Open Thread: World Series Game Four


(Paul Sancya/AP)

See? I told you the offense would pick up once the series shifted to Texas. The Cardinals blew the Rangers out last night in part due to Albert Pujols’ three homers, but that’s in the past and they start again with a clean slate tonight. Derek Holland is charged with keeping his team from the brink of elimination, but he’s allowed ten runs on 18 hits, six walks, and five homers in 13.2 IP across three starts this postseason. His counterpart, Edwin Jackson, hasn’t been any better: eight runs on 16 hits and four homers in 12.1 IP across three starts. More offense? Yes, there will be more offense.

Here’s your open thread for the night. The World Series game starts at 8pm ET and can be seen on FOX, and the late football game is the Colts at the Saints (8:20pm ET on NBS). Talk about anything you want here, go nuts.

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  • http://twitter.com/Carlosologist_7 Carlosologist

    This will be the most YCPB title if the Cardinals win it all.

    • Esteban

      I dunno, more than the 2006 Cardinals? They were 83-78 with a +19 run differential.

      • http://twitter.com/Carlosologist_7 Carlosologist

        Well, the 06 Cards won a very bad NL Central then took on the Padres, survived the Mets, and beat the Tigers. This season’s iteration won the Wild Card after coming back from a 10.5 (!!!), then knocked out the 102 win Phillies, the Brewers (who were amazing at home) and could go up 3-1 on Texas tonight.

  • Esteban

    I wonder if any idiot has said “Yeah but Pujols’ HRs came when the Cardinals were already ahead”

    Also, jeez, Joel Sherman’s column from yesterday was bizarre. I’m sure either NY team, Philly, or the Cubs would be very happy to have Pujols and I’m sure he would thrive in any of those cities.

  • MannyB ace2be

    If the boss was still in charge do you see him trading montero for a pitcher going hard for Pujoles putting him at 3rd and arod at DH ? It’ll never happen now but I’ll admit I’m intrigued at the prospect especially if montero brought back a legit 1a-2 type starter

    • Brian S.

      Nah. Pujols is going to require eight years and he’s probably older than the age that is on his birth certificate. We have enough long term contracts on the team.

  • Brian S.

    I love that some of the national announcers are starting to talk about the “jet stream” in the ballpark in Arlington. As much shit as YS3 gets for being a bandbox there are a handful of ballparks that are more hitter friendly than YS3, the one in Texas being one of them.

    • Rainbow Connection

      You’re right. The Yankees are the real victims. Get ahold of yourself.

      • Brian S.

        I did not say or imply that.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    The over/under for tonight’s first 2004 reference is at 2.5 innings.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      Under. Just one tonight.

  • mbonzo

    In case anyone was interested, Matsuzaka announced his major league agent would be Scott Boras 10/25/06, was given posting permission 11/2/06 and the bidding was over 11/14/06. With the regular season over for the NPB, I think we can expect similar dates for Darvish.

  • pat

    Pierzynski kinda goin for that Trey Parker BASEketball look.

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

    Darvish to the Blue Jays! You heard it here first…

    • Brian S.

      I hope not.

      • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

        I pulled it out of my ass. I have no idea where he’ll end up, haha.

        • Michael Kay

          I think there’s a UUUUUUGE chance he lands with Ichiro and the Mariners…

          • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

            Ah so he can have a friend to pal around with, huh?

            • Gonzo

              Nintendo is struggling, but they have a huge cash position. They would probably love to sign a “hometown” hero too.

            • meaty balls

              for a year or two lol.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            This misconception that the Mariner’s get every Japanese player is annoying.

  • Bronx Byte

    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.


  • Pat D

    So the Cowboys beat the Rams.

    Good omen for the Rangers?

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      Just like it was a good omen for the Brewers last week when the Packers beat the Rams, right?

      • Pat D

        Damned omens. They’re unreliable.

        Or fake. I always get those things confused.

  • Kevin

    1-0 but the Rangers left the bases loaded.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Yadier Molina makes David Ortiz look fast….

    • Greg

      He makes Jorge Posada look fast. Posada would have at least been in the shot when the first baseman gets the ball. Molina wasnt even in the camera shot.

  • Baseball Jesus

    There is that blazing molina speed.

  • pat

    Edwin Jackson looks like shit.

  • Baseball Jesus

    Kinsler with horse shit between his ears.

  • Urban

    Really, eighteen seasons? I keep thinking of it as new.

  • Baseball Jesus

    You all know this should be
    Burnett vs Oswalt at the stadium

    • bongo


      • meaty balls

        you mean, the yanks were clutch in 96

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    I’m starting to hate the Wash as much as I hate Claws and Antlers.

    • Sarah

      Plus one. He makes me batty.

    • David N

      He almost looks like he’s having some sort of drug withdrawal….

  • Brian S.

    How are McCarver and Buck going to get the last laugh?

    • Pat D

      They’ll start playing excerpts from McCarver’s album.

      • Urban

        Careful. I think that’s a capital offense in Texas, and I’d support the death penalty for that one.

  • Urban

    I can’t take Holland seriously (even though he was on my fantasy team this year) with that lame excuse for a mustache.

  • DSFC

    If I’m an Angels fan, I’m really starting to hate Mike Scioscia for not wanting Mike Napoli

    • FIPster Doofus

      But Jeff Mathis can call a game and control a pitching staff! Never mind the fact that the Angels have two aces and a really good No. 3 in Santana. They NEED Mathis in order to pitch well.

      Scioscia is a moron.

      • Kevin

        More to the point, he runs the team. It is the Gm’s job to decide which players should stay or go, not the manager.

        P.S. after Berkemen’s comments yesterday, I am fully on board with the Rangers, stupid Antlers and all.

    • RollingWave

      if that’s the case, it would mean you were in a coma for the last 2 years and just woke up now.

  • NHYankeesFan

    This is something posted on the front page of the MLB page of ESPN.

    “Josh Hamilton’s stick not big, but working”

    It was under the twitter section. I didn’t read the article but I found the choice of words hilarious

  • Chen Meng Wang

    I told you the offense would pick up once the series shifted to Texas.

    Derek Holland(and the worst ‘stache in MLB history) say hi. =P

  • Monteroisdinero

    So the Cards aren’t the only team that wins by 9 runs one day and can’t score the next day?