Sabathia on same conditioning program as last offseason

Open Thread: Al Aceves
Cashman doesn't have high hopes for completing a deal next week

Via Jack Curry, CC Sabathia is using the same conditioning and nutrition program this offseason that he used last offseason. Insert Cap’n Crunch joke here. Sabathia lost 30 lbs. last winter but gained most, if not all of it back during the season. As far as we know, there are no weight clauses in his new contract extension, but that’s not terribly surprising. Hopefully Sabathia does a better job of keeping the weight of next year, but I remain unconvinced that it had much impact on his pitching anyway.

Open Thread: Al Aceves
Cashman doesn't have high hopes for completing a deal next week
  • Nesto

    He could a cannibal for all I care, whatever keeps that arm golden.

    • Brian S.

      I would actually prefer if he was a cannibal.

      • Mike

        To quote the great charlie kelly, it would be pretty cool if he ate people, don’t you think?

        But really, it was girardi’s ingenious plan of having a 6 man rotation in which 2 lousy pitchers (hughes/burnett) were given the opportunity to “save” CC from the extra time. He’d probably be even better if he was pushing 375.

        • Brian S.

          CC should eat Burnett. That frees up money for a legit top of the roto starter and gives us financial flexibility for next year as well. And nobody will miss AJ either, I doubt his family would even press charges.

          • Genghis

            Yes, but even CC is not worth $40M per year.

            • Genghis

              To clarify, that’s $25M+ for CC, and $15M+ for his lunch.

              • Brian S.

                Once Burnett is eaten you don’t have to pay him or CC. He would be dead.

                • Brian S.

                  I mean, you would still have to pay CC 23 mil but not the 16 mil dead guy in his stomach.

  • JohnnyC

    I miss those commercials with Santana and ZZ.

  • dean

    If I were the Yankees, I’d worry less about his weight and more about making sure he stayed on regular rest next year.

  • OldYanksFan

    Being fat rarely helps an athlete.

    • MannyGeee

      Boomer takes offense…

      • Billion$Bullpen

        2003 World Series.

  • Jesse

    Funny I’ve yet to see Rainbow Connection come on here and troll about CC’s weight…

    • Rainbow Connection

      What else is there to say? If he doesn’t care about his own health (for his sake or his family’s sake), then fuck him. It’s not my money that’s being spent on him.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    He’s been pretty damn good while being fat. Let him stay fat.

  • Esteban

    The cookie monster diet?

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Yeah let’s actually let him gain weight while he ages. He’ll obviously still be the best pitcher in the league and if you disagree then fuck you.

    • pinebarrens

      You make a great point

    • pinebarrens

      You make a great point.

    • Brian S.

      You make a great point

  • mike c


  • ChooChoo

    His excess weight absolutely impacted his overall performance this past year. By virtue of being fat, his heart is pumping blood through his veins many extra miles and working harder than it would if he was in optimum shape. He is breathing harder when his heart is doing this and he simply is unable to make use of all of his tremendous God given talent. This is an elementary matter of physics and especially comes into play late in games and late in the season.
    He is great but could be much greater if he wasn’t obese. His BMI easily classifies him as obese.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      BMI is a terrible measure. It assumes everyone is of a similar body type. It says I’m overweight, but if you knew me you’d know I’m anything but.

      • ChooChoo

        You guys are hilarious. He is likely 80 pounds overweight. BMI variables may account for half of that.

    • Plank

      he simply is unable to make use of all of his tremendous God given talent.

      He should train with Gardner to make sure he is the proper amount of gritty.

  • Genghis

    The problem with the extra weight isn’t with his current performance. It’s the extra wear and tear he is putting on his lower body, most importantly his knees and hips. An athlete is going to wear those down in any case, and the extra weight will accelerate that.