Orioles have asked to interview Oppenheimer about GM gig

Open Thread: Season Review Recap
Curtis Granderson named AL Outstanding Player of the Year

Via Buster Olney, the Orioles have asked the Yankees for permission to interview amateur scouting director Damon Oppenheimer for their still vacant GM job. Olney says they might also have interest in pro scouting director Billy Eppler, who was the runner-up to Jerry Dipoto for the Angels GM position.

Baltimore has already offered the job to two very qualified candidates (Dipoto and Blue Jays’ assistant GM Tony LaCava), but both have turned it down. These are highly-coveted gigs, there are only 30 GM jobs out there, and to have two people turn it down is pretty damning for the O’s. Danny Knobler reported yesterday that owner Peter Angelos would not let LaCava bring in his own front office people, which is just mind-numbingly stupid. Be glad you weren’t born an Orioles fan, folks.

Open Thread: Season Review Recap
Curtis Granderson named AL Outstanding Player of the Year
  • Will

    No! You can’t have our Opp!

    • BJ

      +1. Fuggoff, Baltimore.

  • http://deleted Total Dominication


  • bonestock94

    Not really threatening

  • meaty balls

    what a jerk, yea you can run our team but you cant have any say in anything,,, skeet skeet

  • Greg c89

    But I WAS born an O’s fan. Not all Yankees fans are born that way and live in New York, believe it or not. Plus, when I was a kid the O’s were winners ( well, before they became the biggest losers a few years later) and the Yankees sucked. But I picked them anyway.

  • S

    Another reason to dislike those orange douches

  • Thomas Cassidy

    I’d tell them to go fuck off. Angelos is a douche-bag. They can only talk to those two if they compensate us, that’s what I’d say. I want a posting fee.

  • Dave203

    Sure no problem… Wieters for Opp… done deal…

    • BJ

      We’ve got Montero. I’d rather take one of their pitching prospects, Matusz or Britton.

  • Urban

    Just because two other people turned the job down doesn’t mean D.O. will turn it down, and if he does, then they’ll probably go after Eppler. As noted, these are coveted jobs and neither Oppenheimer or Eppler have Assistant GM titles, let alone GM titles, on their resumes, so I can see one of them taking the job. Who knows, maybe Angelos will give them a bit more freedom after what happened with the two other candidates.

    • http://www.twitter.com/brandonholley B-Rando

      Totally agree with you.

      For Opp or Eppler this will be a significant jump through the ranks. Even if its with the god forsaken Orioles, they would need to have a solid reason to stay away, career wise.

      • Kevin

        You thought George was bad in interfering with baseball operations…

  • DERP

    I thought their contracts were up. Why do they need to ask for permission?

  • Soriano Is A Liar

    1) Baltimore hires Opp

    2) Fans descend on RAB with Nick Swisher for Adam Jones+Brian Matusz trade proposals (bonus points if they say Rothschild can “fix” Matusz)

    3) Facepalm

  • E-ROC

    I was actually an O’s fan before becoming a Yankee fan.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse



  • Kevin

    Will they disrespect Flanagan if they say no?*

    *All due respect,the O’s tried to use his death as a shield as an excuse for why they were screwing the Yanks over.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Ok here’s the game plan – Opp goes to Baltimore & pulls a Trojan Horse move – through a series of trades unloads Orioles top prospects in trade with Cash. After several big time trades Cash takes Levines job as president & Opp comes back as GM.

    • Alibaba

      Kicking Levine off will be a huge plus, but won’t happen. Normally, I always favor giving permission in such cases. But, given the owner, I think that the Yankees should refuse and then explain why to Opp.