Game 147: Sleepless in Seattle


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Only two more west coast games … only two more west coast games … only two more west coast games … here’s the lineup …

Derek Jeter, SS
Nick Swisher, RF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Jesus Montero, DH
Andruw Jones, LF
Russell Martin, C
Eduardo Nunez, 3B
Brett Gardner, CF

A.J. Burnett, SP

It’s another 10:10pm ET start, and you can watch on YES. Enjoy.

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  1. Champagne_whores says:

    Furbush? Really?

  2. bonestock94 says:

    Hopefully a poor Mariners offense and pitchers park helps AJ look good tonight.

    Is it just me or do you guys really hate Nick Markakis now? I wish they could play more game this year just to nail him with a fastball.

  3. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    This thread should have been called Fister For Furbush.

  4. huuz says:

    nothing better get through the right side with two second-basemen…

  5. mbonzo says:

    Number of times Kay talks about trading for “King Felix”, over or under 1.5?

  6. Champagne_whores says:

    Can Al Lieter say furbush without a snicker good thing cone is not here anymore

  7. Monteroisdinero says:

    Montero protecting Cano who usually protects ARod. Jesus right in there with the big boys.

  8. Pat D says:

    Nice to see Swisher back in right, Martin back behind the plate and Curtis getting a night off.

  9. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I work part time in Stop and Shop as a chasier and in comes a guy that looks exactly like Jack Curry. I didn’t want to say anyhting because if it wasn’t him it would be awkward. I thought it was him but I thought he should have been in Seattle. So I scan and bag his groceries until the register tells me that I owe 0.00 change to…Jack Curry.

    So I was like choking up and of course the only thing I say is “The machine is telling me you’re Jack Curry…”

    Then he gave me a blank stare for a couple seconds and he was like yeah. And I was getting gassed up and shit. He was asking if I saw him on TV and shit and I’m like why aren’t you in Seattle and it was his day off. Fuck I didn’t get to say much because he was asking where I was from and shit but next time I’m going to have a Yankee conversation with a guy from YES. Not gonna lie it was fucking epic seeing him in real life.

  10. Pat D says:

    So are they done panicking in Boston? Ortiz left with back spasms or something.

    Also, looking at their box score, all the offense came from the 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 hitters pretty much. That’s weird.

  11. Cy Pettitte says:

    Jete jumps on Furbush

  12. teddy says:

    nice jeter

  13. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Not so nice Swish.

  14. Karl Krawfid says:

    Why the hell is Swisher playing?

    Didn’t he say that his arm still hurts swinging from the the right side?

  15. teddy says:

    damm right at him

  16. MikeD says:

    Two pitches, two outs, with a hit included. Has to tie a record made many times over.

    Although I’m guessing there’s been a three-pitch inning with two guys on that ended in a triple play.

  17. Cuso says:

    They just spent 9 minutes, 47 seconds dissecting the Boston game that hasn’t evenended yet. They had to show every single hit by Ellsbury & Pedroia in the highlight.

    “This is the game that just got Boston into the playoffs.”

    if it was the Yanks beating Toronto 18-5, they would show the final and a 10-second highlight with no box score.

    They showed the entire box score on BB2N.

    I just threw up in my mouth again.

    (no, i’m not surprised by this. just consistently sickened by it.)

    • Greg says:

      ITs 18-5. The game is practically over.

      • Jesse says:

        I think he was more pissed off at the fact that they showed every hit by Ellsbury and Pedroia (8) in the highlight. I remember the 3 Grand Slam game they showed just the three Grand Slams and a few of the A’s hits that day.

        • Greg says:

          I hate NESN national. But I have to give them a break on that one.

          • MikeD says:

            I’ve never seen NESN beyond, that is, when the Red Sox are on MLBN and they ALWAYS use the NESN feed. I can’t understand why they don’t use the opposing team’s broadcasters on some occassions.

            The main announcer for the Red Sox is fine. It’s Jerry Remy I can’t take. His voice, his accent and his yelling (he’s normal pitch is close to a yell) are all horrible.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          When I saw it on Quick Pitch, they just showed the 3rd, with a quick “The Yankees became the first team to hit three grand slams in a game” and the final. I had stayed up just to see the highlights at like 2am. I was very upset.

        • Tom says:

          But don’t they have to show every hit to keep the Ellsbury MVP campaign on track?

          Pedroia you have to show because he’s short and gets extra creidt for being short and being able to hit.

          I do love how Kruk was talking about how these guys came up big “when it counted” (apparently the Rays series that just finished was relatively unimportant)

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          That’s why I never ever ever ever ever ever watch ESPN except when the Yankees are playing on sunday nights.

          • Jesse says:

            I’ve developed a very bad habit in watching ESPN. I like to listen to the Herd and the announcer (Colin Cowherd) brings in Curt Schilling once a week and he defends his Red Sox and poo-poos the Yankees.

        • Cuso says:

          this. and yes Jesse read my angst correctly.

  18. Cy Pettitte says:

    IPK going for W #20, spotted a 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st.

    what a year for him.

  19. Monteroisdinero says:

    AJ with the electric command.

  20. teddy says:

    ump got a tight zone, not a good sign for burnett

    • MikeD says:

      Tight strikezone and AJ = Bad.

      Yankees approach in the first innings seemed to be to attack Furbush’s first pitch. The scouting report probably shows he throws a lot of first-pitch strikes. They may want to change that approach is the ump is going to be tight.

  21. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Where the hell are these missing?

    • Tom says:

      They aren’t missing, Brooks has them on the corner… (the Smoak pitch was a bit marginal)

      CHeck swing call was also pretty marginal… he struck out Smoak 3 times in that AB (and struck out Carp in the AB before on the 0-2 pitch)

  22. Monteroisdinero says:

    Gotta like Martin calling for a 3-1 changeup on Ackley. Even though AJ shook it off, 1st inning is a good time to try it with AJ.

  23. teddy says:

    jeter gotta turn that dp

  24. Karl Krawfid says:

    This zone is a joke.

  25. teddy says:

    take pitches, ump not calling a thing

  26. Monteroisdinero says:

    No implosion. Good offspeed stuff.

  27. mbonzo says:

    Now the strikezone is huge.

  28. Cy Pettitte says:

    oh shit that was beautiful.

  29. Chen Meng Wang says:

    CANO hits to many homers.

  30. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Don’t ya know!!

  31. boogie down says:

    Dude is amazing.

  32. Karl Krawfid says:


  33. Monteroisdinero says:


  34. The Big City of Dreams says:

    The Prince of the City

  35. JobaWockeeZ says:

    8 game hitting streak right?

  36. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Jesus base hit :)

  37. Cy Pettitte says:


  38. Monteroisdinero says:

    Mi tambien.

  39. Jesse says:

    Jesus is good at this hitting thing
    (So far)

  40. Montero's Mojo says:

    Imagine Cano’s run production if Teixera were actually any good… I can’t help but mock the MT25. It’s like . . . a disease . . . it’s like I just can’t help myself.

  41. Monteroisdinero says:

    Speed on the bases. Not exactly.

  42. teddy says:

    lets go martin

  43. Tyrion Lannister says:

    That 1-1 pitch to Russell looked like a strike. This ump ain’t calling nothin close.

  44. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Martin swung at ball 4

  45. Tom says:

    Yankees might want to be ready for 3-2 curveballs (I know you have to be ready for the fastball, but it’s not like he’ going to blow it by you)

  46. boogie down says:

    Furbush didn’t want any of that.

  47. Monteroisdinero says:

    Let’s get more for AJ guys.. That’ll do.

  48. Cy Pettitte says:

    Montero shows off the speed

  49. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Jesus with teh wheels .

  50. teddy says:

    can anybody hit a sac fly, just dreadful

  51. Greg says:

    Well they got the one run out of it which was necessary

  52. Monteroisdinero says:

    Thank goodness for the wp.

  53. CBean says:

    ok AJ, shut down inning please

  54. mbonzo says:

    Did YES run out of commercials, or did the announcers finally talk about the ipad and red bull enough to skip the ads.

  55. Greg says:

    Just out of curiousity

    What is the Yankees ERA in shutdown innings?

  56. MikeD says:

    Credit to Martin for calling that breaking ball again after the first one fell short by two feet. The hitter was looking for anything but a curve.

  57. BK2ATL says:

    We go up 2-0 and AJ does what he does. Shit is a broken record.

    What really sucks is this Seattle offense is horrendous.

  58. teddy says:

    this is why burnett is a major league scrub

  59. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    And just when I thought AJ might actually not give up a run…

  60. Chen Meng Wang says:

    So…that could’ve been a lot worse.

  61. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Jesus Montero 2011 fWAR: 0.3
    Ichiro Suzuki 2011 fWAR: 0.4

  62. Cy Pettitte says:

    so no commercials anymore? I like.

  63. FIPster Doofus says:

    So … no more commercials?

  64. mbonzo says:

    I can’t express how amazing this no commercial YES broadcast is.

  65. CBean says:

    Moar Yankee runs please!

  66. Greg says:

    Wont complain about AJ because he didnt give up the lead.

    If and When he does then I will complain.

  67. mike_h says:

    so what happened to the commercials?

  68. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Loving this no commercial thing.

  69. John says:

    Is it just me, or are there no commercials??

  70. Drew says:

    Yeah what’s going on with the zero commercials the entire game?

  71. Chen Meng Wang says:

    BABiP fail

  72. Tom says:

    Listening to the Mariners feed:

    Fun to listen to them talk about how they need Smoak to become a power guy… I’d love to know what goes through their heads when they see Montero bat.

  73. mbonzo says:

    Tex taking some nice swings. Tex message?

  74. Cy Pettitte says:

    commercials? noooooooooo

  75. teddy says:

    he got lucky, buts thats a shutdown inning, burnett wouldn’t know what that is

  76. Greg says:

    Wait what are these tings on my screen right now?

  77. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Commercials are back. At least it’s a good one.

  78. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Now they went to commercial. Very strange.

  79. thetruth says:

    what am I missing….why no Grandy but a Hurt Swisher?

  80. Greg says:

    If only Girardi saw that wince…

  81. teddy says:

    burnett is pathetic

  82. BK2ATL says:

    The definition of insane…..

    Here it comes….again.

  83. thetruth says:

    makes sense with Grandy starting to come out of his slump an all…best thing for that is to sit a day

  84. FIPster Doofus says:

    Burnett is pathetic.

  85. Greg says:

    He’s injured.

  86. mbonzo says:

    AJ injured, there is your 5 man rotation.

  87. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Aj hurt?

  88. Tyrion Lannister says:

    The phantom injury for AJ, shut him down.

  89. thetruth says:

    oh darn, burnett is hurt

  90. Cuso says:

    I swear, i could point to any bum’s name in the phonebook & they could get a hit off AJ

  91. jon says:

    they are just going to let him throw?

  92. Kelly says:

    he’s wincing. dont look good for burnett.

  93. CBean says:

    so, is michael kay saying that the Yankees don’t care if AJ is hurt?

  94. Cy Pettitte says:

    So Noesi throwing in the pen but nobody even went out to talk to AJ?

  95. teddy says:

    really tough play ,been nice to turn 2 there

  96. mbonzo says:

    Tex is popping up balls with his glove now. This guy can’t stop popping up.

  97. Will says:

    I’m so tired of Burnett. Every game, regardless of the quality of the line-up he just sucks. I’d rather see Betances or Noesi get a chance. At least if they bomb I can justify it by saying they’re young and raw. Burnett is just awful. Cringe worthy pitching. I don’t know what to tell you if you can’t hold a pathetic Mariners offense down…

  98. FIPster Doofus says:

    Take him the fuck out

  99. Esteban says:

    AJ is such a joy to watch. By far the most fun games to watch.

  100. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Death, Taxes, and AJ.

  101. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Take this clown out of the game. This should be his last hitter to get Noesi warmed.

  102. Karl Krawfid says:

    I swear the Yankees are so dumb when it comes to injuries.

    Get his ass out of the game.

  103. Monteroisdinero says:

    AJ is deranged.

  104. Bartolo's Colon says:

    a healthy burnett is horrible, should be interesting to see what potentially injured burnett is like

  105. thetruth says:

    this is hilarious

  106. SevenAces says:

    Does AJ have Count Chocolutis?

  107. Kelly says:

    as much as i dont like burnett well prob most yankee fans hate burnett but if ur hurt dont decide to be macho and tell coaches ur fine. we still have a game to win and unfortunately stuck with u for another 2 years

  108. Urban Achiever says:

    Look everyone! AJ’s back!

  109. Is it stupid for me to be ok with an AJ injury?

  110. thetruth says:

    hey Giradi, the great thing about pulling a pitcher because of injury is you get to let the next guy warm up as LONG AS HE WANTS

  111. theyankeewarrior says:

    Holy shit Joe, just take him out!

    This fucking guy is wincing in pain after every pitch and has obviously lost every bit of control that he ever had to begin with- which isn’t much at all…

    Is it that hard to see?

  112. swishers fauxhawk says:

    AJ sucks, but this ump isn’t doing him any favors.

  113. theyankeewarrior says:

    This is comical. If that was any other Yankee pitcher (even including Scott Proctor) he would have been dragged off the mound 10 pitches ago.

  114. Monteroisdinero says:

    No post season for this guy. Enough already.

  115. teddy says:

    olivio has a 257 obp, you suck aj

  116. Appendicitis Rex says:

    This is like watching Kei Igawa, but with more tatts. And worse control.

  117. mt says:

    I have never seen a “curve” so wild – LOL if Montero or Romine were back there.

  118. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Could Betances really be worse than this??

  119. Monteroisdinero says:

    If that was montero……

  120. Esteban says:

    It’s just a shame that AJ can only pitch every 5 days. This is so fun to watch. Just crisp and dominant.

  121. Hall and Nokes says:

    It’s too bad that guys don’t swing at pitches 4 feet out of the zone.

  122. Will says:

    Doug Fister would’ve been nice to have. I wonder what Jack Z would’ve wanted from the Yanks for him.

    Probably something ridiculous like Betances and Romine. Fucking Jack Z.

  123. AlecT says:

    Pretty please, have mercy and put this horse down.

  124. Kostas says:

    Martin looks like a hockey goalie. $85 million of shit that he has to protect.

  125. Rey22 says:

    Burnett starts are a pain to watch. Don’t know why I’m staying up so late for this crap.

  126. Monteroisdinero says:

    Would love to have seen Romine catch tonight.

  127. Greg says:

    All told, that could have been much worse.

  128. Chen Meng Wang says:

    AJ is slightly pumped about that K…maybe he can settle down and give us three or four more innings of 0-1 run baseball? I live in a fantasy world btw.

  129. teddy says:

    noesi should start the next inning.yanks should be up if nunez can hit a damm sac fly

  130. Cuso says:

    The maddening thing is that he always buys himself an extra inning.

  131. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Well AJ has done a good job of limiting the damage in the last two innings, I’ll give him that. But man, the guy is allergic to 123 innings.

  132. BK2ATL says:

    Oh well, there went the lead. Back to 0-0, offense. Gotta be the biggest moral booster hitting behind this pitcher.

  133. boogie down says:


  134. Tom says:

    The main problem is this dumbass bounce the curve in the dirt philsophy…. he doesn’t need to go for a swing and a miss on just about EVERY 2 strike curveball.

    Most of them are so far off the plate they become easy takes… how many curves do you see caught below the strike zone that aren’t bounced?

  135. Greg says:

    The King, Jim Leyritz

  136. mbonzo says:

    Hit one out Montero.

  137. mt says:

    Technically Martin had a passed ball in that inning but given how much a catcher has to move on many of these AJ curves I don’t blame the catcher – it’s almost like catching Wakefield.

  138. Mike Axisa says:

    Flaherty seems too obvious for the trivia.

  139. Cy Pettitte says:

    Montero > Smoak.

    what a beast.

  140. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Fuck that would have been out everywhere else. Go go Jesus!

  141. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Hooray Jesus.

  142. teddy says:

    montero crushed that ball

  143. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That’s a homer in YS3

  144. Kelly says:

    i know its a septemeber sample but im really loving me some montero

  145. Monteroisdinero says:


  146. Esteban says:

    He didn’t look like he swung hard at all.

  147. Bartolo's Colon says:

    Thank mo we have jesus

  148. CBean says:

    Jesus makes me happy.

  149. David N says:

    Sterling practically jumped out of his shoes on that one. And then fell quickly back into them.

  150. teddy says:

    rookie mistake by jesus

  151. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Montero Fail?

  152. Kelly says:

    that sucked

  153. mbonzo says:

    Well he certainly runs like a catcher, suck it Keith Law.

  154. Tyrion Lannister says:

    What the hell is that kid doing? Might cost us a run. Somebody on the bench better school him for next time.

  155. NHYankeesFan says:

    Hes Miguel Cabrera with the bat but hes Jorge with the baserunning

  156. JFH says:

    I am not sure what is more predictable, A.J.’s lack of command each start, or the comments about A.J on the RAB game threads.

  157. Monteroisdinero says:

    Learn baby learn. Jesus will correct that.

  158. Am I the only one who thought it wasnt that big of a deal? It was a hard hit grounder and he just got out. If hes safe, both him and Jones are on.

  159. FIPster Doofus says:

    This game sucks.

  160. BK2ATL says:

    On a positive note, you know that Cashman is somewhere grinning at the hitting display Montero is putting on in Seattle, while Smokes (Smoak) is struggling to find his way still.

  161. Greg says:

    And very quietly, Furbush is doing to the Yankees what the like of Adam Loewen and Bryan Bullington did. Keeping the Yanks in check.

  162. theyankeewarrior says:

    For the first time in my life, I have forgiven Jesus.

  163. Greg says:

    It was Flaherty!

  164. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Wow it was Flaherty. I thought it was Layritz.

  165. Will says:

    I’m starting to get really annoyed that Furbush is settling down and pitching like Jon Lester while AJ somehow finds a way to walk the bases loaded with a lineup full of guys with .250 OBPs. Disgusting.

  166. FIPster Doofus says:

    A 1-2-3 inning from Burnett? Has 2012 come early?

  167. teddy says:

    nice inning burnett

  168. Chen Meng Wang says:

    I cannot believe I’m saying this: awesome inning from AJ

  169. Greg says:

    Look, a 123 inning

  170. BK2ATL says:

    1-2-3 inning by Burnett!!!!
    1-2-3 inning by Burnett!!!!
    1-2-3 inning by Burnett!!!!

    Holy shit!!!! All things are possible!!!!

  171. teddy says:

    who got a better bat nunez or laird

  172. Greg says:

    Furbush is basically doing it the Brett Cecil way. Fastball on the plate and curveball away.

  173. Kostas says:

    Man, when Gardner is slumping he just looks sophomoric at the plate

  174. FIPster Doofus says:

    Yankees, just get Furbush’s pitch count up. You can’t hit him, obviously.

  175. Tom says:

    I know it’s a small sample size… but Nunez seems like a terrible 2 strike hitter

    0-2 .456 OPS
    1-2 .455 OPS
    2-2 .316 OPS
    3-2 .657 OPS

    It’s about 110 AB’s total… small sample, but his approach on 2 strikes is not good.

  176. Yeah I am not lasting through this game. 10pm games suck

  177. FIPster Doofus says:

    I’d compliment AJ, but with 2 outs, he’ll probably walk the next three guys and then give up a grand slam.

  178. Rey22 says:

    AJ got tired of our shit and decided to get to work apparently.

  179. Greg says:

    Who is this pitcher and where did he come from?

  180. FIPster Doofus says:

    Wow, eight straight retired by Burnett. Wake the hell up, offense. Streaks like this are bound to end in ugly fashion.

  181. teddy says:

    burnett looking very good, heart of the lineup

  182. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Is AJ allowed to have 2 good innings in a row?

  183. Chen Meng Wang says:

    another good inning by AJ. Whats going on here?

  184. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    did AJ pull a I dont’t suck anymore muscle?

  185. Kibbitty says:

    Everyone SHHH! Don’t jinx it…

  186. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    new bat smell

  187. Cy Pettitte says:

    Swish! get ‘em over get ‘em in now.

  188. teddy says:

    swisher hit the ball hard tonight, come on teix

  189. Chen Meng Wang says:

    SWISHAROO with a huge double.

  190. mbonzo says:

    Rookie pitchers have a 6.39 ERA against the Yankees. Doesn’t seem like it.

  191. teddy says:

    very good job teix, come on cano

  192. MikeD says:

    So he could hit a double that would give the Yankees the lead, that’s why.

  193. teddy says:

    cano swung at a bad pitch, not a good hack, damm

  194. BK2ATL says:

    I’ll take it Robbie. You got the run in. 3-2 Yanks.

  195. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow come on Robbie…..

  196. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Fuck Safeco

  197. mbonzo says:

    That would be 2 homeruns for Montero if this was Yankee stadium.

  198. Mike Axisa says:

    I can’t stay mad at you, Robbie.

  199. That was a lot worse than way Jesus did.

  200. teddy says:

    montero just missed it and cano ruins the inning. y

  201. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankee beisbol

  202. BK2ATL says:

    Jesus wept…

  203. MikeD says:

    Oh, come on, Mr. Robinson Cano. How many times has that happened to Jeter or A-Rod in their lengthy careers?

    Love Robbie, but…

  204. boogie down says:

    Well, at least he crushed it. Don’t think that would’ve gone out of other parks.

  205. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Come on Robbie, Peter Borjous is an ANGEL, not a Mariner.

  206. teddy says:

    come on aj 1 more out

  207. This is the best I’ve seen AJ since April of 2010.

  208. mbonzo says:

    Where is the AJ implosion? Just when I thought I could count on him for something he goes ahead and messes that up too.

  209. FIPster Doofus says:

    Gotta hand it to Burnett tonight. Eleven K’s and two ER. Impressive, regardless of the offense he faced.

  210. Greg says:

    The best AJ has looked this year.

  211. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:


  212. Cy Pettitte says:

    AJ’s first quality start since……?

  213. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    11 K’s. wow.

  214. Jetrer says:

    ok, not bad AJ, not bad at all

  215. teddy says:

    casper wells from my high school, having said glad he k 3 times

  216. Stratman9652 says:

    Now I would take 6 innings and 2 runs from AJ any day of the week and call it a day. Any bets Joe runs him out for the 7th and doesn’t start warming anyone until at least 2 guys get on base with 0 outs?

    Don’t dislike Joe but he has done this too many times.

  217. Bartolo's Colon says:

    whatever the hell happened to aj in the second or third inning was awesome

  218. CBean says:

    wow except for the 3rd, AJ’s been lovely tonight.

  219. BK2ATL says:

    AJ Burnett actually held a lead!!!!! Strange game, but I’ll take the result.

  220. Charles says:

    Wow wasn’t expecting this from AJ, great sign if he can pull it together for the remainder of the season and during the playoffs.

  221. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    like seriously that went from going down in flames to a completely different pitcher

  222. mbonzo says:

    I know its SSS, but so far with these new mechanics AJ has a 3.66 xFIP. Can’t wait to see what it’ll be after tonight.

  223. JFH says:

    It is like A.J. flipped some switch after the 3rd inning. The guy could barely find the catcher, let alone the strike zone that inning. After that he has been a different pitcher.

  224. Thomas Cassidy says:

    If Burnett could keep this up somehow for the rest of the way, I believe the Yankees would be the favorites to win the World Series. Best offense, best bullpen, best defense, and second best rotation to the Phillies, who we beat two years ago. CC, Nova, Burnett, and maybe Garcia/Colon with Hughes in the bullpen.

  225. teddy says:

    kinda fiqure curtis would get the day off

  226. BK2ATL says:

    Curtis is back in stride again. Slump be gone!!!!

  227. MikeD says:

    I hate Yankee hits that suddenly become double plays.

  228. mbonzo says:

    Russell Martin and BABIP are NOT friends.

  229. teddy says:

    this inning is over

  230. BK2ATL says:

    Fucking Russell!!! C’mon….1st pitch GIDP???

    Then Nunez???? Way too fast of a inning.

  231. Chen Meng Wang says:

    off topic: the buffalo flavored dipped chicken sandwhich that Wendy’s brought back and is advertising is average at best. The regular spicy chicken sandwich is much better.

  232. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    Granderson with a hit in 3 consecutive games. First time since August 19th.

  233. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Congrats Sweeny.

  234. MikeD says:

    Trending #600.

  235. Orlando says:

    attaboy Sweeni!

  236. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Ichiro down looking?

  237. teddy says:

    great job soriano

  238. Karl Krawfid says:

    1-2-3 inning!!!

    World Series ova!

  239. Avi says:

    Worth every penny.

  240. Rey22 says:

    Burnett making it look easy. Soriano making it look easy. Can you tell we’re playing the Mariners?

  241. Chen Meng Wang says:

    something in the air in Seattle…AJ looks good, strikes out 11, and Soriano has a 1-2-3? WTF?

  242. BK2ATL says:

    Great inning by Soriano!!!

  243. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    Maybe Ive been living under a rock or something, but the countdown to Mo’s 600 just doesnt seem to have much hype to it. I mean this guy is about to do what only one other person in baseball has ever done and might actually finish with close to 700 for his career. why is this not a bigger deal?

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Nah, your totally right. It hasn’t gotten any hype at all…

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Well, anyone with a brain knows Rivera’s the best ever. The saves record is just gravy.

      • thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

        I know, but we are talking about a record that might become another one of those “unbreakable” records in baseball. After Mo no one is even close

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          I agree, but I think what I said above is why his march to 600 hasn’t gotten much attention. Plus, with a growing amount of sabermetric-minded fans these days, saves are losing their meaning. A lot of people are realizing how much of an overrated stat it is. You don’t need it to tell you how dominant Rivera has been.

      • flamingo says:

        I think this is why he hasn’t gotten more attention. 600 is just a nice round number; he’s already got the other numbers that prove his dominance.

        • Chen Meng Wang says:

          But you could say that about any player reaching a milestone. Very few players who got there needed that 3000th hit or 500th homer or 300th win to prove they were a HOF player, but there was a whole bunch of excitement leading up to it.

    • MikeD says:

      His name is not Pabelbon?

    • Stratman9652 says:

      Probably because of the unpredictability of save situations. The Yankees winning a lot of games without save situations, save situations that arise when Mo isn’t available and just loses in general make counting down saves pretty difficult.

  244. Derek Jeter says:

    Don’t write Ichiro off just yet.

  245. Stratman9652 says:

    Looks like 600 will be tonight. Wonder if Joe will let Jorge catch it.

  246. Orlando says:


  247. teddy says:

    and jeter refuses to walk, pathetic at bat

  248. BK2ATL says:

    The March to “Mo 600″ is upon us!!!

    Let’s go D-Rob!!!

    MLB Network will go live to the game to cover it for Mariano.

  249. Karl Krawfid says:

    Why no curve ball?

    They haven’t hit one all day.

  250. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    hammer dont hurt em

  251. teddy says:

    huge k, 2 more please

  252. Kostas says:

    OHHHHH Snap… There will be a bean ball fest in tomorrow’s Diamondbacks/Dodgers game. Kuo for the Dodgers threw high at the head of Parra for the Diamondbacks as he squared to bunt. Two pitches later Parra went deep and stood and watched – took his time. Kershaw was yelling at the Diamondbacks and Parra, he pitches tomorrow. Awesome!

    • Chen Meng Wang says:

      Love it.

    • BK2ATL says:

      If Kershaw throws at Parra tomorrow, he better expect to get one in the back as well while he’s up to bat as well. Parra had every right to celebrate, since Kuo almost took off his head with a high heater while he was attempting to bunt.

      • Chen Meng Wang says:

        I couldn’t disagree more. As a pitcher you’re taught if you know the batter is bunting, throw it hard, up and in. Showboating a Homer in my opinion is reason to be plunked because it just looks like your going out of your way to show up the pitcher.

  253. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    wont throw his curve

  254. teddy says:

    he refuses to throw his curveball

  255. Karl Krawfid says:

    No curve ball!

  256. Greg says:

    John Wetteland 2.0

  257. Will says:

    Smoak clearly wasn’t going to swing at anything. He was clearly trying to walk.

  258. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    now, throw the damn curve ball

  259. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    great…single gets the lead

  260. teddy says:

    2 down, 1 more please

  261. Cy Pettitte says:

    give him the golden sombrero david

  262. teddy says: are you doing giradri

  263. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Are they seriously IBBing Adam freaking Kennedy??

  264. Avi says:

    I don’t like walking kennedy. Robertson doesn’t have the best control

  265. Karl Krawfid says:

    Epic meltdown in progress.

  266. Stratman9652 says:

    Really hate this IBB with such a walk heavy pitcher.

  267. Cuso says:

    Need some Hou-dizzle

  268. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    oh shit, no namer with 2 homeruns….this is gonna get ugly

  269. Tom says:

    Girardi setting up the double play with 2 out and apparently still not aware the opposing manager is allowed to pinch hit

    • MikeD says:

      …and why do you assume that Girardi also didn’t factor that into his decision? He’d rather have D-Rob face the lefty hittin rookie than Kennedy. The rook had little chance against Robertson facing him for the first time.

  270. Widget says:

    Wow, Adam Kennedy is their DH? That’s pathetic. Of course losing a game to this team is even more pathetic.

  271. MikeD says:

    D-Rob should eat this guy up.

  272. ItsATarp says:

    IBB to the load the bases with a guy who has a 4+ BB/9…GREAT MOVE GIRARDI

  273. Greg says:

    what was the stat that he struck 9 straight with the bases loaded.

  274. Will says:

    Is it just me or do horrible teams like the Mariners suddenly develop plate discipline and have pro-longed at bats when they face the Yankees?

  275. Karl Krawfid says:

    Crisis averted!

  276. NHYankeesFan says:

    Drob is a monster with the bases loaded

  277. thaaaaaayankeeswin says:


  278. Avi says:

    Sleep with one eye open..

  279. teddy says:

    whewwwwwwwwwwwwww! giradri got lucky

  280. Cy Pettitte says:

    I wasn’t even worried. at all.

  281. Chen Meng Wang says:

    HUGE K how is he so good at that?

  282. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That’s why I love DRob.

  283. BK2ATL says:

    D-Rob is pure gold!!!!!

    I’d have no problem if he’s the heir apparent to Mariano, when he’s done.

  284. Rey22 says:

    It’s funny, I’m more calm with Robertson on the mound and the bases loaded than I am with a couple of Yankee pitchers with the bases empty.

  285. Kibbitty says:

    D-Rob with a flair for the dramatic…

  286. Dude says:

    Is There A Stat Or Something For How Many Runners Hes Stranded?

  287. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Bradon League is 1-5 so he sucks!!


  288. Chen Meng Wang says:

    This is the first time since Moose’s perfect game bid in 01 that I was praying the yankees went down 123 in the top of the 9th, just to get to the bottom

  289. teddy says:

    lets go mo,bad game for the offense

  290. Cy Pettitte says:

    put in Posada you binder bitch.

  291. MikeD says:

    No, not Martin. No, not Posada. Reports have Girardi strapping on the gear to catch the 9th. “I caught #1,” said Girardi, “I’ll catch #600!”

  292. flamingo says:

    And now the moment of truth.

    (Really resisted saying MOment there. It was tough.)

  293. Cy Pettitte says:

    Wily Mo Pena, oh lord.

  294. Dude says:

    DRob Needs Ks to get to 100, so thats like what….?? two innings??

  295. Rey22 says:

    Mo flashing the 94mph. Nice.

  296. Chen Meng Wang says:

    2 away.

  297. Pat D says:

    Do not show that video.

  298. Pat D says:

    Oh, Jesus Christ, that song is played out in college football, you’re going to start playing it at a baseball game?

  299. BK2ATL says:

    Ichiro is such a great hitter…..

    Let’s go Mariano!!!!! 2 to go!!!

  300. David N says:

    1 to go….

  301. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    All right Mo, one more.

  302. Brooklyn Ed says:


  303. Pat D says:

    That’s awesome, because I hate Ichiro.

  304. Chen Meng Wang says:

    HAHAHAHA on a CS. That is awesome. 600 for MO

  305. mbonzo says:

    On his 600th save, Mo proves how stupid the stat is.

  306. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That was pretty fucking sweet.

  307. David N says:

    600, in unconventional fashion.

    Congrats Mo. Best ever (not that we needed this to know that).

  308. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    It’s pretty amazing that Mo has averaged >1.8 Ks per inning over all these years.

  309. Greg says:

    Does Posada make that throw?

  310. BK2ATL says:

    What a way to end the game, win the game and get #600 for Mo!!!!

    Jeter 3K.

    CC 2K.

    Mo 600 saves!!!

    What a season of individual milestones. Next up, #28!!!

  311. Chen Meng Wang says:

    Ichiro might’ve been safe…the throw did beat him but I don’t think the tag did.

  312. Dude says:

    i cant remember the last time anyone was thrown out stealing with Mo on the mound

    • well you know says:

      September 22, 2009. That was a dramatic one too. In LA, one run game, Reggie Willits pinchrunning, strike out DP for the first two outs of the ninth.

  313. dennyneagleshooker says:

    mo getting his 600th save wouldn’t have happened today if he did’t suck and blow like 4 saves a year over the last decade and a half. wtf bro

  314. Karl Krawfid says:

    Grats Mo!

  315. BK2ATL says:

    Mariano Rivera – 1st ballot HOFer. Any doubts?

  316. David N says:

    Posada had better be catching for #602.

  317. Bob Stone says:

    Congrats Mo!

  318. Avi says:

    We need 100 more comments to get to 600.

  319. Dave the Ox says:


  320. Dave the Ox says:


  321. Dave the Ox says:

    = 28

    I’m out.

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