Game 118: Jorge’s Return


It's baseball. Smile. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

It’s been exactly a week since Jorge Posada last played a game for the Yankees, but he’s back in there today at his usual position, the one that doesn’t require him to take the field. Hip hip.Here’s the rest of the lineup…

Brett Gardner, LF
Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Eric Chavez, 3B
Jorge Posada, DH
Russell Martin, C

Phil Hughes, SP

There’s a special pregame ceremony on the field for Jeter’s 3,000th career hit at 3:45pm ET, and you’ll be able to watch live on I don’t think it’ll be on YES since there’s no pregame show today, and Mo knows FOX won’t show it. The game itself will start a little after 4pm ET and can be seen on (yep) FOX. Enjoy.

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  1. I haven’t lost faith in you Hughes, show em why you should be in the rotation!

    Not that they’ll listen or anything =/

  2. Bum Rushed says:

    “It’s been exactly a week since Jorge Posada last played a game for the Yankees, but he’s back in there today at his usual position, the one where he sports a .672 career OPS.”


    • Mike Axisa says:

      They should put him behind the plate, I hear it stops aging.

      • Bum Rushed says:

        It gave him an .854 OPS last year!

        • jjyank says:

          Here’s what I don’t get about this argument. When Jorge caught in the past, he was healthy. Most of the time when he was a DH, chances are he was a little banged up. Maybe that’s why he OPSed lower as a DH in the past. As a healthy DH, I don’t buy for a second that a professional baseball player can’t handle it.

          • Bum Rushed says:

            So you’re saying he was healthy when he caught 100 – 120 games a year?

          • Mike Axisa says:

            As a healthy DH, I don’t buy for a second that a professional baseball player can’t handle it.

            I certainly think there’s an adjustment period that we’re probably underestimating, but these guys should be able to figure it out eventually.

            • Bum Rushed says:

              Like after a full season of at-bats? Today marks Jorge’s 163rd game as a DH. The preceding 162?:

              621 PA, 539 AB, 17 HR, 59 RBI, .221/.317/.354 = .672

              • Tom Zig says:

                Something you failed to consider:

                He’s 39 years old.

                • Bum Rushed says:

                  Something you can’t consider:

                  Last year he was 38 years old.

                  And yesterday was Friday.

                  • Seeing as how more than half of those 621 PAs at DH have come this year, I’d say that Tom Zig’s “He’s 39 years old” factoid is a bit more important than your “He was 38 years old last year” factoid is.

                  • Mike Axisa says:

                    Half of those 621 PA came this year, the other half was spread over the previous 13 years.

                  • Mike HC says:

                    All the reasons you give is why he is still on the roster getting spot starts. He may be able to play better you think, but Chavez also has a chance to stay really well, as does Nunez, and Montero who will be up soon as well. Having Jorge in that mix is fine. But giving him the start every time over them has rightfully ended.

                    • Mike HC says:

                      *He may be able to play better like you think, but Chavez also has a chance to play really well …

                      (not that anyone has holding their breath for my edit)

      • Cy Pettitte says:

        or he could try having Grandy or Cano pee on his hands instead of doing it himself. it’s obvious his pee is no good anymore.

  3. Bum Rushed says:

    Why isn’t Montero on this team again?

  4. Brandon says:

    I have a feeling that no matter what, Hughes is out of the rotation. I dont even think a shutout can save him. Seems there intent on running a pitcher out there that hasnt shown he deserves to be there since Game 2 of the 09 WS.

  5. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Ken Rosenthal and Chris Rose is a better booth than Buck/McCarver.

  6. Sean C says:

    I don’t get to watch this game because we get the fucking Brewers/Pirates game on Fox. I’m now going to stomp around and yell like my three year old nephew does when he doesn’t get what he wants… And then just watch the Brewers and Pirates play baseball anyway…

  7. Steve says:

    Mo knows fox won’t show it indeed

  8. Chip says:

    And Fox is out in my area, wtf

  9. Bavarian Yankee says:

    looks like McCarver’s barber was not in town, he had to shave on his own :D

  10. Do I want to know why McCarver has those two bandaids? I don’t think I want to know. It’ll either be something stupid and embarrassing that will make me want to ridicule and old man, or it’ll be something serious and sad that will make me feel bad about ridiculing an old man.

  11. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Only 92? terrible. concerning.


  12. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking Nunez. oh wait…

  13. Ivan says:

    Nunez could of done that .

  14. teddy says:

    that was lame,

  15. Ivan says:

    Not a bad inning there by Hughes.

  16. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    wow that pbp guy is even worse than Joe Buck.

  17. Tex sucks says:

    Was that his dad or Nomar?

  18. MikeD says:

    I really don’t want Hellickson’s dad to have a bad 50th birthday, but screw it. Let’s knock him out!

  19. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow, Chirinos is 2/23 in throwing out runners, Gardy needs to be moving.

  20. Mike HC says:

    hahah, great find with that picture, Mike.

  21. Mike Axisa says:

    Holy crap is Hellickson getting squeezed.

  22. Rich in NJ says:

    Does Gardner really need to be protected by the batter?

  23. Cy Pettitte says:

    what the fuck?

  24. Mike Axisa says:

    Facepalm, Brett. Facepalm.

  25. Ivan says:

    Yikes Gardner.

  26. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    fucking SAFE

  27. teddy says:

    he was safe, but yanks playing lousy baseball

  28. Brandon says:

    Wow, McCarver, when the replay shows he was safe, he was safe you dumb fuck.

  29. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Time to mute Timmy Mccarver…

  30. Brandon says:

    How this ass hat Tim McCarver still has a job is beyond me.

  31. Mike HC says:

    I forgot the commentor who I was talking about this with, but Joe Madden is definitely evily annoying. He has a shift for when Granderson is down 0-2?

  32. V says:

    If a single Ray gets on base, I want Hughes to throw over 20 times in a row.

  33. Rich in NJ says:

    They are going to show the kid’s dad about a billion times.

  34. I like how Granderson has his shin protector on the inside of his lead foot instead of the outside. I guess he’s learned that he’s more prone to fouling the ball off his own leg than getting hit with the pitch directly.

    I can’t remember anyone else who has worn protective equipment to protect themselves from themselves as opposed to from the pitcher. Can anyone else?

  35. Steve says:

    I hate Rays games. The broadcasting always sucks regardless of who is covering and the unluckiest things always happen to the Yankees. Argh!

  36. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Ugh…it pisses me off that his is likely Hughes’ last start as a Yankee. The Yankee brass has next year to worry about too…the guy won’t even touch 75 IP, and all of the sudden they expect him to last a full season in the rotation? Do they not remember 2009-2010 where he went a full season after spending the year before in the bullpen and was then fucked the year after? The guy needs a chance to be able to pitch in the rotation, he clearly still has potential but also needs to do some developing in the majors too. He can’t do that development out of the bullpen and needs a chance to start. This is Joba all over again, sure Joba may have not been able to physically hold up in the rotation, but he was never given a full chance to let his body get used to the role as a starting pitcher, so he was destined to fail regardless. This organization is completely lost when it comes to pitching.

  37. Melky says:

    Phil Hughes – Perfect Game. Needs. To. Happen. Only way they pull AJ from the rotation.

    • Melky says:

      i mean no-hitter*

    • Jetrer says:

      they still wouldn’t pull AJ, and the perfect game is already gone with Jeter’s error anyways

      • Mike HC says:

        And the 0-2 meatball ends the no hitter.

        If Hughes could command his fastball like advertised coming up through the system, all would be well. Easier said than done, I know.

    • Mike HC says:

      Cashman already said that AJ is not being pulled from the rotation. It seems like Hughes is almost guaranteed to be the odd man out when/if the Yanks pull back to a five man rotation.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        That’s just so fucking stupid. I mean, I’m not saying that Hughes and Nova are serious upgrades over AJ, I do think they are slightly better. AJ’s clearly not better than Garcia or Bartolo, and Nova and Hughes still need to build stamina in the rotation, develop at the ML level, and prepare themselves for a career as a major league starter. Hughes has been in the majors for five seasons and barely has 400 career IP, he needs to build up his stamina now or he’ll be a reliever for good. Nova’s young and looks like he has a chance to be better than his projections. AJ is what he is, a guy that will have two three good-ish starts, two bad ones, and one awful one every six starts or so. Maybe the trip to the pen would do him good? It clearly can’t help at this point.

        • Mike HC says:

          I’m with you. Cashman is seemingly not with us though as of right now. Granted, he can say whatever he wants, but we will see what he does when push comes to shove.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            I mean in his defense, we are clamoring for a guy with a six-ish ERA in 40 IP…if Hughes has a good start tonight I don’t see how Cash can justify sending a guy that they are heavily invested in for the future to the bullpen.

  38. first name only male - Retire 21 says:

    If Gardner isn’t running, Granderson probably hits a three run jack right there.


  39. Jesse says:

    How hard is Hughes’ fastball thus far? I’m listening to it on the radio, i get the douche bag Rangers.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      Not bad, honestly. It’s still Hughes and he obviously needs to regain his arm strength and work on his two strike counts, but better than you’d expect.

  40. teddy says:

    4 groundbals nice

  41. ItsATarp says:

    8 ER for Weaver…everyone is regressing

  42. Pat D says:

    Slightly OT, but did anyone see the number that the Jays’ sign-stealing did on Jered Weaver earlier today?

  43. Melky says:

    That was an 85 mph meatball-changuep

  44. Brandon says:

    Hughes sitting at 92-93 on the fastball. Nice.

  45. Melky says:

    There goes the no-hitter, there goes the rotation spot.

  46. Winston Smith says:

    That was a great pitch there on 0-2.

  47. Ivan says:

    Do you really want to lump Zambrano with Weaver and CC??? Really????

  48. Tex sucks says:

    0-2 fastball why?

  49. Steve says:

    Kotchman’s batting face is hideous. Makes me want to vomit.

  50. Are we really picking nits on whether or not B.J. Upton had to slide into second vs. go in standing up, Tim?


  51. karel capek says:

    Wow! Tim McCarver is making some really ASTUTE comments.

    “It’s in my view, that David Cone looks like Buster Keaton.”

    Thanks for telling us something THAT’S SO FUCKING OBVIOUS.

  52. Melky says:

    A slider from Hughes. Nice.

  53. Melky says:

    Another slider from Hughes. That’s not a curveball grip.

  54. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hughes getting squeezed

  55. Total Dominication says:


  56. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hey Tim, know who Freddy Garcia is?

  57. MikeD says:

    I’m hearing all sorts of crazy shit being said on TV now.

  58. Cy Pettitte says:


    only took 26 minutes.

  59. Rich in NJ says:

    AJ wasn’t even a #3 during last year’s postseason. Why is it even an issue now?

  60. Richard says:


  61. Ivan says:

    Was that Cano or D-Wade with the Hops.

  62. Will says:

    Wow. Is it me or do the Rays draw 90% of their walks as a team in games against the Yankees.

  63. Mike HC says:

    How often do you think Cashman has skimmed RAB and the comments section. It is not that far fetched to think Cashman might check in to see fan reactions every now and then. He is curious like everyone I am sure, and it is a direct way to the fans, rather than through the media?

    Twice a year?

    • Pat D says:

      Gonna have to guess never.

    • Winston Smith says:

      If he’s spending time checking in here then he should be fired.

      • Mike HC says:

        He watches games on YES all the time I’m assuming, and YES has the RAB commercial. It is likely he has at least checked out the site once I would think.

        And talking to the media and fans and understanding fan perceptions is definitely part of what makes a good GM in NY. In my opinion.

    • MikeD says:

      Well he is the guy who said if you start thinking like fans, you’ll find yourself sitting with the fans.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he checks blogs reguarly, or if he NEVER checked blogs.

      • Mike HC says:

        Agreed. But, knowing what fans think and thinking like fans are obviously two different things.

        Cashman just recently made a comment to judge AJ on his pitching in the AL East, not his contract. He said to blame himself for the contract. That quote shows he clearly understands and hears fans complaints.

        • MikeD says:

          Yes, although it goes beyond blogs. This the theme that’s playing out in all forms of media, from blogs, twitter, NY tabloids, sports talk shows.

          He is quite aware of what’s being said in the media. The Yankees have always paid attention to that going back to GMS. Maybe they are not as driven by the headlines as they were in the past, but they have a Communications staff that follows what’s being said. How it’s fed to Cashman is unknown, but he’s aware of what’s being said.

          • Mike HC says:

            I’m guessing the smart GM would get it fed to them right from the source, fan blogs and fan comments right at their fingertips. Cutting out the middle men like the media and people that work for them that might have other motives as well.

            Obviously, Cashman may never check these at all. Just thinking it is possible at the least.

  64. Rich in NJ says:

    Cano can probably play good post defense in basketball.

  65. Total Dominication says:

    Shut up idiot

  66. bonestock94 says:

    lol they were trolling the fuck out of the sabr crowd

  67. Jesse says:

    “AND THERE IT GOES TO DEEP RIGHT! ah it looks as though it’ll go foul”
    Thanks a lot Sterling….

  68. teddy says:

    nice hit teix

  69. CMP says:

    Going back to the pen, just what Hughes needs. Let’s screw with a young pitchers arm yet again so there’s room for AJ in the rotation.

    If that happens, it’s nothing more than Cashman saving his own ass from embarrassment.

    • Rich in NJ says:

      I think sending his signature homegrown young pitcher to the pen is a bigger embarrassment, but what do I know?

  70. IRF says:

    And Tex’s OBP will stay above Casey Kotchman’s AVG for at least one more AB

  71. Mike Axisa says:

    Hellickson’s got some balls throwing a 2-0 changeup to Cano.

  72. Cy Pettitte says:

    thanks for the great inside info, Tim.

  73. Total Dominication says:

    What is he talking about????

  74. Richard says:

    More great fucking analysis by McCarver

  75. Steve says:

    Nice body language Hellickson. You gave up a hit, its not the end of the world, you big baby.

  76. “Some of the lamest things are said there.”

    Pot, meet kettle.

  77. blazing fastball says:

    speaking of lame comments

  78. Richard says:

    I smell a 3 run laser

  79. bonestock94 says:

    And now an equally useless conversation about conversations at first.

  80. SamWalt says:

    Coincidentally, I don’t give a shit about what Tim McCarver is saying.

  81. Mike Axisa says:

    And now it’s time for Tim McCarver’s daily Bob Gibson story.

  82. Michael Mirabella says:

    Sound like McCarver has some personel issues with talking at 1st.

  83. Michael Mirabella says:


  84. Steve says:

    Please don’t let Hellickson get out of this without scoring at least once Yankees.

  85. IRF says:

    Make him pay Donnie

  86. teddy says:

    nice job lets go eric!

  87. Monteroisdinero says:

    2 good ab’s by Cano and Swish.

  88. “Yankee Stadium has given up more home runs than any other stadium since 2009.”

    (makes no mention of the Yankees spending upwards of 120M annually to compose a lineup full of excellent home run hitters)

  89. blazing fastball says:

    what’s S
    What’s Stirling’s call for Chavez?

  90. Cy Pettitte says:

    that 1-0 pitch was a gift.

  91. Steve says:

    Gift call.

  92. Chip says:

    Ugh, worst possible thing you could have done there

  93. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Please don’t DP Jorge…

  94. Richard says:

    And the 1-0 bullshit call bones us

  95. teddy says:

    great here comes posada, thanks chavez

  96. Winston Smith says:

    Oh god. Jorge’s first AB in a week and it’s in a perfect DP situation.

  97. Jesse says:

    Nice to hear Posada getting a nice ovation.

  98. Ivan says:

    A-Rod on a torn knee could of done that Chavez.

  99. Rich in NJ says:

    No DP please.

  100. Monteroisdinero says:

    Jorge-don’t bat me 9th-8th is where I belong!

  101. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hip hip motherfuckers.

  102. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Wasn’t expecting that.

  103. Winston Smith says:

    Jorge’s not done yet! He still has a little magic left in that bat.

  104. Mike Axisa says:

    See? Jorge’s still good in moderation.

  105. blazing fastball says:

    hip hip and all that

  106. Steve says:


  107. Jetrer says:

    Hip, Hip Old Man (oops I meant Posada)

  108. Chip says:

    Posada’s ground ball through the right side will now be used as a reason to keep playing him

  109. IRF says:

    Hooray for blind Squirrels!

  110. Rich in NJ says:

    If only he could still catch…

  111. MikeD says:

    I wonder if Joe will play Jorge on his birthday?

  112. Cy Pettitte says:

    The Yankees have signed Scott Proctor to a minor-league deal. He will report to Triple-A Scranton on Monday or Tuesday.!/Blogging.....6739217408

    I can only laugh.

  113. first name only male - Retire 21 says:

    Bob Gibson once threw a fastball to the ribs of a vendor for selling hotdogs while he pitched.


  114. Total Dominication says:


  115. teddy says:

    nasty changeup right there

  116. Rich in NJ says:

    Martin’s AB often suck.

  117. Ivan says:

    Well at least Martin defense is stellar.

  118. V says:

    This will be no surprise to -anyone-, but Tim McCarver = full of shit.

    Bob Gibson hit Ron Fairly once. Ever. In 1971, not 1975. In 1975, Ron Fairly was on the Cardinals, so that anecdote could NOT have occurred. In the game in which Bob Gibson hit Fairly, Bob Gibson did not reach 1st base. Joe Torre was also not the Cardinals’ catcher.

  119. tom says:

    All hail Jorge, for making the inning less than a total bust.

  120. Andrew518 says:

    Pointlessly beating a dead horse but….

    We’ve signed Proctor but had no room Acceves, I mean really???

  121. Melky says:

    Can someone else observe Hughes’ offspeed offering that looks to me like a slider? Obviously the cutter/slider grip is similar, but the release isn’t. He seems to be releasing it as a slider. Can anyone confirm this?

  122. Ivan says:

    Man I know Jeter made that catch but geez does Gardner gets to balls he has no business getting too.

  123. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Can someone explain the Nasty Factor thing to me?

  124. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Tom Hallion’s strike 3 calls are the best thing an umpire has come up with yet.

  125. Ivan says:

    Change up!!!!

  126. Chip says:

    Wow, Hughes starting to look gooooooood

  127. Melky says:

    I don’t think that was a changeup.

  128. Winston Smith says:

    Hughes pitching a good ballgame but if Cashman says AJ ain’t going nowhere and Girardi says Nova ain’t going nowhere it’s irrelevant, Hughes is going to be sent to the pen even if he puts up all 0s.

  129. Sarah says:

    Phil trying to prove he should be in the rotation. But Phil, it doesn’t matter, because AJ makes more money than you.

  130. IRF says:

    Do we really need to hear this much about Jeremy Hellickson’s dad?

  131. Winston Smith says:

    Now they’re interviewing the guy? FOX is the worst.

    • MikeD says:

      It’s critical that they interview Hellickson’s father since he is a Yankee fan who now must root against the Yankees. That’s gold to FOX!

  132. MikeD says:

    Mr. Hellickson, Jeter has made a career of lucky hits like that, yet you’re forgiven.

  133. Brandon says:

    Holy crap, this is rediculous. Again with the father?!?!?!?!?!?!? SMH!

  134. Mike HC says:

    I want to ask him how many beers deep he is.

  135. Chip says:

    I love his dad, yeah stop talking to me so I can watch my kid get fucked by the umps

  136. RCA says:

    Chris Rose is a tool

  137. Pat D says:

    The guy with the 23rd most hits ever gets a “lucky” hit?

    Oh, screw you.

    I hope Grandy parks one while they’re talking to your snaggle-toothed ass.

  138. Andrew518 says:

    his dad looks like he’s a semi-proffesional stock car driver and amatuer tatoo artist.

  139. Jetrer says:

    Anyone know if Hughes can be sent to AAA or would he have to clear waivers? If he does lose his spot in the rotation, I’d much rather he continue to start in AAA in case of injury, or Cashman drinking the reality potion.

  140. Rich in NJ says:

    Kevin Long rightfully gets credit for helping Granderson and others, but in the HBO 3K thing, they showed Jeter working with Gary Dembo while in Tampa rehabbing, trying to stay back and attacking the ball, and it seems have helped.

  141. Melky says:

    I wouldn’t mind trading for Hellickson…Proctor for JH straight up?

  142. The premise of that new FOX show Terra Nova, according to Wiki, emphasis mine:

    The show begins in the year 2149, a time when all life on planet Earth is threatened with extinction (suggested in trailers to be due to dwindling worldwide air quality). In an effort to save the human race, scientists develop a time machine allowing people to travel 85 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth. The Shannon family (father Jim, his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy and Zoe) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway. However, they are unaware that the colony is in the middle of a group of carnivorous dinosaurs.

    Why in (insert deity of your choice)’s name would you send time travelers 85 MILLIONS YEARS back into time, BEFORE HUMANITY EXISTED, to save humanity? Why not a distance not so far back?

    Really, FOX? Humanity evolves to the level where we’re smart enough to send people back into time, but dumb enough to send them to the least hospitable period in time with which to attempt to restart the human story?

  143. Tex sucks says:


  144. teddy says:

    ump should be fired

  145. tom says:

    Would anyone like to explain that Granderson at bat?

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      The defense was giving him a bunt down the third base side to get on. He tried to take it…which he should have.

      • tom says:

        Thanks — didn’t have the sound on (McCarver-phobe), so I was unaware of the situation. Without knowing that, a 32-homer guy bunting appeared pure insanity.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Well he’s extremely fast…players that fast should bunt every so often no matter how much power they have, they need to keep infields honest.

  146. V says:

    Nothing would make me laugh more than if the umpire strained his forearm giving an out call.

  147. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    Who’s the girl next to Posada? It’s not his daughter, right?

  148. Steve says:


  149. Pat D says:

    If I hear the Eagles referred to as a Dream Team one more time, I’m going to murder someone.

    What the fuck exactly makes them a “Dream Team?”

    • Ivan says:

      As an Eagles fan, I just want a dream season thats all.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      they are one of the few teams still dreaming of actually winning a superbowl

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      They have the most dynamic force in the game, two incredible wide receivers, the best defensive player in the game, one great running back and a pretty solid guy backing him up, not only do they have the best best defender in the game in their secondary they have two pro-bowl caliber cornerbacks and a very young and talented free safety, and they also do a pretty good job controlling the line of scrimmage. They’re kinda like the 2011 Boston Red Sox with the 2011 Phillies rotation…they’re fucking stacked on paper.

      • Pat D says:

        If Vick gets hurt, they are so fucked.

        Also, calling Jackson and Maclin “incredible” is quite hyperbolic, and that pinheaded fuck McCoy is not a great running back yet. Let’s see him make it through a whole season first.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          But seriously, Jackson’s got insane speed and is a sick deep threat, now that he’s got someone with as strong of an arm as Mike Vick to get him the ball he’s filthy. Jeremy Maclin is one of the best in the game too…he was 8th in DVOA for WRs last year. Please, cut the haterade. As to Lesean McCoy? It’s a two back league, there’s only one guy that can be a featured running back in the NFL and that’s AP, other than that there’s not much. As far as “doing for a full season” McCoy was 6th in DYAR last year and 5th in DVOA last season…yeah, can’t do it for a whole season. He’s easily the best RB in the division.

          If Vick gets hurt, they are so fucked.

          This is one of the stupidest things you can possibly say, for several reasons:

          A.) If any team’s starting QB gets hurt they’re pretty fucked. Imagine if someone on ESPN said that if CC goes down for the year the Yankees are so fucked…you’d shout at them because if ANY team looses a player that good for the year they’re fucked.

          B.) Vince Young is better than you think, he’s compiled a 30-17 record as a starter and is good enough to be an effective game manager, there’s not really a whole lot of back ups better than he is.

          U mad, brah?

          I’m not even an Eagles fan…I hate the fucking Eagles, but they’re the best team in the NFC East and probably the best in the NFC.

          • Pat D says:

            Vince Young’s record as a starter is about as reliable a stat as pitcher W-L record.

            I know Jackson is a good player capable of doing great things, but he’s a cocky fuck and I immediately hate guys like that, especially Eagles players. That goes back to Randall Cunningham.

            Yea, I’m a Giants fan, and I’m so stoked by how they’ve done little to nothing so far, but that’s why they play the games.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              Well a 30-17 record as a starter is about a three season sample size, he’s not a great quarterback but he’s capable of being an effective game manager on a good team, which is exactly what he’ll be asked to do if Vick goes down. They can survive a game or two if Vick goes down. The Eagles’ real weakness is that fat fuck on the sidelines…he’s probably the best coach at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory there is. The Eagles made a lot of signings and have a fucking sick team…however it’s the NFL and there’s two WC spots. The playoffs are one game samples so if someone on the Eagles has a bad game they can be beat, especially with Reid’s incompetence. That being said, they are still INCREDIBLE on paper…that matters.

          • A.) If any team’s starting QB gets hurt they’re pretty fucked. Imagine if someone on ESPN said that if CC goes down for the year the Yankees are so fucked…you’d shout at them because if ANY team looses a player that good for the year they’re fucked.

            While I agree with every word you say, Vick is a bit more prone to getting hurt than some other QBs, since he runs more and is smaller.

            If the Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, the Packers are fucked, but I’d be a bit more surprised about Aaron Rodgers getting hurt than I would by Mike Vick getting hurt. Mike Vick is like his Hampton Roads boy Allen Iverson; his fearlessness and freakish athleticism can be both an benefit and a hindrance.

      • Nnamdi Asomugha ≠ “the best defensive player in the game”

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          He gets thrown at less than once a game…he’s the best defender in the league. I know you’re a Jets fan and got a vacation suite on Revis Island, but Revis can actually be thrown on, it’s hard, but it can be done. Asomugha…not really.

          • Revis actually covers the other team’s best wideout, though, almost every single snap (more than 80%). They move him all over the field.

            Aso always lines up on the left side and covers the other team’s #2 or #3 more than 60% of the time.

            • And I’m not even sure either one of them is the best defensive player in football. There’s guys like Haloti Ngata or Patrick Willis or Ed Reed or DeMarcus Ware have an argument as well.

              • Jimmy McNulty says:

                Free safeties are always overrated. Ed Reed’s awesome but he’s rarely the first line of defense. Patrick Willis is pretty fucking awesome, he’s pretty much Ray Lewis-lite, which is a hall of famer, he’s a pretty good choice that I wouldn’t argue with. D-Ware’s sick, don’t get me wrong he’s probably the best pass rusher in the league, but he’s merely above average against the run. I think he’s about as good as Tuck or Cole, maybe a smidge better. Ngata’s a good candidate too.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              I think one year he had 15 attempts at him all year. The only WR I can remember eating Asomugha’s lunch is Miles Austin. Revis can be thrown on, Rivers did it a few times, Brady’s done it, and so have a few other guys. You have to be pretty fucking good to throw on Revis, but it can be done. He’s also had a much better pass rush than Asomugha ever had, the other equation in shutting down an aerial attack. I’d still take Asomugha all day and night. Also Trent Cole is pretty good too, he’s every bit as good of a pass rusher as any DE in the NFL and he’s elite against the run too.

              • He’s also had a much better pass rush than Asomugha ever had, the other equation in shutting down an aerial attack.

                You must not watch Raiders or Jets games very much. Oakland’s pass rush has generated more consistent pressure, hurries, and sacks for each of the last two years.

                The last good passrusher the Jets had was Hugh Douglas.

                • Jimmy McNulty says:

                  Calvin Pace isn’t bad…I find that hard to believe (not saying it isn’t true) but I can’t for the life of me remember the last good pass rusher the Raiders have. I know they had Richard Seymour, but I figured he was just toiling in obscurity.

    • RCA says:

      Eagles are trash. They are one Vick injury from being a has been. And since they are slurping on one another, and stupid Vince Young proclaimed them that stupid nickname, every time is going to play up to them. I can’t wait until they go ANOTHER year without a Super Bowl.

      • CMP says:

        Are Andy Reid’s 2 heroin addict sons still in jail?

        That organization is all class.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Yeah, they’re extremely easy to hate. The owner’s a prick to his players, prior to signing Vick at least, and Andy Reid is Rex Ryan with Chris Christie’s charisma. The team’s still fucking sick.

          • Pat D says:

            Actually looking forward to next offseason when they have to decide between signing Vick and signing Jackson.

            Hopefully they have to make that decision, I mean.

  150. Rich in NJ says:

    Cano’s plate coverage is incredible.

  151. teddy says:

    damm mark teix smoke that ball

  152. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Sanchez done for the year.

  153. Winston Smith says:

    Swisher looked like a fool. That doesn’t happen very often.

  154. Ivan says:

    Man that Change up was filthy.

  155. A-Rod's Hip says:

    Key at-bat that inning. A 30+ HR man wasting strikes bunting.

  156. teddy says:

    i wish hughes had that changeup, can’t blame swisher there

    • mac1 says:

      Swish was hitting .083/.323/.208 with 2 outs and RISP – 65 PA. He’s been frustrating at times this year. Two nice plays in RF today – I’m a bit conflicted as to how I feel about him this year.

  157. Melky says:

    If Hughes continues to pitch lights out, is there really no rotation spot for him?

  158. Ivan says:

    Boy I do not know WTF Hollywood be thinking these days releasing movies such as Shark Night 3D and now Apollo 18…yikes.

  159. teddy says:

    where was cano on that grounder

  160. Ivan says:

    Nice catch Swisher.

  161. Jetrer says:

    Swish wit da glove

  162. Ivan says:

    Im surprise Gardner didnt catch that.

  163. Melky says:

    Where was that pitch?

  164. Ivan says:

    Where was that pitch?

  165. teddy says:

    this home ump is awful

  166. Winston Smith says:

    Where are these pitches missing? And who cares about players’ dads? It’s not Father’s Day. Focus on the game and the players who are on the field.

  167. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:


  168. Melky says:

    Mark continues to spit on UZR (except UZR has been a bit nicer to Mark this year).

  169. Jetrer says:

    wow Tex, great play

  170. IRF says:

    Yanks flashing the leather

  171. teddy says:

    that was a sick play

  172. Rich in NJ says:


  173. Ivan says:

    Tex to UZR: Suck My Dick!!!!!

  174. MikeD says:

    Keith Hernandez says Hi, Tim.

    • CMP says:

      Wasn’t he a left handed first baseman?

      • MikeD says:

        Yes, but McCarver makes shit up constantly and says things that are wrong, so we can do the same to him!

        But you are correct. I missed the first part of his statement and I thought he was saying Tex had the greatest range of any 1B’man.

  175. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Cahil with a no no through 5 and Fox says nothing…

  176. Melky says:

    I’m sick of these full counts. Come on.

  177. Melky says:

    Hughes is a monster today. 4 IP 2H 1BB 3Ks.

    Can we get some predictions on what it would take for them to stick with him in the rotation?

    I’ll go: 7IP 3H 1BB 6ks

    • Winston Smith says:

      Nothing Hughes does today can change things. Cashman doesn’t want to admit his mistake with Burnett and Girardi will stick with him because AJ is their guy. They’ll make something up about how Phil has bullpen experience and it’ll be yet another mismanagement of our young arms.

      • Melky says:

        Everyone has their breaking point. If Hughes pitches a complete game shutout no one can justify putting him in the pen.

      • Greg says:

        If they do, they will get major flack.

        • Jetrer says:

          they already are, which lead to Cashman’s impassioned defense of AJ, which means todays start will likely make no difference

          • Greg says:

            And his defense of AJ was so ridiculous that he’s getting even more flack. When I heard his statement, I wanted Cashman gone because it was so ludicrous.

            • Jetrer says:

              I agree, but I think Cashman’s statement is proof AJ stays in the rotation, and since CC, Colon, Garcia, and Nova have all outperformed AJ this year, and Girardi said Nova isn’t pitching for his spot, that leaves only Hughes as the odd man out, regardless of merit

              • Greg says:

                Now to be fair to Brian Cashman, the Yankees are not the only team that does this.

                I look at Adam Dunn, Jason Bay and Dan Uggla, before he got hot

                • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                  2 of them are out of the pennant race. The Yankees have 5 better pitchers and are in a pennant race.

                • Jetrer says:

                  AJ was bad last year also though (horrible overall really)
                  For Dunn and Uggla, the struggles are just this year and both are adjusting to new teams
                  Bay, while certainly disappointing, has been above average (at least in wRC+) both years with the Mets, and I’m not sure the Mets have a definitely better alternative
                  Yankees have 5 potentially better alternatives, and AJ has been below average for over 1.5 years now

                  • Jetrer says:

                    just though of one other difference
                    Yankees can afford to eat AJ contract or pay him $16.5M to sit in the bullpen. The others really have to hope their guys turn things around.

          • Melky says:

            Right. They are making the decision tomorrow or Monday, though. So fresh off of any sort of shutout I don’t think they can make that call. They’d catch even more flack.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              If he pitches a CGSHO, I have this sneaking suspicion that Nova will be sent down. All of this is to make room for a shit pitcher.

              • tom says:

                With the number of pitches he’s thrown so far, a CGSHO would be very unlikely.

                The really sad thing about this is, Phil was initially put into the rotation at the expense of Joba, who had in the eyes of many established himself as a major league starter (with allowances for hitting an innings pitched limit at the end of ’09). So, if they give up on Hughes as a starter, they’ll have effectively burned two major league starters through poor decision making.

    • Jetrer says:

      I’ll go 45 IP, O ER, 72K

    • Brandon says:

      Nothing. Cashman cemented that yesterday when praising AJ. I like Cashman, but he really made a major blunder yesterday. How do you come to his defense? He really should not be in the rotation, IMO.

  178. Rich in NJ says:

    I like GB Hughes.

  179. Melky says:

    Why do I want Posada to fail so badly? It has to be my irrational longing for Jesus to be up here yesterday.

  180. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Man they’re acting like this is 2009 YS3

  181. MikeD says:

    Jorge’s lack of speed helped him there. He couldn’t get far enough off the bag to be caught.

  182. Melky says:

    FOX I just want to watch some effin’ baseball.

  183. IRF says:

    The Rays are a very likeable team

  184. Cy Pettitte says:

    can the Rays pitchers just call the game? get McCarver and Albert out of here.

  185. MikeD says:

    I’m quite sure David Price regrets picking up the headset to talk to these guys.

  186. Tex sucks says:

    Thank you Hellickson for making us endure this torture.

  187. teddy says:

    every line is getting caught for both teams

  188. MikeD says:

    Stunned silence from the FOX Broadcast team, which flips frantically through game notes wondering who Niemann is.

  189. teddy says:

    where was that

  190. Cy Pettitte says:

    I want to be that kid.

  191. Winston Smith says:

    Phil finally gets a call from this awful ump.

  192. Naved says:

    King PHILTHY is saying **** AJ

  193. MikeD says:

    Hughes is not impressing me. I think he needs to be demoted to the AA bullpen.

    /sarcasm (adding just in case).

  194. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:


  195. IRF says:

    Vintage Hughes

  196. Cy Pettitte says:

    straight Philthy

  197. Monteroisdinero says:

    Phil’s changeup lives!! and his curve and fb are good today as well.

    The plot thickens.

  198. CMP says:

    Hughes maintaining his velocity through 5. Very good sign.

  199. bobtaco says:

    shades of the Phrancise moniker?

  200. Mike Axisa says:

    I can’t wait for Hughes’ stuff to play up in the bullpen next week.

  201. Winston Smith says:

    If this poor kid is sent down to the pen after a start like this then I’ve given up on hoping that management has improved its ability to handle young pitchers. Joba and Hughes have been so mismanaged, it’s time for Cashman to admit he made a mistake and banish AJ to the pen.

  202. Cy Pettitte says:

    should be entertaining to see how they spin putting Phil in the pen and AJ in the rotation

    • Winston Smith says:

      AJ’s our guy. Phil has experience in the pen.

    • RCA says:

      Why can’t they make up an injury and put AJ on the 600-day DL, they did it to Marte and Igawa and every other overpaid Yankee that has come through. They can see he has been diagnosed with a case of bitch-assness. How is Posada gonna take it that they bench him for lack of performance but continue to let softee AJ pitch despite him not winning a game since JUNE and not winning in August since becoming a Yankee. Its hypocritical and lends to the theory that Cashman and Girardi just do not like Posada.

  203. Contagion: Because we’re betting that you would have liked Outbreak better if it starred Matt Damon instead of Dustin Hoffman.

    In theaters and IMAX September 8th.

  204. Cy Pettitte says:


    still not a home run hitter though.

  205. jon says:

    ohhhh curtis youre something sorta MPVish

  206. Ivan says:

    Granderson is a Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That one dedicated to the “lovely wife”

  208. bobtaco says:


  209. Brandon says:

    Curtis Granderson=beast.

  210. CMP says:

    Damn, it looked like he hit that off the handle.

  211. A-Rod's Hip says:

    Interesting. A 30 HR guy swinging works out better than a 30 HR guy bunting. Odd.

  212. Cy Pettitte says:

    didn’t McCarver almost just say “this ties Jose Canseco?”

  213. Winston Smith says:

    AL MVP Curtis Granderson

  214. Tom says:

    Is it that these network guys think the audience finds baseball GAMES themselves boring? and for that reason have these human interest interviews with guys like the pitcher’s father or those Rays’ players, interviews that come up while the Yankees are at bat and cause a kind of visual distraction? I had to turn them off.

    • Andrew518 says:

      History has continually shown that what fans wants and what fox *thinks* fans want is very different.

      At least there is no blury thing over the ball to help us see it.

      and the baseball broadcast has less robotic animations.

  215. Cy Pettitte says:

    almost got lazy dominican’d

  216. Brandon says:

    Hopefully since Hal is in the house for this one, he’ll override Cashman on this. Hughes has been very good his last 2 starts. AJ has been very shitty his last 2 starts and below average before them. Last season, AJ was very shitty and Hughes was very good.

    • ItsATarp says:

      Hugh was very good in the first half…He was as bad as AJ in the second half

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        No, he wasn’t very good, but he wasn’t AJ-bad. He had a great start against the Red Sox and also won the clinching ALDS game.

        • tom says:

          It amazes me how people have blotted those two games out. The RS game was quite important — it avoided a sweep that would have let Boston get unnervingly close in the last week or so. And he was stellar against the Twins.

          Even his last game against Texas looks worse as a line than it might have — Girardi had him intentionally walk Hamilton with two outs. Hughes then, to his discredit gave up a double, but DRob came in and gave up a home run, so it looked like one big clusterfuck. But Phil himself could only be really faulted for two of the four base runners.

      • Jetrer says:

        Hugh was very good in the first half … He wasn’t nearly as good in the second half, but still much better than AJ.
        Hughes ERA by half 2010 3.65 first/ 4.90 second
        AJ – 4.75 first/ 5.95 second
        But AJ was better than Hughes in April this year, so healthy AJ>>>>injured Hughes

    • Isn’t whomever gets demoted still going to just return to the rotation two weeks from now for the Orioles doubleheader?

      Aren’t we all jumping the gun a bit on the angst that A.J. Burnett hasn’t been dragged out behind the barn and shot like a dog yet? The 6 man rotation will be back soon, at least for a turn minimum; possibly more.

      Let’s see what happens.

  217. teddy says:

    the runs don’t show, but yanks rocked rocked jeremy

  218. Brandon says:

    MLB Gameday: Brandon Gomes replaces Jeremy Hellickson. Brandon Gomes replaces Brandon Gomes.

    Wow, MLB, wow.

    Before anyone asks, I have Gameday on to check velocities, and # of pitches since Fox doesnt know how to show number of pitches.

    • MikeD says:

      Yes, and that’s exactly what happened. It’s part of an amazing marketing promotion for FOX’s new time-traveling series Terra Nova.

  219. Cy Pettitte says:

    this broadcast has basically become the Fox baseball variety hour.

  220. Maddon changed his glasses mid-game.

    What, was that the top-half-of-the-game pair, and this is the bottom-half pair?

  221. Mike Axisa says:

    Vintage Yankees today. Long at-bats, no easy innings.

  222. Michael Mirabella says:

    Georgie JUICED one

  223. Cy Pettitte says:


  224. teddy says:


  225. Tex sucks says:


  226. sangreal says:


  227. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Who here saw that coming.

  228. Rich in NJ says:


  229. RCA says:

    Georgie juiced one!!! Ahhhh

  230. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    and that could be Jorge’s last HR in pinstripes…wow.

  231. bobtaco says:

    Turn Back the Clock Day™ for Jorge…

  232. Brandon says:

    Who is this man an what has he done with Jorge Posada?

  233. CMP says:

    Curtain call baby

  234. Andrew518 says:

    Do I smell a Yankees Classic.

    Oh yes I do…Oh yes I do.

    what a beautiful game baseball can be.

  235. Winston Smith says:

    Jorge says fuck you Girardi! He’s not done yet!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Ivan says:

    Posada is performing like a pissed off old player who want to prove to everybody he isnt done yet (even though he is)

  237. Wow says:

    Jorge let’s his bat do all the talking. Bench that!

    Jorge to the rotation!!!!1!!!

  238. Rich in NJ says:

    If only he could catch for like a month or two.

  239. Pasqua says:

    I could not be happier for that man. One for ol’ time’s sake, Jorge!

  240. Greg says:

    Just needed a bit of a push

  241. V says:

    I have a feeling Montero ain’t coming up til September now.

  242. MikeD says:

    And somewhere down in AAA, a tear forms at the eye of Jesus Montero.

    • Rich in NJ says:

      Still need a RH DH.

      • MikeD says:

        I know. It makes no difference, although there are some here who do think Jorge is holding down Montero. He’s not, beyond the fact he takes up a roster spot.

      • Jetrer says:

        Jones is doing just fine at that
        vs. LHP .870 OPS/ .380 wOBA/ 140 wRC+

        • Rich in NJ says:

          Is Jones worth giving Montero a shot to start adjusting to the ML? I don’t think so.

          • Jetrer says:

            just saying RH DH really isn’t a need right now, and will be even less of a need when ARod comes back

            • Rich in NJ says:

              August: .400 .538 .500 1.038

              Yeah, if he keeps that up, but they really need to start looking at the big picture, which is also why Hughes has to stay in the rotation.

              • Jetrer says:

                I agree, but Montero is only 21, if it doesn’t happen until september call ups, no big deal, unless they think he has a legit to take over for Martin as catcher this year, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

  243. Dela G says:

    Jorgie juiced one!

  244. Michael Mirabella says:

    Wow I called it

  245. Cuso says:

    Why is noone happier than Derek, Kenny Albert?


  246. blazing fastball says:

    Positively fucking Ruthian

  247. Cy Pettitte says:

    they’re really hanging Gomes out there.

  248. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    So the Rays give up DJ3K and what could be Jorge’s last HR in pinstripes.

  249. Cuso says:

    Is Hellickson curled up in his ‘binkie?’ WTF?!

  250. The Mick says:

    Maybe the Yankees should piss off Jorge every week!

  251. CMP says:

    That was a long half inning. Hopefully Hughes can keep it going.

  252. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    It looks like this is another game that Girardi will go with Ayala over Noesi.

  253. Mike Axisa says:

    That’s it, send Hughes to the pen!

  254. Cy Pettitte says:

    Phuck. that half inning was too long.

  255. Chip says:

    Ugh, he really hung that one

  256. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Meh…finish seven strong Phil.

  257. Greg says:

    There goes his chance at the rotation.

  258. teddy says:

    desmond jenning good at baseball.

    shutdown inning

  259. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    So does the fact that Hughes gave up a run mean he’s lost his rotation spot?

  260. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Ugh…Hughes is starting to lose it here…he still needs to build up his stamina, WHICH CAN’T BE DONE FROM THE FUCKING BULLPEN

  261. Andrew518 says:

    Swisher-esque dive ill advised…

    focus Phil.

  262. Chip says:

    David Robertson did well, I’m impressed

  263. CMP says:

    Gardy Missed that ball by 10 feet.WTF.

  264. jon says:

    drobs wife is SMOKING hot

  265. Tex sucks says:

    Damn D-Rob that’s how you’re doing it man?

  266. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    E-Rob ftw

  267. Cuso says:

    Get Hector up

  268. Reggie C. says:

    Mrs. Robertson is hot. Good voice too.

  269. Tex sucks says:

    Tim McCarver is about to pull a Joe Namath in the booth.

  270. Cy Pettitte says:

    stop showing Phil and D-Rob, more E-Rob.

  271. jon says:

    lol just crashed

  272. Jorge says:

    I love a good RAB Negative-Nancy-narrative-busting game like this.

  273. Jimmy McNulty says:

    How many swinging strikes for Phil?

  274. Okay, way to settle after those hiccups. I’ll take it.

  275. Greg says:

    96 pitches through 6 innings.

  276. Ivan says:

    I think Hughes can go one more inning I say.

  277. CMP says:

    Erin, did I mention that I know Bob Gibson? Also we’re sponsored by Viagra.

    /Tim McCarvered

  278. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Tex you stat-padder

  279. Tex sucks says:

    Anudder run scored for Grandy.

    Anudder hit for Tex even though he sucks.

  280. MikeD says:

    So is the consensus-non-MVP, CFer Curtis Granderson now leading the league in runs scored, RBIs and HRs?

  281. Charles says:

    Anyone notice that all the Yankee wives are smoking hot? Anyone ever seen an ugly baseball wife?

  282. CMP says:

    Grandy didn’t look too good rounding 3rd base there. I think he needs to consult with Bobby Valentine.

  283. Charles says:

    Did McCarver just suggest that Nunez is a better defender than A-Rod? Lol?

  284. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Weak Hughes getting taken out…

  285. Cy Pettitte says:

    Cory now? just put in Noesi

  286. Jetrer says:

    Hughes 2 runs or less in 5 of 6 starts since coming off DL
    Clearly more useful as The Sixth Inning Guy
    AJ meanwhile hasn’t help an opponent to 2 runs or less since June 29

  287. Winston Smith says:

    You pitched great kid, now get down to that bullpen to waste away. Please dust off Noesi while you’re at it, we may need him next week.

  288. Brandon says:

    In Hughes’ last inning, he had the same velocity he did all game. He was sitting 91-93. His first pitch in the 6th was 89. That was his lowest. But after that, he was 91-92.

  289. jon says:

    looks like novas headed for AAA

    • Brandon says:

      You havent been paying attention recently. Girardi said Nova pitched his way off the bubble. Hughes has also, and it would have looked even harder to take him out if not for that rain in Chicago. AJ Burnett has in everyones mind pitched his way on to the bubble and out of the rotation, but the only mind that matters gave him praise yesterday.

      • jon says:

        AJ isnt going anywhere cashman made that clear

        its nova or hughes

        and based on their last games its going to be nova going to AAA

        • Brandon says:

          Girardi said Nova is not going anywhere. And Nova was pretty good his last outing besides the last inning.

        • Jorge says:

          If he was, he’d be back up in three weeks. Not a huge deal. I think they won’t screw around this time. I actually think AJ is sent to work his issues out in the bullpen.

  290. jon says:

    lol david price argyle onesie like a bause

  291. I like how FOX has apparently assembled a team of hundreds of researchers to unearth every possible biographical factoid about all 33 members of the Rays active roster and coaching staff.

    Have they said anything non-game-related at all about the Yankees today? Anything?

  292. You know what else, Tim? Not only is Zambrano a world-class jerk and a selfish asshole who quits on his team and throws temper tantrums and is a general shit, I hear he has conversations with the opposing first baseman when he gets on base.

    Conversations of substance.

  293. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hector Noesi is rotting

  294. Mike Axisa says:

    This really is unbelievable. Why couldn’t Noesi soak up these last three innings?

  295. Greg says:

    Didn’t Noesi warm up yesterday? That counts according to some people on this board.

  296. Greg says:

    Tim, wouldn’t you rather be ahead of Babe Ruth? That might carry more weight?

  297. mike c says:

    kenny albert has been a pleasant change from buck

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Voice inflection-an amazing attribute for a play by play announcer.

    • Carl says:

      I thought he’d be tolerable. Most certainly a much better option than hoarse-voiced Buck, and with the familiarity from the NFL on FOX, Rangers hockey on 1050 ESPN, and as backup to Mike Breen for the Knicks on MSG.

  298. Jesse says:

    I’m really praying that either Hughes is in the rotation or starting in AAA. I’m sick of him in the bullpen. just fucking stupid. 3 straight quality starts and he’ll probably get demoted. Fuck you A.J Burnett, fuck you.

  299. blazing fastball says:

    flash in the pan

  300. Greg says:

    He’s in

  301. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Oh so Noesi is alive after all….

  302. Bronx Byte says:

    Nice if Burnett could have a Zambrano outburst, punch a wall and SEE YA !

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