Curtis Granderson named AL Outstanding Player of the Year

Orioles have asked to interview Oppenheimer about GM gig
Mailbag: Sizemore, Spilborghs, Coghlan, More

The Players Choice Awards were handed out tonight, and Curtis Granderson was named the 2011 AL Outstanding Player of the Year. He beat out Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez for the award. Bartolo Colon was nominated for AL Comeback Player of the Year, but he lost out to Jacoby Ellsbury. No shame in that. Chad Jennings has the full list of winners, which were voted on by the players (hence Players Choice Awards). Congrats to the Grandyman on the well-deserved honor.

Orioles have asked to interview Oppenheimer about GM gig
Mailbag: Sizemore, Spilborghs, Coghlan, More
  • YankeesJunkie

    This seems like something that was voted by players to me. However,Granderson and Ellbsury deserve respect for being awesome this year.

    On another note I am just hoping that Epstein hires Francona for the LOLs, plus the fact that he is a damn good manager. he is one of the Sox that 100% professional and experienced.

  • sevrox

    Apologize for the off-topic’ed’ness but RIP Matty Alou. Enjoyed his brief tenure in the Bronx with brother Felipe back in the Pinstripe Dark Days of the early ’70’s.

    • CANO FAN #1

      R. I. P

  • Matt

    While I agree that Ellsbury had an outstanding year, I kinda take issue with him getting the “Comeback” Player of the Year award. Doesn’t that imply that you’ve been here (and performed at a high level) before? My take is that this was finally his breakout year, which is great for Boston, but the way I view the CPOTY is returning to a high level of performance after a year+ of playing poorly or being out of the game due to injury.

    Just my take – feel free to disagree!

    • NEPA Yankee

      Can I feel free to agree with you 100%? That was my first thought when I read Ellsbury won the award. You have to be there to return there.

    • the tenth inning stretch

      I agree. I wonder if Colon lost points with voters because of the MLB investigation of his stem cell procedure.

      • NEPA Yankee

        If Colon played anywhere else, they’d be talking about the breakthrough procedure he had. Instead I’m sure since he played for the Yankees, MLB will launch a full blown ARod style investigation.

      • SteveD

        Yes, I do think he lost some points because of that. Also his 2nd half struggles probably hurt him.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    This was a No Brainer…former Cy Young winner, out of baseball, and comes back from multiple injuries including the stem cell operation. The big question was when would he run out of gas, but he lasted the entire season. Great pickup by Cash & team of talent evaluators.

    So Colon gets stiffed this week along with Gardner for awards.

  • Regis

    I love me some Grandy!