Yankees drop opener to Angels in stupid fashion

Montero homers in SWB win
Yankees have some interest in Arthur Rhodes

I don’t think there’s another way to describe this loss. Just stupid. Way too much stupid going on. Stupid.


I like Curtis Granderson, I think we all do. He’s having a huge year, he’s a likable guy, there’s very little about him not to like. But I’m sorry, that play to end the game was quite literally the stupidest play I’ve seen by a Yankee this season.

They were down two with men at first and third with two outs, and Mark Teixeira (seven homers in his previous 17 games, second most homers in baseball) was at the plate … how the frickin’ frack do you get caught in a rundown between first and second on the old fake to third, go to first pickoff move? I understand you want to get in scoring position so a single ties the game, but good grief, you have to let one of your best hitters swing the bat. They stepped off and tried that play how many times? Take the hint and let the closer that was asking for trouble have it.

Physical mistakes are one thing, but mental mistakes like that bug the crap out of me. It’s just awful. I can’t … I can’t even get my head around the stupidity. I mean, even Eduardo Nunez‘s steal after the leadoff walk was sketchy. Who knows if the Yankees would have won the game had Curtis stayed at first (probably not), but at least give your best homerun hitter a chance to do his thing, don’t take the bat right out of hands. Sheesh. Inexcusable, completely inexcusable.


WWWMW™ Part Deux

We dealt with this earlier in the season, and unfortunately it’s back for an encore. What’s Wrong With Mo Week™ is back in full effect after Mariano Rivera gave up a go-ahead two-run homer to Bobby Abreu in the top of the ninth, a 3-1 cutter on the inner third that really didn’t cut. There will be panic in the streets in the morning after Sunday’s blown save and this game, but I don’t worry about Mo. He’s come out of these rough stretches so many times before that I refuse to dwell on it or even give it a second thought. He’ll be fine, don’t worry.

Stupid Sixth Inning

Stupid hair. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

You guys (and gals) remember Game Four of the ALCS last year? Burnett was putting together a solid outing, giving the Yankees exactly what they needed, but later in his start he was ordered to intentionally walk David Murphy and then the next batter (Bengie Molina) hit a back-breaking three-run homer on a fastball that missed its spot by feet. It was supposed to be down and away, and it ended up belt high on the inner third, right in Bengie’s wheelhouse. The sixth inning meltdown in this game followed a similar script, but obviously the stakes were much lower.

Burnett had shut the Angels down for the first five innings, wiggling out of a few jams but nothing too ridiculous. Bobby Abreu hit a game tying solo homer to lead off the sixth, but one solo homer in five plus innings isn’t the end of the world in my book. After Torii Hunter flew out to right, Mark Trumbo drew a walk and moved to second on Vernon Wells’ deep fly ball. With two outs in the inning and his pitch count approaching 100, Burnett was ordered to intentionally walk Maicer Izturis (Maicer Izturis!), who was 2-for-2 to that point. I hate intentional walks in close games, but I suppose bringing Peter Bourjos to the plate wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Didn’t like it, not really up for arguing about it.

Much like that ALCS game, Burnett was left in to face the next hitter. One of these days I’ll do a study on pitchers who are left in after an intentional walk, and I’m willing to bet their walk rate to the next batter is way high compared to their career mark. Anyway, Burnett walked Bourjos to load the bases, then Jeff Mathis (Jeff Mathis!) clubbed a two-run double to give the Angels the lead. I didn’t think it was a terrible pitch, a curveball down in the zone that Mathis golfed to left-ish center. But still, it’s Jeff Mathis. Bourjos came around to score the fourth run on a wild pitch, which effectively ended Burnett’s evening.

I mean, not for nothing, but Joe Girardi had a shorter leash on Burnett in Chicago with what, a six or seven run lead? But no, let’s try to squeeze a few more hitters out of him with a fully rested bullpen after the intentional walk in a tie game. /facepalm


Granderson ended the game with that dumb baserunning play, but he did hit a solo homer in the bottom of the first to open the scoring, so that’s good. The Yankees also built a two-out, game-tying rally in the bottom of the seventh via a Russell Martin double, Eduardo Nunez single (Martin scored), Brett Gardner single, and Derek Jeter two-run single. Robinson Cano singled, Eric Chavez ground-rule doubled and walked, then was replaced by pinch-hitter Andruw Jones, who singled. That’s pretty much the extent of the offense.

More bang-up bullpen work from Cory Wade and David Robertson, who combined to whiffed four of the seven men they faced. Wade really should have been in there after the intentional walk, but whatever. Not in the mood to harp on that stupidness.

Abreu had four (!!!) homeruns on the season coming into the series, so naturally he hit two in the first game. /facepalm

The Yankees have now lost three in a row, all to their two biggest competitors (at the moment). They’re still six full games up in the wildcard though, which is a pretty nice lead to have with less than 50 games to play.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings

I’m usually very good about closing the book on a game (win or lose) and looking ahead to the next one, but screw this. This stupid loss will stick with me tonight. Completely sucks. MLB.com has the stupid box score and stupid video highlights, FanGraphs some other stupid stuff, and ESPN the stupid updated standings.

Up Next

Ivan Nova will try to continue to show that he deserves all the praise he’s been getting lately in the second game of this series on Tuesday night. Rookie right-hander Garrett Richards will make his MLB debut for the Angels, straight outta Double-A.

Montero homers in SWB win
Yankees have some interest in Arthur Rhodes
  • Karl Krawfid

    I’m not watching another game until Montero gets called up.

    Good. Night.

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      We all want Montero to be called up, but this is uncalled for.

      His absence was NOT the source of the Yanks woes.

      • Complainer

        Um, I’m no math whiz, but if he were playing for the Yankees last night, the two-run homer he hit at AAA instead would’ve made up the difference, so it would’ve at least gone to extra innings. Come on, man, keep up! :)

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      I’ll set the over under of games you’ll miss because of that at 0.5 and i’ll take the under.

    • steven

      we protest watching yankee games and spending money on them until he gets called up!

    • bonestock94

      There’s a huge chance Montero would suck this year at both sides of the plate.

      • Avi

        “There’s a huge chance Montero would suck this year at both sides of the plate.”

        LET’S FIND OUT.
        It’s total nonsense that he’s still in the minors.

        • bonestock94

          It doesn’t seem absurd to wait until a prospect is hot and overpowering their league to promote them, it seems like many teams do it that way. He hasn’t really done that this year, a 113 wRC+ is nothing to write home about.

          • Rip

            Really? Montero, a rookie who’s having a meh year in AAA is your savior? I could somewhat understand if you were crying for Banuelos, but Montero? Seriously?

            Please do stop watching.

  • Kevin

    A pitcher we’ve never seen before?! GOd help us.

  • http://deleted Total Dominication

    You know who wouldn’t get caught in a rundown? Jesus Montero.

    • cnight_ithaca

      He did get picked off first after he was intentionally walked in extra innings tonight though…

      • woodysweats


    • Mister Delaware

      He got picked off tonight.

      • MannyGeee

        true, but a pickoff is NOT a rundown!


  • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

    Every team has these. Doesn’t make it feel better, but I mean look at the Red Sox early in the season.

    Also, 1926 World Series ended on a caught stealing (by Babe motherfucking Ruth!). That’s a mile above all game stupidity I’ll ever see.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      I remember that. Darnell McDonald got picked of rounding second, or straying off second, i dont remember. but it was a 1-0 game in the 9th inning. so we’re even.

      • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

        I wouldn’t think of it like that. “Stupid” is a very hard thing to quantify in baseball, but it’s important to know every team has a boatload of it. Mostly in the form of managers.

  • YankeesJunkie

    Poll Question of the night:

    Will get Garrett Richards throw

    A. 3 hit shutout
    B. No hitter
    C. Perfect Game
    D. Perfect Game with 23 Ks
    E. All of the Above

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

      All of the above, and it’s not even close.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      F. Perfect Game with 27 Ks

      • IRF

        With 81 pitches of course.

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7


        • FIPster Doofus

          Steve Nebraska.

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      He will kill Mark Teixeira. With his bare hands.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      How can he throw a perfect game AND a THREE hit shutout at the same time? That would be absolutely incredible if he did that.

      • http://Www.or.ly JM

        He’ll get the three his himself.

  • Mister Delaware

    Stupid recap, Mike.

  • Cy Pettitte

    there should be an RAB caption contest for the AJ picture

  • stuart a

    aj gets a leash like he is a real pitcher. he is not. he almost always f-cks up. he is a mental case. any sign of trouble I take him out…..

    how the yanks keep him around is head shaking. he is a bad pitcher and a meathead…………

    mo, who knows what is up with that. I was thinking after the 7th, go with soriano in the 8th and robertson in the 9th with a tie game. I understand mo in the game, 5 straight cutters inside, abreu did not have to guess it was coming and he hit it..

    i despise burnett more then any yankee in a long long time. he just has no clue. he is 33 or older and so clueless it is amazing. his postgame comments are almost always ridiculous…..

    how the yankee management can hamstung this team by using him and jorge is head shaking. they have a 3 player bench and are using 6 starters and refuse to skip or demote aj……………

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      I find that the number of elipses a person uses is inversely proportional to the baseball IQ of their comments.

      • MannyGeee


      • Sam P.

        It’s good to know you’ve got the insult comebacks perfected, Jerome. You’re really on fire in this comment section.

    • jay h

      it’s good to know your hindsight is 20/20

  • stuart a

    grandersons post game comments were silly to me. yes tex hitting a 3 run bomb is a very low probability but really gambling to that level is reckless….

    aj at the end of the day still gave up 4 runs in 6 innings for him a long outing. aj with his standard wild pitch and giving big hits to bad batters…

    the guy is under 500, on a team 23 or 24 games above 500.. and girardi keeps running him out there……..

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      You can keep bitching about AJ. You’re not alone. But you gotta get over it, we’re stuck with him.

    • Mister Delaware

      “yes tex hitting a 3 run bomb is a very low probability …”

      Thing is, the odds weren’t even “very low”. He hits a HR when batting with men on base every 12.2 PAs this season.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      There’s 16.5 million reasons why Girardi keeps running him out there.

      • Dale Mohorcic

        I would like to play poker with anyone that believes this justification is sound.

        • Greg

          Look at Adam Dunn. Why is he still being put in the lineup?

    • Karl Krawfid

      Grandy should have said, “Yall know Tex was gonna hit a pop up anyway.”

      Then walked away.

      • 7commerce

        Tex, “King of the Pop-up.” Grandy made colossal screw up.

  • YankeesJunkie

    I was really disappointed by the turnout at the Brooklyn Bridge mass suicide after Sunday’s loss to the Red Sox. So tonight I say we all gather at Time Square and we fuck shit up like they are doing in London. If you are smart you will bring bats, crow bars, explosive, and probably a few fire arms. Lets show those Brit what a real riot looks like and since we are doing it for a just cause, the Yankees fucking sucking, I expect passion when we walk back to our houses with the massive TV from Times Square. So just meet up near the ESPN Zone around 3 am EST and we will get this show on the road. Also I know a good vendor down street which I will be dining at half an before the meet up where I will promptly throw a Molotov cocktail at the stand.

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      I was suggesting we dynamite YS3.

      • YankeesJunkie

        Great idea just as long we can loot all the awesome booze and other valuables at the stadium.

        • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

          Then we murder Mike Scioscia.

          • YankeesJunkie


          • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

            We’ll make it a slow death. First we’ll waterboard him, then we’ll make him sit through the entire first season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

            • Pat D

              She saw this coming, didn’t ya hear?

          • Chen Meng Wang
          • NEPA Yankee

            You can’t get to Scioscia, he’s an Uber Genius who will always be 6 steps ahead of you. Your diabolical plan is doomed to failure due to the extreme size of his intellect. Best of luck anyway though.

  • stuart a

    the yanks are not stuck with aj. the ychoose to be stuck with him. this is 6 weeks of zero wins after not winning a game last august.

    do you see a trend here???

    the yanks can bury aj and do not need to use him. waive him. no 1 pick him up who cares. you cannot keep throwing that guy out there…….

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.


    • FIPster Doofus

      Easier said than done when it’s not your money. The Yankees still owe Burnett over $33 million if I’m not mistaken. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately.

    • MannyGeee

      your narrative is straight off the pages of ESPN.com.

      for what its worth, the team had 5 innings to give AJ a lead to work with, he lost the ‘win’ on a line drive thats an out in any other stadium. in the first inning there were three swings. one was a helicopter whiff by Gardner, the second was a homerun, and the third swing was a warning track shot. they hit Haren hard early, they had the opportunity to do more.

      not being an AJ apologist, but if he had 0 ER and like 4 hits through 5IP. he did his thing (until he didn’t, of course).

    • will

      You are an idiot.

      In 6 of the 7 starts since Burnett’s last win, he’s allowed 3 or 4 runs. Those are winnable games for the Yankees, they just aren’t hitting in most of his starts.

      Also, glad someone finally admitted that AJ is their most hated Yankee of the last 20 years. It’s not just you, it’s basically the entire fan base and most of the media, and it is RIDICULOUS. Luckily, the people running the team are smarter than you, otherwise we’d see Kei Igawa starting every 6 days.

    • Mike

      Waive him? If anyone claimed AJ Burnett off waivers, it would be the best franchise moment since the 2009 WS. They are stuck with him. Maybe he goes into the pen for the playoffs and they keep him out of the rotation, but there’s no way he is going to another team.

  • Tipsie

    My biggest problem was leaving Burnett in to finish the 6th. For what? So he could earn a victory if the game was still tied and the Yanks scored in the bottom half? He doesn’t deserve that right. You thank him for the miracle 5 2/3 he gave you (approaching 100 pitches), and you get him out of there, maximizing your chance to win. Pitch to Izturis with Wade, or if you walk him (agree, stupid), bring in Wade to get you out of it. The situation mirrored the ALCS Game 4 very closely. That game, of course, cost them the best chance to go to the WS.

  • Rich in NJ

    I think IBBing Izturis was bizarre, to say the least, as well.

    • JohnnyC

      So you’re saying you wouldn’t rather pitch to Peter Bourjos and Jeff Mathis?

      • Rich in NJ

        To me, it was about not putting another runner on base.

        • MannyGeee

          exactly. especially when Izturis is not a ‘big bat’. ESPECIALLY when AJ had trouble getting strikes after the HR.

          • will

            Plus, it’s not like Izturis killed the ball in his previous at bats. He hit two groundball singles. A third in that spot would have still resulted in Bourjos being up with 2 on and 2 outs. Odd move.

    • JT

      Having a guy like AJ Burnett, who already has control issues, purposely throw 4 balls is just asking for trouble.

      It always seems like the intentional walk never works in our favor, at least not with AJ on the mound.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Boy it sounds like I picked a good game to miss. I can only imagine what Matt had to say… But since i didn’t see it I’m not pissed about it. And that that Grandy caption made my day!

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

    I’m actually kinda glad A.J got lit up tonight, because it further proves my prediction that he’ll be off the postseason roster or at least a mop up guy, but i’d rather have Noesi. I’ve been behind this guy up until his start against the White Sox. He’s garbage to me now, and I called it on the game thread that he would blow up. I was right on the money, although I’m not trying to sound like I deserve credit or anything. I just hope CC, Colon, Garcia, Nova, and Hughes all pitch lights out the rest of the way and A.J sucks every time out so he looks even more like a scrub. I can’t stand A.J Burnett. I’m going to burn my A.J Burnett T-shirt I got a few years ago. What a waste of $20. What a waste of $82.5 million or whatever the hell they paid this clown to be the number two. 2009 is over, he hasn’t done shit since.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      God, I’m so pissed at A.J right now I’m going to make a Facebook “like” page that is titled “I hate A.J Burnett”. Once I make it i’ll put the link of it on here if Axisa approves. He’s probably in bed by now but if he blocks it I apologize.

      • Troll Killer

        Pipe down. Noesi has not proven ANYTHING.

    • Jim S

      If you always call for bad things to happen, eventually you’ll be right. But you’ll always be miserable.

      You root for the Yankees, the winningest team in baseball history, and the 3rd best team in the Majors right now. I can’t even imagine what you’d be saying if we were actually bad.

    • will

      Lit up???

      This site is freaking insane.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    what the fuck? It says “comment publication failed” What happened? Anyway I’m glad I missed this game and I can only imagine what Matt had to say. Also that Grandy picture is lulz.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      Haha I knew you would ask about Matt. You should go back on the thread. You’ll never guess who he blamed for on the Jeff Mathis double.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      Did you post this from the mobile site? If so, disregard if it says “comment publication failed” the comment will be there when you refresh the page.

      They really need to fix that.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Sorry about the double post. My comment didn’t show up. I blame my iPhone

  • Kiko Jones

    I mean, not for nothing, but Joe Girardi had a shorter leash on Burnett in Chicago with what, a six or seven run lead? But no, let’s try to squeeze a few more hitters out of him with a fully rested bullpen after the intentional walk in a tie game.

    Um, yeah.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    what the hell? It says “comment publication failed” What happened? Anyway I’m glad I missed this game and I can only imagine what Matt had to say. Also that Grandy picture is lulz.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Sorry about all the posts… I don’t know what happened

  • duzzi23

    AJ is fucking terrible! I bet Pete Rose wished he had him when he was managing and fixing games. This 6 man rotation is utterly ridiculous. The fact we have 5 guys throwing well but have to hamstring the bench and throw pitchers off their normal routine to accomodate AJ is a joke.

    • MannyGeee

      actually, you have one guy throwing great, three throwing well, and 2 guys struggling. hate AJ all you want, but Hughes has not lit the world on fire this season either.

  • dennyneagleshooker

    A.J. Burnett needs to be pulled anytime after the 5th inning after giving up a baserunner, even it he looks like he is cruising. The end results are always terrible.

    I have seen it start in and out, 5 innings, still in the game. 6th inning lead off homer, walk, walk, double…….3 runs in the book and the yanks are down by 1 or 2. every start!

    Obviously, it would be nice if we could just Posada the poor bastard. Girardi announces tomorrow that the rotation would best be served with CC/Colon/Freddie/Nova/Hughes. A.J. somewhere toiling in the bullpen. Send Noesi to 3A to stretch out incase and call up Pants or whatever waiver/3A/Brian Gordon type fodder we can for blowouts……

  • dennyneagleshooker

    Also, Joe G. must have AJ on his fantasy team to try and snag a quality start out of him or something!

  • stuart a

    call him big game burnett………..

    everyone is trying to ratinalize the L. the only known and consistent result is aj, stinks..

    the guy has not won in august in over 3 seasons..

    big game burnett, he is our man….

    • first time lawng time

      There was that big game 2 of the 2009 world series.

    • Jim S

      You can keep saying the same thing over and over again, if you’d like.

  • Your mother

    The Yankee offense it to blame. Period. End of story. Whine and cry all you want about Mariano giving up the 2-run blast or Curtis getting picked, but those are both anomalies. Mariano is still lights-out and Curtis is still a big asset with both his glove and bat. Plus, tonight’s pickoff notwithstanding, dude can still swipe a base or two when he needs to. I’m not suggesting we change his name to Gardner, Nunes or even Henderson, but he’s not exactly slow. And all the crying about AJ – yeah, so AJ isn’t having the season that we want. He’s not earning his big salary. He’s does some things which make you wonder if he’s more worried about hair bleach than he is strikeouts. But he threw almost 6 shutout innings. And how much did the offense help him? One solo home run.

    The Yankee 1-9 lineup costs $100 million dollars (when A-Rod is in it) and has not produced all year. Go back and review the losses from this year and ask yourself how many times they couldn’t manage to scrape a few runs across the board against lousy pitching. Keep in mind that this is a lineup that costs more than most other teams’ 25-mans rosters. Sad.

    I know Dan Haren is a decent pitcher and A-Rod isn’t in the lineup, but perhaps a few runs could have helped AJ keep his head in the game.

    Their lineup sucks. Period. End of story.

    • Avi

      The Yanks are #2 in baseball in runs scored. Are you drunk?

      • Your mother

        You’re absolutely right (about the runs part, not the drunk part). And I’ll go even further and admit that up until the last week or so, they were *FIRST* in all of MLB as a team with regards to runs scored. But you have to look a little deeper that that. Scoring a ton of runs one day and getting shutout the next two days gives you a grand total of a lot of runs scored, and a 1 and 2 record over those three games. That’s useless.

        As an example, consider the series on July 29 – 31 when they played four games against Baltimore. They are a superior team than Baltimore in every aspect of the game. They have better quality starting pitching as well as a deeper rotation (Baltimore has nobody that can come close to CC, Colon and Garcia). They have a better bullpen than Baltimore (Robertson and Mariano are outstanding, not to mention the fact that Soriano is back). When not injured, they have 5 potential Hall of Famers in their lineup (Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson, Tex and Cano), and with one or two exceptions, the rest of their lineup has been or is usually an all-star at the minimum. Their defense is solid as hell. Lots of Gold Gloves and solid defense around the field. So, back to that 4-game series against Baltimore. It should have been a joke. It should have been an easy 4 game sweep as Baltimore was easily outmatched. But instead, the Yanks took 3 out of 4 and needed a fielding error by Baltimore for one of their wins. Granted, 3 out of 4 isn’t horrible, but their one loss came against a pitcher who had already lost 14 games and it wasn’t even August yet. Perhaps you can explain to me why a $100 million lineup should be getting shut down by a pitcher well on his way to posting a 20-loss season? Or perhaps you can explain to me why a $100 million lineup needs their opponents to commit an error in order to score more than 2 runs off a pitcher who is barely breaking .500 with his winning percentage and has an ERA over 5?

        By the way, they outscored Baltimore 31 – 12 in that series. Lots of runs, but they squeezed out more than a split only because of an error. Against last place Baltimore. That’s pathetic.

        They’ve also been swept by the ChiSox and Detroit earlier in the season, because they couldn’t scratch more than a run or two across the board….mostly AGAINST SHITTY PITCHING.

        So yeah, they can blow out a team by 15 or 20 runs from time to time and that’s great for running up their total team run production for the season, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into consistent wins.

        • pat

          Fausto Carmona shut out the Sox for 7 innings this year. Your argument is invalid.

          • Your mother

            What does that have to do with anything?

        • Rock

          Ummmm…they were swept by Detroit because Nunez made 15 errors in the series, not because they didn’t score enough runs. However, I do agree with what you say somewhat. The offense doesn’t suck, but it is anotch below the Sox, primarily because the Sox get on base more and seem to hit good pitching better.

    • Jetrer

      if a lineup doesn’t score 7 runs against Dan Haren it sucks??

      • Your mother

        I never said that, Jetrer. But I would expect their lineup to score more than one run off Haren in the first 6 innings. Haren’s ERA is about 3.00. That means the average team scores about one run every three innings off him. That means an average team scores two runs in six innings off him. The Yankees have a starting lineup that costs more than most other team’s entire 25-man rosters. They scored one run in the first 6 innings off Haren. You see how this math isn’t adding up?

        As for all the AJ bashing on this board, I’m not going to defend him – he seems like a bit of a headcase. The pattern with him apparently is that he will cruise along and then once he gets hit, he completely crumbles. Perhaps if the Yanks bats played up to their capability and he had a few runs on the board to back him up, he wouldn’t completely lose confidence when he gets hit.

        Go back and review all their losses from this season. I guarantee you that for every crappy AJ outing, you’ll find 3 or 4 instances of the offense not able to score against lousy pitching. You tell me what’s causing more losses, AJ or sleeping bats?

        • first time lawng time

          In reference to this loss: Mariano Rivera.

        • Jim S

          Yeah his confidence in our ability to score runs is the problem. Like when we spotted him 8 kajillion runs against Chicago and he couldn’t make it out of the 5th.

          And I’m forced to laugh and then cry at your ERA math and your lack of understanding at how baseball works.

        • Rock

          The Yankees scored 4 runs in 6.2 innings off Haren. That equates to an ERA over 5. Haren’s ERA is 2.91. They obviously outperformed the rest of the league against Haren…..Haren was pretty nasty all night. They left him in too long, for too many pitches.

          Of course it would have been nice if Haren were pitching for us, which he very easily could have been, but that is an entirely different discussion.

    • Jim S

      Insane. This post is all sorts of batshit insanity.

      Go find me some fucking proof that other lineups are less consistent than us before you start whining. Totally irrational.

      Hint: Every single lineup in baseball history is inconsistent. It’s the nature of the game.

    • MannyGeee

      well, AJ did have a 13 run lead in Chicago. his head wasnt in the game there.

      and in case you missed the graphic, AJ is 5.63 ERA the inning after getting run support.

      so that ain’t it

    • rek4gehrig

      And what did AJ do with a 12 run lead in Chicago?

  • joey12508

    why bring in Mo when you dont have the lead. check his record in tie games he is terrible. will someone drop AJ off in the village and leave him there.really what a head case. wasnt giradi’s best game either. some stupid mistakes to .really stupid.

  • Pat D

    You know what’s more annoying than losing to the fucking Angels?

    Losing to the fucking Angels when they’re decidedly mediocre. Yea, I know that they have a few good pitchers, but their offense still just simply blows.

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse


    Just made that page. Feel free to “like” it and express your displeasure with Mr. I make $18.5 mill a season to fuck the yankees over.

    Btw, if me posting that link is considered spam i apologize. I dont mean to, this is just for entertainment purposes only.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      make that 16.5 mil a season, but either way. Wayyyy to much for this clown

  • levineboy

    obviously ALCS…not ALDS

  • YankeesJunkie

    This is now a Detroit versus Cleveland game thread as they go to the fourteenth. Rain delay caused both starters to get pulled before they went no more than three. The bullpens are already thin so this has a recipe to be an awesome game if it goes a few more innings.

  • JT

    CMW throws 1-hit ball over six innings to pick up the win for the Nationals.

    Good for him.

    • YankeesJunkie

      CMW was on my fantasy team today.

      Good for me!

      Though he looked to have sink on sinker which has not been seen since 2008.

  • Kevin

    Vital we win the next two. Otherwise, the Angels will only be four games behind us in the wild card…and if we lose to Tampa…it will be all over.

    • Pat D

      That’s a bit of exaggeration, but I agree they should win 4 of the next 5 to ensure they don’t have to look over their shoulders.

  • A-ROD fan

    I thing that when A-ROD come back he will be the DH for the rest of the season..

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      what makes you *think that?

      • YankeesJunkie

        His terrible UZR of +10.

        • MannyGeee

          your facts are ruining narrative! cut the shit!!!!

    • aRX

      Now that Nunez has proven he can handle being an everday player, and with Jorge demoted to part-time only, Alex will be getting a LOT of “half days off”. Maybe not the rest of the year, but if he comes back for lets say the final 40 games, it wouldn’t surprise me if he DH’ed 15-25 of them. Keeps him nice and fresh for October.

  • stuart a

    so aj almost threw 6 shutout innings. like the yanks almost scored 7 runs.

    what re you talking about? aj did not throw a shutout for 6 innings the dope gave up 4 runs. the guy stinks.

    seriously people that do not think he stinks are people that believe in the tooth fairy.

    the lineup is inconsistent but stink!!!2nd most runs scored in baseball. they did nothing offensively last night and still scored 4 runs…

    aj stinks why deny it???????????

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      harsh much?

    • Your mother

      Perhaps you should look a little deeper than the total runs scored, like perhaps how well those runs are distributed. If your team blew out another team 21 – 5 one day, then got shutout the next two days, they would be 1 and 2 with an average of 7 runs per game. That’s a lot of runs scored, but not a lot of wins. That would be especially embarrassing if those shutouts were against crappy pitchers. Now go look at the Yankee losses from this year and tell me the offense is living up to it’s potential (or anywhere close) as much as it should be.

      • Hugh

        The only thing you’ll see consistently when you look at the losses is that the Yankees scored fewer runs than the opponent. You will see the converse if you look at their wins. You will find there are a fair few more wins than losses. I’d say draw your own conclusions from that, but I’m not convinced you’ll manage it even then.

        • Jim S

          Don’t bother. He apparently doesn’t pay attention to any other team in baseball, or he’d realize that every team is inconsistent.

          Even the Red Sox.

      • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

        Batshit insanity.

    • first time lawng time

      AJ threw 6 shutout innings and one bad inning. That’s a fact.

      And the lineup stinks and yet, according to you, scored 4 runs “doing nothing.” Since when is scoring 4 runs a bad thing, especially when it, as you put it, comes from little effort or action?

      Seriously, I think you’re nuts.

      • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

        There’s no shame in scoring only two runs against Dan Haren over 6.2 IP. However, there is shame is giving up a bases loaded double to Jeff Mathis. JEFF MATHIS!

      • MannyGeee

        5 IP of shutout ball. but your point still stands

    • Jim S

      Reply button please.

  • first time lawng time

    Whaaaaat? I’m pissed off at AJ, don’t get me wrong, but to blame this loss on him is stupid.

    You know who’s fault it is? Mariano fucking Rivera. That’s who you all should he complaining about.

    2 games in a row he couldn’t get it done.

    I’m sorry, but this is one game that you can’t get pissed at AJ for, because it wasn’t his fault they lost. He blew the lead. They then came back and tied it. Robertson got three outs; why couldn’t Rivera?

    • FIPster Doofus

      Rivera’s a great pitcher currently in a slump. It happens. He’s not constantly subpar like Burnett.

      • first time lawng time

        But he lost the game for them, so he should get criticism for it.

        Burnett didn’t lose this game; Rivera did. Therefore we should all be pissed at Rivera and not at AJ, regardless of their track records.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Or, if anything, pissed at both.

          Me? I’m pissed at neither. Burnett is who he is, and I know Rivera will bounce back.

        • Kevin

          Indeed, Rivera is the one who put us in the spot of trying to win the game again, not rally back. HIs pitch to Abreu was a giant meatball down the plate.
          You can rip apart the RISP the past two games but the bottom line is that in Sunday’s game and last night’s game, Mo is the reason we lost,period.

          • Rock

            Have to agree with this. Blame AJ, blame the offense, blame Girardi, blah, blah, blah. I love Mo but everyone gives him a free pass. Fact is he didn’t execute the last 2 games and is a main reason we lost. If you want to brush it aside as an anomaly that is fine…hopefully it is and Mo will return to form….but don’t blame everyone else for these 2 losses, they are on him.

          • Tom


          • Tom

            BINGO! We have winners in these later posts on Rivera (I bungled my earlier post: sorry). Of course, AJ did his usual screw-up. These are to be expected as the price of doing business with him. The offense then tied the game, and the balance of power shifted to the Yanks, in their home park. Then, second time in a row, Rivera blew it. “He will be fine” someone (Mike?) said. OK. How will we know when he isn’t going to be “fine” any more? In baseball years he’s approaching the age of Methuselah. It’s possible that time is catching up with him. Scutaro. Then last night.

            Yep, six games ahead (WC) with 50-ish to play is nice. But 8 ahead would have been better.

    • CBean

      Look, this is why it’s hard to take you seriously. Mariano Rivera had a bad night. it happens. He’s getting older and will appear more human as time goes on. But Mo’s also earned a lot of credit because 9 times out of 10, when Mo goes up, we can trust him to get the job done. The criticism of AJ is that we can’t trust him to do that and frankly he hasn’t earned the trust. And I am a fan of AJ Burnett, no one wants him to have a good outing more than I do, but he also collapses at key moments which isn’t where you need your #2 starter to be. I yelled at Girardi for leaving him after the intentional walk because I knew AJ would fall apart a la last year’s ALCS and I didn’t know why we were doing this twice. Last time, we gave him all the run support he would ever need and he couldn’t get through 5. The people who think he’s no better than Pavano are wrong, but he’s still not the pitcher we signed up for.

  • Complainer
  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Game thoughts are a few in number. I had concern when Girardi let AJ pitch much past 100 pitches, Believe me its not the pitch count. Its his ability to keep the mental process together. He may look free and EZ on the mound but IMHO is fighting so many thoughts to pitch well. I know you can’t speak of what is inside of a person’s head if anything but his mind has a limited shelf life during a game.

    Look Girardi wants aggressive base running. Curtis made a stupid move, end of story. He knows it and is smart enough to learn from it.

    MO is at a point in his career where if he’s not perfect then batters can square up the pitch. He know longer gets it up there at 95/96 as he did a few years back. Still a great pitcher but has to be more on target.

    Yankees hit the ball hard in this game just nothing to show for it. Nunez continues to make things happen on the bases. When Arod comes back he maybe a part time DH along with fill-in duties. I don’t see have Montero helps us. He’s hitting .288 with some power in AAA.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      I meant to say when Arod comes back Nunez maybe a part time DH along with his fill-in duties.

      • Jim S

        Larry: re my commenting on your sentence structure yesterday.

        Good to know that you apparently don’t like kidding. I won’t joke around with you anymore, I’ll keep it serious 100% of the time.

  • CMP

    I can understand everyone being upset about losing but going into the game, Haren vs the Deuce was a major mismatch to begin with so a loss wasn’t completely unexpected.

    The Yanks are lucky enough to miss Weaver and Santana so they should have a pretty good chance to get the next 2

  • Bronx Byte

    Same old lame bullshit excuses from Burnett. Cashman needs to get creative and find the way to rid the team of a so called pitcher that’s guaranteed to self destruct before the 6th inning. Seen enough – heard enough.

  • theyankeewarrior

    You hit it on the head with AJ’s leash.

    How many times have we seen him get through 5 innings and then unravel? At this point, every time he starts, Joe should have a long man ready.

    1. In case he doesn’t make it through 3 innings.

    2. In case he cruises through 5 and then starts walking slap hitters/hanging curves.

    Why is this so hard to comprehend? AJ could be a great #4 for us in October if he can pitch 5 innings of 0,1,2-run ball. Just don’t let him go 6. I don’t care if he has a no hitter. Take him out.

    That’s why we pay for all those relievers, right?

  • Andy K

    I’d pull two of the first 18,000 to get a cap from the stands rather than pitch AJ or play Posada.
    Girardi should never use Mo in a tie game unless he needed the work.

  • steve s

    Also a tip of the stupid cap to Gardner’s awful at-bats in the 3rd and 9th innings. Besides the failed bunts he swung at balls 4, 5 and 6 in the 3rd inning (actually having to jump to hit the last ball as it was over his head) and swung at ball 4 in the 9th inning that missed the outside corner by 5 feet.

    • Tim

      Yes. The two outside pitches in the ninth inning were critical in the loss last night, probably moreso than Granderson being picked off even. Rivera deserves the blame for serving up the HR ball in the top of the ninth; his pitch to Abreu was the last critical bad pitch by a Yankee pitcher in the game, and it turned a tie game into a two run deficit. But once that happened, it was up to the offense to bail out the bullpen.

      I can understand when a batter swings at a splitter or a breaking ball in the dirt, as the pitch looks like a strike then moves out of the zone, and given how much time these guys have to recognize a pitch and decide to swing, it is amazing they don’t always swing at those pitches. But the ball Gardner swung at was NEVER a strike – it was a goof foot outside, and was the exact same pitch that he had just taken for ball three. It was like he made up his mind to swing before the pitch was even thrown. That was a terrible job there, as his swing definitively took away a baserunner at a critical time in the game.

      The other outside pitch was strike two called to Teixeira. This pitch was clearly outside (not as far out as Gardner’s, but still a good 6 inches off the plate). This swung the count from 2-1 to 1-2, and that triggered Granderson’s attempt to steal. A very poot call by the home plate umpire, and a critical one to go against the Yankees at a key moment in the game.

  • Boo Radley

    You can NOT say AJ deserves to keep starting because of one great performance in the 09 WS. If that’s the justification then why not keep playing Posada for what he did from 97-2010? Burnett was a 5.2 ERA pitcher last year and a 4.6 ERA this year. That is a bad pitcher, even in the AL East. And when we have better options on the roster we need to use them and send AJ to the pen to send him a message that he’s not entitled to a rotation spot.

    • bonestock94

      There’s no reason for him to be in the rotation if Hughes pitches well this weekend. I suspect they’ll stick to him in the reg season since they’re all but guaranteed a playoff spot but will leave him off the playoff roster.

  • Boo Radley

    And Girardi needs to manage better. Don’t bunt in the 3rd inning, don’t call for a steal down by 2 in the ninth with your best HR hitter at the plate, and for the love of God have a shorter leash on a guy who is prone to blow ups.

    • MannyGeee

      I kinda agree here. the insane amount of bunting (with a guy who is a shitty bunter despite his speed), the irrational IBB to a so-so hitter, the Grandy-steal, all that stuff makes you scratch your head…

      Girardi tries to outthink himself. not working out.

  • David, Jr.

    Lots of bloviating over a bad loss, which will happen in 162 games. I see a team that is somewhat flat, perhaps in need of shaking up. Some possibilities for that:

    Cano bats third when ARod returns. That is where he should have been all along.

    Gardner in CF. The fielding stats are starting to make this even more obvious now.

    I have my doubts about whether The Binder will do any shaking up. It is run like a seniority based organization like the Post Office.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      David, Jr., “The Binder” is the first time that I heard or read Girardi referred to the name. Its quite good. On another note his reference to stats is quite acceptable by mgrs. in the game today but I believe its to justify his decision in the media market. I do like mgrs. who used their powers of observation about their players and opposing players. To me its about the intuitive gut feeling which makes the game so great.

      • Jim S

        People have been referring to Girardi as “The Binder” since…2008, when he mentioned that he has a binder with a lot of information about matchups that frequently dictate his in-game actions.

        Unfortunately it gives stat-heads a bad name because many of the matchups he favors are based on extremely small sample sizes, and are relatively useless as predictive information.

        So it’s really a coin flip as to whether it’s smarter to go on gut feeling or meaningless small sample sizes.

        But intuitive implies using your mind, gut feeling implies using your gut. In an ideal world, yeah, a logical balance to a gut feeling would be a good quality for a manager, but I’m not sure any current Managers use the correct balance.

        • David, Jr.

          I don’t mind the Binder at all for things like matchups against certain pitchers.

          I was referring to something slightly different than that. Girardi has a very structured way of thinking, and it takes a huge amount of evidence for him to change something. It is almost like he perceives that it is some kind of an insult to a player if a change is made.

          A great example is Center versus Left. Joe would say about Granderson something like “Grandy is my centerfielder. End of story.” It is now extremely obvious that this is the wrong way to go, and a change would much better take advantage of Gardner’s talents. His UZR rating is 27.8, while Grandy’s is -11.9. His Total Zone rating is 24, while Grandy’s is -8.

          The time to change this would be now, so they have time to adjust before the playoffs.

          Instead, it will likely stay the same. To me this is a Manager that is stubborn and resistant to change, even when it is obvious.

    • CP

      You know what the biggest shakeup will be? Having A-Rod bat 4th when he comes back.

      • David, Jr.

        I know what you are saying, but that isn’t really a shakeup. I see a team without a whole lot of fire in the belly, which I believe that some real shaking up is necessary. Of course, you don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Cano hitting third and Gardy in CF would be real improvements.

  • Anders360

    I seriously dont know why people are blaming granderson for losing this game, this game was lost as soon as abreu hit that home run and the momentum changed also the chances of Tex getting a hit Or even a homerun are unknown. i am not a scientist or a mathematician to figure this out but im gonna go out on a limb and say that he was going to make an out either way, now the chances of us losing for what mariano did we do know that. This is all on mariano and so is the last boston.

    • Jorge

      Boston is going to cease to exist? Well there’s good news.

    • MannyGeee


  • Dick M

    That’s basically a legal balk. The stealing runner has to take off for second when the righthander commits “away from first base” or he will get thrown out by the catcher. I think the rule should be changed.

    • bonestock94

      Idk, I don’t think that Jeff Nelson move gives an unfair advantage to anyone.

  • Stevis

    A.J….UNBELIEVABLE..is anyone surprised…Jeff Mathis …THE Jeff Mathis BA. 185 2 HR 17 RBI’s didn’t everyone expect that big hit???

    • Jorge

      The “you let this light-hitting guy get a hit, therefore you suck” line of thinking may be the height of baseball idiocy. People need hobbies.

      • will


        Blind squirrels sometimes find nuts, and bad hitters somehow inexplicably hook decent curveballs into the gap.

        • Jorge

          And, sometimes, their name is Frankie Cervelli and we are fine with it.

          • Crime Dog

            But not really fine with it because it just (possible) delays Jesus’ rising

  • Jorge

    The bad news: Mariano blew the game. Granderson made the baserunning mistake.

    The good news: Neither of those are going to happen very often.

    The best remedy for this is to win tonight.

  • Greg

    Everbody complaining about AJ being sent out there despite his ineffectiveness needs to look at a place we just left and our NL neighbors.

    Adam Dunn and Jason Bay. WHy do you think those guys keep getting playing time? Money. It’s not just a Yankee thing.

    Dan Uggla before his hot streak kept getting playing time. Why? Money

  • Alibaba

    Mo bad for two games! The sky is falling!

    Seriously, Mo’s record in tie games is much worse than in games when he comes in with a lead. Plus, despite having excellent numbers, I felt that Mo is not as scary as in last years. Not as many broken bats! However, in save situation, I still want him. Did anyone notice that he is now reaching 93 on the speed gun?

    What is up with the ex-Yankees? Matsui has not been great this year. But, against his old team, he could not get out. Bobby Abreau hit two homers in one game. One against Mo!

    We need to take the next two from the Angels.

  • JohnC

    One thing overlooked was Gardner clearly swinging at ball 4 in the 9th inning. He gets on and Jeter can then bunt the runners over and you have 2 shots at a game tying single from Grandy and Tex. Changed the look of that whole inning

  • smurfy

    I don’t wanna see the stupid video highlights or the stupid box score. You’re too funny, Mike.