Sabathia stops the losing streak, Yanks beat Jays 4-1


LOL Jays.

It had been almost a week since the Yankees last won a game, though the All-Star break makes that sound worse than it is. After losing two games in a row, the Yankees had the right man on the mound to … put it on the left side!

  • CC Sabathia‘s 23.2 IP scoreless streak ended in the very first inning thanks to a walk, a stolen base, and a single, but that was all the Blue Jays got. The big guy struck out eight in eight innings, walked three and allowed just three hits. He threw 110 pitches and got 14 swings and misses, his fifth highest total of the season. Over his last five starts, CC has struck out 50 and walked just nine in 39.2 IP. He’s quite good, you know.
  • The Yankees got all the runs they would need in the second inning, when Andruw Jones singled in Nick Swisher and Eduardo Nunez drove in Brett Gardner with a ground out. They chipped in another run in the third when the Jays botched a run down (they had Robinson Cano caught between first and second, but Curtis Granderson broke for home from third with two outs and Toronto threw the ball away), and a Derek Jeter infield single plated the fourth run in the fourth.
  • Brett Gardner had three hits (including two doubles) in four trips to the plate and is 7-for-12 with three doubles in the series. Jeter singled twice, Granderson singled and walked, Mark Teixeira singled, Cano singled and walked, Swisher doubled over the center fielder’s head, Andruw singled, and Frankie Cervelli walked. Eduardo Nunez was the only Yankee not to reach base, though he did lay down a bunt that eventually led to the run down mishap. Cervelli and Gardner each stole bases.
  • Mariano Rivera allowed two bloop singles in the ninth but was otherwise his normal self, striking out two. He did have to throw 28 pitches though (23 for strikes), which might be an issue if the Yankees have a late lead the next few games. It was a pretty standard win, Sabathia dominated, the offense scratched out some runs, and Mo slammed the door. That’s the story right there. Here’s the box score and WPA Graph.

The final game of this four-game series will be played Sunday afternoon. Phil Hughes will make his second start off the disabled list against Carlos Villanueva. I’m kind sick of Toronto, time to get out of there.

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  • JobaWockeeZ

    They need to find a way to make CC pitch every game. Even a 30 percent CC can get wins with the Yankees providing him thousands of runs.

    • Nick

      Grow another CC with stem cells

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Mattpat11

    Please don’t do anything to make Michael Kay think that catchphrase is getting over.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I can’t believe he actually thinks it’s a good catchphrase.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    It’s amazing that CC could win 20 games despite having 4 straight nond-ecisions when the season began.

    Also, do you all think Rivera would hit 600 saves this season, since he’s only 18 saves away?

    • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

      i think its a legit possibility. Especially if the Yankees and the Sox are close down the stretch. But he might have to go on the DL for 2 weeks for a “calf” injury so he can get the record at home.

      • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

        see what i just did there? huh? huh?

        • Brooklyn Ed

          lol… +1

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Not surprising when he has the 2nd best run support average in the league…

      • MikeD

        …and pitching as well as he has. The two together make for a great record, and it’s deserved in his case.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          But it’s not amazing that he’s getting helped out by the offense. This year CC is a top 10, maybe top 5 pitcher in the league but he has the best record. The others don’t get that kind of help.

          CC’s done amazing things all of which are more impressive than being on pace for 20 wins. Just a nitpick I guess.

          • MikeD

            Agreed, at least in the sense that pitcher wins are not necessarily an indicator or who is the best pitcher. It is possible, though, that the pitcher with the best run support just might be the best pitcher in the league. CC is making a run for that this year. Right now I have CC as one of the top three starters in the AL this year, and an good case can be made for any of the three, including CC, as best pitcher. We don’t have anyone like King Felix last year who was clearly the best pitcher. Yet there is a lot of road in front of us, and one of them may pull out into the lead. If CC keeps pitching as he has of late, he may be the guy.

          • Karl Krawfid

            CC is the second best pitcher in baseball right now.

            • JobaWockeeZ

              If by now you mean the previous 5 starts then yes I will agree. If you mean the entire 2011 season then he’s top 10, maybe top 5.
              He’s 15th in tERA and 16th in SIERA. 12th in xFIP. Yes his WAR is like near the top for pitchers but we an thank his FIP. It’s very shiny but that’s due to getting some luck in his home run tendencies.

              Researchers have noted that, among the defense-independent statistics, home runs are by far the least predictable. Although home-run rate has shown itself to be more repeatable than BABIP, the lack of persistence makes such a comparison similar to justifying a D grade by mentioning that other classmates failed the test.


              CC does have an innings eating ability that knocks his value up a bit. But as said 2011 is only half way done so it’s still anyone’s game but I don’t think he’s a top 2 or 3 pitcher right now.

              • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

                No, like over the course of the season. Just because his WAR has been due to a few small flukes doesn’t mean you can discount it. It still applies. If he continues to strike out as well as he has, and walk as few as he does, then he’ll probably continue to dominate this league.

              • http://www.youcantpredictbaseball.com bexarama

                CC does have an innings eating ability that knocks his value up a bit.

                Yeah, you keep underplaying this and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because innings eating gets underrated in general. When you eat innings and they’re high quality innings, well, yeah that’s awesome. This is especially big for a team like the Yankees.

                I’m not going to say he’s the best pitcher in baseball or anything, that’s silly. But glossing over CC’s innings eating like it’s just something kinda minor is also silly.

                • JobaWockeeZ

                  Uhm if I ever said that it’s not important or led you to believe that it’s not important tell me where because I never meant that at all.

                  • JobaWockeeZ

                    Jered Weaver: 7.37 IP per start
                    Justin Verlander: 7.47 IP per start
                    Dan Haren: 7 IP per start
                    James Shields: 7.52 IP per start
                    CC Sabathia: 7.33 IP per start

                    So no the narrative that CC is the best innings eater ever isn’t the case so far in 2011, Not in a way that he’s a top 3 pitcher being in the top 15 in pure talent metrics.

                    • V

                      Sabathia doesn’t complete many games. It’s no knock on Sabathia, but with Mariano frickin’ Rivera in the bullpen, he isn’t going to finish many games with < 4 run leads.

                      Shields and Verlander get more opportunities. They wouldn't if they had Mariano Rivera in the bullpen.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

    And yet Jeter continues to lead off in favor of Gardner.

    I’ve liked Joe Girardi. Not every manager brings his team a World Series in his second year on the job. I stuck up for him all last year, through September and the postseason. But I’m beginning to become increasingly skeptical of his ability as manager.

    There is no way to quantify a manager’s effectiveness. What is most easy to identify is what he is doing wrong. That would be WTF bunting, WTF batting order, and a few other things. The relative effect of these things on the Yankees success is fairly small, maybe a win over the course of the season.

    However, just because they are minor areas of criticism does not mean they are not stupid. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Gardner needs to lead-off; likewise, any adult who takes a few minutes to look at the numbers will soon find that bunting is an atrocious waste of an out. I still believe that Girardi should be manager; however, I once said this because I believed he was good. Now I say it because I know that there are few men who could fill his shoes adequately.

    • Dino Velvet

      can’t lower JEter in the batting order while he’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated and only a few games after his big day. they’ll have to wait until the hub-bub dies down.

    • Dino Velvet

      too bad jeter isn’t a team player.

      if he really cared about winning, he would go to the team and ask to move down the order.

    • MikeD

      The differnce it will make is statistically insignficant. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have Gardner leading off (they should), but it’s not something I’d be burning much energy worrying about, especially considering Jeter’s stats leading off the game and innings are very strong. He’s actually helped the team in that capacity. It’s in other situations he’s been made.

      • MikeD

        …he’s been lousy.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          Wait really? I too thought he had been good in those situations.

    • http://www.youcantpredictbaseball.com bexarama

      Honestly, Jeter leading off vs. lefties isn’t that big a deal.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


        I don’t really care anymore about Jeter leading off v. hitting 9th. It is what it is. It’s a minor annoyance, but it’s just that: minor.


    • first time lawng time

      Not every manager brings his team a World Series in his second year on the job.

      Torre did it in his first year. In fact, Torre did much better through his first three years than Girardi.

  • ItsATarp

    wait Hughes over AJ tomorrow? Did AJ run over Girardi’s dog again?

    • first time lawng time

      I am so freaking pissed. Everyday this series (except yesterday) I’ve been saying “we get AJ tomorrow.”

      Someone says, “No, AJ is on Sunday.” It’s Sunday morning and I’m thinking, ‘Yes! AJ is pitching today!’ I wake up and read that Hughes is pitching? Ugh. Talk about ordering filet mignon and getting a hamburger.

      • CMP

        He’s pitching right where he belongs, at the very back of the rotation.

        • first time lawng time

          Except that he’s been good this year, and Phil Hughes shouldn’t even be in a rotation right now.

          • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            You’re right, Hughes shouldn’t be in a rotation right now. He should be in a rotation later, though, and the only way to get him ready to be in the rotation later is to put him in the rotation now.

            • CMP

              Except Hughes has a future. AJ is been steadily deteriorating for several years now.

              If you wanna play that game, you could easily make a case that Nova should he starting ahead of both of them.

  • Jonathan Harker

    CC is the Cy young leader right now. He’s pitching the best and in the toughest division. It’s between Agon and Grandy for MVP as their two teams will be 1-2 in the AL standings. Bautista’s team won’t finish with 10 games of the Sox and Yanks.

    • Karl Krawfid

      Bautista is the MVP leader and it’s not close. Don’t care if the BJ’s don’t win another game from here on out.

      • JMK

        Seriously, if Bautista even plays at 75 percent of what he’s done so far, he’s still the clear MVP choice. Agree with CC being MVP though, and it’s not because of the wins.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      CC’s pitched the best according to what now? Every evaluation tool and statistic has someone other than CC being the best except for wins.

      And lol Bautista kills AGon and Grandy.

      • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.


        Not that that’s a be-all end-all.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          Oh right Halladay doesn’t count for an AL discussion…My bad for that.

          But that’s still due to FIP and his insanely low HR rate. I’m not saying throw it out the window but it’s seems he’s got a bit lucky so far. Very impressive but lucky.

          • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

            heh, everyone gets lucky. Bartolo Colon has a steam-pump arm. Luck, however, does not mean that it didn’t happen. It just means that it probably won’t again. And that’s why the CY race is a toss-up at this point.

  • Jeff

    Guys, I love the big man as much as the next Yankee fan, but Justin Verlander is the Cy Young award winner if he stays healthy his WHIP is .898(!!!), his walk rate is under 2, strike out rate is 8.8, and his homer rate is .7. and right now is WAR is at 5.3

    • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      Don’t use fWAR stats and then quote bWAR. I think the CY race is too early and close for anyone to call, but Verlander’s definitely in there. If all trends stayed the same, I’d have it between him and Sabathia and Weaver.

      But as we know, not all trends stay the same, and they won’t. Sabathia is always a better pitcher in the second half; Weaver’s been walking on air with his HR/FB rate. Verlander has crazy low BAbip.

      That said, Sabathia has a few indicators due for regression as well.

      Who knows, maybe it’ll be James friggin’ Shields. My point is, too many great pitchers, too early. It’s been a ridiculous year.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Pretty much. He’s top 5 at worst in the AL with xFIP, tERA and SIERA but he’s eating innings at an even better rate than CC albeit slight.

  • dkidd

    what is it with the yankees and day games?

  • jesus

    montero should catch, with martin playing 3rd for the next month.

    martin will benefit from the rest, and its not like he will forget how to catch..he will be ready for the stretch run

    then when arod returns in 6 weeks, we will know so much more about montero then we do now. girardi/cashman need to know whether or not he can help the team in THIS years playoffs


    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

      Russell Martin has played 14 games at third in his career.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        Andy Pettitte is a starting pitcher.

  • bklyn

    Sorry, but we need to stop pretending that the stats for AL west pitchers measure up to stats of AL east pitchers. CC, shields, verlander in no particular order although I’m leaning towards CC who pitches in YS3

  • bklyn

    We need to stop pretending that the stats for AL west pitchers measure up to stats of AL east pitchers. CC, shields, verlander in no particular order although I’m leaning towards CC who pitches in YS3

  • bklyn

    We need to stop pretending that the stats for AL west pitchers measure up to stats of AL east pitchers. CC, shields, verlander in no particular order although I’m leaning towards CC who pitches in smaller park under greater pressure

  • first time lawng time

    Wait. Hughes is pitching tomorrow?


    Boy am I uber-pissed. I was looking forward to this game.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Somebody needs to go to the concessions and buy an ice cream in a helmet. After it’s finished, have Nunez use it as a batting helmet.

    Yanks bunted 3x in this game and all were (intended) for hits. Gardy putting his head down and beating out a bunt that was no more than 10 feet in front of the plate was amazing. Noony’s sac bunt was a running push down the 1B line so-not as bad as squaring off and giving himself up for Cervelli (gag). I also liked Grandy’s drag bunt attempt to start off an inning. Not many guys with 25 HR’s in July (or any time of the season) would and could do that. He would have beaten it out but for a lucky bounce back spin to Arencibia. There are stupid bunts and not as stupid bunts.

    • first time lawng time

      Yes. Also, why doesn’t Teixeira bunt when they have that stupid shift on him? Ortiz has done it.

      • Monteroisdinero

        Not sure it would change the shift. Ortiz doesn’t do it often. A few bunt hits wouldn’t negate a few HR’s over the course of a season for guys like this. Tex should bunt changeups since he can’t hit them.

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

      I don’t like Nunez’s bat, at all, in any capacity, but he should’ve been swinging away in that spot. If he was told to bunt, then that’s a failure of the manager. If he did it on his own, it’s his own failure for not recognizing the situation. As for Granderson, I’d prefer he just not bunt. Ever. It’s a complete waste of his two biggest offensive skills–patience and power.

      • Monteroisdinero

        Grandy and Noony disagree for some reason.

        Tex and Grandy falling way behind ’61 Mantle and Maris. I suggest they share an apartment in an old 6 story building in Queens like M&M did. The sport sure has changed.

  • David, Jr.

    Incredible performances by Gardner. Vastly underrated. He has messed up one play in the field all year, that ball that he lost, and he manufactures dozens of runs.