lower and so starting the 6th inning would have made more sense.
        Burnett is capable of flameout at anytime.If Girardi leaves Burnett in the game to start the 6th and he gets knocked around for lets say 2 batters and then what ? Girardi gets blasted for leaving him in the game.
        Burnett needs to be better than the 4th or 5th best starting pitcher currently on NY.
        If Burnett gives NY 7 innings of 2 run ball the Yanks more than likely win.

        • Will says:

          I guess I just didn’t think the likelihood of a Burnett “flameout” was very high. The 2 runs that scored in the 5th came on 2 ground balls (after 2 other ground balls found holes). Burnett was headed for a 7ip 2er outing (or at least a 6+ 2er outing) until Girardi got cute with the bullpen, and once again it cost the team a game.

          • Kosmo says:

            IMO I don´t like the way Girardi manages the bullpen but it´s Burnett ! His game turns on a dime.Burnett was asked after the game if he thought he could have pitched the 6th inning and he said yes but it wasn´t his decision to make.So maybe Girardi doesnt have that much confidence in Burnett ?? Who does?

  13. EndlessmikeJr says:

    There’s an article that proclamied Beltran is an “RBI Whore”. I wouldn’t mind a guy like that on this team except the “ground in Double play Whore” or ” try to hit a homerun evry at bat Whore”.

  14. Charles says:

    Why not have Robertson pitch the 6th/7th and Joba the 8th? Or Robertson the 6th and Joba the 7th/8th? I hate this marriage to innings crap, throw your best guy when the game is on the line…

    • Kosmo says:

      Burn your bullpen out on the road .Great idea.Girardi has to think more longterm.Robertson and Joba would be probably unable to go today with Nova on the mound.If Nova can match Felix then what do you do after the 6th or 7th inning when the chances are good Nova would more than likely be pulled? If Nova gets hammered then you have Pendleton or Noesi to mop up saving the rest of the bullpen for game 3 of this roadtrip.
      When your SP doesn´t give you 7 or 8 innings per start on a regular basis this is what happens.
      I wish for the days of the complete game .

      • JohnnyC says:

        Fans are not getting it. With Soriano down and Joba and Robertson on pace for heavy, heavy workloads, Girardi has to be able to use his other bullpen pieces. Unfortunately, they suck right now. Cashman needs to get him better pieces.

  15. David, Jr. says:

    Too many passengers doing nothing, including the sainted seniors.

  16. BavarianYankee says:

    oh man, that’s disappointing. Maybe Pineda’s worst start of the season and we couldn’t take advantage of that. That robbed homer was nice and that one hit by Ichiro down the left field line was Japanese hitting at it’s best.

  17. Bronx Ralphie says:

    Can somebody tell me why Michael Kay doesn’t go on certain road trips? I could be wrong but it seems like he never goes to Seattle, Toronto and Tampa Bay. Thanks in advance.

    Also, how the heck does A-Rod chew gum and sunflower seeds at the same time?

    • BavarianYankee says:

      add KC to your list ;)

    • JohnnyC says:

      Kay is increasingly phobic about plane travel. Now that he has some seniority, a new wife, and a daily radio show in drive time, he’s decided to limit his travel. Some fans would consider this a godsend.

    • MikeD says:

      My guess is Kay’s contract came up for renewal and he decided to negotiate more time off now that he’s newly married. Doing the Yankees every day, a talk show every day, plus handling all his duties on YES is a lot of work. I think he decided to cut back on one now that his life circumstances have changed, and cutting out some road travel seems the easy choice.

      I have no issue with less Kay as long as they pair the right broadcasters when he’s not there. I had no problem with Cone and Singleton last night. The Lorenz/Flaherty pairing is painful. Lorenz is a solid broadcaster, but he needs someone more conversational than Flaherty. Basically, that means any of the others, from Cone, Singleton, Leiter or O’Neill. I doubt it will be O’Neill, though, since he seems to have his own schedule, and they also like to match him with Kay.

  18. Slu says:

    We are losing focus here Boone Logan is to blame for this loss. Just like almost every other game he gets in.

    • The209 says:

      I don’t understand. Could you say that again?

    • Evan3457 says:

      The Yanks are 6-13 in games that Logan has pitched in. Of those 13 losses, he entered the game when the Yanks were behind already in 10 of them.

      He’s entered the game twice when it was tied, and the Yanks lost. He took a loss in a game vs. the Twins, and got a win vs. the O’s. Last night was the first time this season that Logan entered with the lead, and the Yanks lost the game.

      He lost one more game when he entered with when the Yanks were down, got the third out, the Yanks tied it up, and then he gave up a 2-run HR that the Yanks didn’t come back from.

      He has no blown saves this year, and his WPA stands at slightly above sea level at +.007 for the season. He hasn’t been good, obviously, but he hasn’t been a continuous disaster, either.

  19. Slu says:

    We are losing focus here. Boone Logan is to blame for this loss. Just like almost every other game he gets in.

  20. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Tip of the cap to my bud Cy Pettitte for the 1,000,000th comment!

  21. pete says:

    This is why I never watch west-coast games.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      This. More specifically night games. Can’t sleep after a loss and it is not worth it after all these years but I learned the hard way as will the younger fans in time.

  22. Bpdelia says:

    May I just point out to all the people filled with self righteous glee who say they dont need soriano. If soriano is healthy robertson stats the sixth joba 7th. Losing soriano to ineffectiveness and then injury was a blow. The drop off fron rorobertson to guys like ayala is just tremendous. Journeymen relievers eventually get exposed.

    Ps enough already with logan I’m losing patience.

    • pete says:

      check out logan around this time last year.

      Girardi’s doing the right thing by doing all he can to ensure that he’s got a quality lefty reliever by the stretch run/playoffs.

  23. Jerome S. says:


    Here’s an idea: when you win, it’s a team effort.

    When you lose, it’s also a team effort. I blame the offense for not capitalizing on free baserunners, I blame Burnett for being shitty despite his magnanimous salary, I blame Girardi for putting in terrible relievers after Burnett was done, and I blame those relievers for not getting the job finished. It’s everyone’s fault, really.

    And you know what? They move on, they win another day, and they work as a team. The blame game doesn’t really work that well in team sports.

    • pete says:

      I blame the game of baseball for guaranteeing that every team, no matter how good, will have a ton of frustrating losses and periods over the course of a season.

      • Jerome S. says:

        I blame the Mariners for wanting to win.

        Baseball would be a hell of a lot easier if they would just accept their mediocrity, lie down, and take it.

  24. CMP says:

    If the Yanks don’t play sound fundamental baseball, this is gonna be a long road trip because runs are gonna be hard to come by. That means good defense, base running , moving runners and making these shitty offenses hit their way on base, not walking the ballpark.

    On another note, this was around the same time last year that AJ became useless. If that happens again, it’s gonna be pretty hard to overcome.

    • Jerome S. says:

      They did steal a couple, you know.

      And they scored three runs. That’s usually enough to beat the Ms.

      • CMP says:

        They shot themselves in the foot with walks, hit batter, Nunez getting picked off 2nd, wasting leadoff men on base,etc.

        • Jerome S. says:

          That’s not-not playing fundamental baseball. That’s not playing good baseball.

          • CMP says:

            Do you wanna argue about semantics? My point is against good pitching, they need to play smart baseball and do the little things on offense, defense, on the mound and on the bases because runs are gonna be tough to come by most likely.

      • MT says:

        Three runs is not enough to beat Ms when they get 12+ basereunners and they are able to use productive outs to convert baserunners to runs.

        Pet peeve – The Yankees (supposedly with one of the best wOBA and best offenses in baseball) getting 5 walks from Pineda is not equivalent or as impactful to the Ms (one of two worst offenses in AL) getting 5 walks by Burnett and then Ayala walks Peguero on 4 pitches (prior to last night Peguero had 16 strikeouts and 1 walk in 51 plate appearances this year) plus the HBP.

        We do not convert our baserunners to outs like the Ms probably do (when you EXCLUDE HRs)

        Also our relative RISPFAIL is understated in the sense that I think the Ms were 0 for 8 and Yanks were 1-7 but four of those Mariner outs were RBI groundouts – productive outs. I can’t remember the last time Yanks were able to achieve one RBI groundout with a runner on third and less than two outs, much less four in a game. If there was a way to look at it I think Yanks would come out as one of the worst in baseeball at productive outs scoring runs. Yes we do hit an occasional sacrifice fly (which I guess does not count at all in the calculation of batting average with RISP) but prodcutive RBI groundouts are few and far between – We are going to need those types of productive outs on this trip with these low scoring, great pitching teams – we are not going to be hitting 3 HRs a game like we did against JoJo Reyes and the Blue jays at Yankee Stadium.

        We seem to strike-out (hello, Nick Swisher) or pop-out (hello, Mark Texeira) a lot when an RBI groundout would do wonders. This West Coast trip is where the chickens will come home to roost on this.

        Maybe my analysis is faulty but even the best HR hitting team in history at most can hit on average 1.8-2 HRs a game (many of those naturally with no one on base)- we do know the every game you get 27 outs per game – it is up to Yanks as an offense whether any of those lead to runs.

        • CP says:

          The Mariners have the highest groundball rate in the majors, which partly explains why they get more groundout RBIs.

        • Evan3457 says:

          The Yanks are actually AL average in productive outs, and above in getting the runner in from 3rd with less than 2 out.

          You know which team is next to last in productive outs (as a % of opportunities), and in getting the runner in from 3rd (and not by a little?

          The Red Sox.

          Just hit. Can they just hit back to their usual levels? That’s all I ask.

  25. Smutcicle says:

    Finding the hidden gems? How about if the Yankee fools bring up the kids who are actually doing good in AAA? How hard is it to SEE YOUR HIDDEN GEMS? Montero, Vazquez, Maxwell? Hidden gems LOL More like Horse blinders to me.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Two things: the Yankees have a 200 million dollar payroll and the pro scouting department is being praised for signing Colon and Garcia. Every major league team prefers experienced major leaguers over prospects (even the Rays signed Manny and Damon rather than play Desmond Jennings). They delude themselves into thinking they can more safely project a veteran’s performance than a neophyte’s. The Yankees can cite chapter and verse on how this notion is just an urban myth. We are not the Mets, who have already recalled 2/3 of their AAA roster this season. But, if Soriano doesn’t come back soon and the veterans don’t start hitting the way they’re supposed to, that may change. I think the time is sooner than later.

    • Evan3457 says:

      Maxwell has a lot of homers, I know; he’s also hitting .256 and striking out better than 1 time every 3 AB. Doubt he’d hit well at the major league level at this point.

      Vazquez can DH, but he can’t play RF. And for kids, they’re not very kid-like; Maxwell’s 27, Vazquez in 29.

  26. CP says:

    There’s an awful lot of doom and gloom on this thread for a team that leads the AL in run differential.

  27. Monteroisdinero says:

    The Tigers pick up a Loogy David Purcey from the A’s for their backup infielder Scott Sizemore. Purcey pitched well for the A’s over 9 games. Surely we could pick up a decent loogy for Cervelli and change and call up Montero? Cervelli is useless for us but could help another team in my opinion. We need another arm.

  28. CMP says:

    What the Yankees also need is another reliable arm in the pen to take some of the burden off of Robertson and Joba, someone who could give you an inning or 3 and maybe even make a spot start if needed. Preferably someone who has a track record of success that Girardi could trust.

    Wait, I think I just described Alfredo Aceves.

    • Kosmo says:

      how about this bullpen ? :

      • Kosmo says:

        of course with all due respect to Mo

      • Esteban says:


      • MikeD says:

        I’ll pass on that bullpen, especially in the AL.

        • The BIG 3 says:

          That’s just unfair. Clippard and Melancon were given 43 IP, combined, to prove themselves and they naturally failed. But lookee here, Clippard is outstanding (although he does walk more than he should) and Melancon is shaping up to be pretty good too. Either and both would be far better than anything the Yankees 9-12 pitchers. Easily. Clippard, for starters, had an 3.07 ERA in 91 innings last year. 91!

          I don’t care about looking up the others. I think Veras blows, Aceves if good, Dunn is doing well in FL… The others may or may not be better than the chaff after Robertson. Don’t know.

    • It'sATarp says:

      Alfredo Aceves this year has a pretty ERA but for the most part he has been not as good as 2009, with a higher walk rate and a low strike out rate…(FIP of 4.57 despite that shiny ERA) his success has been due to a .202 BABIP. We have better options in the farm if the team bothered to look.

    • CP says:

      The Yankees bullpen ERA is currently the best in the AL.

      Sure, another reliable arm would help, but how many teams have more than 1 reliable bullpen arm, let alone 3?

      • MikeD says:

        …which is important to keep in mind. While I disagreed with his situational deployment of his relievers last night, I have always been a fan of Girardi (and Cashman’s) bullpen construction and use post Torre. Every year under Girardi, the bullpen has been one of the strongest in the league.

  29. M-Three says:

    The only time that Ayala has pitched well is when there has been no pressure him. Ayala has only pitched in games that we were losing or were ahead by 4+ runs. We might as well not even waste our time with Ayala because he is nothing more than another Chan Ho Park.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Ayala has only pitched in games that we were losing or were ahead by 4+ runs.

      He’s pitched in three tie games, five one run games, zero two run games, one three run game, and one 4+ runs game.

      • M-Three says:

        All 5 five of those 1-run games are probably when we were behind by a run. Ayala has never had to protect leads for us and now Girardi should know that he can’t be trusted with a close lead. It the same way it was when we had Park, Carlyle, Hawkins and Tomko in the past. Ayala is no different than those 4 wasted bullpen spots.

        • CP says:

          Because he failed one time when brought in with a 1 run lead it means he can’t handle it?

          I seem to remember Mo doing a similar thing earlier this year. Should he no longer close because he can’t handle it?

          • M-Three says:

            This is just the first of many times that Ayala will blow close games if Girardi keeps using in those spot. Ayala always gives up a lot of hits and doesn’t have that one good put away pitch. The league is hitting .300 against him (vs Left:.273, vs Right:.353) and he has a whip of 1.43 and all of that doesn’t bold well for him having future success in close, late games situations.

            Also, trying to compare Ayala blowing one game to Mo blowing a game is a rediculus arguement for you to bring up. Mo is a hall of famer and the greatest closer ever, while Ayala is nothing more than a career journeyman scrub.

  30. virginia yankee says:

    IT WOULD BE NICE — CRAP SQUARED – If Girardi was trying to see if Ayala could be a go to guy in a high leverage situation I’d give him a pass but I BELIEVE THE GUY IS JUST STUPID — another game kicked away — and this is not 2nd guessing – I am screaming in Real Time — And also at Nunyez – and Jeter and ARod and Posada Futile effing at bats — from FEAR that they are not “playing through” this spot — this is as GOOD as we get

    Yeah the offense is putrid game to game inconsistent but therefore you can’t abuse a 1 run advantage – even if you expect the O to break out any moment

  31. Nick says:

    LOL. It’s funny being in Seattle, watching Seattle pitching and then seeing you say “some guys named David Pauley and Jamey Wright.” Just goes to show you know nothing about Seattle and just how damn good our pitching is. Both of those guys have been pretty much lights out all year.

    Looking forward to tonight’s game.

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