Yanks increase division lead with win over M’s

SI blows out Auburn in Game One of NYPL Finals
The implications of Cervelli's latest concussion

Nothing gets the bitter taste of a four-game losing streak out of your mouth like a winning streak, and the Yankees are officially on a winning streak after topping the Mariners on Monday. Sure, it’s only a little two-gamer, but a winning streak is a winning streak.

Next time you wonder why a random offseason transaction was made, this is why. Depth matters. (Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Getting To The King

Coming into this game, the Yankees had scored a total of eight runs in their last 49 innings against Felix Hernandez. They scored six runs in six innings off him tonight. The driving force behind the offense? How about Chris Dickerson. In his third big league start of the season, Dickerson singled Brett Gardner to third before he came around to score on Derek Jeter‘s groundout, then an inning later he capped killed a five-run rally with a long two-run homer to right. It was no cheapie, there was no doubt it was gone, and it even looked like it had a chance at the second deck. Chris Dickerson, of course.

Before that, the Yankees scored three runs on a Mark Teixeira solo homer, an Eric Chavez sacrifice fly, and a Gardner double. At one point between the third and fourth innings, the Yankees had seven hits in the span of eleven batters (four extra base hits) against Felix. Two of the four outs scored runs as well. We saw some signs of life from the offense on Sunday, and the bats continued to wake up against arguably the best pitcher in the world. Sometimes it takes a bit piece like Dickerson having a huge game off the bench to get things going, baseball’s weird like that. Six runs and nine hits off Hernandez is pretty much the best of best case scenarios.

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Typical Phil

It was a pretty typical start for Phil Hughes, meaning quite a bit of baserunners (eight), a ton of foul balls (25 out of 99 pitches) … and a quality start. Believe it or not, seven of his eleven starts since coming off the DL have qualified for the ol’ quality start, meaning six innings or more and three runs or less. Don’t ask me how, but it’s true. Quality starts aren’t a good predictor of future success, but they are games the Yankees can win, I know that much. Chances are Phil’s line would look quite a bit worse against a better team, but I feel like I say that after each one of his starts.

All the stuff we’ve talked about all season still stands, Hughes needs to get his command right, he needs to be more efficient, and he needs to fully incorporate a third pitch. A show-me changeup won’t cut it. It did tonight, luckily.


The Yankees really blew things open in the seventh, when Robinson Cano shot an opposite field double over the left fielder’s head with the bases loaded. It came on the tenth pitch of the at-bat, after he fouled off balls four, five, six, and seven. You know Robbie though, it just works. The man is hitting .471/.429/1.235* this season with the bases loaded. That’ll work.

* Since I know several of you will ask, his OBP is lower than his AVG because of sacrifice flies. They count as plate appearances (and towards OBP) but not at-bats (and towards AVG). One of baseball’s many weird statistical quirks.

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

In his first career start behind the plate, Austin Romine picked up his first career base hit, a legitimate line drove single to right off Danny Cortes. There’s a pretty decent chance that that will be the last first-hit ball Gene Monahan ever marks up. The longtime trainer is retiring after the season, and every other non-pitcher on the active roster has already picked up their first hit.

As for the rest of the offense … Jeter had one hit, Curtis Granderson had two hits (breaking out of his slump?), Tex had a single to go with the homer (breaking out of his slump?), Cano had three hits, Swisher one hit, Gardner two hits (breaking out of his slump?), Dickerson the two hits, and Romine the one hit. The Yankees did not draw a single walk, only the fourth time they’ve done that in 146 games this season. Boston has done it three times, the only club with fewer no walk games.

After teasing us by warming up both Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances, Joe Girardi went with Scott Proctor (two runs in two innings) and Luis Ayala (one inning) to run out the clock after Hughes exited. I don’t even know why they bother calling these kids up, Girardi never uses them. Did the same thing last year. They’re better off keeping them in the minors and saving the service time. Seriously. I suppose the good news is that Boone Logan warmed up at one point, so his dead arm must be a thing of the past.

Also, where were the replacements once the score got out of hand? I mean, Swisher’s been battling elbow tendinitis, couldn’t he have gotten a few innings off with an eight (eventually six) run lead? Granderson could use some time off his feet, no? Nothing wrong with giving Jeter a few innings off, right? Oh well, what’s done is done.

The Rays won again, this time beating the Orioles. They picked up half-a-game on the idle Red Sox, and are now just three back of Boston for the wildcard. The Yankees remain seven games up on Tampa for the wildcard, and they moved to four games ahead of the Sox for the AL East lead. That’s the largest lead they’ve had all season. If they go 8-8 in their final 16 games, Boston has to go 12-4 to tie (the Sox would win the division in that scenario by virtue of winning the season series). The magic number to clinch a playoff spot is just ten.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs has some other stuff, and ESPN the updated standings.

Up Next

Game two of this three-game series will be played on Tuesday night, when A.J. Burnett gives it a go against the lefty Charlie Furbush.

SI blows out Auburn in Game One of NYPL Finals
The implications of Cervelli's latest concussion
  • Rich in NJ

    If Proctor’s presence has the effect blocking kids in blowouts, Cash needs to Girardi-proof the roster.

    • Nick

      yeah i really hoped we would see either Brackman or Betances in the 9th. save Ayala for a non worthless inning

    • Rey22

      If they didn’t have Proctor he would’ve gone with Laffey probably. Or Ayala earlier. Or Valdes or something.

  • Jamey

    when I saw Betances warming up that was pretty much my exact thought “Typical Girardi”. Apparently giving these kids the experience equivalent of “really good seats” is as valuable as, oh I dunno, PITCHING.

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    While I certainly hope Grandy is breaking out, this is his third 2 hit game of the month. The other 2 times he followed up with 1 hit in his next 5 games.

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Phil Phuckin’ Hughes

    Well, at least this start doesn’t secure Phil Hughes going to the bullpen. Now A.J’s gotta blow up………

  • Pat D

    Pretty much demand the sweep now. Come on AJ, this team really can’t hit.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Phil Phuckin’ Hughes

      Neither could the Twins and look what happened when he faced them.

  • http://highfirstpitch.wordpress.com/ Stratman9652

    Best part is when he finally does use these kids in the pen, they won’t have pitched in a game in weeks and will undoubtedly be rusty as all hell.

    Really excited about Romine. If you had told me at the beginning of the year that both him and Montero would not only be in the organization but in the bigs I would’ve never believed it.

    • The Humungus

      So true. It’s just bizarre how Girardi seems intent on setting the Yankees pitching prospects up to fail when they’re called up to Majors.

      Sit them, watch them pitch poorly because of inactivity, bury them.

      Lather, rinse, repeat …

      • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

        It’s not just Girardi, though he gets a majority of the blame. This whole organization seems completely inept at handling any of their top pitching prospects. It’s a good thing Nova came out of nowhere or they would have screwed him up by now as well. It’s amazing what some guys can do when you just let them go out there to learn how to pitch and ignore the innings/pitch count for the most part. It’s worked for the Rangers pretty well the last couple of years.

        • David, Jr.

          Yes. It is an incredibly inept organization all the way around.

          Hughes and Nova could be key starters for the next ten years, with more on the way.

          They will likely win the toughest division in baseball and be at a least a major World Series contender, all while completely retaining a consensus top five farm system.

          If they finish the year off, which I expect that they will, Girardi should be a Manager Of The Year contender.

          They just happen to have lots of imbecilic fans.

          • Guns of the Navarone

            The Yankees haven’t developed and kept a “key starter” since Andy Pettitte. The organization’s track record speaks for itself, regardless of trades, luck, or where they draft, that’s a long time.

            This is Nova’s first year and it’s been decent. Hughes has just as good a chance of being a reliever long term as he does a mid-rotation starter.

            And Joe Girardi is NOT a good manager. There’s really no arguing that anymore. That doesn’t mean he’s bad, he’s just not good.

            When Scott Proctor gets late-inning work with a six run lead instead of Betances, something’s wrong. That’s exactly the kind of situation they were brought up here to pitch in.

            • David, Jr.

              When they win the World Series you can say “So what! Remember September 12th when Girardi used Proctor instead of Betances or Brackman!”

              • Rookie

                If the Yankees win the World Series, that won’t mean that Girardi did the right thing by not giving Betances and/or Brackman low pressure Big League experience or resting Swisher and/or Granderson any more than it would mean you did the right thing if you played Russian Roulette and won the lottery the next day.

                Giving Brackman and Betances low pressure experience and resting Swisher and/or Granderson extra rest would only increase the odds of their effectiveness for the rest of the regular season and the post season.

                After all, the Yankees even managed to win multiple World Series with Torre at the helm.

            • Greg

              Facts to support why Girardi is “not” a good manager? I suppose you would rather he have guided the team to a second or third place position in the division at this point in the season…especially with the injuries to ARod, Jeter, Soriano, Joba, et al.

      • Greg

        Ummmmm….seems a bit drastic to suggest that not pitching a prospect an inning or 2 in a Sept blow out is “setting them up to fail”….all I know is that right now Girardi has the Yanks on top of a division many predicted them to finish third in….

    • http://www.yankeenumbers.com Mr. Sparkle

      Not only on the roster, but due to injuries, both have a shot at making the playoff rosters. Forget April…if you told me that in August I wouldn’t have believed it.

  • The Humungus

    After teasing us by warming up both Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances, Joe Girardi went with Scott Proctor (two runs in two innings) and Luis Ayala (one inning) to run out the clock after Hughes exited. I don’t even know why they bother calling these kids up, Girardi never uses them. Did the same thing last year. They’re better off keeping them in the minors and saving the service time. Seriously.



    This was the perfect chance to check out Brackman and Betances, get their feet wet, get a head start for 2012, maybe catch magic and gain a quality arm for the post-season.

    But, no, we get Proctor AND (because Proctor, predictably pitched like Scott Proctor and gave up runs) Luis Ayala.

    Yay …

    • MannyGeee

      I tend to agree. if you are going to have these kids on the roster, there is no reason to not pitch them against the worst offense in the league in a blowout win. You will likely NOT find a better situation to give them innings throughout the rest of the regular season.

      Unless you intend to not pitch them at all, in which case they should not have been acitvated.

  • Rey22

    It sucks that the Yankees have a couple of games against the Rays coming up. For them to overtake Boston to the playoffs it would have to mean we struggled in these next couple of games, and if Boston and Tampa both were to get hot we’d be the ones sweating it out. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but it also means the Red Sox will make the playoffs (which probably isn’t much of a bad thing with the way their pitching is right now).

    • Brian S.

      We need to win these next two games and take two out of three from Toronto. Thankfully we get to miss Romero (who is lined up to pitch against the Sux) so I think that is entirely plausible. After that (and simultaneously after the four game Ray-Sox series) we will have a better idea on how we need to play to finish the season.

    • http://riveravenueblues.com marty l

      a couple with the rays? try 7.thats why the magic number for clinching a playoff spot means …not much. and dickerson homer to LEFT? did my eyes deceive me? :)

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Phil Phuckin’ Hughes

    I hope A.J gets absolutely shelled tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, with a shit ton of luck, Girardi will throw away the binder and pitch one, just one that’s all I’m asking Phor, of Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances.

    • PaulF

      I hope AJ pitches a shutout, because he’s on the Yankees and I’m a Yankee fan.

      • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Phil Phuckin’ Hughes

        But, but, but, I wanna see the Phuture!

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          They should switch Dellin and AJ’s roles.

          • Rich in NJ

            And contracts…

          • forensic

            AJ’s the 14th inning guy…

            • http://riveravenueblues.com marty l

              AJ is really Jeff Weaver with a new “do”.

      • Brian S.

        Yeah we need to win games NOW so we can have extra rest down the stretch with the division locked up.

      • Now Batting

        PaulF you deserve a pullitzer

      • Chen Meng Wang


    • Ace

      WHAT, hello…Yankees are in a pennant race!!! AJ will be relieved by one of the prospects anyway, after 6.

  • Kosmo

    Both Brackman and Betances have control issues, probably Girardi wants to spare them . He went with the vets. Swisher needs ABs, playing 1B isn´t going to tax his elbow tendinitis.

    • Rich in NJ

      Spare them an opportunity to make their ML pitching debut? You remedy command issues by pitching and then getting high level instruction. Last night was a golden opportunity for that process to begin on the ML level.

      • Kosmo

        Golden ops will happen in ST 2012. Watching Brackman play ring around the rosey can wait until ST.
        I would like to see Betances in a game but I´m not holding my breath.

  • Jesus Freak

    I wish one of the beat reporters would ask these questions.

  • dkidd

    ichiro last year:

    214 hits
    45 walks
    42 stolen bases

    74 runs scored

    god damn is the mariner offense bad

  • sangreal

    * Since I know several of you will ask, his OBP is [lower] than his AVG because of sacrifice flies. They count as plate appearances (and towards OBP) but not at-bats (and towards AVG). One of baseball’s many weird statistical quirks.

    Just to clarify, not all plate appearances count towards OBP. Sacrifice bunts and catcher’s interference are excluded.

  • SevenAces

    Love that picture of C-Dick’s expression.

    Would’ve been great to see the kids pitch some garbage innings, but nope…we get Proctor with a 8 run lead was it? Let the kids have some fun WITHOUT blowing up the lead/cushion.

    I am worried about Swish’s elbow. Can Girardi for the love of god, sit his butt down and give him some rest the next few games?

    • PaulF

      C-Dick pounded it deep.

  • Dale Mohorcic

    Didn’t you mean cano’s OBP is lower than his average, not higher?

  • forensic

    Dickerson is to Felix as Enrique Wilson is to Pedro…

    • Ted Nelson

      Dickerson actually has good MLB stats in over a season’s worth of career PAs.

  • Monteroisdinero

    I didn’t watch the game-hey I’m a veteran yankee fan and I needed a day.

    Dickerson hitting a HR is a shocker. How many has he hit all year? Every Dick has his day I guess. Good for him.

    So Romine catches the next two games and Montero DH’s I guess.

    • Ted Nelson

      He’s not a power hitter, but I don’t think it’s a shock he hit a HR, either. With 563 PAs he’s been good for a .345 wOBA, .409 SLG, and 3.6 fWAR. Had 6 HRs in 122 PA for the Reds in 2008.

      • Rookie

        Exactly, Ted. Dickerson ain’t chopped liver. If he can stay healthy and get some playing time, his past stats and skill set suggest that he could be a pretty fine player.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    This was one of the few west coast games worth staying up for this season. Fun watching the Yanks finally break through against Felix. I wish Girardi would stop being such a buttface so Betances pitching would be the last image I see before bed. For shame.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    I called it a night at 1-1 just dislike the west coast games. Disappointed to miss the fireworks against King Felix but a nice win.

    Girardi must have a touch of Torre in him. With all the tired arms he didn’t once give the kids a shot in any game since the call ups. His impression of them must be on the low side if he prefer Ayala and Proctor.

    I don’t have a crystal ball but wondered about his usage of Jones over Dickerson starting against a right-hander in LAA especially when Jones looked like a guy swapping files. Dickerson,better speed, as good a glove and arm and looking at Harren from the other side. Well thats the life of a bench player got to produce when given the opportunity.

    I think Rays got a great shot at catching Boston especially with Red Sox staff hurting.

    • Frank

      Forget about Jones over Dickerson. Girardi started Nunez over Dickerson in RF vs. the Angels. I’m still scratching my head about that decision.

      • David, Jr.

        If the Yankees had your brilliant decision making on their side they might have the most wins in the American League despite playing in by far the hardest division.

        Oh, wait! They do even without your brilliance! That means that they should have at least 100 wins already except for having Girardi, a two time World Series winner, as their manager.

        • http://twitter.com/JimIsBored JimIsBored (Jim S)

          World Series wins don’t imply someone is a good manager. Teams are more than capable of overcoming poor decision making.

        • Guns of the Navarone

          Yeah… too bad that World Series has N O T H I N G to do with starting Nunez in RF over Dickerson and Girardi’s suspect decision making overall in this game and throughout the season.

          Good stuff though.

        • LarryM.,Fl.

          Just my humble opinion, its not brilliance. From a guy who calls Girardi, respectfully The Binder.

          • David, Jr.

            That wasn’t at you at all, Larry. I have the highest respect for your writings, which are among the best here.

            It was at the guy who blubbered about starting Nunez instead of Dickerson on the day after the team won a very key game against the best starting pitcher in baseball.

            I call Girardi The Binder because he is very structured.

            However, it is now time to admit that he has done a Hell of a job with this team. They have had major injuries, including to one of the best players in baseball. They have a pitching staff which has required plenty of thought in managing it. They have broken in several young players. He has guided them through all of it to where they are now poised to win the hardest division in baseball.

            Jim Leyland is likely to win it, but I truly believe that Girardi should be a Manager of the Year candidate.

            • LarryM.,Fl.

              David, Jr. I agree Girardi has done a nice job and his singular focus is to win the division. My concern is based on all those years that we traded away some very nice talented players for scrape as it turned out at times. I know that I have not made mention of trades but to the longtime Yankee fan. No explanation is needed.

              I’m so thrilled with Nunez, Nova, Montero and Noesi development that I sense other callups could be waiting to impress. The one thing I dislike is the label on players. Most guys if given their chance will perform. Dickerson is a prime example of my feelings. It won’t work out most of the time but give them a chance.

              On another point, I doubt any Yankee will win voted awards such as Cy Young , MVP or ROY because they play on a loaded, 200 million dollar team. I still get angry over Jeter never getting the MVP award.

              • David, Jr.

                To me, Jeter got hosed for the MVP the year that Morneau won it. The Twins at that time were in the Metrodome, a hitters paradise, and Morneau played in a ghastly division. Jeter had a spectacular year and should have been rewarded.

                As far as trades, not sure what you mean but I love the Granderson trade, and he actually could win the MVP this this year. No question that IPK developed into a fine starter, but I am glad that the deal was made. Granderson’s contributions have been immeasurable, and he is a major reason why we have been able to withstand the loss of ARod.

                • LarryM.,Fl.

                  Granderson was a very nice deal for a positive return just on the present face value. But he’s provided interest in addition to face value. I was going back to the GS years and his owners interference.

                  Cashman has done an excellent job!

              • Ted Nelson

                “My concern is based on all those years that we traded away some very nice talented players for scrape as it turned out at times.”

                I also don’t really get this… The only way to prevent this from happening is to make no trades at all. Other teams are not going to trade you anything decent unless you give up something with at least a chance of being decent. You sacrifice the upside of improving your team via trade for the upside of the prospects. In some cases that’s justified, but with the marginal type talents you’re mostly referring to… I don’t think it always is.

                The alternative is also hoarding marginal players… and I think it’s easy to argue that this is not wise given the Rule 5 draft, options, and 40-man roster limit. Tabata, Austin Jackson… these guys wouldn’t actually be starting on the Yankees, and they wouldn’t necessarily be any better than Andruw Jones and Chris Dickerson in reserve roles (I’d vote worse). I think there’s a good case for shuffling that kind of marginal roster talent for even marginal roster talent at other positions of greater need. Same with all the relievers they’ve traded. Would be nice to have one or two of the Cokes, Clippards, Melancons still around… but they’d be a marginal improvement for the Yankees given their pen. Yankees have the 2nd best BP fWAR and 3rd best BP ERA in all of baseball without two of their better relievers on paper for most of the season. Would be nice to replace an Ayala or leave Noesi starting in AAA or not have to rely on the rif-raf when injuries strike… but it’s a marginal consideration.

                IPK is the only guy they’ve traded anytime recently that I really see as the team missing… and he was part of a package for what’s been arguably the Yankees best position player this season… not scrap.

                It’s fun to watch guys develop wit the org… but at the end of the day I could really care less if Tabata or Jones is their 4th OF, and in fact prefer Jones. I’d rather have Clippard, Melancon, and Coke in the org than some of the relievers currently in it… but it’s a marginal concern at this point.

    • Greg

      If Girardi had a touch or Torre in him he would pitch Proctor every night.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    The rays are applying the pressure. Too bad the Yanks lost those games to the O’s and Angels…even 1 more win would’ve made a 5 game lead!

    Sox have a big 10 game homestand here and I fully expect them to come out hitting….but that’s never the issue. Its the pitching and the Jays can rake with the best of them.

    Oh, Canada!!!

  • Jorge

    The team won, and people here are complaining about September call-ups, with long careers ahead of them, not getting into the game. Ridiculous. Some folks here deserve a one-way bus ticket to Kansas City.

    For even writing that, Axisa gets a long weekend there.

    • David, Jr.

      This. +++++

    • Yank The Frank

      The earlier the Yankees clinch the earlier we should see these call ups not before unless it’s an emergency.

    • CountryClub

      I disagree. You call up the kids to give them experience. If you can’t do that in the 7th inning of a 9-1 game, something is very wrong.

      • Ted Nelson

        The only thing that’s very wrong is blowing marginal issues up into major issues. Not giving Betances, Brackman, whoever one lousy inning is not a big deal. You can argue that it was the wrong decision, but to argue it means “something is very wrong” is ludicrous. Girardi may be giving Ayala and Proctor extended auditions for the post-season roster, keeping them on regular work, etc… Betances and Brackman may look terrible in BP sessions and that’s why they’re not going out there. Ignorantly deciding something is very wrong… I don’t even have the words.

        • Woodrow Sweats

          but i’m reading words that you had….

          [mind expodes]

        • Woodrow Sweats

          but i’m reading words that you had….

          [mind explodes]

        • Guns of the Navarone

          Girardi may be giving Ayala and Proctor extended auditions for the post-season roster…

          [Mind explodes]

          • Ted Nelson

            Proctor throws in the mid-90s again… which wasn’t the case in recent years. Yankees pro-scouting department has had A LOT of success in recent years. I can definitely see Proctor’s upside if they thought a tweak or two in AAA could get him over the problems he was having in a small sample in Atlanta given that his velo is back after dipping. It was possible Atlanta just wasn’t patient enough with him, or missed something that was correctable.

            So far it doesn’t appear to have worked out… but it was possible.

    • Riddering

      I was marveling at that last night as well. A near-blowout in a game started by King Felix should leave the fans happy but it results in extra time to find fault with Girardi. Whooo.

  • Beachbum

    Girardi is thinking ahead to playoffs and trying to figure out what, if anything, Scott Procter can offer as Girardi makes decisions about the end of the bullpen depth chart. Betances and Brackman have no role in the playoffs. This is a smart managerial decision on his part despite the fact that it may be less interesting for Yankee fans staying up late for a west coast game. Betances’ and Brackman’s seasons are over in the minors, so it’s not like they are missing an opportunity to pitch elsewhere.

    • CountryClub

      If Proctor makes the post season roster my head will explode.

      • CS Yankee

        I’m torn…

        I know a lot of Yankee fans that their head would also explode if this happened (i am not one of them), and if this did happen and we lost a lot of heads, ones chances of getting buying a ticket would improve. However, if Proctor is on the postseason roster, they are making extremely bad decisions and won’t go far into the postseason because bad decisions are like potato chips (you just can’t have one)….hmmm?

        • CS Yankee

          Umm, save the ER’s and Yankee fan base…

          Proctor, DFA come October 1st, 2011.

    • CS Yankee

      If Proctor makes this roster, we might be in trouble. The pen is really solid as is, we have Wade & Ayala behind the big three & the LOOGY, plus will have Phil/AJ in the final spot.

      Could have pitch Proctor in the 7th, Ayala in the 8th and try one of the kids out in the 9th with a short leash. It is not a big deal, but would have been nice. Those kids are getting some time in while making a bigger check as a reward for what they have done. They are not entitled to get any innings in, but as a fan it would have been nice to see.

      • Ted Nelson

        I would not call Logan a LOOGY just because he’s a lefty.

        There are these crazy injury things… and if one of those happens in the next few weeks the Yankees pen might need another option. Not to mention that Ayala is not actually a 1.80 ERA pitcher… his FIP and xFIP are both 4. I don’t see a problem with giving Proctor a little audition to see if he can get it together to unseat the great Luis Ayala (and I’m more an Ayala fan than most). Guy still throws very hard, and perhaps the Yankees thought they saw something in Atlanta and corrected it in Scranton. Early returns suggest that this is not the case, and maybe we’ll start to see Betances, Brackman, and/or Kontos in those situations.

    • David, Jr.

      Of course. This would be obvious to the average 11 year old.

  • Paul Proteus

    Here’s what we need to do. Win 4 out of the next 5 ballgames and split 4 with the Rays. That may clinch everything. If the Rays are still within reach of the Sox in that last series of the season we put out a lineup filled with Dickersons and Golsons. We start Brackman, Betances, and AJ Burnett.

    • CS Yankee

      I don’t like even splitting the city of Tampa with Tampa. They should move out to Orlando and play between Micky-n-Minny shows at the Magic Kingdom. The Tampa Yankees are the crown jewel of Tampa and although they are a low-A baseball team, they have more fans and more stars with a slightly smaller payroll.

    • p. allen

      I like the idea. Except I think they can’t start Brackman or Betances at that point, too much rest inbetween starts, so why risk it. Instead just start AJ all 3 games, thank him for a great season and see him again in spring training.

    • JohnC

      Thats what I think. Girard won’t use Brackman or Betances until Yanks have wrapped up the division.

  • Paul Proteus

    I started balling when Kim Jones said that it would break Jorge’s heart to sit there and watch Mariano’s 600th save from the dugout. Have a heart Joe and let Posada catch one inning with Mariano. Girardi is as heartless as Joe Torre.

    • Woodrow Sweats

      hell, let girardi strap on the gear again and catch 602 for old times sake…

  • Ted Nelson

    Commenters (and writers) here will whine about anything and everything. I suggested that Betances pitch some relief innings late this season… and I got a ton of comments back about how that would ruin his career, wah, wah, wah. Now there are tons of comments about him not pitching in relief???

    It’s a really marginal thing. A lot of commenters are blowing it way out of proportion. 1 IP in a fairly meaningless September game is not going to make the guy’s career. He’s not going to suddenly discover the secret to control in that one inning. He’s not going to invent a new wonder pitch. At the same time people ignore the audition for a playoff roster spot… which is a much bigger deal than 1 IP for Betances or Brackman (who a few weeks ago anyone here would have laughed at the thought of getting a MLB IP). Proctor’s audition is going atrociously, but I think it was worth giving him an audition since he still averaged mid-90s and perhaps needed some time and/or tweaks.

    • Woodrow Sweats

      definitely all meaningful points… is it possible that proctor just has some sort of mind control over his managers, and always wants to pitch? maybe it wasn’t torre’s fault after all and maybe girardi wanted to send out brackman, but was “convinced” otherwise… something to keep in mind going forward…

      • Ted Nelson

        Haha… Proctor’s a pretty good relief candidate on paper, and maybe a better candidate for meaningful innings against good offensive teams on paper than an Ayala, so I can see giving him a try. He got his velo back after it dipped for a few years but struggled in a small sample with the Braves. I definitely see why he was a candidate to go to AAA for a little more work and get a shot with the Yankees. It’s not working so far (in a tiny sample, granted), so I don’t have a problem cutting bait… I think it was worth a try, though.

    • http://twitter.com/JimIsBored JimIsBored (Jim S)

      I agree that it’s being blown out of proportion, I don’t care even about ~10 IP at the majors for either of these guys this year. 10 innings doesn’t mean anything, and I don’t care whether our fan base is excited or not about the killer B’s. They’ll all still be around next year.

      That being said, I don’t know why it surprises you that people react strongly to both sides of the(any) discussion point.

      • Guns of the Navarone

        I disagree. All I’ve read is that some fans would have rather seen Betances (or Brackman – but not me personally) pitch than Proctor. The author of this post agrees that if he’s warming up, you might as well bring a top prospect in to pitch if he’s on the roster. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable stance. I don’t think that’s blowing anything out of proportion.

        Nobody’s calling for Girardi’s head. I personally don’t think he’s a good manager, but his decision making in this game didn’t sway me one way or another. I’ve had my opinion of him since last season.

        • Ted Nelson

          A. There have been a whole lot of comments on the subject besides just Mike’s original comment. Some have called is a very serious problem, etc. and blown it out of proportion.

          B. Just because a guy warms up… doesn’t mean you have to bring him in. What if he warmed up and was flat? Or tweaked his ankle/hamstring/finger? What if Girardi would like to get him some work, but was told by his scouts/coaches that Proctor looked better than Ayala when he was in AAA, so he wants to give him a shot to earn a playoff spot? Lots of considerations, some of which us casual fans have no idea about.

          “Nobody’s calling for Girardi’s head”

          Some people pretty much are. Read all the comments.

          “I personally don’t think he’s a good manager”

          Based on what?

    • Rookie

      Using and overusing a starting pitcher prospect in relief is one thing, giving them occasional innings in low pressure situations in blowout games quite another.

      The first situation lets them get their feet wet and allows the regulars much needed rest. The second situation may lower the odds of starters developing into all they can be and even dramatically increase the odds of them getting injured. In my opinion, last night was clearly a case of the first situation.

      In my opinion, the only potentially good reasons for Brackman and Betances to be warmed up and not used there is that Girardi thought it was more important to get more looks at Proctor and Ayala and/or Girardi plans to only use Brackman and Betances as starters for the rest of the year.

    • Greg

      Your points make a lot of sense. I totally agree.

  • BK2ATL

    The main problem I have is the annual call for arms in the offseason in the Bronx. This year, people will swear up and down that we NEED CJ Wilson or whoever else, when we rarely give our own young talent the chance to show what they can do.

    In September, we have a few farmhands (Adam Warren, Hector Noesi, Dellan Betances, Andrew Brackman, George Kontos) that have value and possibly can help us in the future in MLB. They are on the 40 man roster, they are available to give an inning here or there vs. a weak offense and provide rest to a tired bullpen. THEY can be used to kill an inning, here and there. Plus, we’d get the added benefit of seeing what these kids actually can do at the MLB level, in a controlled, low risk situation.

    We’ve seen what Scott Proctor is, in 2011. For the nostalgic, this is NOT 2006. We know that Aaron Laffey is only getting a shot because he is lefty, and not a very good one. Neither of these options have any real value to us, now or in the future. We already got rid of Steve Garrison.

    We have a pretty beat-up roster between A-Rod, Martin, Swisher, and Cervelli. We will need bench position players in the postseason. We cannot afford to bring 14 pitchers into the postseason, much to our manager’s delight. Therefore, there is no place for a Proctor or Laffey. You go with Mariano, Robertson, Soriano, Wade, Logan, Ayala and AJ/Hughes, along with CC, Nova, Colon and Garcia.

    There is no place for postseason tryouts for Proctor and Laffey. It makes no sense. You’ll never know what you have if you don’t play them.

    • BK2ATL

      “You’ll never know what you have if you don’t play them.”

      Got cut off. This was referring to the kids.