Yanks leave bats in Baltimore, fall to Mets


(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

It’s late and we’re all getting raptured on Saturday anyway, so let’s recap this quickly…

  • The Yankees had runners on base in each of the first six innings but scored their lone run on a Mark Teixeira solo homer. They were 1-for-10 with men in scoring position as a team, and the one hit was (yet another) Derek Jeter infield single that didn’t even move Brett Gardner from second to third. The lineup went to sleep late in the game again, as just one of the final 16 Yankees reached base and the Mets bullpen went nine up, nine down. That’s the exact opposite of what’s supposed to happen.
  • Freddy Garcia was pretty good, and I didn’t even think the pitch that Daniel Murphy hit out for the go-ahead run was all that bad. Splitter down in the zone, he just golfed it out. Otherwise he put seven men on base and allowed two runs in seven innings, a perfectly fine job and the kind of outing we’d take from Sweaty Freddy all season long. Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson did their job in the eight and ninth innings, respectively. The pitching was most definitely not the problem.
  • Typical Yankees’ loss, pretty good pitching and lousy offense. All these early season games in the Bronx have resulted in a 13-12 record at some, so way to take care of business boys. Here’s the WPA graph and here’s the box score.

Another lame Saturday night FOX broadcast for Game Two of the Subway Series, when A.J. Burnett gets the ball against Chris Capuano.

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  1. Sick of this, you guys.

  2. Will (the other one) says:

    I just want all of you guys to know what a pleasure it’s been commenting alongside you these last couple of years.

    I hope to see very few of you in hell.

    • bakekrukow412 says:

      I’m staying up until 2:00am just to see if the rapture begins in New Zealand, where it will be 6:00pm. Smack me tomorrow please.

  3. Rookie says:

    And Freddie Garcia exceeded my expectations on regular rest — for the first time this year, I think.

  4. Rookie says:

    Yankees with runners in scoring position last night — 1 for 10.

    Yankees with runners in scoring position excluding my bugaboo players of Jeter, ARod, and Posada — 0 for 7.

    Yankees not named Derek Jeter with runners in scoring position — 0 for 9.

  5. Rookie says:

    And as you said, Mike, the pitch that Murphy hit for the go-ahead HR didn’t look bad at all.

  6. Will F. says:

    This team is really pissing me off. I guess like many I’m spoiled by the 90s dynasty Yanks and the magical ’09 season. I miss clutch hitting. Oh where art thou bloop singles and line drive doubles?

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      Dude, this team is nowhere near those from the 90s and ’09.

      • jim p says:

        Wasn’t it ’08 where we had really bad RISP? A plague where we’d score 3-2-1 runs game after game relieved by a 9-10 run game. We’ve already had 11 losses with 3 or fewer runs.

  7. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Really fun game. I DVR’d it so I can watch again tomorrow.

  8. Zack says:

    Disgrace…that’s all I can say. Changes need to be made and soon!

    • Esteban says:

      like what?

      • special kid says:

        no more partying for cano

        • jayd808 says:

          His fourth error yesterday — he had three all of last year. And not to mention being in the top five swing rate for the AL or was it MLB. I know Robinson has his signature style and I enjoy it as much as anyone and I also know it looks nonchalant but when it he doesn’t work a count and hacks away or nonchalantly throws a ball 10 feet west of Texeira, my hackles rise.

          And BTW would you compare “Sweaty Freddy” with other #5s in the league so I can enjoy your putdowns of him more.

  9. Will says:

    What changes? I’m so freaking sick of people on here and LoHud saying that Montero will save this team. Montero’s *TRIPLE A* numbers are negligible at best—a lot of you are talking about him like he’s Eric Hosmer, but he’s only like Hosmer if you remove all of the power and drop the BA by 100 points.

    I’ve been saying the the same thing for weeks, and I’ll continue—if the Yankees’ rotation continues to pitch this well, they will be in first place by several games at the ASB. The lineup appears to suck, but if you look closely: Posada is hitting the ball harder than any .185 hitter in the history of baseball (bad game tonight notwithstanding), Jeter’s dreaded extra plate appearance per game (in the 1st inning) has him getting on base about 60% of the time, and Swisher…well, Swisher looks terrible, but he’s young and has been streaky in the past, hardly the DFA candidate I’m reading about.

    The losing streak made this team look a lot worse than it is. Although they are 3-3 in the last 6, they very easily could have a 6-game winning streak going with a few breaks.

    • Will (the other one) says:

      I understand your premise, and there are certainly parts I agree with…but what exactly about Montero’s numbers strike you as “negligible?” I’m not seeing it.

      • thumper says:

        I don’ think “negligible” is an appropriate term, but Jesus has been suffering from a drastic power outage so far this season (this very short minor league season).

    • David, Jr. says:

      Your analysis of Montero – “TRIPLE A numbers are negligible at best …”

      Quotes from Baseball America -

      ” .. close to projecting as an 80 hitter with 80 power on the 20-80 scouting scale.”

      “One veteran scout called him the best young hitter he has seen in years.”

      “Montero may be the best all-around hitter in the minors, capable of hitting .300 with 30-plus homers annually.”

      “Batting: 70 (on 20-80 scale)”

      “Power: 70 (on 20-80 scale)”

      He is no worse than an equivalent hitting prospect to Eric Hosmer.

    • markd says:

      Posada is done. The great thing about saying ‘he hits the ball harder than any 180 hitter’ is because it’s unprovable. Meaning: worthless.

  10. Zack says:

    Also goes to show..all those people that felt it was wrong to play hardball with Jeter and you can eat your words.
    They were all stars in 09…now they are players who are letting kids that played in Triple AAA two months ago beat them. It’s becoming a joke, it really is.

  11. first time lawng time says:

    This team has just been extremely inconsistent. Especially the offense.

    And I know some people like to compare this team to ’09.

    2011 record at home this year: 13-12

    ’09: 57-24

    they already have half the losses that ’09 had.

    Thy really gotta win at home.

  12. Monteroisdinero says:

    So what have teams done to adjust to Swisher? I really can’t stand watching him this season. He is a terrible offspeed hitter. The rare contribution he makes, he overdramatizes with his kiss to the heavens and swagger. His defense is poor and his arm is below average. He can’t throw anyone out at second, third or home. I don’t know if he will pick it up at all but at this point I would be happy with a 12- 15HR season and a .250 batting average. Heck, I think, this year, I would be happy having Damon at 37 out there in RF over Swish. We just do not create enough non-pressure situations for Swish to pad his stats. He is in too many “post-season situations” this year at the plate and we all know how accomplished a post-season hitter he is.

  13. Stevis says:

    to begin with Cano ought to stop listening to the hype and remove his head from his ass.
    Posada, Gardner (who acts like he has a giant set of balls),Swisher, who is planning his exit from the Bronx, plus all the rest of the overpaid crew…..Jeter , get your 3000 and retire ….very hard to watch
    I am a Yankee fan since 1952, but to very very honest 3rd or 4th place is looking very comfortable for a bunch of underachievers
    PLease revamp this sad looking team in 2012

    • first time lawng time says:

      What hype?

      • jayd808 says:

        Ummm: comparing his swing to Ruth and Aaron (tip o’ the cap to Andruw Jones for that); the de rigueur can’t miss “future league batting champion.” Cano is regularly fawned over but too often he is a chuckleheaded showboat.

    • Zack says:

      but to very very honest 3rd or 4th place is looking very comfortable for a bunch of underachievers

      Copy & pasted from 2001-2010.

  14. Lance says:


  15. jayd808 says:

    Excellent point.

  16. Chairman Mao says:

    This team is not 09′s team. 09′s team had clutch players like Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui who hit with RISP. Jeter, A-Rod, and Posada are now 2 years older and ineffective. And we no longer have the stabilizing force of Andy Pettitte in the starting rotation. The starting pitching hasn’t really been the problem though. Changes need to be made with the lineup. Here’s the ideal lineup-


    • Chairman Mao says:

      And that’s just until Dickerson and Chavez return. When those two return they should become starters over Swisher and Posada.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Martin pulls too many balls and is too much of a gidp risk to bat second. Also, a lefty should bat after Gardner to increase his successful steal chances. I like Grandy second since he pulls the ball, is a lefty and is harder to double up.

    • Will says:

      For the record, Damon and Matsui are also 2 years older and ineffective, just not on the Yankees. Plus, their replacements (essentially Martin and Granderson) have probably been the two least problematic hitters in the lineup thus far.

      • dalelama says:

        Damon and Matsui replacements on the 2011 team are Posada and Gardner. The 2011 team has Jeter and Rodriguez two years older and misses the clutch aspects of Damon and Matsui. I am not saying those two would currently make the 2011 team better today but they did make the 2009 team stronger than the 2011 team.
        Tex and Swisher have a history of folding in the big games as for Gardner he is an enigma. A fast guy who runs the bases poorly. Last night was the classic Gardner brain fart when he failed to advance to third on Jeter’s infield single. Why he stood on second like he had a load in his diaper is totally inexplicable in contrast to a smart gamer like Damon who would have advanced.
        This team is plagued by aging stars with declining production, players with a history of under performance when the pressure is on, and a propensity to not do the little things right when needed. We will be lucky to squeeze into the playoffs. Perhaps the best long term strategy is to accelerate the rebuilding process, starting by cutting Posada and calling up Montero. This would have the added benefit of firing a rocket up their collective asses and sending the message it is time to start producing or more heads are going to roll.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Did you watch the game? The ground ball was hit right in front of Gardner, he’d have gotten thrown out at third. There was no chance to move up.

          • Last night was the classic Gardner brain fart when he failed to advance to third on Jeter’s infield single. Why he stood on second like he had a load in his diaper is totally inexplicable in contrast to a smart gamer like Damon who would have advanced.

            There’s 90 feet between each base. Had Johnny Damon “the smart gamer” tried to advance, he would have been out by 89 feet.

          • dalelama says:

            Sure I saw the game, if Gardner had run when Reyes launched his off balance lob throw he would have made third base easy. All the commentators agreed and were shocked his was still on second.

            • Zack says:

              And if he got thrown out, it would be Brett and his bad base running instincts getting thrown out at 3rd when he’s already in scoring position.

              • dalelama says:

                Irrelevant point as an alert base runner could have practically walked to third. Stop covering for mediocrity.

    • special kid says:

      thts why its scary… the starting pitching isnt a problem YET.

  17. SteveD says:

    I cant even read about the Yankee games anymore. Big deal they pounded Baltimore. So does everyone. I know this is an obvious statement but they need several guys to start hitting. It is so frustrating to watch.

  18. paulc says:

    what truly sucksis that the starting pitching has been great since hughes went on DL. Freakin 7 ips, 2 runs…that should be freakin enough….

  19. aluis says:

    Time to trade for Upton and move swisher to the bench. Cashman can you hear me?

    Also I heard in the post game show that they are like 4-9 when their starters give up something like 3 runs or less. Imagine if things were the other way around. They would clearly be in first place by a lot.

  20. V says:

    Too bad the cost of the tickets behind home plate (Field MVP) don’t include a win ;-)

    It was actually a rather good evening (compared to the threat of rain). A perfect game… except that the Yankees lost.

  21. Chairman Mao says:

    We’re too old and management doesn’t know how to get rid of it’s fading stars. When the Green Bay Packers had a fading star at quarterback they drew a line in the sand and eventually kicked him out of town. They also had an even better successor waiting in the wings. The Packers built their team through the smart drafting and FA pickups. The Packers are now Super Bowl Champions. It starts at the top and perhaps a change is needed there for the Yankees. We don’t know how to develop pitchers(See Joba, Hughes, Wang) and our best FA pickup was a 37 year old pitcher whose arm was repaired by stem cells.

  22. Chairman Mao says:

    And for those of you saying, “Well didn’t they just put up 13 against the Orioles?” That same vaunted Orioles pitching staff gave up 17 last night to the Nationals. The Nationals are the worst hitting team in baseball…

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