Yankees crush Greinke, Brewers in series opener

Banuelos strong in Trenton win
Curtis Granderson's homerless stretch

The pitching matchup was lopsided (on paper), the offense were pretty comparable (on paper), and you had two first place teams (in reality) opening a three game set on Tuesday night. The Yankees put this one to bed early, rolling to their third straight win.

OMG he is sooooo hot.

Feed The Narrative

So maybe Zack Greinke can’t pitch in New York. Or maybe he can and this was a bad game. Or maybe he can but his laughable defense betrayed him. Seriously, how bad are the Brewers in the field? Nyjer Morgan turned a routine fly ball into a triple in the first, and Casey McGehee tried to tag Alex Rodriguez at third instead of throwing to first (with Jorge Posada running!) to end the frame. Laughable. But anyway…

The Yankees knocked Greinke out of this game after just two innings and 56 pitches, tagging him for seven runs. After coming into the game with eight unintentional walks all season, he walked three in this game. It was also the first time in his career he did not strike out a batter in a start. Instead of focusing on the fact that the Yankees crushed an elite pitcher, we’ll all argue over Greinke’s ability to handle pressure and New York and whatever else we can come up with. Either way, yay Yankees win.

Freddy Gets By

A closer game would have been much more stressful. After a scoreless first inning and a quick second inning, Freddy Garcia really wasn’t fooling anybody. The Brewers hit several rockets but ran themselves into two inning-ending outs on the bases that killed potential rallies. In fact, Milwaukee’s fourth inning went like this: single, single, fielder’s choice (runner out at second), single, sacrifice fly (runner thrown out trying to go from first to second). The Brew Crew were all over Freddy the second and third time through the order, but hey, two runs in six innings. Sign me up.

Hilarity ensues.

Lol Brewers, lol

I touched on this a second ago, but how sloppy were the Brewers? Let us count the ways…

  1. Morgan plays that routine fly ball into a triple
  2. Brewers play the shift on A-Rod to pull, but they feed him offspeed stuff away and he slaps a single where the second baseman should have been.
  3. McGehee fields a grounder at third and tries to tag A-Rod instead of throwing to first to get the slow-footed Jorge Posada to end the inning. McGehee hurt himself in the process, but stayed in the game.
  4. Marco Estrada simply dropped the ball while on the mound for a balk.
  5. Zach Braddock went to his mouth while on the mound, resulting in an automatic ball four to Robinson Cano.
  6. Rickie Weeks’ falls down fielding a routine ground ball, shuffles it to Yuniesky Betancourt at second for the first out, but he bobbled it and couldn’t turn the inning ending double play.

That’s all the stuff I can remember, and just for the record: I did not see number five. I was in the other room at the time, so I’m going off word of mouth for that one. Craziest thing? The Brewers had ZERO errors in the game. Goes to show how useless they really are. We’ve definitely seen the Yankees play a sloppy game like that once or twice this season, and it sure is no fun to watch. The Brewers will be better than that Wednesday night, I’m sure of it.

Oh By The Way, Offense!

Hooray for double digit runs, that’s a good way to make the night fun. Nick Swisher hit a three-run homer off Greinke (and a double later), and Mark Teixeira hit a two-run shot in garbage time for his MLB lead tying 24th. Curtis Granderson reached base three times (two walks and the “triple”), A-Rod reached base three times (two hits and a walk), Brett Gardner reached twice (walk and a hit-by-pitch to leadoff the game), and the trio of Russell Martin, Jorge Posada, and Eduardo Nunez each picked up a hit as well. Chris Dickerson got to pinch-hit in garbage time and put just his second ball in play of the month. That lack of playing time will kill ya.



Garcia was lifted after six innings and just 76 pitches, which seemed kinda odd. If the game was closer, I’d understand it more, but they were up by nine at the time. Probably could have squeezed another inning or two out of him, but whatever. Nitpicking at its finest. (Ed. Note: Girardi later said he pulled Garcia because the bottom of the 6th lasted too long, and he didn’t want to run Garcia back out there. Understandable.)

Oh, Nyjer did the honors of hitting a line drive right back at Garcia, which he caught but dropped before throwing to first for the out. One comebacker per start for Freddy, it’s in his contract. Look it up.

Hector Noesi relieved Garcia and really had to work in his two innings (48 pitches), but he did strike out three. After the beating he took in Cincinnati, it’s good to see him get back out there and toss up a few zeroes. Cory Wade tossed an uneventful ninth.

The Yankees have won three in a row, seven of their last nine, ten of their last 13, and 13 of their last 17. That’s a pretty nice run, I’d say.

WPA Graph & Box Score

Nice and boring. MLB.com has the box score and video, FanGraphs the nerd score.

Up Next

Game two of the series will be played tomorrow night, when A.J. Burnett gives it a go against his former Blue Jays’ teammate Shaun Marcum. If you want to check out the game, RAB Tickets can get you there on the cheap.

Banuelos strong in Trenton win
Curtis Granderson's homerless stretch
  • Pat D

    And of course at one point during the game, in the “Due up” graphic, YES spelled the name “Betancuort.”

    I just felt like that deserved another mention.

  • Will (the other one)

    Garcia was lifted after six innings and just 76 pitches, which seemed kinda odd.

    It was probably just a pitch-count issue–lots of organizations do this with their upper-level pitching prospects as they bring them along. It’s a developmental thing.

    • 28 this year

      what are you saying?

      • whozat

        I believe it’s called “a joke”

      • Gonzo

        I love these posts! +1

  • http://www.twitter.com/stophamm3rtime Dela G

    another day, another win.


  • sangreal

    I like this Freddy quote (from a few weeks ago):

    “I’m not really surprised,” he said after last night’s win. “I’ve been in this game a long time and I know how to go out there and do my business. That’s more important for me… I’m having a lot of fun. You do your job. My position, I came to spring training, I don’t have a spot, but I worked for it and I’m really happy to do what I’ve been doing.”

    He is probably the only one not surprised, but he really does go out there every five days and get his job done for the most part, however unpretty.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      Yeah, and you can’t ask much more from him than that.

      • Will (the other one)

        True story. The guy’s got seven wins–I know wins are overvalued, but still. I had him pegged for about half that for the entire duration of his time in pinstripes.

  • China Joe

    They could have played this game in North Dakota in front of 14 fans and it wouldn’t have made a difference. The return of good Swisher has made this offense practically unstoppable.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Getting 14 fans in North Dakota is a stretch…

    • mike c

      greinke could handle pitching in front of 14 people in north dakota

    • David, Jr.

      And Posada. I was wrong thinking he was done. Even called him “Jorge Mendoza”. He has something left.

  • Dino Velvet

    10-3 without Jeter.

    • nunez fan

      go nunez!

      • David, Jr.

        It should be obvious by now that Jeter makes virtually no difference in the team. In fact, with this lineup and Nunez starting, it is a better team – younger, faster, more athletic. He needs to get his 3,000 hits, hit ninth, and take plenty of days off. If they don’t do that, they are kissing his butt instead of taking their best shot at winning a World Series.

        • Jim S

          Younger, faster, more athletic != better baseball player.

          Nunez has been awful.

          • David, Jr.

            No he hasn’t. He has been average, and he has shown flashes of eventually being very good.

          • Sayid J

            Nunez has been awful? What games have you been watching? He has at least approximated Jeter’s contributions this season in his limited playing time. Lower OBP, but much greater SLG, ending up with a higher OPS. If Nunez had a more accurate throwing arm and were more consistent in the field, he’d have outproduced Jeter thus far.

            • Jim S

              You do realize how silly your last sentence makes your whole post seem?

              Nunez has been worth -.3 WAR this year. I don’t know any other definition of awful.

            • Jim S

              -4 UZR, slash line of .250/.299/.370

              He might have more potential, but thus far, he has been awful.

            • Jim S

              For goodness sake, in 2/3 the games, Nunez has been worth nearly an entire win less than Jeter. And yes I realize this is mostly due to defensive stats that you may not care for, but messing up routine plays(Nunez) is much worse than not making the more difficult plays(Jeter).

            • Rock

              Ummmm….what games have you been watching? The Yankees may be 10-3 since Nunez took over but he has contributed very little…unless you think 250/299/669 with 9 errors is contributing….I don’t even care that he can’t hit much but as a backup/utility player he needs to make all the plays in the field which he hasn’t done.

            • Tranquility

              It appears that Nunez doesn’t have the ability to be more consistent in the field, or with his throws. This has been a problem through his entire career, not just his time in the Majors. I don’t know why anyone would think his fielding issues (and overall poor baseball instincts) will dramatically improve now, or next month, or next year. It’s not as if he’s a 20-year-old. He’s 24 and has been playing professional baseball for six seasons. He should be at the peak of abilities and, sadly, he is. WYSIWYG.

              Nunez, despite his athletic skills, is a horrible fielder. Do you realize that his defense ratings have DECLINED since he started playing reguarly at SS? Some people tried claiming his poor defense was based on a lack of playing time, or that he was playing multiple positions, with few games at his “natural” position of SS. Just the opposite has been happening. His defensive ratings are going down.

              I’ve seen Nunez botch many plays that Jeter would have handled easily. I can only think of one play that *maybe* Nunez made that Jeter wouldn’t have made. One. Fielding errors, baserunning errors, mental errors. I’ve seen more from Nunez in the past couple weeks than I’ve seen from any other player in years. If Jeter’s success over the years is in slowing the game down, Nunez has the opposite problem. He speeds it up, forcing error upon error.

              Jeter still rates overall as a plus ballplayer by fWAR. Nunez rates as a negative player by fWAR. There’s a win differece between them, in Jeter’s favor.

              Bring back the Captain. Nunez should be sent back to AAA. Better yet, if other teams like the athletic skills, then trade him. He is not a MLB SS for a team like the Yankees.

          • Montero’s Agent

            I wouldn’t go that far…he has made some dumb mistakes, but at least the bat shows some life.

        • Andy K

          Right on point, but it will never happen. They won’t even leave Gardner leading off.

          • David, Jr.

            They will bat Gardy 9th in order to not upset Derek Jeter. On base percentage and speed make no difference. The important thing is the contract.

  • Gonzo

    It’s obvious the Royals went to the same Keystone Cops Defensive Academy that brought you that Pena, Nunez play.

    • King George

      Glad I’m not the only one who saw that. Just plain ugly.

      • Gonzo

        I think the Benny Hill Academy would have been acceptable too.

      • Gonzo

        Try to watch the next game with the Benny Hill theme song running in your head when the Yankees are at bat.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    7. The runner tagging from 1st and being thrown out at 2nd on the sac fly.

  • john smith

    Ithink garcias luck is going to run out.

    • nsalem

      probably in July of 2015

  • mike c

    greinke can’t handle pressure? he sure handled it well today… for someone who’s supposed to be the ace of his staff, he looked spineless and weak. I don’t care if your team couldn’t catch a ball, grow a pair and pitch more than two innings. your job is to not stand limply around the mound looking pissy

    • http://twitter.com/Bismarck1872 Jerome S.

      I think that’s a bit of a misconception.

      • mike c

        I don’t really care what greinke’s problem is, but from what I’ve seen I don’t like him. if he had the attitude of a kid like nova, he’d be scary good, not just a super talented kid with peripheral issues. would the yankees be better off with him? yes, but we thought we’d also have cliff lee or andy pettitte as well. so let’s can the “SHOULDA TRADED FOR HIM” argument already because he’s not bringing his talents and whatever “character issues” to NY

        • http://www.youcantpredictbaseball.com bexarama

          if he had the attitude of a kid like nova, he’d be scary good, not just a super talented kid with peripheral issues.

          Yeah, Greinke has never been “scary good” in his life.


          I don’t get it, Lackey acts like Greinke did tonight and he gets called gritty and bulldog-y (and he’s always acted like that, though he’s been much worse since going to Boston so he has a lot more opportunity to do so). Greinke acts like that and OMG HEADCASE.

          • first time lawng time

            Bex, it all has to do with the appearance.

            Lackey gets called a bulldog for two reasons. 1. He is in Boston and is white and ugly. That’s the automatic grit factor. 2. He legit looks like a bulldog! Seriously, though. He has that fat hanging around his neck and those droopy eyes and he’s so ugly. He looks like a bulldog! That’s why he has the bulldog mentality when he throws games like these.

            Greinke is a headcase after games like these, because of his beady eyes. He is so angry looking. He also legit sorta looks like a serial killer.

            Let’s add a third pitcher just for a larger sample size. Let’s take Andy Pettitte. If Andy throws the same game Greinke threw, then Andy would be called gallant. He battled and tried so hard to keep his team in the game, but he couldn’t, because he had no stuff, and he feels very so sorry about it. That makes him gallant. What also makes him gallant? His appearance. Andy is tall and good looking, which is exactly why people root for him. It also makes it hard to get mad at him. So when he throws a bad game, people don’t get mad at him; they just want to give him a hug and say, “That’s okay, Andy. You tried your hardest but couldn’t do much. That’s okay. You’ll get them next time. It was a gallant effort.

            See? It’s science.

            • James

              I love him, but did we just call Andy Pettitte good looking?

              • first time lawng time

                Yeah. He is. And bex loves him. Haha

              • http://www.youcantpredictbaseball.com bexarama

                How dare you say Andy isn’t good looking?!

                (I don’t think Andy would be called gallant for throwing the game Greinke did last night but he’d get called gritty, probably.)

          • Mike c

            It’s not 2009 anymore

    • nunez fan

      yeah he lost cuz of anxiety……

    • FIPster Doofus

      Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

    • Will

      To be fair to Greinke, I think it is almost a certainty that he was tipping his pitches tonight. Several Yankee hitters took nasty offspeed pitches just out of the zone for balls against him, but once Estrada came in they starting swinging at the same types of pitches even though Estrada’s were far less well-placed and effective. Not sure if it was just good scouting by the Yanks (i.e. Greinke’s patterns are predictable) or a delivery thing, but even the Yankee offense isn’t good enough to consistently ignore every non-fastball a pitcher of Greinke’s caliber throws.

  • duzzi23

    The guy has clinical anxiety he missed almost all of a season cuz of it. I dunno why people like Mike just discount it when talking about Greinke. He would have been a total DISASTER in NY n we would have to give up the farm to get him. He showed awful body language n look like he just gave up tonight.

    • mbonzo

      Totally overblown. He dealt with depression and social anxiety disorder. I remember reading about how Halladay dealt with depression his first few seasons, and he’s been arguably the best pitcher in baseball since then. I really think Greinke would have been fantastic in NY, great veteran players to help him, great organization, and when you’re good you’re beloved. Greinke is good. The fans can be unforgiving in the short term, but how hard has he had to deal with KC fans watching losing seasons over and over.

      • Zack D

        and when you’re good you’re beloved.
        Yeah, unless you’re ARod. Or if you’re just Giambi with a glove. Or if you’re the 4th OF Swisher. Or if you’re the 5th OF Gardner.

        And he did not deal with it – he has it, he takes medication* for it. Just like Hamilton didn’t get over his addiction, he needs tp get over it every day. While some people may overblow the issue, you’re ignoring the issue.

        *The medication that he was suppose to look into changing to fix his motivation issues last year. The motivation issues he had in KC, the same KC that he said the environment had a lot to do with signing his extension; which a year later he wants out cause they lose too much.

    • jim p

      Ah, the whole team had “Bright Lights, Big City” going to their head. They’ll be tighter tomorrow I’d bet.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    So, it looks like Cliff Lee was the real “could of/have had…” pitcher that we should have wanted.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      I’m pretty sure everyone wanted Lee, or close to everyone anyway. I wanted both.

      • Pat D

        I still would have felt nervous with Greinke until he started pitching well.

      • first time lawng time

        I actually didn’t. Still don’t.

        • http://twitter.com/AnaMariana42 Ana A.

          Didn’t want Cliff Lee? Any legitimate reasons, or just irrational dislike?

          • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            … or just irrational dislike?

            Asked and answered.

          • first time lawng time

            They didn’t need him. Still don’t. Not worth the money. I also think CC isbeytrr and would take him over Lee any day.

            Lee also isn’t automatic like everyone says he is.

      • David, Jr.

        I still think that is the only type of trade that Cash would really want to make. The reason for that is very good, namely that the team is so damn good as it is now that the only way that he could make a significant improvement would be by trading major prospect assets for a top starter.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I was making fun of the hindsight PoV.

    • mbonzo

      Colons been a better pick up.

  • steve

    Freddy Garcia has balls. I know he may not be pretty, but he just does his thing and has solid numbers.

  • first time lawng time

    We’ve definitely seen the Yankees play a sloppy game like that once or twice this season,

    I remember an entire stretch in May that lasted about a week when the Yankees were unbearably sloppy. (might have started in one of the games at Detroit)

    • Rock

      You are right…in Detroit…Nunez started for Jeter that day…cost the Yankees the game with multiple errors.

  • http://twitter.com/nomchompsky Nom Chompsky

    The offenses aren’t actually that comparable on paper. The Brewers have a good offense. The Yankees have the best offense in the league. Pick a measure:

    The Yankees have scored 60 more runs in 3 fewer games.

    They lead the Brewers in wOBA, .350 to .328.

    They lead the Brewers in WRC+ 119 to 107. For comparison’s sake, that’s the same size as the Brewer lead over the Astros.

    They lead the Brewers in basically every offensive metric, including speed. There really isn’t a valid comparison, except that both teams have really good hitters. The Yankees have way more of them.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    That WPA graph sure is perty.

  • JPB


    See, I told ya. Ok, I was off by a run. To be fair, if the CF doesn’t fall down in the 1st, Greinke might settle down and pitch a good game. Or at least it might have been closer.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Small game item that I enjoyed-ARod beating out a Jeterian topper to third when we were up by alot and clapping his hands in enjoyment when called safe.

    Study that Andruw Jones!

  • Monteroisdinero

    Nick is getting into good counts and getting fb’s in his wheelhouse. To his credit, he is also driving the outside fb to left center. And his outfield assist and diving stops in the corner?

    It’s all Swishalicious right now.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I’m proud of you, little buddy.

      • Monteroisdinero

        Posada from the left side in our lineup is good stuff. Still not seeing much from the right side-no, a single in a blowout against the Brewer mopups doesn’t count much but as long as Nunez keeps us winning I am happy. :-)

        We really have gotten great starting pitching this year-that has been the most important thing in my opinion.

      • Monteroisdinero

        Thanks Skipper.

        Reaches over to kiss Ginger…

        • Thurston Howell

          Ahhh Lovey…can you come here and fondle my coconuts?

    • David, Jr.

      You are finally there on Swisher. We were both full of it on Posada, too. Time to admit that.

      • Monteroisdinero

        But are we wrong about Jeter too? Is it possible after 600ab’s? Is that too small a sample size?

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          It’s not 600 AB, it’s 925 AB (over 1,000 PA) since the start of last season. Swisher was terrible for about one-fifth of that.

        • David, Jr.

          No. We are right on that one. Twelve extra base hits in 293 plate appearances does it for me. The guy has the power of a pitcher trying to hit.

          Would love to see him turn it around. Would say “I was full of it”. Don’t expect it to happen.

          Double frustrating is seeing the dazzling Gardy – Grandy top two in the lineup and knowing that jock sniffing this “icon” will mess that up.

    • The BIG 3

      All cycles are not yet complete:

      Martin = awesome -> (come on, you’re just waiting for your cue)
      Tex = meh -> awesome
      Cano = awesome -> lazy
      Jeter = yeah! disabled! ->
      ARod = awesome ->
      Swish = awful -> awesome
      Grandy = awesome ->
      Gardy = awful -> impeccable value!
      Po = spoiled bitch, bat 9th! -> we was wrong

      • http://twitter.com/AnaMariana42 Ana A.

        Grandy’s cycle is already complete, though. He used to be a platoon player/can’t hit lefties/worse-than-Austin-Jackson, remember?

      • David, Jr.

        Only wrong in thinking Posada was done, which for a 40 year old hitting .175 was not a bizarre conclusion at all. He has proven that he has something left, to where he is now maybe an average DH.

        Jeter has been mediocre for over a year now. It isn’t a cycle. It is reality. Jeter out of the lineup has little or no affect on the team.

        Nobody could consider Martin awesome. Solid?

        The rest have been varying degrees of awesome all year, as they are the reasons for one of the best records in baseball, along with good pitching.

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    My favorite part of last night’s win was Suzyn Waldman’s postgame interview with Mark Teixeira during the WCBS 880 feed.

    She asked him about how valuable Freddy Garcia has been. His response:

    “Freddy’s great, he’s like Ed Harris from Major League. I don’t know what he’s putting on that ball, but it’s working.”


    • CMP

      Ed HarrIs??? That sound like something Sterling would say.


    • Foghorn Leghorn

      that is funny…and the yanks should be okay as long as Clew Haywood doesn’t show up.

      Tex is not as funny as Pedroia…that little munchin made yet another hilarious joke yesterday about how much ground he will have to cover with Ortiz and 1B and AGona in RF….something about having small legs..he becomes more hateable everyday.

      imagine if Agonz and Papi and Pedroia are all going for a shallow pop up and they all collide…

      • steve (different one)

        Idk, I hate Pedroia, but I thought his quote was hilarious. Credit where due…

        • Thurston Howell

          its wasn’t that funny.

  • steve (different one)

    Check out the yankee headlines on the MLB page of ESPN. The whole ESPN anti-Yankee thing gets overblown, but this is hilarious. Gotta love Wallace Matthews.

    • Clay Bellinger

      I take it you’re referring to the “Boston Still Best” article. Matthews is just painful to read. His articles are poorly reasoned and full of nonsense.

    • tom

      I was just coming here to comment on it.

      It really tells you tons about ESPN. For the Red Sox, they have that Gordon Edes guy who seems to get tears in his eyes every time he even thinks about a Boston player or game. The Yanks get this wanker who pisses on the team the morning after a blowout.

      • Clay Bellinger

        It sucks. ESPN NY is a cool/convenient website. It’s a shame that the most popular team in the city is covered by such an incompetent writer. I rarely bother to even glance at anything he writes anymore. He can’t be taken seriously.

  • JohnC

    See!Cashman was right Grienke CANNOT handle pitching in NY! All you Cashman bashers owe him an engraved apology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Myers

    “Zach Braddock went to his mouth while on the mound, resulting in an automatic ball four to Robinson Cano. ”

    I didnt see this? What happened?

    • Hester Prynne

      I didn’t see it since I get blacked out for living too close to Milwaukee, but I think the pitcher licked his fingers while on the rubber.

      • V

        The pitcher was on the mound, set to deliver a pitch, and Cano stepped out and time was called. The pitcher stayed on the mound, rubbed his hand on his pants, and put his fingers to his mouth. Automatic ball.

        I didn’t know that could happen when time was called, but what do I know?

    • Mike Myers

      “Zach Braddock, called up from Nashville on Monday, relieved and walked his first batter when he brought his hand to his mouth while standing on the rubber with a full count to Cano.”

      so touching your mouth is illegal?

      • V

        When you’re on the rubber, yes.

        • Mike Myers

          oh ok, thanks.