Yankees fall to Red Sox after Mo blows save

Game 113 Spillover Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: August 8th, 2011

You can probably blame this one on me, I had the recap 99% complete before Mariano Rivera even took the mound in the ninth. It was getting late and I wanted to get to bed at a reasonable hour. My bad guys. I hear Boston’s parade is scheduled for Tuesday and the Yankees are already scouting Stanford’s Mark Appel for the first overall pick next June.

Freddy Sez: Hey, Not Bad

(Michael Dwyer/AP)

Did you expect five innings of one run ball out of Freddy Garcia? Did you expect him to actually throw five innings after the Red Sox loaded the bases with no outs in the second inning? I sure didn’t, not on either count. But he did it, that son of a bitch.

Garcia escaped that second inning jam by allowing just one run, and he nearly wiggled out of it unscathed before Marco Scutaro’s two-out single. The Sox didn’t exactly pound the ball either; Kevin Youkilis walked, David Ortiz grounded a single through the right side, and Carl Crawford reached on an infield single before Garcia got a strikeout and pop-up from Josh Reddick and Jason Varitek, respectively. Sweaty Freddy pitched around a leadoff walk in the third, a two-out walk and single in the fourth, and a leadoff single in the fifth.

All told, Garcia walked three and allowed five hits, all singles and only three out of the infield. He had to work, throwing 96 pitches (54 strikes, 56.3%) to get just 15 outs, and just eight of the 22 men he faced saw three pitches or less. Nine of his non-strikeout outs came on the ground as well. It’s totally cliche but I don’t care, Garcia had the kind of night that is typically described as gritty and gutty, a veteran pitcher not succumbing to pressure, stuff like that. I’m behind the point of caring about the process, Freddy got the results and has been all season. One run in five innings against the Red Sox is getting the job done.


Everyday Shortstop

I get on Eduardo Nunez a lot, more than most I’d say. But give the kid some props, that was a pretty big homerun off Josh Beckett in the fifth inning. Beckett left a 1-0 cutter up in the zone and Nunez put his patented hack on it, driving the pitch over the wall in left and into the light tower. It tied the game at one, though the fallacy of the predetermined outcome says it’s should have been a two-run shot if Russell Martin hadn’t gotten thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double one batter earlier. Beggars can’t be choosers, the game was tied and that’s all that matters.


Things got a little hairy an inning after Nunez tied it up, though it was hardly a well-built rally for the BoSox. Boone Logan came into face a triumvirate of lefties, but he walked David Ortiz after throwing what appeared to be strike three and strike four. Carl Crawford managed to squeeze an infield single through the left side to put men on first and second with none out. Josh Reddick popped up for the first out, then in came Cory Wade to face the bottom two hitters in the order.

Uncharacteristically, Wade started the corpse of Jason Varitek with three pitches out of the zone. The fourth one was out of the zone too, but Varitek hacked at it and popped the ball up in foul territory. That was a gift, and the second out. Marco Scutaro fouled off a few two strike pitches before reaching on what felt like Boston’s millionth infield hit of the game (it was actually their third) to load the bases, then Wade ran the count to 3-0 on Jacoby Ellsbury. He got the called 3-0 autostrike before Ellsbury fouled off two straight pitches, then the Boston center fielder flew out to left on a gutsy changeup. It was far, far from easy, but Logan and Wade navigated a scoreless sixth so Joe Girardi could hand the ball off to his big guns.

(Michael Dwyer/AP)

Leadoff Hitter

Because Nunez taking Beckett deep wasn’t unexpected enough, the Yankees took the lead after Wade’s escape job when Brett Gardner slugged a solo homer into the Red Sox bullpen in the top of the seventh. There were two outs in the inning and Matt Albers threw the Yankees’ leadoff man one too many sliders, catching just a little too much of a plate with the third consecutive slide piece. Gardner golfed it out, it wasn’t a terrible pitch but not great either. Usually you can get away with a pitch like that against a guy like Brett, but Albers had no such luck this time.

Blown Save

I hate when this happens. After some stellar seventh and eighth inning work from Rafael Soriano and David Robertson, the immortal Mariano Rivera was human in the ninth. Scutaro led the frame off with a double off the Green Monster then moved to third on Ellsbury’s sacrifice bunt. Pedroia drove him in with a sacrifice fly to tie the game and eventually send it to extras. Mo got beat on two inside cutters to right-handed batters, probably the one spot he has to be perfect. He wasn’t and that cost ’em the lead.

Initially I was pretty aggravated that Girardi did not send him back out there for the tenth following the nine-pitch ninth, especially with the off day tomorrow, but you know what? Forty-one-year-old closer, not the most important game in the world … I’m fine with it. Ben talked me down from the ledge. Anyway, Phil Hughes needed just 13 pitches to give up the game-winning run in the tenth, doing so on an Ortiz ground rule double, Crawford intentional walk (IBB to a guy with a sub-.300 OBP? really?), and Reddick single. Sucks, but it was fairly predictable.


How about 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position? That’s pretty pathetic. The Yankees left a man on second in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth innings plus the bases loaded in the seventh. You’d never know this was the second best hitting team with men in scoring position in baseball by actually watching them play. Nick Swisher and Eric Chavez went a combined 0-for-9 with six strikeouts, so that was a huge black hole behind the middle of the order. I miss A-Rod.

Gardner stole a base in the fourth and another in the ninth, his 20th and 21st consecutive steals without being caught. That broke Paul Molitor’s AL record for consecutive successful steals in a single-season (20), and Gardner’s just two away from tying the MLB record. Go Brett go.

Soriano has retired all 12 men he’s faced since coming off the DL, including five on strikeouts. I won’t hate the signing as long as he pitches exactly like that for the next two years and two months. I can’t imagine Hughes will start as scheduled on Tuesday, there’s no point. Give him a few extra days, we really don’t know how many warm-up pitches he threw in the bullpen and what not. Just don’t put him back in the bullpen, that’s stupid.

It’s pretty amazing that ESPN got rid of Joe Morgan and still managed to downgrade their Sunday night booth. I’m glad to know that Bobby Valentine thinks Gardner will be a year in, year out 20 homerun hitter before his career is over because he saw him hit one out against the Red Sox. Anyway, the Yankees fall one game back of the Sox in the AL East but are still seven games up in the wildcard. Boston has won the season series against the Yanks for the first time in seven years.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the update standings.

Up Next

The Yankees are off on Monday, then will return home to the Bronx for what is probably their most important series of the season (to date). I guess Ivan Nova will start the opener on Tuesday against Dan Haren and the rest of the Angels. A.J. Burnett would be the other option. If you decide to head up to the Bronx for that game, RAB Tickets get help get you there on the cheap.

Game 113 Spillover Thread
Fan Confidence Poll: August 8th, 2011
  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Just out of curiosity, do you always write the recaps for the late games before they’re over?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Nah, a normal 7pm game is over by 10-10:30. I usually write the recap after that and post it at midnight. I will piece parts of the recap together during the game though.

  • YankeesJunkie

    Just remember just 45 minutes till the big jump off at the Brooklyn Bridge. Remember to get all your letters written out blaming the Yankees, better yet just one specific one like A-Rod, Jeter, or whomever, but make it count. Can’t wait to see you all there and tomorrow begins the start of Matt’s Yankees blog, sadly it will only be updated after Yankee losses.

    • Esteban

      Damn, am I too late for the jump?

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    That is one fugly WPA graph.

  • Winston Smith

    Not a bad series. We were one inning away from taking 2/3 from our biggest rival on the road without one of our best players. Bartolo and Freddy held up well and this was a big test for them to see if they could hold against a good offense. The bullpen pitchers that matter were good in the series, just one blown save by Mo. Crawford won’t hit .900 again and we’ll have A-Rod back soon. Not the end of the world.

    • BigBlueAL

      Bartolo and Freddy pitched a combined 9 2/3 innings. They were OK but the fact that the way they pitched this weekend was somewhat encouraging isnt exactly a big positive.

      • Mykey

        Why not?

    • dalelama

      I felt just the opposite about this series. Our “ace” is great against everyone but the toughest team we will need to get past to get to the WS, our previously shutdown reliever no longer is, and our batters spit the bit in the spotlight. Just reconfirms this team probably won’t get past the ALCS.

      • Jim S

        Can we let this idea fucking die? CC had a rough start, he wasn’t hitting his spots and he didn’t have his A game. He’d get hit by anyone pitching like that. Good God.

  • Dino Velvet

    They just rip your fucking heart out. :(

  • felixpanther

    can we trust Mariano anymore?

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Is grass green?

      • Ethan

        In all fairness he is declining noticeably. Granted he still is a very good closer.

        • http://yankeeanalysts.com Moshe Mandel

          Really? I’d love to see evidence of that decline, because the numbers do not reflect it.

          • Ethan

            BABIP is up, ground ball rate is down, FIP is up, K/9 is down. 5 BS this year and we have 2 months still to go so he’s on pace for a career high in BS too.

            • http://yankeeanalysts.com Moshe Mandel

              FIP is down, not up, K/9 up relative to last year, walk rate is down. Basically his GB rate is down a bit, that’s it, and the other things I mentioned make the batted ball data not a big deal. There’s no decline there.

              • Ethan

                Yeah you’re right. I was looking at the wrong numbers somehow. Maybe i’ve just been watching the wrong games when he doesn’t seem to be as sharp.

            • pat

              k/9 and bb/9 are both better than his career average.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          This numbers this year are right in line with the last few years. All five of his blown saves were one-run games on the road, and three of them involved nothing but ground ball singles.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Wait until he retires and games this like happen twice as often.

      • Andrew518


        He’s going to pitch forever.

      • Ethan

        You really wonder how can you ever replace someone like him? Are there any closers coming into free agency in 2 years? Maybe make a hard push for heath bell this offseason and lock him down for the next couple of years? Although he is old too…

        • El Maestro

          Robertson will be our closer… I was thinking of Joba, but at this time just don’t bet on it.

          • Ethan

            I’m not sure I would want roberston as the closer. He is phenomenal but his outings can be extremely nerve wracking. I think he is more effective as the guy that goes into those innings when the bases are loaded with none or one out.

            • Andrew518

              Robertson = Wettland

              get’s the job done but with “flair”

              • Hugh

                Isn’t this why we signed soriano?

              • Cris Pengiuci

                +1. Definitely see Robertson getting the job if he keeps up what he’s done. Soriano may get a chance, but I see Robertson in that role at least as much as MFIKY after Mo retires (if Mo doesn’t get another 1-year contract after this one is done).

          • CBean

            I’d rather Soriano first just because I like D-Rob a lot and whoever steps into Mo’s shoes is going to have a sucky time of it. I’d rather that be Soriano and then D-Rob takes it over.

    • tony g

      can we trust mariano? what kind of question is that? he gave up one double vs his first batter then perfectly fielded the bunt by ellsbury. where the hell was nunez…it is completely unacceptable for a major league ball player to make such a horrific mental mistake that causes the team the game. yeah i know he hit a home run but big deal. if you dont understand baseball 101 especially in such an imperative situation you should not be in the game. this one really hurts and give the blown save to nunez not mo. a rod please come back

  • Dino Velvet

    And right before Nunez hit the ball out, Martin got thrown out foolishly trying to stretch a long single into a double.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Chances are they don’t pitch Nunez the same way with the runner on second and he never sees the pitch he hit out. In a way Martin’s stupid play might have been the best thing that happened for Nunez, in hindsight.

      • Good Wood

        I don’t think Martin’s attempt to take second was so terrible. If it were to lead off the inning it was have been a more egregious error, but with one out, to try get into scoring position in a 1 run game was worth the gamble. And it’s not like he was thrown out by a mile…Reddick made a very good play and only a perfect throw gets him there. Frustrating indeed, but I thought it was worth the risk and tip your hat for a good play by Reddick.

        • Klemy

          I’m kind of with you here in that I didn’t think it was a bad thing to push the issue there. The ball was in the corner and may have been a tough play, but it bounced right to Reddick. He still had to make a perfect throw after. If he’s safe, no one’s talking about that play in a negative light.

  • Matt DiBari

    I don’t think you’re doing justice to how terrible Hughes looked.

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    Marco Scutaro is now officially on my shit list.

  • Kevin

    the score could have been 3-2. Martin tried to turn a single into a double.

  • forensic

    Maybe it’s just me, but I intentionally walk Pedroia in the 9th. I know it brings up Gonzalez, but he’s much more strikeout prone than Pedroia and it gives you the possibility of a DP, not to mention it’s a lefty against Mo instead of a righty.

    I know Pedroia was 0-10 against Mo, I just think hoping you strikeout Pedroia or hoping one of their groundballs is suddenly going to find a pulled in infielder has worse odds than hoping for a K or DP from Gonzalez.

    • Brian S.

      You don’t put the winning run on base. Mo just got beat by Scutaro.

      • forensic

        Sometimes I agree, but I still do it for the totality of the situation, not just following one general rule without looking at the other options.

      • http://riveravenueblues.com Marty L

        Didn’t Scutaro beat Mo with a 9th inning walkoff HR in Oakland some years (not too many)ago? Thats what came to mind when he led off the 9th.

        • Maris61

          He homered off the foul pole.

      • CP

        No, Mo was not beaten by Scutaro. Mo gave up a routine (but deep) fly ball to Scutaro.

        Mo was beaten by a crappy stadium where that flyball bounces off the wall.

    • Ethan

      hindsight is 20-20

      • forensic

        It’s not hindsight, I said it as soon as he was bunted over. Just cause I didn’t post in the game threads doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          Something I forgot to mention in the recap: Nunez charged Ellsbury’s bunt and left the base unoccupied. An experienced 3B (Chavez or A-Rod) probably doesn’t make that play and Mo gets the out at third. Maybe, we’ll never know for sure.

          • pat

            Shouldn’t SS have been going to cover 3rd then?

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

              I don’t think he could get over in time to apply the tag. Maybe if it was the wheel play.

              • forensic

                Which amazingly enough seems to be one of Girardi’s favorite plays, but somehow didn’t do it tonight with the game on the line.

            • Andrew518

              Depends on the play…

              Nunez looks like the goat on the play, but in reality the positioning <sp?) should come from the bench.

              Especially with an inexperienced player at his non-primary position the responsibility should be with Girardi or more likely T. Pena to make sure he is at proper depth. Lot going on but the details count, coaching staff takes the blame on that one for me.

              Had Scuttero dead bang at third by 2-3 steps easy.

              Mo looked pissed.

              • Hank

                That’s the difference between playing an experienced guy there and Nunez…. I think Chavez hesitates a second to see if Rivera could get it and when he does see it, he drops back to 3rd.

                I don’t see Jeter covering… you had a lefty up and you just can’t assume Ellsbury is bunting so you shade him a little toward 2nd and he’s starting in about the same spot as Scutaro.

          • Brian S.

            I doubt that. Third basemen has to charge on a bunt, he had no idea that it was going to go right to Mariano.

            • nedro

              Wrong. 3B holds their position on a bunt with a man on 2nd. Bunt defense in that situation is left to Pitcher/Catcher. No one on, sure, he charges, but if there’s a runner @ 2nd, he better cover 3rd on a bunt. Sheesh, I teach my little league kids that.

  • BigBlueAL

    We need 2 different Confidence Polls this week, one vs all non-Red Sox teams and one vs the Red Sox lol.

    Also Im sorry but the pitch selection to Scutaro and Pedroia was beyond idiotic by Mo. Scutaro was sitting dead inside looking to pull the ball as he has in the past vs Mo so after freezing him on 2 perfect cutters away they come inside. Then to Pedroia who stands a mile from the plate and is another player who looks to pull the ball especially at Fenway he goes inside on him on both pitches.

    What tonight really has done though is made me hate the Wild Card even more. Reading people talking about how tonight was a meaningless game, are you fucking kidding me?? Of course the season is not over and the Yankees are a lock to make the playoffs but c’mon man what fun is it to just be happy to settle for the Wild Card especially when we are competing with the Red Sox for the division?? I get the rationale about the game not being make or break game in the season as I said but to just deal with the loss as brushing it off as a meaningless game I mean how can that attitude be fun as a fan??

    • Good Wood

      Not to mention that we are basically playing for the right to NOT have to play Texas.

      • BigBlueAL

        Im not so sure about that mainly due to starting pitching. Angels are only 1 game behind Texas and in a 5 game series facing Haren and Weaver 3 or 4 times out of 5 is scary as is obviously facing Verlander twice in a 5 game series.

        • Good Wood

          Agreed, but given all the options, Texas is the one I’d least like to play. It will be tough any way you slice it, but all in all I’d prefer not play Texas….and I don’t see Texas not winning their division.

  • Pants Lendelton

    Just win 2 out of 3 against L.A and this series will be forgotten quickly.

  • pat

    The first pitch in Logan vs Ortiz was further out of the strike zone than the two that were called balls.

    • Ethan

      Yeah I don’t get ESPN so was listening to WCBS and watching gameday and the locations seemed really inconsistent. There was one pitch that was right down the middle and at least 2 inches above the bottom of the strike zone called a ball. That one baffled me

      • forensic

        That was a cross up that Martin barely caught.

  • forensic

    I came into the series only expecting one win, but did they have to do it so frustratingly? CC getting lit up again, offense failing to hit Lackey, Mo blowing another save against them. Just really sucks…

    • Greg

      I’m right with you. This was the chance for us to make a statement and we failed. These Red Sox seem to have to have the swagger that we had in 2009 when it comes to coming back. It looks like its their year.

      • Jim S

        This makes no sense at all. Zero sense.

  • ItsATarp

    Watch the Yankees call up Montero the same day ARod gets off the DL…it will be the most glorious day ever.

  • pat

    Posada needs to go, plain and simple. I realize how difficult that is to accomplish, but we can’t honestly be expected to play championship caliber baseball with a 24 man roster. He’s a black hole with the bat and offers nothing with the glove. It’s not fair to the rest of the team to have to carry his dead weight. It’ll hurt and I’m sure there will be some teams but Cashman’s loyalty is to the team, not to individual players.

    • forensic

      I would love to see that, but I just don’t see it happening at this point. They’ve already wasted the last 3 months on him and now there’s only about 3 weeks till expanded rosters.

      If only they could just name him the assistant assistant trainer.

    • Mykey

      He didn’t even play last night and this comes up?

  • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew

    Well Susan you just can’t predict baseball.

    Tonight sucked no doubt about it. Hughes did not look good, but I do not blame him solely for the loss. I blame Mariano 1st, the Yankees offense 2nd and Hughes 3rd.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    So on the lighter side, Cody Ransom homered off Clayton Kershaw today.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Kershaw jumped like ten feet in the air as soon as Ransom made contact. He knew it was out.

  • duzzi23

    ESPN Sunday Night Baseball announcers are pathetic. Did anyone else hear Shulman call Drob “Nate” Robertson repeatedly? The nunez homer call was the worst homerun call ive ever herd. Hershiser said Nunez didn’t hit it good at all and was helped by the monster but when Scutaro hit that DOUBLE he said “Mo go lucky that ball was crushed”. Plus they had the nerve to put first ballot cock sucker hall of famer Curt Schilling in the booth. This broadcast and game was an abortion I’m just disgusted right now.

    • Andrew518

      I thought you would have heard, ESPN replaced Sunday Night Baseball with the “Dustin Pedroia Show”.

      Don’t get me wrong, I can’t/won’t knock the guy’s skills, he is an elite second baseman head to head with Cano for the best in baseball…If Cano would learn a little dicipline there wouldn’t be much of an argument, but untill he does…

      Nonetheless ESPN has been on Pedroia’s jock since Spring Training. It’s getting old, he’s not even the best player on the Sox. Let’s see him hop…several innings later let’s see him hop again. ARGH!

      • forensic

        I actually wonder if they had one cameraman whose only duty was to follow Pedroia all game long in case he did something gritty.

        • Andrew518

          Pedroia eats gravel for breakfast.

          Uses broken glass for shampoo.

      • Andrew518

        Even lower point of the night was when Valantine stated,

        “Rivera is a first ballot Hall of Famer if he keeps performing.”


        He has more to prove?

        I guess after tonight his legacy might be in doubt.

        Cure cancer perhaps???

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          He’s not gritty enough to be a HOFer

      • Dino Velvet

        Red Sox just had too much grit for the Yanks to overcome.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      couldn’t have said it better my self. I wish YES did all the games. Just wait until the playoffs when we get to hear Buck and McCarver!

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        Will be music to my ears compared to these douchefaces.

        • Will

          Yeah, they are far worse than Buck/McCarver. Most hilarious moment of the telecast was Valentine saying that the Yanks and Sox have “only 3 legitimate starters between them”, and that both teams are only winning b/c of their offenses. Um, yeah, last time I checked, the Yankee rotation is one of the best in the league.

  • Pat D

    Don’t worry, Mike. I blame myself for being in my car and playing Enter Sandman on my iPod between the top and bottom of the ninth.

    I jinxed Mo.

    • Andrew518

      Had a toothpick in my mouth…things were going really well.

      I dropped it.

      Working behind the bar, floor too dirty (even for Yankees/Sox) to put it back in my mouth.

      Game Changer.

      • forensic

        That’s not very gritty of you.

        • Andrew518

          If it helps I picked it up and really thought about it but someone saw me.

          • forensic

            You could’ve just told them you’re a gritty dirt dogger. They would totally understand then.

  • Mattchu12

    Was I the only one that thought Hughes didn’t look nearly as bad as we’re acting like he was?


    The Ortiz pitch wasn’t awful, Girardi called for the intentional walk, and the Reddick pitch was hardly a meat ball. I don’t get the hate on Hughes here…

    • Winston Smith

      The fact of the matter is that you just do not throw low and in to Ortiz. That is his wheelhouse. If you work him low you work him away. If you’ve got the heat you throw it up where he can’t catch up anymore. Did you see Boone Logan try to get Ortiz out on a ball low and inside? No, he went away as he should have done.

    • Good Wood

      The pitch to Ortiz was not a terrible pitch at all. But the one to Reddick was a flat curve.

    • Karl Krawfid

      A few hours after the game yeah.

      Right after the game? DFA Everyone.

    • theyankeewarrior

      Dude David Ortiz absolutley LOVES the ball where Phil Hughes put it.

      If you watch him closely at all, you would know that Hughes fastball has a slow tail to it from left to right that constantly drifts over the plate to left handed hitters.

      It is one of the biggest reasons he has trouble pitching them inside.

      Ortiz was comfortable as ever sitting on that pitch because of the count, and because he isn’t afraid of Hughes diminished arsenal.

      Phil was lucky it wasn’t a walk-off right there.

  • Troll Killer

    I bet Hughes was not mentally prepared

  • forensic

    I still can’t get over the players that beat the Yanks in this series. Lackey, Scutaro, Crawford, Ellsbury (I know, good season, but still). This actually makes it worse (maybe) than if it was the usual suspects.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Yeah, seriously. And the funny thing is they were able to hold down Youk (2/11) AGon (1/13) and Ortiz (3/12)

      • forensic

        And amazingly enough, after I looked like a schmuck with my comment yesterday, Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat did hang in there.

  • Karl Krawfid

    Dustin Pedroia likes to jump up and down before he fields balls.

    • FIPster Doofus

      And angrily punch the dugout bench after making an out. So much competitive fire!

      • Karl Krawfid

        Dan Shulman – “I want to have sex with Pedroia”

    • Will

      That exchange reminded me of something I’ve always wondered about Pete Rose…maybe it’s just me, but if I was a major league pitcher and I walked a guy and watched him “run” to first base, I’d drill him in the ribs his next at bat, every time. That crap (and Pedroia’s stupid jumping in the field) is more offensive and stupid than Ortiz/Carlos Guillen/A-Rod/whoever admiring a homerun.

  • forensic

    Gardner stole a base in the fourth and another in the ninth, his 20th and 21st consecutive steals without being caught. That broke Paul Molitor’s AL record for consecutive successful steals in a single-season (20), and Gardner’s just two away from tying the MLB record. Go Brett go.

    That’s incorrect. Those records (Molitor and Utley) are most steals in a season where they finished the season without being caught at all.

    The AL consecutive steals record is actually Ichiro at 45 and the ML record is Vince Coleman at 50.

  • OldYanksFan

    I don’t have the numbers, but it seems to me that our big bats, Grandy, Teix and Robbie, had a poor series.

    • FIPster Doofus

      They were a combined 6 for 33, so yeah.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Make that 5 for 33. Even worse.

    • forensic

      Yankees pitchers did similar work against most of their big bats. Unfortunately, the rest of their guys stepped up much more than the Yanks did.

  • OldYanksFan

    Oh… and I thought Gritner’s HR was OVER the BP.

  • Stevis

    Girardi is and will always be just an “ok” skipper.
    nice time to bring Phil useless in
    It would be nice for once to hear a little fire and emotion from Useless
    That Phil “AAA” Useless

    • forensic

      While I can understand, and to a point agree with, the frustration with Hughes, what other choice did Girardi have? He got the game to his closer who proceeded to blow the game. The only other guys available were Ayala and Noesi who both pitched, and got smacked around a bit, the day before.

    • Will

      Look at the bright side…the one silver lining to this game is that Hughes won’t be starting on Tuesday, which dramatically increases the Yankees’ chances of winning that game. It won’t help them when the powers that be inevitably let Hughes single-handedly blow a 2nd straight playoff run by starting the game 2s over Burnett or Garcia, but oh well.

      • CP

        Hughes has allowed 2 runs or less in 4 of his 5 starts since coming off the DL. How do the Yankees improve their chances of winning if he doesn’t start?

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    Not to worry my Yankee fan colleagues. We must now turn to the business at hand and beat the Angels which are next on the agenda. We can still win the division and that will mean that the Red Sox will have
    to play Texas whom they cannot beat. But if that does not happen I still have faith that in the playoffs we can beat Boston. After all, a key hit once in a while could do the job.

  • NEPA Yankee

    I wonder if Orel will get reprimanded by the Gods of ESPN for his 6th or 7th inning (not sure which) comment: Opposing pithers find it hard to get a strike call on a close pitch here in Fenway, especially in a crucial situation. Orel you subversive bastard! Time for ESPN to Clockwork Orange his ass. Strap him to a chair til next Sunday and make him watch clips of Dustin diving for routine ground balls.

    • forensic

      Strap him to a chair til next Sunday and make him watch clips of Dustin diving for routine ground balls.

      Based on tonight’s broadcast, that sounds more like autoerotica than punishment…


    • Mykey

      Haha, that damn radical!

    • CP

      Keith Law has made the same point about the fungible strike zone in Fenway before (from his time with the Blue Jays).

  • Jorge

    Went to bed when it was 2-1 in the 8th. Oof.

    I can never complain when someone gets the best of Mo. When you do that, you deserve to win. However, following up your struggling starter’s first brilliant performance in ages by bringing him in in the 10th? Too cutesy for my tastes there, Girardi. I’d rather seen anyone else in there.

    Not a big deal. One game out. It’s already a new day.

  • Greg

    This was our chance to make a statement to the Red Sox and to the baseball media that we can win big games this year. In that sense we failed. Even though some of you might not believe this, it is very true.

    I was hoping not to get swept coming in, so my goal was met. But did we have to do it so heart wrenchingly?

    I have no confidence that we can win 4 out of 7 games against a team that we’ve only beate twice all year. SOmebody explain that to me.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    There are so many aspects about this game and the team performance which we observed that made you suspect of its ability to beat the Red Sox. But I came away with a sense of we just don’t match up against them well against them at this time. There are two months remaining and $hit happens to teams.

    Lets be honest in our assessment the SR especially Bartolo and Freddie were just great. These guys never wavered. CC has yet to figure them out this year. In a playoff I believe the results will be the opposite with CC pitching better than Bartolo and Freddie. Lester and Beckett pose a big obstacle for us to beat them in a 7 game series. And Mo the magic is not gone but of late you can see that the better hitting clubs are on his pitches from my view on the couch. The DH position has shut down for us becoming barren. Chavez looked bad against Beckett when most guys in the lineup were gettin good cuts.

    I still believe we can beat these guys in a 7 game series but unusal pitching from our SR will be key especially from two guys who are challenged physically (Bart and Freddie) and Nova’s lack of experience in the playoffs.

    The negative that I see is how many bullets do Freddie and Bartolo have left. And how many times can the bullpen come in and save the day.

    • Kosmo


      I remember big game pitchers like Gibson and Ford and Koufax and Hunter and Seaver and Guidry who would be salivating to get a crack at the competition, not so for CC who has absolutely stunk against a team he at least needs to be competitive against. Your best SP shows up on Saturday and pitches a lights out game, that´s what was needed. Send a message.
      I don´t profess to having a crystal ball but what makes you think CC who is 0-4 vs the Sawx would fair any differently in the playoffs ? I´m curious.

      • LarryM.,Fl.

        I believe that he will out perform both Freddie and Bart because he has the tools (pitches, just plain physical ability), sox heavy lefty lineup the mental outlook to get it done. He’s more likely to turn it around than Freddie and Bart improving.

        Also, I believe the Yankees are still finding themselves in all facets of their game but the sox are what they are. Only one game in front of us.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      When they add A-Rod and hopefully Montero to this line-up, I will feel a 100% more confident, even though I’m still pretty confident the Yankees offense can handle any pitching staff as is.

  • Dan

    I’m just sick of Bobby V sounding like your drunk uncle trying to talk about a sport he’s never watched. How about the 5 minutes spent criticizing Tex for not tagging up for 3rd on a routine fly to CF only to say “he doesn’t have enough foot speed so some people would say he’s better off just staying at 2nd”. Personally I never had a problem with Morgan (Johnny Bench-love-fests aside)- it was Miller doing his best John Madden “I’m going to get really excited and overexplain a ground ball with bases empty” comments that drove me nuts. Thank the baseball gods for no more sunday night games this year!

  • Bronx Byte

    The Yankees have showered the stink of Boston off them and are ready for the L.A. Angels on Tuesday.
    No concern with the Sux. They had to take a late night flight to Minnesota and will be too full of themselves as the Twins do them in.

  • theyankeewarrior

    It’s frustrating that Phil can’t enter the game with more pop than that.

    His fastball was/has been depressing to watch.

    His curve has looked better of late, but that “heater” continues to run over the plate and lefties just unleash on it.

    When will this staff stop pitching Papi down and in?

    • Boo Radley

      Colon threw the same pitch to him in his start. You would think Martin would have seen that.

  • JohnC

    With Posada now being relegated to a bench player, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Montero up and in the lineup Tuesday night

  • JohnC

    I really thought Mo would pitch the 10th regardless. He only threw about 9 pitches in the 9th and they have a day off today

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Anybody else dumbfounded as to why Mo and/or Martin decided to go inside on Scutaro with a 1-2 count?

  • Boo Radley

    If our biggest problems in this series are CC and Mo we’ll be fine going forward. Freddy was great, Bartolo ok, and we’re still missing one of our best hitters. If anything I grew more confident of our chacnes in October.

  • P-Mo

    Baseball commentary for the series overall has been pretty bad, especially in this series. Whether it was Ellsbury’s “towering shot” that I’ve had to hear about on the radio over the past few days or last night’s telecast where, if you joined the game late, you’d think that Boston pretty much no-hit the Yanks and only the Red Sox left men in scoring position, I’m not sure there are many national broadcasts that I would prefer. Give me the local guys that are paid to be disguised homers instead of the ones on ESPN, ESPN Radio, Fox or MLB Network.

  • Frustrated

    “If our biggest problems in this series are CC and Mo we’ll be fine going forward.”

    Based on what?

    Rivera is 41 years old and clearly cannot locate like he did in his prime, which is bad news when you consider his stuff has diminished rapidly within the past three years. He could get away with it when he could locate. Now his control is spotty at best. He misses in the strike zone and a lot and he pays the price. The fact is he’s ranged from below average to good this year — no better and no worse.

    We spend so much time crucifying Girardi for sticking with Posada, and rightfully so, but other than his past success, what has Rivera done to deserve the closer’s job this year? I’d be more comfortable at this point with Soriano or Robertson, which is saying a lot since I don’t trust either reliever as far as I can throw them.

    And the 2009 season is the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to Sabathia, because now our fanbase has put him in the “automatic” category in big games, which is revisionist history at its finest. Prior to 2009, Sabathia was an absolute dog in big games. If you don’t believe, think back to the 2007 ALCS against Boston when he got spanked in Game 5 with a chance to finish off Boston, or 2008 when he lasted 3 2/3 innings in his only playoff start for the Brewers. Last year, he was abysmal against Texas twice and slightly above average against the Twins in the ALDS.

    Oh, and in September he got his rear-end handed to him in a huge, huge game against Tampa Bay that would’ve all but wrapped up a division title for the Yankees. This year, he’s 0-4 against Boston, which accounts for a third of our losses against the Red Sox. If the Yankees are a wild-card team agains this season, you can thank Sabathia for single-handedly costing us a division title for the second year in a row.

    He’s no Andy Pettitte. He’s certainly no Curt Schilling. He’s a very good regular-season pitcher who happened to be lights out in the 2009 playoffs, which, if any of you were paying attention, you’d realize is the exception, not the norm, with Sabathia.

    • ItsATarp

      This is a big block of stupid. CC with us had one bad post season game, which was 5 runs vs Texas last year and we still won that game. Also you remember when he prevented us from ebing eliminated last year? Not a big game right? In 2008 he pitched basically every other day for the Brewers just to get them into the play offs. And with the Indians he was average for 2 games and his ERA was inflated by a 10 run game vs the Sox. So to call him just a regular season pitcher is full of stupid because: 1. he has been good for us and not just in 2009 and 2. it’s been extremely small sample sizes.

      On Rivera, yes he probably lost a little something on his cutter, but it’s still a good pitch. But to say his Control is poor and his stuff has GREATLY diminished is a huge exaggeration. First off he is walking 1.04 per 9, half his career rate, while striking out 8.10 per 9 which is around his career rate. His blown saves were mostly (aside from one) in one run games on the road where his BABIP is .400…yea it’s a bunch of shitty luck on the road. Secondly Rivera still rates as one of the Game’s stop closer when you look at the numbers. He’s no where close to average. Third Posada utterly sucks as a DH compared to everyone not named Adam Dunn. Rivera ranks first among AL relievers in terms of WAR, so he still one of the best at his job…

      But ignore the numbers and keep overreacting.

    • paulb

      Completely agree. Hate to say but Red Sox better at every position offensively this year and when your ace can’t beat them and your closer can’t close them out you’re in trouble.

  • Bob Michaels

    Yankees must start a new winning streak that will propel them into the lead in the East. we owe the Bo-Sox big time, six games left and the Bombers will sweep the Beantowners.

  • Klemy

    I know it was you, Axisa. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!


  • Andrew j.

    we r being way too complacent here. I lived through fisk and munson, pinella and the entire sox team, bucky dent and zimmer and pedro. losing to the sox like this totally unacceptable. I am pissed. we all should be. been awhile since ive been this bummed in the rivalry

    • Pasqua

      The rivalry is oversaturated. The ’03 and ’04 ALCS’s were the absolute climax of this rivalry and nothing has come close to generating as much emotion since (in my opinion). Being frustrated is fine, but don’t let the context of the rivalry add to it. In October, the season series will mean nothing but something for the media to talk about.

      • Andrew J.

        I disagree from the viewpoint it’s not just losing a rivalry game, every loss to them emboldens the Sox more and makes them that much tougher to beat in the regular season last games and if we meet in the playoffs. And you know what chaps my ass? They brag about it, get smug about the fact we can’t beat them and we just shrug our shoulders and say “Oh well, its just another game.” It’s the Red Sox and maybe we need to get back to that earlier emotion you talked about to fire us up to kick their ass. Right now, the fire is lacking and it’s unacceptable not to be pissed about it. Joe Dimaggio is rolling over in his grave, I suspect, because he loved wailing on the Red Sox and knowing it was the Yanks, not Red Sox, going on in the postseason.

  • rek4gehrig

    It’s ESPN’s fault

  • Alibaba

    Baseball is a game of probability. You are a great hitter if you can get a hit 1/3rd of your at-bats. The key is to get your hits in bunches. Again, by the probabilistic laws, that happens once in a while. This is why sometimes a good team/pitcher can get beaten by a crappy team/pitcher. However, it evens out over the long season. In a playoff series, however, it may not. Joe T used to say that playoffs are crap-shoot.

    There were several times in last night’s game where luck played a huge role. If Martin does not try to take second (although it was arguably a smart play), we win 3-2. If Swisher’s drive was in a slightly different direction, we win 5-2.

    I don’t know about the others, but I feel that we can beat this RS team. It is a tough team, especially with Lester and Beckett. I wish Jeter would stop swinging at the 1st or 2nd pitch. RS hitters, from 1 to 9, now seem to have the old Yankees patient approach.

  • Pasqua

    Bring on the Sox in the ALCS. By the Law Averages alone, we should win that series. 2-10? Even giving the Sox the edge in the talent department, that’s just ridiculous. No way the difference is that great between the teams.

  • maria

    Mo I love you,

    and I love to watch him play . . . I hope today he can just move on, he is without a doubt the BEST LIVING BASEBALL player! atleast to me.

    Mo thank you for so many fantastic games, and last nite was a fantastic one too! just the wrong team won.

    Maria from Boston