The RAB Radio Show: July 29th, 2011

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Trade Rumors: Ubaldo, Betances, Brown, Kuroda

We’re talking plenty of deadline stuff, so let’s get to the bullets.

  • Of course we’re talking about Ubaldo Jimenez, both in terms of benefits and costs. How bad do the Yankees want him? If they really want him, you can expect a deal before 4 p.m. on Sunday. If they’re waiting for him to come down to a lower price tier, it’ll be a last-minute thing.
  • There are other starters, too, and we spend the bulk of the show talking about them. Wandy Rodriguez could be a last-minute addition at a cheap price. Hiroki Kuroda might be available, and it looks like the Yanks are as good a bet as any for his services. And don’t forget John Danks.
  • There are other positions where the Yanks could add a player. Mike’s big on a lefty reliever. There’s DH, too, but that solution might come internally.

Podcast run time 53:03

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

RAB Live Chat
Trade Rumors: Ubaldo, Betances, Brown, Kuroda
  • Bum Rush

    Wow, I just read this:

    That’s disgusting especially since they had decided he was a reliever at that point and going forward. Haren would have been a difference maker last October and this one.

  • UYF1950

    Joe, as a Yankee fan I really would be interested in a trade for John Danks. Is that even a possibility and if it is what do you think it would take realistically to pry him away from the White Sox. After all, all he would have to do is head South on 95 this weekend and he could be at the stadium in a few hours. Interested in your thoughts.

  • Mike D.

    Great show guys! I’d love to get John Danks on the team. I don’t think either Kuroda or Jimenez are the answers, short-term or long-term.

    Word is that the Reds might start selling. Do you think this opens an opportunity for the Yankees to pursue Johnny Cueto? If he could potentially be available, would he be a fit for the Yanks?

  • Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

    It’s getting kind of late in the game to start working on corner stone player moves, no?