Jesus Montero will not play winter ball

An unlikely tandem in right field
Open Thread: The Old Bullpen

Via Chad Jennings, the Yankees have decided to have Jesus Montero skip winter ball this year. Montero is on the roster of the Navegantes del Magallanes in his native Venezuela, but it’s just a placeholder spot. The plan is to put him on a strength and conditioning program, but nothing more.

In other winter ball news, the Yankees will allow Eduardo Nunez to play this offseason, presumably back home in the Dominican Republic. They would like him to get reps in the outfield, but because he has so little service time, the Yankees are unable to control how he’s used. It’s up to his winter ball team. Hector Noesi will be starting in the winter ball, and Brian Cashman confirmed to Jennings that the right-hander will be held to a strict pitch count.

An unlikely tandem in right field
Open Thread: The Old Bullpen
  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Rest up Jesus. Big year ahead of you in 2012.

  • Adam B

    part of me wants Jesus to get reps behind the plate, the other doesn’t want him getting hurt…

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

    Stock in Venezuela plummets. Chavez declares national emergency.

  • Drew

    Stupid comment of the day: bc Jesus isn’t playing Winter ball like he normally does it will throw him out of his routine and he won’t hit in Spring training and will start the year at AAA

  • Reg

    Lol who made the comment about is ABs?

  • Monteroisdinero

    Let’s see: he is our 2nd best hitter before his intensive strength and conditioning program this winter. Add a little quickness and running coaching and I think we’ve got us a ballplayer folks!

    Best 475K in baseball in 2012.

    I wonder who is in charge of his workouts.

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

      Chris Britton.

  • Rod

    He’s a big guy but definitely could fill out some more. Imagine Jesus working out with A-Rod (sans boli) during an offseason. Montero could hit his ceiling if he incorporates a really strong conditioning program.

  • Bart

    I was hoping that he would be playing some outfield in winter ball, but perhaps he first needs to get more conditioning. Maybe the Yankees don’t want to run the risk of him getting injured in winter ball, so he maintains his tradeability. Who knows?

    • Ted Nelson

      Like I say below, I’m not sure the Yankees can control what position he plays in Winter Ball. They can’t with Nunez, and Jesus has less service time.

      It’s perfectly reasonable to hold back a young C who has already had some MLB success from Winter Ball.

  • gargoyle

    Wouldn’t some tutelage at 1B make sense? Tex goes down for a month next year with a hamstring – who’s the 1Bman?

    • Monteroisdinero


    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t think the Yankees could control where he plays in Winter Ball. They can’t control where Nunez plays, and Nunez has far more service times than Jesus.

      If you want him getting reps at 1B… Tampa or wherever Jesus chooses to train might be the place, while he might be Cing in Winter Ball.

  • Urban

    “Strength and conditioning.”

    Once again, a reference to the fact he has not been in shape at the start of Spring Training the last two years, taking the first few months of each year to work his way into shape. Not a good trend considering he was only 20/21 those seasons and staying in shape gets harder the older a player gets. He obviously has a tendency to put weight on, which is concerning considering his current postion, catcher, requires mobility.

    Hopefully he’ll learn being around players like A-Rod and Jeter who are in their mid-30s and always in a shape, give 100%, and remain focused through the long grind of the season.

    • Ted Nelson

      Yeah, we pretty much just have to see how it goes.

      I’d call his current position DH more than C, though, which requires less mobility than any other position I’d argue.