Laird, Parraz have big days as SWB plays two

Open Thread: 3,000
Jeter steals the show in win over Rays

Sorry folks, but eight games on a Saturday night are just way too many for a detailed recap…

  • Triple-A Scranton Game One (win). Greg Golson, Terry Tiffee, and Brandon Laird each had two hits, and one of Laird’s was a double. Jordan Parraz had three hits including a double. D.J. Mitchell went the distance with seven scoreless innings, striking out five and walking just two. Still no Jesus Montero, he’s eligible to come off the disabled list on Monday.
  • Triple-A Scranton Game Two (win). Jorge Vazquez doubled and Laird homered. Parraz had two more hits as well, dude’s on an absolute tear. Greg Smith put eleven men on base in four innings and allowed four runs.
  • Double-A Trenton (loss). Melky Mesa was a triple shy of the cycle, and Jose Pirela also had two hits. Rob Lyerly doubled. Shaeffer Hall gave up three runs on seven hits in five innings, and Chase Whitely took the loss after surrendering two runs in as many innings. Alan Horne retired the two batters he faced. Austin Romine is away from the team temporary for the Futures Game.
  • High-A Tampa Game One (win). Abe Almonte had two hits including a solo homer. Luke Murton and J.R. Murphy both had a pair of hits, and both of Murphy’s were two-baggers. Brett Marshall walked one and struck out six in five innings, giving up one run on just two hits. Dan Burawa and Ryan Flannery each cheaped in scoreless innings.
  • Short Season Staten Island (won). Mason Williams and Cito Culver each went hitless, But Angelo Gumbs, Reymond Nunez, and Bobby Rinard each had two knocks. One of Gumbs’ was a triple. Bryan Mitchell struck out four in as many innings, allowing just one run. Brett Garritse and Ben Paullus each threw two scoreless, and Branden Pinder closed it out for save number six.
  • Rookie GCL Yankees Game One (loss). Claudio Custodio had two hits including a double, Ravel Santana tripled, Tyler Austin had two singles, and Dante Bichette Jr. had a single and a walk. Evan Rutckyj allowed three runs in two innings yesterday, before the game was suspended. Graham Stoneburner threw 5.1 innings today, allowing six runs (four earned) with no walks, one strikeout, and a 10-3 GB/FB.
  • Rookie GCL Yankees Game Two (loss). Custodio had a single and Austin had two. Bichette and Justin James both went hitless. Zach Varce pitched two scoreless as he works his way back from injury. Reynaldo Polanco followed him by allowing three runs (all unearned) in four innings.

Game two of High-A Tampa‘s doubleheader is tied at five and in extra innings. Here’s the box score. Low-A Charleston was rained out and will play two tomorrow.

Open Thread: 3,000
Jeter steals the show in win over Rays
  • Steve S.

    With Alex on the shelf does Laird get the call, or do the Yanks pick up some washed up veteran off waivers just to prove Kevin Goldstien right?

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      I would hope Laird gets called up, just to see what he can do.

      • Brian Gordon

        I hope they sell Laird to Japan.

        • Groundhoggator

          I’d thought you’d hope they sell Laird to Korea

          • Steve S.

            I thought you’d hope they send Laird to the Bahamas.

            • Brian S.

              I thought you’d hope they sell Laird to South Sudan.

              • nycsportzfan

                I thought you’d hope they sold Laird to Finland..

                • Buffalo Bill

                  I hope you’d sell yourselves to a sweatshop in North Korea

    • Ted Nelson

      I might rather see JoVa than Laird

      • Steve S.

        Because you love 2 true outcome hitters? SO and HRs without the walks?

        • Ted Nelson

          Because I don’t think Laird is good.

          • Ted Nelson

            And Vazquez walks almost twice as often as Laird… so I’m not sure how that’s an argument in Laird’s favor.

    • zs190

      Does it have to be one or the other? Brandon Laird has not been good at all, took a couple good games today to get his OBP to .300 this season. Not promoting a guy that hasn’t hit all that well does not prove or disprove Goldstein’s point.

      • deadrody

        He doesn’t walk, so the only stat you can point to is OBP. Certainly that is something he can and should continue to work on, but the guy can hit. He is only 23 and starting to really pick it up at AAA, AND even when he was really struggling, he was still finding a way to drive in runs.

        I don’t know if he will be a solid starter or a marginal contributor someday in the big leagues, but the Yankees definitely need to find out at somepoint. Now may not be the right time, but that time is coming one way or another.

        • Ted Nelson

          He doesn’t hit any better than Jorge Vazquez hits…

          The point is that you have to look at decisions on their own merits and not look for sweeping generalizations about how teams handle players. If the Yankees do or don’t promote a guy with a .310 wOBA in AAA… that doesn’t necessarily say much about their general organizational philosophy. If they do they might just have thought Laird slumped early in the season. If they don’t it might mean they don’t think he can hit MLB pitching right now and/or Nunez/whoever is a better man for the job. No need to take this one instance and over-analyze it to determine an entire organizational philosophy.

          A team doesn’t have to “trust” every single one of it’s prospects or “not trust” every single one. You can think some prospects are ready for a promotion and not others. Or that one particular scrap heap free agent is better than one particular prospect in one case, and not another.

  • BigTimeBartolo

    My boy Claudio Custodio just keeps picking up hits…

  • IRF

    Nice outing for Brett Marshall and Bryan Mitchell. Hooray for pitching depth!

  • Nice

    When you’re on duty for MLBTR what does that mean?

    • Steve S.

      It means he has to sit outside Tim Dierkes’ room with a gun in his pants.

      You have no idea how many death threats that poor man gets.

  • Will (the other one)

    What, no “old friend” love for Eric Hacker? Tough, Mike. Tough.

    Thoughts on Parraz as a bench piece later this year (especially if Andruw Jones doesn’t make it for the long haul)?

    • nycsportzfan

      i have said since the beggining of the yr, that this kid is someone to watch out for, and it suprised me he hasen’t gotten at least a cup of coffee with a big club… He seems like the type of player that dosen’t do any one thing great, but many solidly… I’d like to give him a shot…

      • deadrody

        Definitely an interesting player. I generally ignore everybody that is an “organizational” player and not a prospect, per se.

        Weird that he did pretty well in High A in 2008 and then must have gone unsigned because then he player in the independent league, but then was signed and made it all the way up to AAA that same year. Weird. Always a little old for each level, so his numbers are a bit suspect.

        This is his first year in the Intl League, so its not like he has tons of experience at that level facing those guys. Unfortunately, as good as his defense might be, he’s a righty and his splits against lefties are terrible in a small sample this year, so he’s no replacement for Andruw Jones.

  • nycsportzfan

    i’m kinda bummed so far with Nik Turley, i thought he’d hum past tampa and not run into a bump in the rd untill Trenton.. Hopefully he gets it together sooner then later…

    Brett Marshall with another solid game, hes coming along, still mixing in the duds from time to time, but i think the yanks would be really happy with his season so far…

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s still a tiny sample for Turley in Tampa. Might need to adjust, but might also be some bad luck. BABIP against is .385. That could be getting smacked around as much as bad luck, but it’s high enough I have to guess there’s some bad luck involved.

    • YankeeFan

      It’s two starts for goodness sake.