Cashman: Free agents are “secondary” in DH search

The Jorge Posada Retirement Press Conference Liveblog
Freddy Garcia's Fifth Starter Case

During his conference call with reporters yesterday, Brian Cashman said that free agents are “secondary” in their pursuit of another bat according to Sweeny Murti. “Maybe I’ll use our excess pitching to find a bat,” he added. Joel Sherman reports that the team would prefer to trade A.J. Burnett for a DH-type (or salary relief) or deal a young pitcher for a young bat with several years of team control remaining. If that fails, then they’ll turn to the free agent market since no one seems to be in a rush to sign those guys.

I still think that — and the report of them having just $1-2M to spend on a bat — is all posturing and their way of getting Johnny Damon to lower his asking price. I’d love to see them land a young, controllable bat like a Domonic Brown or (preferably) Logan Morrison, but I don’t expect it to happen. As the Jesus Montero trade showed us, good young bats don’t come cheap.

The Jorge Posada Retirement Press Conference Liveblog
Freddy Garcia's Fifth Starter Case
  • pat

    Maybe I’ll use our excess pitching to find a bat

    Me likey.

  • Gonzo

    A Smoak type bat?

    • vin

      That will always be funny.

  • Kevin Wisla

    If the Mariners land Fielder, they should target Smoak. Buw-low, high-reward type move.

    • Tom Zig

      They should target Montero

      • Cris Pengiucci

        I hear that kid is pretty good.

      • Monterowasdinero

        The second coming? Heaven!

  • Dropped Third

    How much would LoMo cost in a trade? Betances, campos and hughes?

    • The 6’7 & Above Club


      I honestly doubt I would be that much and no I’m not over valuing those prospects you proposed in that trade either.

    • CJ

      Too much for Morrison. If has be known to have an attitude problem in Florida what would happen in new York? Doesnt he have a problem keeping his twitter hole shut?

  • peter

    Morneau for Burnett? They have similar salaries and he(morneau)would be off the books by 2013. an obvious risk with the concussions but if hes medically ok it would be a nice bat to add.

    • thenamestsam

      Dealing for health risk guys always seems like a losing play to me. There is no way that the Yankees could possibly have as good a read on his potential to be healthy as the Twins do. If you think his value is higher than they do (a prerequisite for almost any trade), it is extremely likely that you are wrong. Their doctors have spent how many hundreds of hours with this guy the last couple years. If they were willing to let him go for AJ I’d take that as a pretty definitive statement that they think he’s unlikely to get healthy.

  • Cris Pengiucci

    deal a young pitcher for a young bat with several years of team control remaining

    Campos for Montero!

  • johnnybk

    What would anyone think of Adam laroche if the nationals sign fielder?

    • The Manchine

      was just about to say/type the same thing

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Never crossed my mind. But that would be pretty good. Not an expensive player and won’t cost much. Maybe just D.J. Mitchell/Corban Joseph.

      • Steve (different one)

        LaRoche is owed $9M and hit .172/.288/.258 last year. My offer isn’t even that high.

        • Thomas Cassidy

          Throw them Mitchell and the Yanks pay 6M of his salary. He was also hurt almost all of last year, too.

  • MattG

    I wasn’t thinking they’re aiming as high as Morrison or Brown. With Montero gone, I expected the rest of the top Yankee prospects to stay put.

    That’s certainly interesting. Problems:

    * do you really trade even Betances for a DH?
    * is it smart to make a young player a full-time DH?

    I suppose Brown for RF and part-time DH, with Swisher getting the bulk of DH at bats, would be plausible. The thing though is that Swisher is a pretty good outfielder. Suddenly, come the second half of 2011, it became very hard to score from second on a single to right against Swisher. I’m not in a hurry to move him to DH.

    • CJ

      If you are trading for a young player, the idea is he would play the field 3B/OF type. ARod or swisher would dh. Butler or Murphy would dh, dom brown would push swish to dh.

  • pat

    If all else fails just swap Bay for Burnett and be done with it. Money is practically a match, he can stay healthy by DH’ing, and he won’t have to be the centerpiece of the lineup. Hit him 6 or 7 and he could be that power RHB we need.

    • gageagainstthemachine

      Why do people keep proposing this? Bad (bad when healthy; always healthy) player swap for bad (just ok when healthy; but rarely healthy) player +1 extra year on contract (when accounting for possible vesting option). Am I the only one that thinks this is the WORST possible trade idea surrounding AJ?

      • Craig Maduro

        Not as bad as the Alfonso Soriano suggestions.

        • Havok9120


          If we can void the vesting option as part of the trade deal (which, while legal, is by no means a guarantee) it MIGHT be worth doing with our insane pitching depth. Otherwise? Heck no.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    The spector of a hobbled ARod looms large on any DH decision. You can’t just sit ARod if he’s hitting but can’t play the field, but then if you got a good salaried DH, how could you justify sitting him (if he’s hitting well)? The best you could hope for would be a good hitting DH who could also play 3B. Who that person is….I have no idea.

    • Rey22

      Andruw Jones for Evan Longoria sounds pretty fair for both sides. He can play 3B and DH some.

      • The Manchine

        Only if they sweeten it Moore…

      • LiterallyFigurative

        I like how you think!

        Wait…I thought you said Eva Longoria. No deal!

    • Sam P.

      The best you could hope for would be a good hitting DH who could also play 3B. Who that person is….I have no idea.

      Wilson Betemit. Boom.

      /I kid, I kid.

      • Cris Pengiucci

        Good, because he signed with the O’s.

        • Sam P.

          Yes, I understand. Was making a joke. Thanks.

      • Kosmo

        he just signed with the Orioles.

        • viridiana

          Betemit to O’s? Lucky for us.

        • Sam P.

          Indeed. See above. Thanks.

      • craig

        How about Hughes+ to the Mets for Wright? They get a young player and salary relief.

        • Thomas Cassidy

          Mets wouldn’t to it unless it was Hughes++++.

        • Craig Maduro

          I’ve been saying go get Wright for months now.

  • Kosmo

    I was thinking someone like Clint Robinson Royals AAA 1B who is under the radar,blocked, and cost controlled for an arm (Warren).
    There must be other good hitting prospects in AAA who are either blocked or because they lack defensive skills would make a good DH.

    • MattG

      Yeah, this is where I thought the Yankees would go (not necessarily Robinson, but the other part). Warren is even too much, but the general idea is what I thought might happen. The Yankees might get away with a lower level prospect due to a 40-man roster crunch.

      Of course, I happen to think Chris Dickerson would be a fine platoon DH for 3 months.

  • MarkL

    Isn’t under the radar, cost controlled, and blocked the description of Jorge Vasquez.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Blocked? No, just not vauled highly due to his strikeout rate.

    • RetroRob

      …in the same way that Juan Miranda was under the radar. Neither are MLB-quality players, IMO.

    • gageagainstthemachine

      Jorge Vazquez = Pedro Cereno

      highly doubt he makes it to the majors…if he does, most likely it won’t be as a Yankee…

      • Don W

        Well Cereno helped the Indians to a pennant with clutch hitting so maybe we should take another look at JV.

  • RetroRob

    View Logan Morrison as the new Nick Swisher, and by that I mean that Ozzie Guillen and Morrison’s personalities may clash as did Guillen and Swisher. LoMo will be available eventually.

  •!/czm93 Craig

    I know this sucks, but just hear me out:
    The Mets have made it known Duda would be available for the right price, and Hughes would benefit from a larger ballpark.
    Hughes and CoJo for Duda?
    Duda could be this year’s DH, then the RFer next year, freeing up some of the $ that would go to Swisher. Garcia is the 5th starter, while Burnett goes wherever, bullpen or the Newark Bears, I have no idea.

    Duda would pop some in Yankee Stadium, and the team manages to get younger, just a crazy thought.

    • MattG

      I’ve always thought of Duda as just a guy.

  • PhillyMatt

    Would the Yankees work out a trade to bring Bobby Abreu back?

    • Thomas Cassidy

      They’ll only eat salary. He’s not worth a prospect. That would be nice to see them take Burnett, he’d be a good fit over there.

    • RetroRob

      If I remember, he’s making between $9-10 million next year. Considering his declining numbers, the Angels would have have to throw in a bunch of cash. He can still hit righties to some degree, draw a walk and steal bases, but he’s a fraction of his former self and costs alot. Don’t see it happening. If we’re looking for a reunion with a former Yankee, Damon has more to offer at this point and will be cheaper.

  • All Praise Be To Mo

    What about Chase Headley from the Padres? I think he could be a beast and then put Arod @ DH? I know he would cost more, but I’d be willing to move Hughes + for him.

    • RetroRob

      Not opposed to Headley. His career stats are nothing great, but his been hurt greatly by Petco. He’s a career .300/.360/.440 away from Petco, which suggests a better hitter than he’s combined line. Hits from both sides of the plate and will take a walk, now in his prime years. A-Rod is a better fielder than Headley, so I wouldn’t move A-Rod to DH full time, but they’d make a nice rotation that could keep A-Rod healthier, and best of all, Headley would mean less Nunez at third. Headley also provides some protection in the OF for 2013 since he can play there, although not all that great.

      Like anything, it comes down to the price in prospects.

  • CJ

    “report of them having just $1-2M to spend on a bat” is a joke. That buys you one Jonny Gomes who signed with Oakland for $1.1 million.

  • CJ

    Hitters that may be available by trade
    Chase Headley
    Daniel Murphy
    Martin Prado
    Gerard Parra
    Dom Brown
    Logan Morrison
    Billy Butler
    Mark Trumbo

    Any other ideas?

    • MattG

      What does “may be available in trade” mean, exactly? Irresponsible rumormongering or solid sources say?

      • Robert

        The only one that is realistically available is Prado.

      • CJ

        “may” be available for trade as in other teams have shopped them, they don’t have a set position or teams need help in other areas. It’s not rumormongering. Baseball insiders did not even suggest Detroit was in on prince so I don’t need heyman as a source for legit rumors.

        • Landry

          Read twitter and you would have seen the Prince to Detroit rumors yesterday.

  • JA

    What about trading Burnett for Adam Dunn?

  • Robert

    No Fielder as he is about to go to DET.

    • BK2ATL

      Cabrera and Fielder in the same lineup???? Whoa….

      • Rookie

        Could be like Manny and Ortiz — for three or four years, anyway.

  • BK2ATL

    What do you realistically think Logan Morrison is worth right now? Who would we have to part with (Banuelos, Sanchez & Campos off the table, all else available)?

    • Ted Nelson

      Not really sure. Seems to have had some BABIP luck as a rookie and bad luck in 2011. Very negative defensive value both years. Was a 1 fWAR player in 2011 and on pace for about 2.5 fWAR pace in 2010. Splitting the middle maybe a 1.75 fWAR player so far… Has some upside left at 24, but not sure he has a ton. Probably increase his BB% at least. Could produce nicely as a DH in YS3.

  • Un Named Yankee Source

    How does this conversation go?

    Mike Trout for Rafael Soriano

    • BK2ATL


  • Bizzle

    Prince agrees with Tigers….9 yrs 214mil

    Overreaction to losing Vmart maybe?

  • mustang

    If the Marlins get Yoenis Cespedes (which I think they will) Logan Morrison for Hughes I’m calling this one.

    • mustang

      Wow! Reading up on Mr. Morrison personality I don’t know how that would fly in New York I would still make the deal, but nothing more then Hughes.