Andruw Jones will have knee drained before playoffs


The hits just keep on coming. Marc Carig reports that Andruw Jones has been playing with a small tear in his left knee all season long, and the outfielder plans on having it drained before the postseason. He’s already had it drained several times this summer. The knee hasn’t bothered him at the plate (.363 wOBA overall and .399 vs. LHP), but I have to imagine it’s slowed him down a bit in the field. Not that Jones has been bad defensively, but you know what I mean.

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  • Tyrone Sharpton

    The way he’s played for this ballclub, I would drink his knee fluid to thank him

    • Joseph Cecala

      The fluid i going straight into Bartolo Colon’s elbow

  • Plank

    If Jones never plays another game, will he make it in the HOF?

    • Robert

      Yes for a decade he was the best Cf in baseball.

      • Plank

        To me he’s a sure thing, but I wonder if the voters will forget his amazing early seasons and think of the post-Atlanta backup player he has become.

        Kind of like how Rock Raines “played 10 years too long.”

        • Robert

          But using that logic then Ken Griffey jr isn’t one then.

          • Plank

            I wasn’t using logic that can be extrapolated to every player. I was using one relevant example. Tim Raines IS worthy of the HOF, but isn’t in because (I think) he stuck around playing mediocre ball too long. I can’t blame him for that, if I were a baseball player, they would have to pry the bat out of my hands and forcibly remove me from the stadium to get me to retire.

            Plus, if you want to use someone as a counter example, it would bolster your viewpoint if you used someone actually in the HOF.

  • CBean

    my poor team keeps breaking

  • Sean

    all the more reason to have Montero on the roster

  • Cuso

    As long as Cano, Granderson, Tex, Jeter, Martin, Gardner, CC, Nova, Soriano, Robertson & Mo don’t come up with a mysterious injury we can weather all this little naggy things.

    Until October….

    • Cuso

      I must’ve jinxed Martin

  • JMK

    Oh Jesus…

  • JMK

    No way.

  • Midland TX

    I also read that Jeter has been playing without Minka Kelly for several weeks, but plans to have his balls drained before the playoffs nevertheless. What a gamer.

  • Monteroisdinero

    It’s been a draining few days.