Challenge of Sept. 8th makeup game “going nowhere”

2011 Draft: Yanks sign 27th rounder C. Hebert, 38th rounder J. Maher
Hurricane Irene Open Thread

Via Pete Caldera, the Yankees challenge of their September 8th makeup game with the Orioles is “going nowhere.” That’s a makeup for one of today’s games, which were postponed because of Hurricane Irene.

September 8th is basically the team’s only off-day next month. They’ll play that game in Baltimore, then immediately fly to the west coast for six games. They’ll have a day off one week later, but that’s just for travel back east, which hardly qualifies as “off.” The Orioles didn’t want to play a doubleheader yesterday because they’d lose the gate, which is understandable by also kinda ridiculous when you consider that several other teams made similar arrangements due to the storm.

2011 Draft: Yanks sign 27th rounder C. Hebert, 38th rounder J. Maher
Hurricane Irene Open Thread
  • dkidd

    crap like this comes with being the evil empire. use it as fuel to dominate september

    grind it!

    • Ace

      John Henry coined that phrase, when they tried to block Cashman from getting Contras. Boston bought all the rooms out of the hotel they had him staying in, but Cashman prevailed…… DON’T call the Yankees that PLEASE.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        Umm…Do you seriously think that he, or any other commenter on this site, doesn’t know the source of the term? And do you honetly not see that he is relishing it with glee in this post??

      • JohnnyC

        It was Larry Lucchino not John Henry who “coined” the phrase. Can we PLEASE get that right?

        • Dan

          It’s still a slur, whomever said it from that group!!

          That was Ace’s point, forget the ownership of who actually said what junk mentality, it’s an insult.

        • brooks

          Yeah, Yankees are actually fighting (in court,) some guys that printed a bunch of tee shirts with that phase. They (Yankees) don’t want that out there attacking their brand.

      • MikeD

        I have no problem with the term. He meant it as an insult, yet many Yankee fans have embraced it with a bit of humor. That’s the best way to turn it around.

        • Kiko Jones

          I’m one of those who has embraced it. I especially own it when around Yankee haters.

  • YankeeJosh

    This would hurt the Yankees gate but why not play a day-night double-header Labor Day and move the September 7 game to Baltimore. Yanks still get their off-day. Orioles get their home game. people with tickets to the 9/7 game would get a refund, exchange or could use them for the Labor Day night game.

    Not perfect but better than this alternative.

  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    Just secure a playoff spot ASAP, that’s all I ask. Once the Yankees do that, they can make up for the lost off days by resting every playoff starter on the roster.

    • Jesse

      I would LOVE it if the Yankees won the division though.

      • Tom O

        I would love it if the Yanks fielded an entirely AAA team for that game just to antagonize the Orioles. And then continued the quest for the division title.

        • Tom O

          Even better: Yanks field an entirely AAA team, and still win the game anyway.

        • Mike Axisa

          They could totally do that.

          C – Cervelli
          1B – Chavez
          2B – Pena
          SS – Nunez
          3B – Laird
          LF – Dickerson
          CF – Golson
          RF – Jones
          DH – Montero

          P – Noesi, Kontos, Ayala, Brackman, Valdes

          Send the rest of the team to the west coast and hope no one gets hurt.

          • Jesse

            No,they should play everyone at different positions in protest, like Billy Martin did after the resumption of the pine tar game. It’d look like this:


            • Sarah

              I think Cervelli should pitch in this scenario.

              • Jorge

                Mo plays the outfield.

                • Andrew518

                  Ever seen him in batting practice? Mo’s got some range for a 41 year old, allthough I can’t help but cringe everytime he makes a catch on the warning track…

                  On top of that I wouldn’t be suprised to see one of his sons in the bigs someday, always out there shagging fly balls, kids got skills.

            • MikeD

              Catcher is too dangerous. Jeter is not playing there.

              Ummmm, yeah, AJ Burnett can be catcher for that game.

          • IRF

            And if anyone were to get hurt, say hello to Andrew “Jose Oquendo” Brackman. He’s so athletic!

            • JohnnyC

              Maybe the O’s will get the Andrew Brackman who is “pleasingly wild” that night.

        • Jorge

          Ron Guidry’s still available to play centerfield for that.

        • steve s

          Except the reality is it’s Yankee fans who fill Camden Yards for those games. Just cutting off your nose to spite your face as the saying goes. The DH should gave been scheduled for Monday anyway as Sunday’s day game isn’t likely to be played and while rain in Balt will probably be done by Sunday night no fans will be able to get through the flood waters to the park and Balt will still be under a state of emergency perhaps even through Monday. The Sept 8 scenario is probably going to get worse as it might be a DH as well with perhaps another game needed to be made up. For those saying Yanks should forfeit they are ignoring that Tampa is playing excellent ball lately and the Yanks hardly are in the position of giving away games or having a playoff spot locked up. The way to get back at the O’s and Buck is to beat their brains in and show the same mercy the O’s showed to Burnett.

          • AndrewYF

            I think that would be quite fun to see as a Yankees fan. And the Yankees don’t give a fuck who shows up at Camden Yards.

  • Nuke LaDoosh

    Yeah, I’m sure Buck Showalter is losing a ton of sleep over his team’s decision pissing off the Yankees.

  • Roland Deschain

    I’m sick of the Orioles and Rays dictating when we can play doubleheaders and when we have to make up games in September. We’re the most powerful team in baseball and need to challenge this with everything we’ve got. It’s our only off day and it’s right before we go out west. The Steinbrenners need to get this changed.

    • Rainbow Connection

      It’s hilarious when the rich kids don’t get their way. Watch them whine!

      • Andrew518

        You would have a semblance of a point if this was just an average make up situation. To take away the only day off a team has which was not even really a day off given their traveling to the West Coast when they are in a divisional race is something alltogether different. It’s akin to putting out a team of call ups against a team fighting for a playoff spot. It’s like sitting out the last game when there’s a fight for a batting title. Sure you can do it, it’s legal, but its plain and simple bush league. Gate revenue has nothing to do with this, it’s all about antagonizing the Yankees. As I said that’s fine, but with playoff implications it takes on another meaning.

        Stop whining about the Yankees payroll and start whining about the fact that the Baltimore ownership doesn’t support the team. Angelous is a pretty rich guy himself.

        • Andrew518

          Just to bring it to perspective:

          while his net worth has fallen some since 2009 the last numbers I could find…

          Peter Angelos = 1.2 billion

          Steinbrenners = 1.3 billion

          I don’t see why we’re the rich boys and the Orioles aren’t aside from the choice of the ownership.

          • radnom

            You really don’t understand that the profitability of the team/overall brand directly affects the amount that it makes sense for them to spend? The owner only comes into play for someone who treats it as a hobby – like a George Steinbrenner or Mark Cuban. Other than those very rare situations, the personal wealth of the owner is completely irrelevant. The Yankees bring in a lot of dough.

            • Andrew518

              You don’t own a sports franchise to make money. It’s a trophy. You pay alot of money to say you own a team. No one who owns a sports franchise of any kind got rich from being the owner of a team, they were fabulously wealthy then bought a team…in that order. They have other business interests that provide or provided them in the past with income. If you expect or require your team to turn a profit then you misunderstand what you are doing.

              Another analogy would be race horses. You buy a horse for the thrill of races, and the opportunity to wear fancy hats in the paddock, sure you hope you win and make money, but if your banking your kids college tuition on it your a complete fool.

              • JohnnyC

                Coincidentally, Angelos owns and races thoroughbred horses. Fun fact.

      • David, Jr.

        Aren’t the Yankees giving your poor folks enough money, Rainbow Man?

  • billysbartender

    if the challenge does not work out, simply send a few key players, i.e. the 9/9 starting pitcher plus others and kick the o’s asses with a couple aaa players in the lineup. let the o’s fans watch nunez, laird, chavez, dickerson, golson, montero. let jeter, arod, teixeira, swisher, and granderson go ahead to the west coast and take an off day. a split squad if you will. with non AJ starting pitching, they’d probably still win. and we’d be saying FU to baltimore at the same time.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Sounds like a good plan and from now on whenever it comes to the O’s and the Yankees have the ball in their court they should screw them every chance they get

  • ultimate913

    Screw Buck and the O’s.

    Don’t play the game on the 8th and make them play their home game at NYS on the 7th as a doubleheader. The players shouldn’t be penalized for the crappy weather and the O’s refusal to lose the gate.

    • Andy MacPhail



  • Bronx Byte

    What goes around comes around. The time will come when the Yankees get to stick it good to Peter Angelos.
    There’s some decent guys that play for the Orioles. Too bad their owner is an asshole.

  • Andrew518

    I wish AJ could have done something good for a change and plunked a few Orioles last night…Zambrano style, albiet without the leaving and retirement part…er…well..wait.

    Quell some of the populist rage and all, I don’t know if the players feel it or not but I’ve been kind of expecting some kind of dust up at some point this season, given the Sholwater smack talk in the spring, the batters being thrown at early on and all. Get Strawberry on their ass.

  • UYF1950

    I say screw the O’s. If the Yankees have a playoff spot pretty much locked and loaded by September 8th. Let them forfeit the game and let the O’s lose the gate, parking and concessions anyway. One good turn deserves another. Two can play their game.

    • V

      Agreed entirely.

    • Pasqua

      That will never, never happen. The PR hit that the Yankees would take would be unlike anything we’ve seen. The Orioles refusal to play the DH would be LONG forgotten (and, likely, spun as an understandable positive) and the Yanks would be skewered for damaging the “integrity of the game.” I’m tellin’ ya’, the MSM would destroy this team for even considering a forefeit. Hell, the Yanks will get shit-on for playing their B-team, if it comes to that, because it will be viewed as petty; Goliath giving the finger to David, etc.

      • Kiko Jones

        There’s not much objective analysis or criticism of the Yankees in the MSM sports media, anyway, so I dunno what kind of a hit the team would take that they don’t more or less get on a regular basis. The vast majority of baseball fans hate this team, and the bias against it in the sports media is pretty blatant, so…

  • Andrew518

    Couldn’t we have worked out a deal in which AJ helped out the team by agreeing to buy a whole bunch of seats for the Fri game taking away the lost revenue argument. How much are we really talking about here a few hundred thousand?

  • Pasqua

    Irritating. The reason the Orioles didn’t want to lose the gate is because they’re playing the Yankees. Any other team would draw thousands upon thousands fewer people. Essentially, they balked because they want Yankees fans’ money.

  • dennis

    Make a public announcement during all the games on Yes leading up to the games that no Yankees fan should go to any of these games and put money in the Orioles pocket. Start a Facebook page. LETS GO!!!

    • Kiko Jones


  • Larry Rothchild’s Yarmulke

    Time to play this game Billy Martin Style.

    1B: marino Rivera
    2B: CC Sabathia
    3B: Teix
    SS: David Robertson
    LF: Posada
    RF: Martin
    CF: Cervelli
    C: Nunez
    SP: AROD

    • JT

      And promptly watch 4 out of our 9 starters get injured… not worth the statement.

      • billysbartender

        i agree. l like the AAA lineup idea best.

    • Jorge

      No no no. This would be the chance for Mo to prove he’s the best OF on the team. :)

  • BGrider85

    Biggest and best statement that can be made that won’t get too scrutinized by the MSM, play your AAA lineup and simply beat their ass. And when Susan has her star at the end of the game, have him make a tasteful but cheeky comment about how easy that game was….

  • JohnnyC

    I think it’s just utter boorishness on the part of the Orioles. After all, we had the decency to start AJ on the night they were commemorating Mike Flanagan’s memory. We let them win one for Flanny. And this is how they pay us back? Ingrates!

  • Roland Deschain

    And Nova needs to drill someone up near the shoulders tomorrow. We just can’t stand for this. The Rays and now the Orioles are dictating when the Yankees can play baseball. That just ain’t right. Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand like the great Karim Garcia once did many years ago.

  • Pat D

    Olney had these interesting tweets earlier today:

    “Not the best time for NYY’s public protests about baseball schedule;Orioles’ org. has been paralyzed emotionally by Mike Flanagan’s suicide.

    At this time, it’d be better for the Yankees to push aggressively for schedule adjustments behind the scenes, but defer public comment.”

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy this. They’re going to use the Flanagan tragedy as an excuse for not being able to conduct business as an organization? Get bent. They didn’t want to lose the gate from today’s game, plain and simple. Angelos is a greedy fuck.

    MLB needs to force this game be an afternoon game. I know that doesn’t help much, but it’s better than playing at night and then flying to the west coast. This is pretty fucking ridiculous.

    • MikeD

      I agree, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone in the Orioles’ organization that whispered this in Olney’s ear. It would be truly sad if they are using his suicide for public gain on any level.

      Mike Flanagan’s passing is unfortunate and very sad for his family and friends. RIP.

      The Orioles are a putrid organization and have been because of Angelos.

    • Sarah

      Saw that, and completely inappropriate. Don’t exploit someone’s death as a way to justify being morons.

      And Buster, STFU. That’s BS and you know it. The Orioles are staffed by a bunch of grown ups who know how to deal with tragedy and conduct business, and if they aren’t, then don’t excuse it with a family’s personal crisis. Most of the people in the organization are probably more concerned with the hurricane than Flanagan’s death.

  • MikeD

    The Yankees will pay back both the Rays and Orioles at some point. It just make take a year or two, but these things aren’t forgotten.

  • AndrewYF

    I start to get pissed off, but then I think about what a sad, pathetic shell of an organization the Orioles are, and how well-off the Yankees are with their front office and ownership group, and losing one off day due to utter peevishness of said pathetic organization just pales in comparison.

  • Sarah

    I’d be sort of surprised if they get both games in tomorrow. Sounds like the storm is moving slowly and dumping lots of rain.