It’s official: Three more years of Cashman

What Went Right (and Wrong): Nunez, Cervelli, and Logan
Scouting The Free Agent Market: Paul Maholm

The Yankees announced today that they have re-signed Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Cashman to a new three-year contract. It’s his fourth straight three-year deal, and unlike the last two, this one went down drama-free. Cashman is baseball’s third longest tenured GM (behind Brian Sabean and Billy Beane) and has been at the Yankees helm since taking over for Bob Watson on February 3rd, 1998. No word on the money yet, but it’s likely in the $8-9M range.

Cashman, a long-time Yankee loyalist, joined the organization when he was 19 as an intern in the Minor League and Scouting Department. During his tenure, the team has reached the postseason in 13 out of 14 seasons, has won 11 Division titles, six AL Championships and four World Series titles. He is the longest-tenured Yankees GM since Ed Barrow served in that capacity from 1920-1945, and the team’s .605 winning percentage under his watch is the highest of any GM with at least five seasons in that role since 1950. All in all, that’s not a bad resume for the 44-year-old.

What Went Right (and Wrong): Nunez, Cervelli, and Logan
Scouting The Free Agent Market: Paul Maholm
  • Mike

    welcome back Cashmoney !

  • Reggie C.

    It ain’t Theo money but still a respectable jump in salary.

  • thenamestsam

    Good news. Cashman has made some mistakes but ultimately I’d much rather have him back knowing what he’s capable of then take the chance that someone else could deal with with all the specific challenges of being the GM of the Yankees and do better.

  • Mike HC

    Very happy to see Cashman back.

  • JohnC

    I wonder if he insisted on a ‘no-override’ clause when it comes to player acquisition decisions

  • CountZero

    This concludes the “mandatory” segment of off-season moves. Now we can focus on an additional SP and rounding out the 2012 bench and pen.

    Determining the correct posting bid for Darvish should be the first item on Cashmoney’s agenda right now.