Injury Updates: A-Rod & Feliciano

This week's annotated box score
Open Thread: Joe DiMaggio, in stamp form

The latest from Tampa…

  • Alex Rodriguez continued to increase the intensity of his workouts today, taking 57 swings in a situational hitting batting practice session. There’s still no firm timetable for his return, but there’s a chance he’ll start a minor league rehab assignment this Friday and I have no reason to suspect that’s changed after today.
  • Pedro Feliciano, remember him? He has resumed throwing bullpens after his latest setback and might actually be able to throw batting practice sometime next week. I’ll believe it when I see it, even though I won’t see it and will have to instead rely on people that did see it to tell me it actually happened.
This week's annotated box score
Open Thread: Joe DiMaggio, in stamp form
  • Nick

    Well, Feliciano is a drag, but at least Cashman realized he made a mistake and traded for Randy Choate.

    • Xstar7

      My hindsight is 20/20, but I really wish Cashman had gotten Choate in the offseason. He eats lefties alive.

      • YankeesJunkie

        Agreed, but multi year contracts for relievers are bad in general, unless it is Mariano.

  • Cam

    Any update on Marte?

    • Jerome S.

      The grave

  • vin

    It’s been beaten to death, but what’s the corresponding roster move for Alex and what happens after that? My guesses:

    Noesi for Alex
    6 man rotation either through August or until Alex returns, with the loser (probably Phil) taking Hector’s spot in the pen.
    Chavez & Jones will get a shot at DHing until Alex returns, but we knew that.
    Jorge will rot on the bench… no phantom DL.
    Banuelos and Montero won’t get called up before the rosters expand.

    Also, I just want Feliciano to be healthy for next year.

    • YankeesJunkie

      Six man rotation is still my biggest pet peeve with the team right now. Yankees could option Hughes today and call him up for the double header three weeks from now. Nova has earned a spot on the rotation for now, even though in a perfect world AJ is odd man out though he is making 16 million. The biggest problem though with the lineup especially a couple weeks from now is you will basically have three players that are mainly DH (Jones, Chavez, and Posada) and Nunez will be the back up.

      • Cuso

        once Sept 1st comes around and the rosters expand, the 3 dh thing won’t matter. so basically, it will just be a problem for 5-7 days.

        Posada won’t be making the ALDS roster in all likelihood. And if they make it past the ALDS, they’ll “worry” about it then.

  • Mike R. – Retire 21

    Any chance that Romero’s is related to Feliciano’s step forward?

    • radnom

      Probably has more to do with already existing roster number crunch. I would hope the Yankees are smart enough not to take any future production this season from Feliciano as a given at this point.

  • Jonathan

    I really hope ARod is back by 8/15 so I can see him in KC. The last time he wasn’t in KC was the start of ’09 and I saw a lineup of:


    Keep in mind that’s the start of the season and well before Gardner/Cano/Swisher became what we know of them today and Matsui was hurt. It’s the worst Yankee lineup i’ve seen in person ever. And Pena played for Jeter the day before so it could have been even worse. If he goes on a rehab assignment on the 12th and plays 3 days he should be back.