Yankees sign Brian Gordon, may start Thursday

Game 65: Rain
Zoilo's huge day helps Tampa to win

Update (9:27pm): Jack Curry spoke to Gordon, who clarified that his Thursday start is not set in stone. “I don’t know if it’s 100 %,” said Gordon. “I was told be mentally prepared to start on Thursday. That could change.”

Original Post (7:53pm): Via Ken Davidoff and Bob Brookover, the Yankees have signed right-hander Brian Gordon, who had been pitching for the Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate. He will be added to the big league roster as a condition of his opt-out clause with Philadelphia and start for the Yankees on Thursday. That would be his regular turn, conveniently.

Gordon, 32, has pitched extremely well this year. He owns a 2.55 FIP in nine starts and three relief appearances (55.1 IP) with Triple-A Lehigh Valley, striking out 56 and walked just seven. His 38% ground ball rate is scary though. Gordon has all of four big league innings to his credit, all coming with the Rangers back in 2008. Brian Cashman told Mark Feinsand earlier today that they were leaning towards David Phelps to make that start, but Gordon represented a veteran alternative. Interesting move.

Game 65: Rain
Zoilo's huge day helps Tampa to win
  • Cy Pettitte

    all the peripherals look great from this year, go for it Cash.

  • Greg Golson’s Laser Rocket Arm

    Brian Gordon a.k.a aaron small

  • http://twitter.com/aviatkin Avi Atkin

    Can’t hurt, hope Cash can work up more magic.

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

    Hector has a sad.

  • Kevin

    I was mad at the cashman for the recent Martin/Hey-Zeus debacle, but I feel differently now that he has made this seemingly smart move.

  • http://bloodfarm.tumblr.com mattdamonwayans

    Best to stay away from using that farm system.

    • pat

      And one of the best hitting teams in the majors.

      • http://bloodfarm.tumblr.com mattdamonwayans

        “Big Game” Brian Gordon accepts the challenge.

        • pat

          Hah, well at least we can run him into the ground and dfa him immediately.

          • CC’s third leg

            Have him throw an 145 pitch complete game then release him

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          Somewhere James Worthy sheds a single tear.

  • BadaBling

    Nunez! Let’s go!!!

    • BadaBling

      Thread fail.

  • Slu

    Who? Would have rather had Noesi make the start, but I’ll hope for the best and that they catch lightening in a bottle.

    • Michael

      I feel the same way.

    • http://bloodfarm.tumblr.com mattdamonwayans

      From Merriam-Webster:
      a sense of decreased weight and abdominal tension felt by a pregnant woman on descent of the fetus into the pelvic cavity prior to labor.

      • nathan


      • Mister Delaware

        You call it lightening, I call it “getting closer to hot again”.

  • Cy Pettitte

    wait I thought Cervelli was invincible with the bases loaded

    • Cy Pettitte

      ugh wrong thread, my bad, too many tabs

  • jv

    wow never heard of him

  • jsbrendog

    this is an interesting move. i feel that this is one of those things where it was take it now cause it wont be there later but the farm system will be and what if you hit? jackpot. if you dont, 1 game if it is catastrophic, up to 3 if it is meh and then, cut bait. i like it. kitchen sink approach, bitch.

    • Regis

      I’m with you, buddy.
      (And that made me laugh)

  • I Voted 4 Kodos

    Looks like he’s a converted position player. His numbers have been decent since he moved to the mound. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of stuff he has.


    • jdgolfs247

      Just a quick background…

      I played ball with Gordon growing up and throughout High School. He was a star pitcher ever since I met him, age 11. He helped us get to and win state at each level of ball we played. He helped us win the Texas 5A baseball state championships as seniors in 97 as a pitcher and hitter. His bat was just as good, if not better than his pitching so he converted to outfield after being drafted in 97 to Arizona to continue hitting. He is more comfortable on the mound than anywhere on the field, so look for good things from him. I truly feel that he will not be a one and done performer.

  • http://Facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

    Why not give the kids a chance? I don’t understand this at all. Russell Martin will have to become an amputee before Cashman calls up Montero. Makes zero sence.

  • dennis

    anyone but our prospects right brian. And then people wonder why we never develop any pitchers. *shakes head*

  • Ryan 407

    The management of this team this year is really aggravating and strange.

  • Cy Pettitte

    It’s amazing how little faith they have in Noesi, Phelps, Warren and Mitchell. I’ll be interested to see this guy pitch though, who knows he might end up replacing Freddy/Nova when Colon comes back.

  • duzzi

    Cashmans strategy of bragging bout our prospects n never promoting them when the big league team needs help is really frustrating. Who the FUCK is brian gordon? Phelps mitchell warren are all throwing really well n deserve a chance we never reward guys for success. Noesi has pitched well too why not him? Id rather have flash gordon pitch

  • jv

    I couldn’t agree with your first statement cy. It pisses me off that the team is like this with their prospects. One of the 3 guys has bound to have broken a few things after seeing the news

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

    I’d assume he’s in line to start on Thursday so the Yankees don’t have to dip into the prospect well just yet. If he sucks, he’s immediately DFA-able and can be replaced by Noesi, Phelps, or any other minor leaguer.

  • http://unclemikesmusings.blogspot.com Uncle Mike

    If this guy is so good, why did the Phillies let him go? Then again, like 3 other teams in the last 2 years, they let Cliff Lee go.

    • Ryan 407

      Totally different scenario. The Phillies were desperate for Doc and didn’t think Lee wanted to sign an extension.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      They didn’t let him go, he used an opt-out clause.

  • Operation Slade

    Why the hell do we not let Noesi or Phelps get this start. I’ll give you that Noesi may not be properly stretched out for a start but Phelps certainly deserves a shot as does Noesi and its becoming incredibly frustrating that management doesnt give the prospects a chance to show what they can do.

  • Ryan 407

    Noesi has a future with the Yankees and Gordon probably doesn’t. The Yankees think highly enough of him to call him up to pitch out of the bullpen instead of getting regular starts in AAA. What is the point of not starting him?

  • iloveyoubartolo

    AAA – 2011

    Noesi – 4.79 K/9, 3.92 BB/9
    Phelps – 7.78 K/9, 2.36 BB/9
    Warren – 5.72 K/9, 3.53 BB/9
    Mitchell – 5.82 K/9, 3.44 BB/9
    Gordon – 9.11 K/9, 1.14 BB/9

    Why, Cashman?! Why??!!

    • jsbrendog

      ::golf clap::

      nicely done, nicely done

  • Icebird753

    a) Noesi will probably be trade fodder, same goes with Phelps and Mitchell…I can’t see them being in New York long-term

  • CMP

    I’d like to see Noesi or Phelps make the start just because it’s exciting to see what these prospects can do however I can see Cashman’s hesitation to start one of these young guys if the consensus is they’re not be quite ready to face a very good hitting team like the Rangers.

    It may be better to avoid one of these kids losing confidence by getting their brains beat in if they’re not ready. I don’t really agree with that reasoning but I can understand why it may be better to start a non prospect like Gordon.

    • ND Mike

      I agree about the confidence factor? Anyone seen that kid who gave up those 4 HRs in a row to the Red Sox? Me either…

      • Mister Delaware

        And the other guy who did the same thing? I bet he didn’t reach 1,500 innings in his major league career because his confidence was bad.

  • Foster

    I like this move as the Colon injury has now opened up a chance to poach someone with potential talent off of another teams roster for free.

    Odds would be against Gordon opting out of his contract to go to AAA and be lost in the shuffle just as he is in Philly. Phelps and Noesi will still be there if Gordon messes up, but for now Gordon has just as good of a chance to have a good showing as all the other guys do so why not give him this shot? You could be getting that Chacon/Small type and not lose anything for it.

  • Mister Delaware

    You had me at 56/7.

  • Mike c

    This has the potential to be a very shrewd move

  • MikeD


    Why a retread arm from another organization and not one of our AAA guys?

    • Will

      See Mike’s original post or the earlier thread post with K/9 and BB/9 numbers. Gordon has been legit awesome in AAA this year. Who knows if it will translate in the bigs, but since he’s available, it’s well worth a shot, and his numbers are in a different ballpark (pun intended) than any of the farmhands.

  • Josh S.

    Was really hoping they’d give Noesi the start but with Nova pitching today, they might need him to mop up..