Gordon optioned down for Colon

Sherman: Yankees leaning towards demoting Nova for Hughes
Pregame Notes: All About Derek

Surprise! It’s not Hector Noesi going down for Bartolo Colon, it’s Brian Gordon. Gordon will start for Triple-A Scranton, and Joe Girardi said during his pregame presser that they were concerned about him being rusty after not pitching for 11 days. I would have much rather seen Noesi go down so he could pitch regularly as a starter, but that’s just me.

Sherman: Yankees leaning towards demoting Nova for Hughes
Pregame Notes: All About Derek
  • MikeD

    I wanted Noesi in AAA too for the same reasons, but I suspected Girardi might keep Noesi. I think he likes having a bit more of a power arm in the pen with Joba gone. If someone is looking to knock the Yankees they could do so no matter what the Yankees did. If they sent Noesi down, they’d say the Yankees aren’t committed to their young pichers. If they kept Noesi, they’d say he’s hurting his development!

    • Nuke Ladoosh

      I’m surprised and was hoping Noesi would get stretched back out in AAA. Maybe a 7man rotation in da Bronx (hah! )

  • Yardisiak

    Wow Yankees actually chose the kid over a journeyman….. I am shocked.

    • http://none Favrest

      Gordon needs to last long enough in the show just to be a journeyman. Right now, he’s a career minor leaguer who won a contest. Let’s hope we don’t see him again.

    • http://yfsf.org Jimmy

      The kid to rack up 20 innings in shit work. Awesome!

  • Crime Dog

    If Noesi can contribute on the major league level I don’t mind seeing him up here because as much as developing pitchers is important, there’s a sense of urgency and a win now sense around the team. I like Noesi but as long as he pitches in important games I’m ok with this.

  • Craig

    So between the last few posts I assume the Yankees value Noesi more than Nova?

  • Prof. Plum in the Library

    Nova and Noesi are two entirely different situations. Apparently the Yankees like to give their kids trials at the major league level. Nova had his last year and passed. Now Noesi is getting the trial run. It really doesn’t matter for Noesi whether it is out of the bullpen or as a starter. THe important think is for him to get comfortable at the major league level and to prove he has the right stuff.

    In Nova’s case, he has already proven he can pitch at the major league level. Now the most important thing is to refine his pitches so that he can become more than a backend replacement-level guy. He can do that at either the AAA or major league level, but he has more room to experiment at AAA. In Nova’s case, it’s important he continue to get regular work as a starter. Currently he’s no better than Freddy so the Yankees may do better, in both the short and long run, by holding onto Garcia and sending Nova down.