Trenton hits too many homers in win

Game 59: Shorthanded
Yankees lose to Red Sox. Again.

Remember David Adams? He’s still out with a leg issue that can be traced back to the broke ankle he suffered last May, but apparently the plan is to have him back with Double-A Trenton by the All-Star break. So figure he’ll be back within a month or so. Austin Romine, meanwhile, has a “mild concussion” and will be out a minimum of seven days. Don’t screw around with head injuries, give the kid as much time as he needs.

As for the good news, Tim Norton has been deservedly promoted to Triple-A Scranton. He’s taking the place of the injured Kanekoa Texeira, who left last night’s game some kind of injury. I wonder if the injury contributed to his awfulness, can’t rule it out. Anyway, the draft is over, so this is the last night of bullet points…

  • Triple-A Scranton won. They had four hits total on offense, two by my man Gus Molina. David Phelps struck out eight in seven scoreless innings, Norton struck out two in his Triple-A debut, and Kevin Whelan nailed it down for his 18th save. Jesus Montero did not play, he’s still battling that eye infection.
  • Double-A Trenton won. Cody Johnson hit another homer, his second in as many days and eleventh in the last month. Jose Pirela, of all people, went deep twice, which is crazy because he came into the year with five homers in the first three years of his career. Nothing too exciting on the pitching side, Shaeffer Hall gave up five runs in five innings and Naoya Okamoto tossed two scoreless.
  • Both High-A Tampa and Low-A Charleston had scheduled off days.
Game 59: Shorthanded
Yankees lose to Red Sox. Again.
  • Cy Pettitte

    no Charleston no care

    • Xstar7

      no Jesus no care

    • Cy Pettitte

      actually I take that back, yay Norton.

  • Matt

    It’s amazing that you bloggers and writers seem to think the fans are this stupid that you continue to use this tired mantra to mock them.

    Nobody thinks that hitting home runs is a bad thing. The difference is being unable to score runs without the home run because you change your approach at the plate.

    Contrary to the ridiculous writers who think that nobody can know anything about baseball except for them, it is pretty apparent when a hitter goes up there making a conscious effort to try to take a pitcher deep. When a hitter is trying to just hit a ball hard somewhere, they don’t completely bail out and fall to their back leg trying to swing.

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      I Don’t think they are mocking the fans…

    • Jay h

      Well to be fair, you are the one who suggested that pedroia uses bat control to hit it wherever he wants

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      The difference is being unable to score runs without the home run because you change your approach at the plate.

      Tex has become more pull happy since becoming a Yankee (which is reminiscent of Giambi doing the same, probably because both of those big-contract, heart of the order hitters attempted to hit 60 homers a year to endear themselves to the fans and justify those fat contracts).

      Here’s the evidence, if you’re curious.

      Who else has “changed their approach at the plate”, though? Jeter, ARod, Swisher, Cano, Gardner, Martin, Cervelli, Jones, Nuñez, Chavez, Posada, etc., they’re all hitting pretty much the exact same ways they’ve hit for all of this previous decade. The only real swing alteration other than Tex’s pull-fest has been Granderson’s swing makeover from Long, and I think we’d all agree that’s working like gangbusters, he’s quieted down and is staying behind the ball and driving it.

      I think your argument works for Tex and fails for the other 12 position players on the team at any given moment, so Mike’s pretty justified in mocking that ridiculous argument that the Yankees offense is plagued by excessive reliance on the homer.

      The Yankees score lots of runs by homer not because the whole team is swinging for the fences constantly and thus changing their approach and using bad habits; they score lots of runs by homer because they have a lot of good line drive hitters who drive the ball with authority and many of those driven balls are driven so hard that they become homers and not simply doubles.

    • mbonzo

      ESPN announcers say Yankees hit too many homeruns. RAB mocks ESPN.

      What am I missing?

      • Ted Nelson

        The idea (not saying I agree necessarily) is that Mike and others have created a strawman out of ESPN’s argument (obviously generalizing with ESPN). That the “ESPN argument” is not at all that the Yankees hit too many HRs. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that’s what they’re arguing… and I agree there.

        The ESPN argument is actually that the Yankees are over-reliant on the HR. While the Yankees lead MLB in SLG, they are 16th in AVG.

        I think that’s overdone by the “ESPN” contingent, especially because the Yankees are actually 3rd in MLB in OBP and have the 2nd lowest BABIP in MLB. I don’t think there’s any reason to be so defensive as to strawman their argument, though. “ESPN” types might not understand exactly what they’re arguing all the time and might mistakenly literally say “the Yankees hit too many HRs”… but their argument isn’t totally batshit insane.

    • Adam B

      I understand what you are saying, but the yankees have still scored a ton of runs this year and as long as they stay the course they will be all over that wild card spot, October is a whole new season where that RISP stuff (which I think is a little overblown by the media to make AROD look bad) really comes into play.

      • nycsportzfan

        i don’t think the yanks are gonna run into a WC if they continue to not “HIT” and just hit “HR’s”… Last i checked they were 11th in the AL in “HITS”, but that was 2wks ago(dont know now where they rank?), but its evident, we miss a Jeter in his prime, Bernie Williams, Matsui in his prime, Paul O’neill, Boggs, 1996 Mariano Duncan, last yrs Cano, johnny damon, just guys who can hit.. no one hitting even 290? Every plaeyr on this team seems to have been better hitter at a diffrent time in there career, we didn’t get TEX just to hit HR’s, but be the all around force he was most of his career, the 280-300 Tex! Alex,PO, Jeets, Gardner, Cano, Granderson, all those guys are just not “HITTING” like we need them to, especially when u add in were pitching guys like Freddie Garcia and Colon and Burnett and Nova, and have a decimated bullpen.. We really need to depend on our offense this yr, and there is to many times, there just not hitting like we need them to, and as much as the occasional 10run game can hide that, its obvious watching them, there was like 6-10 games this yr where we got good pitching from Freddy Colon, or CC, and we didn’t win those games because we wern’t cranking HR’s, and coulden’t score, those games count, and could kill us at the end of the yr, or when reality hits, and guys like Freddy aren’t as effective as they’ve been.. Were treading some dangerous waters right now, and are closer to falling overboard then some may think, lucky for us, we got a deep farm, and i’m sure CASHMAN will bring in a HITTER and STARTER to try and keep this season looking bright..

        • Adam B

          Again, I understand the argument but the numbers don’t lie. the Yankees have 303 runs this year which is 5th in the MLB. The sux are 4th place with 307 runs and have 75 more hits and 40 more doubles than the yankees. The Sux also have a 19 point advantage in team batting average…

          I say again:
          Yankees: 303 runs
          Sux: 307 runs

          In the playoffs just HR’s aint gonna cut it, but HR’s and walks will get us there and once we get there anything can happen.

          This team needs another rock in the rotation.

  • Mr Bleh

    Not trying to be the one who bring the cynicism to this thread but even DOTF’s have become pretty discouraging…

  • Mark

    Hopefully some of these Scranton relief arms get a shot with the big club soon.

  • Xstar7

    These DOTF have been half-assed lately because of the draft coverage right?

    • Rick in Boston

      Historically, yes. Mike will be back in top form soon, especially with an additional two teams to follow.

  • Brian

    Two random minor league related questions:

    Should we assume that Rafael DePaula is going to open up in the GCL? Also has Juan Carlos Paniagua been cleared to play by MLB?

    • Gonzo

      Did Depaula get a visa? Last I heard (a couple weeks ago) they were both still not able to get into the country.

      • Gonzo

        Just checked on Ben Badler’s twitter. He’s the go to BA guy about IFA. He said Depaula’s case is still pending.

  • Gonzo

    When it comes to concussions, I wish there were fan comments on blogs 20/30/40/etc… years ago.

    I can only imagine how barbaric some of the commentors would look in hindsight.

    • Peter Lacock

      40 years ago when I was Romine’s age, concussions were rare. Men were men, you sucked it up, wrapped it up tight and went out and played. Skulls were thicker then not thin and wimpy like today. If you stumbled into an aspirin somewhere you were lucky. Mostly some whiskey or moonshine washed down with ale fixed you up. Nowadays the whole damn country is a bunch of whiners and complainers, pointing fingers instead of looking in the mirror and taking vacations anytime there’s an excuse. 7 days off for a headache? It’s a damn crime and all the wimps should be strung up and made an example of. That’ll toughen ‘m up.


      • Icebird753

        When I was younger we would all eat em bull testicles to make us stronger, forget steeroids. I had to milk my sister and wife’s cow every mornin to feed my family, and if I couldn’t get enough our children woulda had to milk the cat. I lived on mah momma’s breastmilk till I was 17, and I never thunk the same way since

  • Bpdelia

    Seriously though it wasnt 40 years ago. I played d1 baseball and hockey and suffered 3 concussions in 1 year. “you just got your bell rung” people would say. Its only the last ten years people have realized the danger of concussions