RAB Radio Show going to weekly format


Since December Mike and I have tried something new in podcasting. Instead of running the normal weekly segment, we went with a daily format. The thought was that there’s so much to talk about with the Yankees that we could easily record a 20-minute episode every day and still have plenty of leftover content. For six months we made that work. Unfortunately, the experiment ends here.

It takes time every morning to record and produce the show, and unfortunately we’ve gotten to the point where we can’t justify using that time on the podcast. We have plenty of other responsibilities, both to RAB and elsewhere, and the podcast cuts into those. It’s really a matter of prioritization, and we think that the podcast shouldn’t get the priority it has received in the last six months, given what we’ve been able to estimate from our listenership.

The podcast isn’t completely going in the toilet, though. We’re still going to produce a traditional podcast every Thursday. It will run a bit longer, but I’ll make sure to create an alternate version that will include a bookmarkable file (so that your iPod will remember where you left off). It also figures to be more organized and feature more guests.

We now send you back to your normal content. For Mike, I’m Joe, and we’ll talk to you on Thursday.


  1. Mark in VT says:

    Thanks guys for all of your hard work! The daily podcast was great, but having a family and a job, I totally understand the need to prioritize.
    Please know that we appreciate your efforts!

  2. kevin says:

    no loved the daily podcast but u guys do great job keep it up thank you

  3. Elliot in DC says:

    The daily podcast was great! I’m sure the weekly segment will be just as good if not better! Since its weekly now, would you guys have a mailbag specifically for the podcast? Also, if you announcet your guests in advance, can we send in mailbag questions specifically for them?

  4. I’m amazed you guys even kept it up for this long, what with all the other daily posts and the lives you all lead outside of RAB (in your respective mothers’ basements, of course).

    RAB puts out a ton of awesome free content and nobody should begrudge you for ever saying “We’re swamped and need to scale back a bit”.

    I salute you.


    P.S. weekend writers sux lol whatevs

  5. mike_h says:

    not cool guys not cool, I’ve listened to every podcast since you’v started them in the 2010 offseason. The podcasts are awesome.

  6. What am I going to do during my drives to work now? THINK OF THE HUMAN COST, GUYS.

  7. Chris says:

    This is horrible news for anyone who wakes up at 1 PM and starts their day with this pod cast… except on days after the Yankees lose.

  8. Drew says:

    More guests…perhaps having long time commentators as guests…nudge nudge nudge wink wink hint wink

  9. Klemy says:

    I’ll kind of miss this. I downloaded and listened to them while working to help pass the day. Thanks for the lengthy run of daily efforts.

  10. BigTimeBartolo says:

    :( I’ll miss the daily podcasts, but thanks for the great content and effort!

  11. J.R. says:

    Thanks for the great effort. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to keep them up this long. That said, I will still look forward to the weekly podcast.

  12. Kiersten says:


  13. Nedro says:

    (Sheds a single tear, turns to face a polluted wasteland of conservative talk, ESPN radio, and alt metal)

  14. Mister D says:

    Joe, Mike, I’ve listened to every last lovin’ one of your podcasts and enjoyed ‘em all. You’ve done a bang up job day in and day out but I have got to say this decision makes me happy, as it will give me time to catch up on other podcasts I’ve had to sideline. Honestly I don’t know how you boys have managed to keep it up. You have my thanks for the listening, appreciation for the work, and admiration for the ability to keep it up so long, but I am even more looking forward to seeing what you guys can do with a whole week to prepare. I think with a daily cast, you have no choice but to dwell on minutia, live and die with each game, but a weekly format can afford better perspective, in addition to more depth and bredth of content. Sometimes, there is a reason the standard is the standard.

    Good luck,

    Mister D

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