Astros claim Lance Pendleton

The RAB Radio Show: September 9, 2011
Brooklyn forces Game Three with blowout win

Via MLBTR, the Astros have claimed Lance Pendleton off waivers. The Yankees designated him for assignment earlier this week to make room on the 40-man roster for George Kontos. Remember, the Astros have the righty a look in Spring Training as a Rule 5 Draft pick, but they eventually send him back. Pendleton is from Houston and went to Rice (also in Houston), so he’s right at home. Good luck, I’ll miss you Pants Lendleton.

The RAB Radio Show: September 9, 2011
Brooklyn forces Game Three with blowout win
  • Jeter Meter

    The very pants I was on my way to return
    -Cosmo Kramer

  • Shuffle Cards for fun

    Hometown boy livin the dream. Good luck Pants!

  • Avi A

    Hope the Yanks aren’t caught with their pants down like they were with Melancon.

    • Ted Nelson

      They didn’t DFA Melancon… they traded him for Berkman. The trade didn’t work out, but Melancon has contributed all of 0.4 fWAR to the Astros this season. Not a huge loss… FIP is worse than Mo, DRob, Logan, and Wade… just ahead of Noesi… about even with Joba before he got hurt… could have stopped them from signing Soriano, but more likely would be replacing Ayala. Trade also looks better when you consider that the Yankees were betting Berkman wasn’t washed up. He didn’t turn it around in time to help them, but at least they were right that he wasn’t washed up. Their pro scouts have a strong reputation, and while Berkman doesn’t go down as a win for them in my book… it’s not really a loss either to me since they were correct he wasn’t done… just wrong on the timing.

      • Vocabularry

        good analysis, Ted. Now tell us all about what a shitty year Ian Kennedy is having, and how the Yankees were corrtect in trading him for a bum

        • Staten Island

          Bum? Dude’s having an all-time great year. What in God’s holy name are you blathering about?

          • Pat D

            It’s called sarcasm/trolling.

        • Nuke LaDoosh

          MVP CF in his prime is a bum? What rock did you crawl out from under?

          • Vocabularry

            MVP’s don’t hit .260, strike out 170 times, suck defensively in the field, and leave a ton of men in scoring position. For every 100 runners in scoring position when KKKKKKurtis comes to the plate, he leaves more than 75 on the bases.
            PLUS–he’s in the midst of a season ending tailspin where he’s shitting the bed and will continue to do so. Just like Gardner, who sucks just as badly.

            • Mike Axisa


              • Tyrone Sharpton

                ok even bah mah standerds, this is a racist troll.

        • JobaTheHeat62

          when i think of bums, i think of curtis granderson.

        • Pat D

          Please don’t ever change. You’re just so damned funny.

          • Nuke LaDoosh

            Pat, did you bump your head this morning ?

            • Vocabularry

              hey Nuke–go hit yourself in the head with a rock. It can only improve your baseball acumen. Oh, KKKKKKKurtis sucks–big time.

              • Nuke LaDoosh

                oh, you told me

              • Jorge

                Not for nothing, but I find the continued use of multiple K’s and an African American player a bit disconcerting. Can we just delete the shit and move on?

            • Pat D


              I have sleep apnea and that causes crazy shit.

  • Pat D

    I find your lack of Pants disturbing.

    Since I had brought it up the other day, here is the full list of Star Wars lines altered with the word “pants.”

  • Melky


  • Jedile

    Pants on the Stros’ lookin like a fool with your pants on the Stros’

  • http://RAB Leo in Houston

    Welcome home Lance.

  • Plinko Chips

    Useless Fact of the day: The Yankees have the same amount of players in the 2004 draft (3) that are still with the org as the 2005 draft (3) that are still apart of the org.

  • Jorge

    Loved the nickname, found the guy to be pretty fringy when facing actual major league hitters. If he works his way into being a 4/5 NL starter type, I’ll be happy for him.