Pinstriped Links: 6/2/11

Open Thread: Even Stomper loves RAB
Ugly night on the mound at all levels

We’re trying out a new feature around these parts today. Every day — or every few days — I’m going to bullet point a few stories related to baseball and the Yankees that are floating around the Internet. These are stories we either didn’t have time to write up for a full post or thought were worth a mention but not the full treatment. We’re happy to take submissions via the box at right, e-mail or through our Twitter account, and props to anyone who comes up with a catchier title than “Pinstriped Links.” On with the stories:

  • MLB sources said they were investigating after Yuri Sucart, A-Rod‘s infamous cousin, was spotted hanging around the Yankees… [Daily News]
  • …but the Commissioner’s Office absolved the Yanks’ third baseman of any wrong-doing. [ESPN NY]
  • If Curtis Granderson is voted onto the 2011 All Star team, his 2013 option will increase from $13 million to $14 million. [Cot’s via @ClintHolzner]
  • Nearly 23 months since last throwing a pitch in the Major Leagues, Chien Ming Wang is almost ready for a rehab assignment. [Nats Insider]
  • Ralph Gardner Jr. offers up some high praise for John Sterling and Suzy Waldman. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Joba, meanwhile, has confided in his stuffed animals that he wants to be a starting pitcher.
Open Thread: Even Stomper loves RAB
Ugly night on the mound at all levels
  • special kid

    i approve

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    props to anyone who comes up with a catchier title than “Pinstriped Links.”

    “Breaking Nudes”?

    Anthony Weiner (D-9″)

    • Short Porch

      Dude, Ive been reading your posts for years, brilliant funny stuff, here included.

      But this is another ACORN, another Shirley Sherrod, another NPR ‘sting.’

      • RockinAlexBats

        How was ACORN wronged? Give O’Keefe & Giles credit on that expose because it nailed them dead to right. Or are lefties only allowed to do undercover stings?

        Sherrod was a self-avowed racist as she said in her infamous video and later found some peace with her hateful bias towards whites. The bigger deal was the blatant approval of her previous racist actions. The video was never edited by Andrew Breitbart.

        And after the unrelenting attacks on mainly unfair points, Breitbart redeemed himself with the stunning Pigford scandal which is an absolute disgraceful act of widespread fraud and has cost taxpayers millions in unnecessary lawsuits.

        And finally, the NPR video was pretty straight foward that only a partisan hack could find it hard to accept. Anyone who ever watches a minute of NPR will tell you that is nearly all left leaning analysis & news so the undercover sting was not too shocking to any non-partisan listener.

        As an independent American, it is sad how any scandals investigated or broken by the non-left wing news sources are automatically considered false.

        Still, I know you or maybe even the equal opportunity comic tsjc, will rip me apart for being some right wing nut or perhaps being too long winded. Whatever, good luck Short Porch.

        All I know is Weiner was anti-woman pig a long time before his inappropriate twitter pic. The constant rude and heinous attitude Weiner displays towards conservative women or frankly anyone who doesn’t share his opinion.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          This will end badly.

        • SDM

          somebody get this man his aluminum foil hat I think the aliens are trying to hack his mind again.

          but seriously everything you just said is not remotely true.

          Acorn did nothing wrong and the guy who “busted” them was nothing more than a douche with a camera. He was not dressed like some pimp like he claimed, and in fact it later turned out the guy edited the different parts of the video together in order to get the infamous final product that blared on fox news. That’s not rumor or liberal media stuff its fact.

          Sherrod basically said that white people have an advantage over blacks and other people of color. This is also true, studies have proven time and time again, that a white people have an advantage over other groups of people. In fact a white person with a criminal record is still more likely to land a job than someone of another race who has no criminal background and a higher education level.

          lastly Wiener
          I don’t know if what happened, but the thing that is suspicious is that the twitter pic came from a camera never used or associated with the congressman’s other more normal twitter pics. Also the guys name is Wiener, any immature hacker (not all hackers are immature by the way)would kill for the chance to hack that account and put a wiener on wiener’s twitter

  • Squishy Jello Person

    copycat =P

    • Benjamin Kabak

      We’ve been doin’ linkdumps since before you were born. Or something.

      • Rainbow Connection

        Chip Chipperson?

  • Spaceman.Spiff

    The last one got me excited for a second…

  • Short Porch

    I’m long Wang.

  • Jerome S.

    I hope he does well. I feel like he could rake in the NL.

    You know, IF he gets back.

  • SDM

    those stuffed animals got some loose mouths

    snitches get stitches

  • bexarama

    Speaking of CMW, Webb just got scratched from a rehab start with pain in his rotator cuff. Yeah… think that was a dodged bullet.

  • James d.

    Someone at The Onion either really loves the Yankees (and Jeter and Joba in particular) or really hates them. Those two guys are constantly on there.

    I like this feature. It’s like a links version of the mailbag — filling a few gaps for the busy-yet-curious fan.

    • JohnnyC

      uhh…more likely they’re haters. The Onion was founded by Madison, Wisconsin college students.

      • James d.

        The Onion offices have been in New York for about a decade and the original folks are long gone. Still could be haters, of course; I just don’t know who’s running the sports section over there.

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          Unfortunately, not all New Yorkers like the Yankees. They are probably more jealous of the Yanks and their fans, anyway.

          • Rainbow Connection

            Why would someone be jealous of a fan of a team?

            • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

              Because their team sucks and doesn’t win

        • JohnnyC

          Just because they have to come to New York to make a living doesn’t mean they have to like the area sports teams. Frank de Ford worked in NY for 25 years at SI and other venues and he absolutely despised the Yankees (his most famous article in that regard was his column in October 2001 when he rooted against the Yankees — weeks after 9/11). No other sports media market would tolerate haters of the local teams much less give them airtime, column space and mucho dinero.

          • Rainbow Connection

            You’re rather have him root for the Yankees out of pity? If anyone would have felt better about having thousands of people killed just because some millionaires threw and hit a ball better than someone else, they (the fans) should be executed.

            “No other sports media market would tolerate haters of the local teams much less give them airtime, column space and mucho dinero.”

            Ever read articles in Boston papers?

            NYC is kind of a neutral location. The media is located here. You can’t really throw people out for not kissing local ass. If the citizens really hate someone, they should boycott the paper.

    • first name only male (formerly Mike R. – Retire 21

      Despite the constant Yankee digs, I always find the articles entertaining and not hateful.

      • bexarama

        Honestly, they’re not really digs. Or they’re digs, but they dig at every team. It’s the Yankees, so they get a lot of media attention, which leads to a lot of stories to parody. I haven’t really been offended by them ever.

        • James d.

          The Onion also has 20 or so articles on Tim Duncan, so clearly the staff has favorites. I enjoy the Yankees parodies myself, especially the Joba stuff.
          My favorite, though, because I’m an editor (and former copy editor) is “A-Rod Also Leading Yankees In Grammatical Errors.”

        • Rainbow Connection

          $200 million will buy you a lot of digs.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    It looks like Grandy’s 2013 option will be 14 million.

    And not having that extra 1 million will mean the Sox will land a big free agent that we are going after.

    And then that free agent will turn out to be John Lackey II.

    Thank you, Curtis.

  • Woody Sweats

    believe it or not, i also like john and susan…

    • JohnnyC

      Yeah but what do you think of Suzyn?

  • Klemy

    I love The Onion.

  • Drew

    The Joba link was great. Saw that the other day. Glad you guys caught that too.

  • Rainbow Connection

    props to anyone who comes up with a catchier title than “Pinstriped Links.”

    Barely Legal Nude Teens

    I win.

  • Oliver

    Eh. This is somewhat helpful but these types of posts are really just filler for when an author doesn’t have any original material. The ESPNNY blog has started doing it as well with their useless Yankee Daily Brief.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I’m pretty sure I explained why we’re going to (sometimes) do this in the first paragraph. You can choose to believe me or not.

      • Oliver

        Oh I saw it. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a cheap post to put your name on. Although I suppose it is better than a full-blown investigation as to what happened to a certain animated subway line or a post that is 90% blockquote. And I’m also pretty sure that I explained why I didn’t care for the idea. I’ll just ignore the posts and you can link to my comment on twitter and call me an ignoramus or some other name you think makes you sound distinguished and above my level of intellect.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Oliver, if I was to give you some money from out of my wallet, would that help ease the pain?

  • forensic

    Title: RAB’s Tease

    I know, I’m a loser, oh well…

  • David

    The Yankee Clippings?

    • Guest

      This I like.

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    Just last weekend I was looking for an update on CMW. I’m glad he is making progress.

  • Mickey Scheister

    According to sources, the 45-minute stuffed-animals-only meeting adjourned when Yankees manager Joe Girardi announced that it was time for Chamberlain’s bath.

    I knew it! Joba takes baths!

  • Pat Hulser

    Re: props to anyone who comes up with a catchier title than “Pinstriped Links.”

    How about River Avenue Blues Insider Discussion or the RABID Report!!!