Feliciano using PRP treatment on injured shoulder

Yanks leave bats in Baltimore, fall to Mets
Does David Robertson Create His Own Leverage?

Via Marc Carig, lefty reliever Pedro Feliciano has been undergoing platelet-rich plasma therapy for the torn capsule in his throwing shoulder. Feliciano has already undergone three treatments since being advised to rehab the injury rather than have surgery. “Everything’s good,” said the lefty. “It’s just getting strong again.”

Unlike Bartolo Colon, PRP was not used in conjunction with stem cell treatment for Feliciano’s injury. He’s been doing strengthening exercises with weights and plans to begin throwing early next month.

Yanks leave bats in Baltimore, fall to Mets
Does David Robertson Create His Own Leverage?
  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

    Boo. Use stem cells. Go big or go home, Pedro.

  • bonestock94

    I forgot Pedro Feliciano existed. It’s amazing how immediately the RP signings failed.

  • Rob Thomsen’s Chili Farts

    “platelet-rich plasma therapy”

    Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of doping, which is essentially short term red blood cell-rich plasma therapy?
    I’m not complaining.
    I think both should be legal.

    • Tom Swift

      That raises the question of what “doping” means. Clearly, using drugs to treat a medical condition cannot be “doping.” So, use of steroids to treat a bad back is fine, if prescribed by a doctor pursuant to an established medical protocol. I think “doping” has to mean using a performance enhancing drug not to treat a medical condition but only to enhance performance. There may be line drawing issues, but that must be the concept.

  • ledavidisrael

    Get hughes some plasma therapy please?

  • ledavidisrael

    Get hughes some plasma therapy. please!

  • Mike

    Didn’t Pettitte say he used HGH to treat injuries so he could help the team faster? I believe players should be allowed to use HGH as long as they say they are using it to heal from injuries.

    We need a little more velocity in Hughes’ fastball. Can stem cells be used to heal a dead arm?

    • Mickey Scheister

      Agreed about the HGH thing. If it’s prescribed from a legitimate physician treating an injury.

      Hughes is hurt, in some capacity, and perhaps if some stem cells and red blood cells could treat his injury and get him back sooner, injection please.

      Pitchers put their arms at risk to play a game and injuries that derail players career happen often and if they can get a player closer to the form they exhibited prior to an injury thru the use of drugs. Do it! They should have access to the latest and greatest medical prodcures. How is this much different than Tommy-John, one is a surgery and the other a procedure, but the results allow the player to play.

      Play on playa, play on.