• http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

    I know they’re a division rival and all, but I hold no animosity towards the Rays whatsoever. Even after the Cervelli injury in ST a few years back (08?) I thought it was good to see them show that they’re not backing down from anyone.

    They’re young, talented, play a good brand of baseball (pitching and defense) that’s fun to watch. Maddon is unconventional, and I think he has to be with those lineups and pieced-together bullpens. May be my favorite team to watch other than the Yankees.

    • RobertGKramer@AOL.Com

      Yeah that was 2008, and they rode it all the way to the World Series. Maddon talked about how great it was that Elliot Johnson showed that fire. He never even hinted at any sorrow for Cervelli’s broken wrist. I’d love to meet him someday…. so I could spit in his face!!!

  • Havok9120

    That was a great piece Mike. I really enjoyed reading you two swapping questions

    I enjoyed it enough that I’d like to see that kind of thing here. Might be fun to get in touch with the rest of the baseball Blogosphere for some pieces like that.

  • ultimate913

    I love these. Can you do more of these with other blogs, Mike?

  • http://riveravenueblues.com dan scabet

    hell they should be good they had the first or second pick in the draft forever.

  • http://Riveraveblues.com Okyankee24

    Exactly Dan! And they have been fortunate that many of those panned out. But still I never think of the Rays (devil or not) as a threat, spend some of the Yanks revenue sharing money already and I’ll give you a second thought.

  • Regis

    Pittsburgh has had high draft picks forever, too. And they are awful.

  • J6takish

    This argument gets really stale. Jeter was a top pick you know…

    • RetroRob

      What argument gets really stale? Having access to a player like Jeter the amateur draft requires one key ingredient: the big league club has to suck.