No surprises here: Yankees will not non-tender anyone

Resizing the market for Danks and Gonzalez
Open Thread: Jose Veras

Today is the deadline for teams to offer contracts to their players with less than six years of service time, a.k.a. the non-tender deadline. A new batch of free agents will be on the market tomorrow, just don’t expect it to be anyone overly exciting. Here’s a list of those who could be non-tendered today, and here’s a way to keep track of all the non-tender action.

Anyway, the Yankees will tender contracts to all of their eligible players today according to Dan Barbarisi, which is completely expected. None of their six arbitration-eligible players (David Robertson, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, Russell Martin, and Brett Gardner) will be grossly overpaid next year, plus there is no obvious reason for them to cut any of their pre-arbitration players loose. Nothing groundbreaking here, just some housekeeping.

Resizing the market for Danks and Gonzalez
Open Thread: Jose Veras
  • Sarah

    How can you not be excited about Matt Albers maybe being non-tendered? He’s the new Sergio Mitre!

  • J

    If JP Howell is non-tendered, perhaps he could be our second lefty?

    •!/czm93 Craig

      I’d rather have Tom Gorzelanny.

      • Gonzo

        I like Gorzo too. I am not even sure why.

  • Fernando

    I’d vote for Hong Chih-Kuo or Jose Mijares as additional options for the 2nd lefty. Mijares was already non-tendered.

  • The tenth inning stretch

    I don’t know much about Doug Slaten, but would he be a good LOOGY option?

  • Gonzo

    I was like cool Ryan Spilborghs might be non-tendered. He might be a good RH’d 4/5th OFer. Then I actually looked at his production. Perception =/= Reality

  • vin

    If this were a video game, I’d so pick up Luke Scott.

    • Ted Nelson

      Hoping he doesn’t take a minor league deal with the Rays… I have no idea what his market value is, but could see him haunting the Yankees by giving the Rays a cheap RH bat.

      • Jesse

        I can visualize the same thing if he were on the Rays.

        I can see it now… Luke Scott due up to bat in the 6th inning with two outs and a runner at first, Yankees lead by one and Girardi calls on Boone Logan who promptly allows a homer to Scott on the first pitch. Or, the bases could be loaded in a tie game, Scott due up to bat, Girardi calls on Logan, and with the first pitch Logan hits Scott in the ribs to force in the tying run.