Joba Update: Three surgeries and weight loss

Minor Notes: Montero, Quintana, Affiliates
Game 122: Joe Mauer, Right Fielder

Via Erik Boland & Marc Carig: Joba Chamberlain has “clearly lost weight” and is ahead of scheduled as he rehabs from Tommy John surgery. He’ll resume throwing in a few weeks, and a mid-April return is possible. That would be ten months out of the surgery, which is pretty aggressive. Joba’s with the team in Minnesota this week(end), but just for a visit.

Aside from the elbow surgery, Chamberlain also had his appendix taken out and had to spend another two weeks in the hospital due to infection. “I had three surgeries in 25 days,” he said. I’ll be surprised if he comes back in April, but it’s good hear he’s recovering well.

Minor Notes: Montero, Quintana, Affiliates
Game 122: Joe Mauer, Right Fielder
  • Regis

    I miss the big guy. Mo, D-Rob, Soriano and an effective Joba would have made some pen.

    • BigBlueAL

      They already have some pen even w/o Joba.

  • Your mom

    I’m waiting for the obligatory Joba to return as a starter comment. . . . . . oops.

    • Chen Meng Wang

      Here you go then =P

      When I saw the title of the article I thought why not give him a chance to come back as a starter? With the way TJS goes these days it’s seems pitchers are coming back stronger than before they went under the knife. The free agent market for pitching this off season anyway, and the only starters we officially have under contract for next season are Hughes, Burnett, and Nova. So give him a couple of spring training starts and if he works out awesome, if not he’s shown he’s a very useful bullpen arm anyway..just an idea.

      • Chen Meng Wang

        EDIT*the free agent market for pitching this of season ***SUCKS*** anyway

  • Your mom

    So what was the 3rd surgery? Tummy tuck?

    • Champagne_whores

      Ok i loled

  • Cuso

    I was a dick last night.

    I apologize.

    I just don’t like Swisher.

    • Champagne_whores

      Swisher needs to hit in the playoffs this year or he needs to be replaced.

      • nick2slick

        FALSE. Making roster decisions based on 15-20 PA’s out of 700 would be foolish.

      • jsbrendog

        can we replace you ?

  • CP

    Another appendectomy?!?! The Yankees really need to fire their appendix coach and hire a new one.

    • jsbrendog

      obv the strength and conditioning coach’s fault

    • Jamie

      I know, right? Why do the Yankees lead all other franchises in all time appendectomies?

  • Short Porch

    Three surgeries, including an appendectomy, and an infection that kept him in the hospital nine days, is really a great formula for weight loss. Skim milk, Brussels sprouts, jello instead of a six of beer and nachos on the training table. The weight must have melted off.

    Now if he could get serious about conditioning like I must say Melky did, he could come back strong. I am rooting for that.

    • Rainbow Connection

      “Now if he could get serious about conditioning like I must say Melky did, he could come back strong. I am rooting for that.”

      Just like CC, right?

      • Short Porch

        Glad you pointed that out. He looks like he gained the thirty pounds he dropped after knee surgery, judging from what he looked like on the mound tonight.

        He dropped the weight to take pressure off his legs. Leiter I think noticed his stride is shorter now and its messing with his control.

        So yeah, just like CC.

        As though his girth gives every fat guy a free pass. Sorry, that is NOT a healthy body and it will affect his performance in the coming years unless he deals with it.

        • Colombo

          David Wells says “What up?”

          • Short Porch

            And the rap on Wells will always be ‘what might he have been with a little more conditioning?’ 239 wins is nothing to sneeze at.

  • MannyB ace2be

    Why couldn’t joba come back as a starter? Im just asking I don’t necessarily want that but if he worked on his non slider off speed pitches well ya never know

    • nathan

      but he is the 8th inning guy

    • jon

      god willing

      though who knows whats going on with his shoulder

  • Midland TX

    Let’s talk about it again at Spring Training 2013 if he’s still with the team.