Open Thread: Yankee Stadium vs. CitiField


Make sure you click that sucker for a larger view, or just go here for the original graphic and more. Surprisingly, the Yankees have hit some homeruns in Yankee Stadium over the last two and a half years that would have not been homeruns in CitiField. Crazy, I know. I don’t want to rag on the article, but what did they expect by comparing a hitter’s park to a (rather extreme) pitcher’s park? Yankee Stadium is the ninth (ninth!) best homerun park this year and just the third best in the AL East. That part we don’t hear about. And you know what? I love all the homeruns.

Anyway, I’ll have some postgame notes in the not too distant future (hopefully), but use this sucker as your open thread. You can watch Derek Jeter‘s rehab game right here (for free!), plus the MLB Network is airing a game (teams depend on where you live). It’s Saturday night and the weather is quite pleasant, so I suggest you go out and paint the town red.

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  1. Brad Richards!

    That is all =D

      • Pat D says:

        I don’t follow hockey too closely anymore, but haven’t they been pretty shitty with veteran free agents for a while?

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      Brad Richards helped deliver a Stanley Cup for my team.

      If the Lightning are uncompetitive for a Cup at any point during Richards’ tenure with the Rangers, then I hope he can win another. He is a helluva centreman.

  2. Dino Velvet says:

    19 games over .500

    7 game winning streak

    14-3 without jeter

    Nunez (since replacing JEter)

    20 for 60 = .333 with 5 doubles, 2 HR, and 7 RBIs (while batting 9th and 8th).

    • Countryclub says:

      Since this site loves to talk about small sample sizes, he was batting .250 in jeter’s absence before last night. So let’s not go crazy over two very good games.

      He’s been a bad fielder every yr that he’s been in the Yankees system ( except for last yr in AAA…and that looks like a fluke based on all his other results).

      This comment isn’t about me protecting Jeter, it’s about slowing people down when it comes to Nunez.

      • Billy Shears says:

        “Since this site loves to talk about small sample sizes, he was batting .250 in jeter’s absence before last night. So let’s not go crazy over two very good games.”

        If you’re going to take away his best game then you should also get rid of that 0 for 7 in the last two games vs. the Brewers. Once that happens he is at .295/.354/.409 since stepping in for the ground ball machine.

        • Countryclub says:

          Fair enough, but my point was that 15 games is a bigger sample than 2……although I realize they’re both SSS.

  3. Nunez’s homer was pretty awesome. Especially the dugout reaction.

  4. icebird753 says:

    If there was a trade offer today with Cano for Kemp, who would hang up first?

  5. nycsportzfan says:

    exactly, who cares what the diffrence is between a Pitchers park and Hitters park? Is it cool that ALEX hit a 400ft bomb that went off the wall instead of for what should of been a HR? no, it isn’t.. THe one thing about stadiums that is cool, both teams playing games there get to play against the same dimensions, the stadium dont get bigger or smaller for the opponet, so who cares?

  6. Ivan says:

    So Yankee Stadium is not some bandbox that is often called by people in baseball?!?!

    • Phil says:

      Sorry, but the dimensions to the right-field seats ARE a joke. I’ll betcha the dimensions in right are shorter than are indicated on the fence.

  7. Cy Pettitte says:

    stupid JA Happ and the Stros sucking right out of the gate

  8. nycsportzfan says:

    How about Cory Wade people? The Scrap Heap Gang gets bigger and bigger! The Scrap Heap gang leader Colon is recruiting bigtime, hes now got Freddie Garcia, Cory Wade, Luis Ayala, Andruw Jones, and hes waiting to get his fallen soldier that was injured in a battle, eric chavez back.. The Scrap Heap gang runs the bronx, they run it!!!

  9. Greg says:

    They have a bat dog?

  10. Dino Velvet says:

    Funny how there’s never any articles on the ridiculous wall-ball doubles in Fenway.

    • Greg says:

      Fenway’s been around for almost a century. They’ve probably been done already.

      • Dino Velvet says:

        yankee stadium was around for 86 years and they never stopped whining about the right field porch.

        • Phil says:

          Which is precisely why the new Stadium designers should have made damn sure that the right field dimensions were at least exactly as far away as they were across the street if not a few feet deeper. IMO, they’re in fact a couple of feet shorter; I’m almost embarrassed by it.

          It actually hinders play for any pop-up to right or really any ball hit to the right side that gets through the infield. If your Swisher or anyone else playing right field for that matter, they might as well play shallow as anything over their heads is probably out of the park anyway, so might as well try & catch any pop-fly or line-drive hit in that direction. The short fences in right probably take a # of triples away as well. I think the “New” Yankee Stadium right field is almost scandalous. How could they have screwed this up so badly?

    • Pat D says:

      I can show you evidence of a guy who swears Jim Rice was IMPEDED by Fenway Park and it cost him probably 80-150 home runs.

  11. Sean says:

    Another reason nobody would want to play for that team. Except me, that beats my job.

  12. Hous Beenfarteen says:

    Its not the dimentions its the stupid 16 ft riot fences

  13. Cross777 says:

    “New York’s Great Ballpark Injustice”

    What a hatchet job. Typical anti-Yankee crap..There are many reasons for Jeter to be glad he isn’t a Met other than Citi-Field.

    I am so sick of hearing how big Citi and unfair Citi Field is. Let’s look at how bad the Met pitching truly is by showing how many fly balls that Citi has held for them would have been gone in Yankee stadium, where is that graphic??

    • Pat D says:

      Injustice? That’s bullshit. The Yankees built a park suited to their team and brought in players suited to their park.

      The Mets built the Grand Canyon. No one forced them to do that.

      Just a bunch of horseshit.

  14. CRotondi says:

    Nice graphic, but it’s not like all of the red dots would be outs at Citi. Some would be singles, doubles.

  15. Kramerica Industries says:

    So, 81 games through, and this team is on the same pace as the 2010 team, and two games head of the 2009 pace.

    Lets hope the 2nd half resembles 2009 (55-26) more-so than 2010 (45-36). It’s certainly nice to see this team playing so well.

  16. Karl Krawfid says:

    Melky Mesa is a beast in center.

  17. Januz says:

    I really have no sympathy for the Mets, because you you are supposed to build your team around the park where you play 1/2 your games. When you make an investment of millions on Jason Bay, and it does not pan out, oh well, deal with it (The Yankees have had to hear about their various mistakes down through the Years). As for the Yankees, they built Yankee Stadium I around Ruth, and they still look for power-hitting left-handed hitters (Or switch-hitters). Think about the guys who won HR Titles as Yankees: Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Jackson, Nettles, Rodriguez, Teixeira, and the obscure Nick Etten, all but DiMaggio & Arod were lefties or switch-hitters, and you can make an argument that Arod & the Jolter were two of the Top-10 to ever play the game, so they were able to overcome the park to put up incredible numbers. I am willing to bet that getting guys who fit the ballpark is a big reason why they have 27 Championships, and perhaps more importantly, 5 since the Mets last won in 1986.

  18. Karl Krawfid says:

    Everyone has high socks but Jeter.

    I thought he was a team player?

  19. Evan3457 says:

    OK, so 46% of the Yanks’ HR at home would not be at Citifield. But:

    1) Yanks have hit 71 HR so far at home. 54% of 71 is about 38. Mets have 25 HR at home, and after adjust for games played, would have 29 or 30. So Yanks would STILL outhomer Mets in Citifield by about 33%.

    2) Yanks now have 47 HR in 35 road games; Mets have 27 in 43 road games. adjusting for games played, that would be 22 in 35 games. Yanks hit more than twice as many HRs as Mets in road games. Does the NL force the Mets to carry portable fences to simulate Citifield when they go on the road?

    3) Yanks pitchers have allowed 39 HR in 46 home games. Mets pitchers have now allowed 32 HR in 40 home games. Adjusting for games played, Mets pitcher would allow 37 in 46 home games. So Yanks PITCHERS would allow only two more HR than Mets pitchers in the same number of games, but the Yanks pitchers pitch in a bandbox, while the Mets pitchers pitch in a canyon. Using the same 46% adjustment, Yanks pitchers would allow only 21 HR in 46 games at Citifield, a little more than half what the Mets pitchers allow. Oh, the injustice!! Oh, the inhumanity!!

    4) Yanks are ahead 2-0 in HR in this series. Last year, it was 2-0 Mets. In 2009, it was 4-1 Yanks. Yanks have outhomered Mets 6-3 in the only three Subway Series series in Citifield. Neener, neener.

    Among other things, the Yanks are very good at hitting home runs, and very good at not allowing them. Just one of the reasons why the Yanks are 19 games over, and the Mets are 1 game under; why the Yanks’ run differential is +122 after 81 games, and the Mets are only +6, despite their recent run binge.

  20. Tom O says:

    Attention Mets. YOU BUILT CITI FIELD. It’s not like Derek Jeter forced you to build it that way.

  21. pat says:

    Damn, Rangers just dropped $5 mil on some kid down in the DR. They’re already at about 8 million just for two guys. Wonder if people will cry like they do when the Yankees sign these amateur kids.

  22. mike_h says:

    we win the series, go for the sweep tomorrow

  23. Monteroisdinero says:

    I argued for Nunez during the Jeter contract negotiations. Saw Nunez at AAA and liked what I saw and the sss with the Yanks last year too. I think Nunez will be VERY valuable for us these next few years with Jeter and ARod playing ping pong with the DL.

    I would have given 3,000 hit Jeter a 1 year deal with options. He had nowhere else to go. 50M for 3 years vs Nunez 1.5M for 3 years.

    Starting to feel a bit nauseated.

  24. Xstar7 says:

    Where can I watch the Trenton Thunder game?

  25. bexarama says:

    The dumb thing about Citi Field isn’t the huge field. It’s the huge field plus the fact that the goddamn Wall of China is there.

  26. IRF says:

    Derek Jeter intangibled the Thunder to victory. What a leader!

  27. Reggie C. says:

    Almost 10 pm on international signing day and apparently only PAT has written something related to today’s expensive roll of the dice for many teams.

    Ahem… RANGERS.

    Have the Yankees closed any deals today? Seems KC signed the highest regarded OF. Rangers have a couple big signings. Any word on Ozuna?

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