Girardi: A-Rod’s been playing with an injured shoulder

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Via Wally Matthews, Alex Rodriguez has been playing a left shoulder injury for the past few weeks. “It’s just a small issue that only bothers him when he dives for a ball,” said Joe Girardi, though another source called it a strain and said he’s “managing it as best as he can.” Remember, Alex did serve as the designated hitter on Wednesday before sitting completely on Thursday, which if nothing else seemed a bit odd. Also, it’s his left shoulder, so throws aren’t a problem. Anyway, A-Rod is hitting .325/.397/.556 over his last 30 games, so it’s not like the injury is dragging him down at the plate.

The Phil Hughes Rehab Tour starts in SI
Swisher homer caps comeback, Yanks take series
  • Craig

    Wally Mathews made it seem this’ll sap his power- worst case scenario arod will need a cortisone shot or DL trip, I’m not too worried.

    • Pat D

      I do wonder if it’s been sapping his power a bit.

  • ecks

    This further confirms what we’ve known about A-Rod all along – he’s all about winn- I mean, HE’S A SELFISH STAT PADDER!

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Arod = GRIT

  • The Oberamtmann

    Could this be part of the reason for his recent lack of home runs? Not denying he’s been hot at the plate average-wise

  • KVC

    So why during this game were they looking at is KNEE????

    • A-Rod fangurl

      Cuz his kneez R so sexxy!

  • sangreal

    According to LoHud, Girardi said after the game that it is not a strain. Sounds like he is beat up, but not injured:

    Alex Rodriguez has been getting treatment on a sore left shoulder for about 10 days, but both Rodriguez and Joe Girardi said the problem is not serious.

    “Normal bumps and bruises,” Rodriguez said.

    Earlier tonight, ESPNNewYork quoted a source who called the injury a strain, but Girardi said that’s not the case, and Rodriguez said he hasn’t gone for any tests. He’s been getting some extra heat, but that’s about it.

  • Rookie

    I didn’t think ARod would get back to anything like his old self until he got some DL time. And, I’m happy to say, boy was I wrong. Since the calendar switched from May to June, he’s been on an incredible tear — with a 1.001 OPS (although ESPN’s splits page says he’s cooled down to a still very respectable .839 OPS for the past seven days).

    Again, kudos to ARod. And mea culpa.

  • Rookie

    (By the way, for perspective, according to ESPN, his OPS for May was a very un-ARod-like .728.)