Boras on Cano extension talks: lol j/k

CBA Madness: IFA and draft spending cap on table during talks
Report: Yankees have contract offer ready to Sabathia

Via George King, Scott Boras tried to play off rumors of a new deal for Robinson Cano as a joke. “[Brian Cashman] and I have talked three or four times in the last three days,” said Boras. “My statements were in jest. Cash always returns my phone calls. My conversations with Cash about Robinson have nothing to do with the options. We fully expect the options to be exercised.”

The two club options for 2012 and 2013 ($14M and $15M, respectively) were negotiated into Cano’s current contract by his former agent, Bobby Barad. Boras won’t collect any commission for Robbie until he negotiates a new deal, which frankly is something the Yankees should at least consider right now. A six-year deal is much easier to swallow from ages 29-35 than 31-37. Anyway, it’s kinda funny that Boras tried to play this off as a joke, the guy didn’t get to where he is by making statements in jest to the media. Everything he does is calculated.

CBA Madness: IFA and draft spending cap on table during talks
Report: Yankees have contract offer ready to Sabathia
  • mbonzo

    If he wants the Yankees to lose out on options, Cano is gonna have to settle for some team friendly years.
    Guarantee him the $14m and $15m for the next 2 years and give him 4 more years at $18m. On the open market he’d probably get $20m-$21m, so he’s taking an $8-$12m loss for the those 4 years, and guaranteeing a contract.
    Works out to a 6 year $101m contract.

    • Ghost

      Not exactly sure how the commission thing works, but does Bobby Barad get a set commission per year off of Cano’s current deal?

      • jon

        I dont know for sure but thats what I would assume

        especially when it comes down to options, an agent wouldnt get paid upfront for options that may or may not be exercised

  • bankers hours

    Pay Cano he’s our best player. He must get tired of seeing Jeter at $17m, Tex at $23m, and Arod at $27m. If they do it now he should get 6 yrs at about $125m, he’s worth it and will still be making less than Tex and Arod.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

    You deal with Cano’s contract closer to when it becomes an actual issue. More pressing fish to fry right now.

    • Clint Holzner

      This is Brian Cashman’s job. I would like to think he can do multiple deals at once.

  • Gonzo

    They can always use the old, “option years aren’t exactly like the end of contract, so it’s cool to negotiate.”

    That would be funny.

  • bankers hours

    Just watched the end of game 6 a 10-9 Cardinal win. One thing to say, there’s only one Rivera.

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      Rivera > Babe Ruth

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        Easy cougar.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    It’s calculated in the following manner:

    Boras: Hey Cash please rework Cano’s deal

    Cash: Sorry Scott we’re focused on Sabathia and what to do with Swisher for the moment

    Boras: Ah, in that case, speaking of right field, I have a client who may interest you…