2011 Draft: Yankees will not sign 36th rounder Ryan Thompson

The AL MVP race
Game 118: Jorge's Return

Via Kevin Gray, the Yankees will not sign 36th round pick Ryan Thompson, with the right-hander saying “we were pretty far apart.” Thompson, a draft-eligible sophomore out of Franklin Pierce, was not a 36th round talent. The former UConn Huskie throws his sinker in the 89-92 mph range and backs it up with a slider and a changeup. He has a starter’s build and some projection left (6-foot-3, 190 lbs.), and he held his velocity deep into games. Thompson was expected to go somewhere in the 5th-8th round range and I was a fan, seems like a guy that could take some big steps forward with pro instruction (like a David Phelps). Alas, the price was was apparently not right.

The AL MVP race
Game 118: Jorge's Return
  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    So this undoubtedly means that he will sign with the Red Sox and lead them to 5 world series wins.

    • Pants Lendelton

      Or become trade bait for them when Hoyer hands Maybin to them after Ellsbury signs elsewhere when he hits F.A

    • Gonzo

      No, it means he will be the #1 pick next year and the Astros will trade him to the Phillies in 4-6 years.

      Then he will lead the Phils to a World Series.

      • Shuffle Cards for fun

        Duh, winning

  • Joe

    Did anyone else see Dante Bichete’s twitter post today?
    It said:

    “Everybody please take a moment to pray for my teammate Ravel Santana. He suffered a brutal ankle injury today.”

    Too bad, kid was really starting to hit. Anyone get any information on this? I was hoping to see Ravel in SI before the end of the season. Hope it is not career threatening

    • Pants Lendelton

      Yeah that happened in the 7th inning today I believe

      Sucks to since he hit his 9th homerun of the season earlier in that same game.

  • http://baseballinalberta.blogspot.com Ruben

    Don’t blame him. He has much better potential that that of a 36th round pick. Check out some of his achievements already: my article