Report: Kim Jones will not be back in 2012

Open Thread: Hip Hip
Remembering the days of Jose Canseco

Via Neil Best, Kim Jones will not be back as the YES Network’s clubhouse/sideline reporter in 2012. They offered her a contract, but she’s decided to pursue other opportunities after seven seasons on the job. I enjoyed Kim’s reporting and wish her the best, but I sure hope this means a lot more Jack Curry.

Open Thread: Hip Hip
Remembering the days of Jose Canseco
  • Matt :: Sec110

    they should have given her Suzy’s job…oh well…being the goofy on field reporter has a saturation point I guess.

  • Moonimus

    My best memory of Kim Jones was when someone took a bite out of a turkey leg while she was reporting. Maybe in Kansas? Good luck Kim!

    • Nick

      was it the porkchop on a stick in Minnesota?

      • Steve S.

        I seem to remember a fan biting her leg in Cleveland.

  • Phife Dawg

    Please no more Nancy Newman. She is awful.

    Bring back Fred Hickman!

    • Kiko Jones

      Newman can do the scripted stuff but she can’t improvise to save her life.

      • JohnnyC

        OTOH, Newman is Canadian so she’d be able to translate when the Yankees are in Toronto.

  • Carlosologist


    • Craig Maduro

      They don’t need Watney. Just advertise the opening, hold “interviews” and pick the hottest one.

      • UncleArgyle

        Not to be a male chouvinist, but I agree. The YES Network needs some eye candy to parade around. It will make losses more tolerable.

        • Kiko Jones

          Not to be a male chauvinist, but I agree. The YES Network needs some eye candy to parade around.

          Not a drooling knucklehead either, but a knowledgeable cutie would be welcome. We had a grandma and a soccer mom, which I didn’t mind so much but always found interesting, since other sports networks seem to go for the eye candy big time.

    • FIPster Doofus

      She’s with the Lakers now.

  • tony

    She used to love Tex. She always tried to get him after the game. I think something was going on between them!

    • CJ

      I used to think she was into Brett Gardner.

      • M

        I thought she was into Cano! Got all giggly & tongue tied a couple of times!

  • Dick Whitman

    Somewhere PeteAbe weeps into his phish food

  • Will

    I won’t miss her awkward mannerisms. I doubt she’ll find a better gig out there. Bring on Erin Andrews!

    • goterpsgo

      I second that thought!!!

      • Lazerri Scooter

        Meh, overrated, IMO.

        I say thee Nay!

        • Steve S.

          O…ver….rated? Have you seen her (ahem) bathroom portfolio? She has the body of a Greek goddess. I’ve never seen anything so perfect.

          • Rick

            And it’s people like you that scare the crap out of her…

    • Ethan

      Yes please!

    • JohnnyC

      She’s a Red Sox fan. That would really work out well.

      • Greg

        Rule 1 in buisness.

        Never turn down work.

        However, she’s not coming here, She’s got a cushy job. I mean Michelle Beadle left the YES network for ESPN.

      • Greg

        Plus, look at Tina Cervasio.

        Born in New Jersey, went to work for the Red Sox and now works for the Knicks.

  • Dick Whitman

    Somewhere PeteAbe weeps into his phish food…

  • CJ

    Kim Jones did a great job. Solid reporting and a genuine likable personality. No schtick or gimmicks.

  • Steve (different one)

    Full time Penn State scandal reporter for the Fan?

    • Brian

      Francessa’s co-host… Mike and Lil’ kim?

      • Lazerri Scooter


        Please, Kim don’t sink to that level. Leave that fat SOB alone where he belongs in his echo chamber of arrogrance & egomaniacal stupidity.

      • Steve S.

        From Mike and the Mad Dog to Mike and Kitty Kim.

    • Pasqua

      Not out of the realm of possibility. Especially with Francessa’s contract coming due in the next couple of years.

      • Rick

        Haha I was thinking the same thing but then I remembered a statement in the past from Mike. “I have never reached the end of my contract, it’s always been extended at least two years before it’s come due. I sign 5 year deals and never reach the end.”… He must have ranted on this topic for a solid 25 minutes

  • Lazerri Scooter

    I’ll miss her. Hope she finds happiness and prosperity in her future endeavors.

    Personally, I always enjoyed Kim’s professional and adequate reporting style. And I believe the players enjoyed conversing with her more than with Suzyn or some lame MSM reporter.

    Definitely, going to miss her comedic relationship with Jeter. Never knew for sure if all that chatter was friendly banter or angry bickering.

    Although, I think Kim is thrilled to be away from the ever creepy Michael Kay.

    • Judy B

      With a name like “Scooter” it’s no wonder you call Kay creepy! :) He’s the biggest dumbass on tv these days, no clue why or how he gets so many good people on his show. Can’t stand the way he invokes the name Rizzuto (the biggest homer EVER – miss him!!) then says there’s no room for fans in announcing. What an idiot. Too bad they don’t give Kim his job!

  • FIPster Doofus

    Kim did a good job. She’ll be missed.

    • Slu

      Agree. I like the job she did.

  • parmesan

    Bummer. Kim Jones is awesome.

  • JohnnyBGoode

    Always interviewed Abreu. They totally hooked up.
    Remember when Melky forgot English and Cano spoke for both of them lol.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    She will be missed. Here’s hoping for bigger and better things for her.

  • Jamey

    That’s kind of a surprise, wonder if they low balled her? Hopefully she isn’t headed to be another wasted paycheck at ESPN.

  • Anthony

    Sad news. I think she does a great job ….

  • Steve S.

    I’ll always remember her as the first reporter that consistently asked Torre tough questions, ones fans wanted answers to. Joe didn’t appreciate it, which made it good TV as well.

  • Carl

    Said this on Twitter and Facebook, but of all the YES personnel it had to be Kim Jones to leave? I enjoyed her presence as the Yankees’ field & clubhouse reporter, and now I’ll be missing that. It couldn’t have been Nancy Newman instead? [sigh] Best of luck to Kim.

  • Wilson

    Kim I’ll miss you and your giant hammers!

  • EvoLuTioN

    shes prob gonna replace francesa

  • RetroRob

    Bring back Michelle Beadle.

    Yes, this is a sexist comment, but I think they should view this as an opportunity to upgrade the on-field talent.

    • Kevin Winters

      Beadle is a good choice but she’s an admitted Yankee hater YES doesn’t like those kind of things.

      • awy

        probably a michael kay hater first.

        • Kevin Winters

          Nah she loves Michael Kay since she used to be apart of his ESPN radio show.

  • Faiaz

    Speaking of Kim Jones… I’ve always noticed that she had an unsymmetrical jaw-line. Even with that she managed to look stunning. Does anyone know if she had a terrible accident that caused this? I have looked everywhere for an answer and frankly I don’t even know why finding this out matters to me so much, lol.

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      Yes, a tiger mauled her in Nepal

  • Rob NY

    My fondest memories of Kim jones will be the 8 or so weeks leading up to Mike Mussina winning #20.
    Kim: “Mike how does it feel to be 8(7-0) wins away from 20?” and the eyebrow raises/eye rolls that ensued.

    She wasn’t great but they could do much worse. Good luck.

  • bankers hours

    Kim got better as the years went by, dressed better and looked better. Need a woman in this line, young and good looking. As for her and Tex I think it was Arod that she had an on. she’ll be missed

  • Faiaz

    Also, to everyone that are watching what they type or apologizing for wanting to see an attractive woman on the YES network covering the Yankees… Cmon’ guys, we are MEN, it’s perfectly normal to want to see what we want to see and voice our opinions. Technically don’t WE(not as in men but Yankees fans) pay all of their salaries? The women that are Yankees fans have all the players that they find attractive and maybe even male reporters as their eye candy. So I am not apologizing when I say… I WANT A CLASSY, ATTRACTIVE AND YOUNG WOMAN WITH GREAT REPORTING SKILLS TO REPLACE MS. JONES!!!!!

  • Steve S.

    Every comment in this thread falls into two categories

    1-Wishing Kim well

    2-Bring in (Reporter X) that I have the hots for.

    • RetroRob

      I’m not really sure which female reporters I have the hots for(beyond Michelle Beadle, who is not coming back). I’m counting on the YES Network hiring staff to present me with a selection of candidates, and then host a prime-time YES special where we get to vote for on-field babe. There should be a swimsuit contest, a talent portion, and then the candidates should be asked how they would bring peace throughout the world. We will then vote.

      Seriously, in TV, producers shoot for a blend of male and female on-air talent, and obviously this is heavily male-dominated already, so they will be looking to replace a female with a female. Good looks and intelligence can go together. Really, they can.

      • FachoinaNYY

        This is such a good idea… if the Yankees could find a tasteful way of doing this it could be amazing.

  • Monterowasdinero

    Wonder if she is truly a baseball/sports/Yankee fan or is a job just a job? She was always well prepared and, although not my cup of tea, it would be an interesting dinner date. So much to talk about.

    • RetroRob

      Unlikely. She wasn’t born in the NY area. She has a degree in sports journalism from Penn State, which is well-regarded in that area. She started as a print journalist before getting her Giants and Yankees gigs. If she’s a fan, it’s more because she’s covering those teams.

      Her reporting on WFAN regarding the Penn-State sex scandal might have elevated her standing and perhaps she’s been offered an opportnity for more serious reporting. The YES gig seems fun, but it’s bit light if she still wants to do more serious sports reporting. Just a guess.

      Like the rest, I wish her well. She’s had a better career already than 99.9% of sports journalism graduates.

  • Dela G

    I’m going to miss you, Kim :(

  • DM

    She improved over time, but I won’t miss her. And she’s admittedly a football girl at heart — so I doubt she’ll miss the demands of the Yankee gig.

  • The 6’7 & Above Club

    I’ll suggest Cristina Stoffo. I believe she does the traffic for channel 5 in NY

    • JohnnyC

      Yeah, I’ve seen her on Channel 5. So, she does the traffic reports? Somehow I missed that detail.

    • Tony

      We can do better than that

  • keith

    Any chance she is taking Michael Kay with her?

    • JohnnyC

      Newt tried that ploy with his 2nd wife. She didn’t buy it.

  • Carl

    “…but I sure hope this means a lot more Jack Curry.”

    If Kim’s departure means Jack’s role with YES is expendable, somebody might have to take his spot as primary studio analyst sitting next to Bob Lorenz. First name I could think of is Willie if he wants it, having seen him on Yankees Baseball Daily and now that he’s no longer Orioles 3B coach. Another I could think of is Jon Lane of the MY YES Life in the Fast Lane Blog. And I saw somebody on Twitter bring up Coney as an option in the spot. Lou, he’s out of the question since he’s working with YES on a limited basis.

  • Avi

    Heidi Watney please. Screw the DH. Give the money instead to Watney. Kim did a great job though.

  • Andrew

    Kim was good. I am sad to see her go. But please let us not have the only female representative at YES be Nancy Newman. Go hire Ines Sainz please. Boom. (sfw)

  • Manning to Manningham

    Not going to lose any sleep over this. I’ve always had an inexplicable dislike for Kim Jones. She just seemed so……….plastic.

  • Tom Gaffney

    Ugh. Will they make Jack wear a dress? Not looking forward to that. I don’t think he has the legs for it.

  • Oliver

    I was never a big Kim Jones fan and while I am glad she won’t be returning, hopefully they will be able to find a good replacement.

  • JMK

    I realize on-air sports reporting is typically a frustrating exercise in shuffling around various cliches and that’s not Kim’s fault, but I really can’t remember ever thinking, “You know what, Kim, that was a really good question!”

    I didn’t particularly dislike Kim Jones, but these weird “OMG she was great” sentiment I’m reading here is puzzling.

    Red-blooded male or not, I want someone witty, knowledgable and able to craft questions that provide insight and force players and managers beyond the usual rehash of “both teams played hard!” Being hot doesn’t really factor into that equation.

    • Jon in CUO

      Agree. Kim had a tough assignment. Most of her job revolved around dealing with professional athletes who are trained to give boring PR statements – it’s really hard to do anything with that. That being said, I view her as eminently replaceable.

  • Alex

    I vote for a knowledgeable and relatively young woman, preferably with glasses.

  • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan

    Kim was annoying, and Jack Curry is boring.

  • Sam

    I thought Kim found her footing after a little while and did a solid job. I would really like Curry to do the daily reporting. He’s a great writer and reporter who is actually capable of breaking some news.

  • Joseph Cecala

    Bring in someone really hot, wasn’t really a Kim fan, someone young and a lot of cleavage.

  • forensic

    She was pretty terrible. No loss here.

  • Rory

    I can’t believe this many people liked her, and are gonna miss her. The sound of her voice is friggin’ irritating. She needlessly name drops all the time, seemingly trying to puff up her credentials. It’s really great news that she won’t make my ears bleed anymore on YES. Hopefully, I won’t be seeing her anytime soon anywhere else. Fade into oblivion Kim.

  • noseeum

    I’d fully support trading Pena or Nunez for Heidi Watney.

  • JonS

    damn that sucks, i got to say i really did enjoy Kim, she actually knew what she was talking about. YES needs to get a few more younger women on the network. Get one blonde (they sell) and a brunette to balance it out. The host they have on YES are too old, time to bring in some youth.

    You will be missed Kim

    • Mike HC

      I’m with you. Time for a hot younger girl. I thought Kim was very good, but time to move on.

  • Dropped Third

    Big tit reporter who asks good questions > DH

  • Vegetable Lasagna

    This is a mistake for Kim. There are only a few better jobs in the country and she walked away. Hopefully they hire another female, younger than Kim. I like to see Michael Kay have awkward conversations with the sideline reporter.

  • Stryker

    i’m all for YES hiring what they believe to be a better reporter, but the male chauvinism in this thread is overwhelming and, honestly, disgusting. i thought better of the RAB readership and commenters. guess i was wrong.

    • Greg

      It’s not just male chauvinism. It’s buisness. It’s basic broadcasting tactics.

      Eye candy can attract viewers as long as the eye candy knows her stuff. That’s why Erin Andrews broke through. She looks good and she knows her stuff.

      So to suggest someone that is good looking and smart is not all chauvinism. It’s buisness.

  • DM

    I hear Ted Nelson is angry over it.

    He calculated that Kim’s fWAR was 2.3 last year.

    He mildly feels that there is somewhat of a chance that a new girl might potentially affect the probable outcome of a game some time in the near or distant future.

  • cr1

    I hope they bring in someone who actually knows something about baseball, so we don’t have to go through what we did with Kim – a whole first year of slowly figuring out what was going on around her. Those who liked looking at her (in comparison with Suzyn, who was quite knowledgable, got on well with the players, and did great post-game interviews) didn’t seem to mind the dumb, repetitive questions. The only thing amusing about it was how the smarter players used to play with her more idiotic questions without her apparently realizing she was being played. But I thought then, and think now, that looks and knowledge of the game CAN go together — surely there’s someone out there who has both. Go get her!

    More of Jack Curry would also be welcome.

  • Tony

    Lets hope they get a young attractive reporter. Kim was a little on the bland side.

  • MrG

    Jenn. Sterger.

    Or maybe Minkas interested in joining. Would help her spend some more time with the captain.

    • Kelvin

      Oh no, not Minka! Minka spending more time with the captain = the captain’s batting average sinking.

  • Greg

    I wonder if Bonnie Bernstein’s availible for the job? She’s not long in the tooth and she knows her sports. She also cohosted with Michael Kay for a bit so that might work.

  • dean

    Hazel Mae !

  • http://Facebook Mike Holdridge

    Kim Jones was a bright spot on the Yankee sidelines. She was knowledgeable in a non-uppity kind of way. She will be missed. Now the Yanks need to do something about the boring female announcer on their radio network.

  • David

    I wish her all the best. I always admired how she was able to dodge (mostly) the fallout from AJ’s pies.

  • Paul

    Kim was pretty good, I think most people will miss her.

  • http://yahoo Pat

    Good riddin’s to Kim…..Jack Curry great….Kim always looked grubby….hair and Clothes…….surprised she lasted so long!!!!!!!!!!

  • RamJet

    Kim you will surely be missed.

  • tony

    they should hire jackie guerrido from unision……the yankees would break all viewer records …..
    even if shes not to baseball savyyyyy……well thats when an ear piece can be wisely used….
    plus shes from the bronx….and also bilingual…….a plus for the yes network…and yankee fans…..
    Arriba Jackie

  • http://yahoo waynep

    She was a sweetheart. I would invite her over for dinner and eat her.

  • Big L

    Kim Jones was knowledgeable and good looking. Dump Waldman.. She’s a dope who calls every player – it could be Jaime Moyer – a “kid”. That leather outfit she wore at the Parade was comical and the Bawston accent is irritating. Bring in the Jets reporter from SNY, Coakley.