What remains on the Yankees’ shopping list?

Waiting For Montero
Chris Dickerson's Possible Role

The answer to the headline question might seem obvious. For the past few weeks we’ve discussed the Yankees’ new situation, which mainly involves filling one starting role. Jesus Montero‘s departure and Jorge Posada‘s retirement left vacant the regular DH role for 2012. Yet it’s not that simple. While we’ve seen the Yankees enter the past five seasons, at least, with a regular presence at DH, that likely won’t be the case this year. They already have the makings of a part-time DH on the roster.

Andruw Jones represents the first component of the 2012 DH spot. While he’s typically seen as a platoon partner with Brett Gardner and, to a lesser extent, Curtis Granderson, that probably won’t be his only role this season. During the Winter Meetings, Joel Sherman reported that Jones sought a larger role. “The friend also revealed that following offseason knee surgery that Jones has said if he comes back to the Yankees, he is coming in the kind of shape with the idea of winning a corner outfield job, not just accepting a back-up position.” Additionally, ESPN NY’s Wally Matthews talked to a source who said that Jones “took less money to return to the Yankees.” That could mean he’s expecting an expanded role.

While Jones worked out well last season, he played less frequently than he had in the previous two seasons. With Texas in 2009 he came to the plate 331 times, and with Chicago in 2010 it was 328 PA. Last season he was limited to 222 PA. He could instantly pick up more PA by DHing when Gardner starts in LF against a left-handed pitcher. He might also pick up some at-bats at DH against righties. He didn’t hit them particularly well last year, batting .172/.303/.406 against them in 76 PA, but he did flash good power (.234 ISO, just .020 lower than his ISO against LHP), and he maintained a solid 14.5 percent walk rate. In the last three seasons, Jones has produced average numbers against right-handed pitching (101 wRC+). It won’t give him a full-time job, but he could pick up some at-bats vs. righties as the DH.

Alex Rodriguez could also pick up at-bats from the DH spot in 2012. While he’s still penciled in as the starting third baseman, it’s difficult to see him playing there every day all season long. He hasn’t reached the 140-game mark since 2007, and played in just 99 last season. While he could return to form following a platelet-spinning procedure, it’s not something the Yankees can count on. Additionally, the Yankees want to play Eduardo Nunez more often this season, so subbing him for Rodriguez, while the latter fills the DH role, remains a possibility.

It is conceivable, then, that Rodriguez and Jones play up to 60 games combined at DH. That leaves around 100 games for others, though there will certainly be days when Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and even Robinson Cano take a half-day off. These accommodations render the DH a part-time position. Additionally, since both Rodriguez and Jones could fill the spot against right-handed pitchers, and since the DH spot will be open when Jones plays the outfield in place of Gardner against left-handed pitchers, a strict platoon isn’t necessarily the answer.

The Yankees can approach this situation in one of two ways. The most likely route is filling their remaining bench spots with veterans who can handle a part-time role. They might need some versatility, especially if one of the two players doesn’t play a position (ahem, Raul Ibanez). This might be one reason the Yankees are pursuing Bill Hall; he can handle both the infield and the outfield, and is also best suited for reps against left-handed pitching. Ibanez, on the other hand, can take the remaining reps at DH against right-handed pitching. A combination such as this could fit the Yankees needs well.

The other option is to fill the empty spots with young or flawed players. We’ve heard Jorge Vazquez’s name bandied, and there’s a chance he could take those reps at DH against LHP when Jones is in the outfield. There’s also Justin Maxwell for a similar role, though he has the added benefit of playing the field as well. Chris Dickerson, as Mike will discuss in more detail later, could be another fit, playing right field against some right-handed pitchers while Nick Swisher occupies the DH spot. Alternatively, the Yankees could swing a trade for a more versatile player who can provide a role similar to Maxwell or Dickerson (or Hall or Ibanez).

Immediately following the Jesus Montero trade, it appeared the Yankees were in the market for a full-time DH in his stead. But given the way their roster breaks down, they need something less than that. If they were so inclined, they could have half a season’s worth of DH at-bats already on the roster. Given the slow-moving market, they are right in taking their time in finding the right players to fill those last two roster spots. They can go in a number of directions, with each one having its plusses and minuses.

Waiting For Montero
Chris Dickerson's Possible Role
  • paul a

    There are still alot of guys out there on the cheap.I dont mind the Bill Halls and Casey Kotchmans of the world as long as they are minor league deals and we have no comittment to them. Eventually Brian will find the DH he his looking for, it might not come right away,but you know sooner or later it will be done.

    • Billion$Bullpen


      I really do not care if we get a DH at the trade dealine or after if need be. If this team as currently constructed does not net a playoff berth no matter who is at DH something terrible wrong will have happened, and it will not be not having a full time DH in tow starting April 1

  • mike

    this is all window dressing – just waiting for Mr. Damon to realize his price must come down…

  • Mike HC

    Nicely written. Jones seems to slide under the radar a bit. Expanding his role doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      yeah lets just hope that along with him CC and Phil try to avoid the chicken and beer that the red sox wont be having this year

  • John

    I still think Chavez fits nicely here when he is not in the ICU

    • sar515

      I agree!! Eric the Stead was a valuable member of the team…and fits even better this year.

      • jsbrendog

        except he can’t hit. or stay healthy.

  • BK2ATL

    We need a LH off the bench, one way or another. Chavez? Damon? But Bill Hall??? Whatever happened to Jerry Hairston Jr?

    I could definitely see Jones in an expanded role as well, esp. if he’s now 100% healthy.

    • Steve (different one)

      Well, there are two openings. If they sign Damon, Bill Hall would be fine as the last guy on the bench. As would Chavez. Or Laird.

      The Chavez/Hall role is the smallest role, outside of mop up reliever, on the team. Ultimately it won’t really matter all that much.

      If they sign Hall and he sucks, he’ll be cut and Laird or Pena or maybe even Dickerson or Maxwell will take his place. No big deal.

    • Landry

      Hairston signed a two year deal with the Dodgers.

  • RkyMtnYank

    If Jones gets an expanded role then we might as well just trade Gardner. A young kid with speed that could only get better with more consistent playing time who is already relegated to platoon duty is just a waste.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Brett Gardner will be 29 this year….not a kid.

      • RkyMtnYank

        He’s only really had two good years of ML playing time and inconsistent time against lefties at best, still kid enough for me. I think he should get an honest shot to see what he can do now, even if with another team since his yankee fate already seems to be signed, sealed and delivered.

        • Ted Nelson

          As Steve says below, why are you acting like Gardner never plays or has a fate of not playing?

          • RkyMtnYank

            Well, because if Jones has an expanded role then he will play even less and also play less consistently. So his stats may never improve to the point where he’s not considered a platoon player. I don’t think that is a fair classification at this point.

            • Ted Nelson

              Gardner appeared in 159 games last season… He had almost 600 PAs as the #9 hitter… Assuming 8.5 inning games and extra inning games evened out he played 85% of the defensive innings. He wasn’t really a platoon player last season. He wasn’t playing inconsistently.

              And as I saw below Jones’ role can grow without costing Gardner. Or it could give Gardner a little more of a breather and keep him fresher while he still has a huge role.

              • Billion$Bullpen

                EXACTLY. The dude has gotten plenty of time to show and prove. I think the man is an incomplete player but he has shown more than I personally expected from him and I do see his value. My real problem with him is if his game is handling a bat and speed he really should have by now learned how to be a better base runner and be better at stealing bases. He should also be further along with the bat handling part of his job.

                His D in the OF is impressive, better than I originally thought. While most of the better parts of his game rely on speed giving him a few more days off this year may not only help the Yankees but help Gardner in his future career if that is in NY or elsewhere.

                • Ted Nelson

                  He tied for the AL lead in SBs. Sure he could steal more, but he’s already stealing a lot.

                  He’s not a great hitter by any means, but his .330 wOBA in 2011 still came in 10th among qualifying LFs.

    • Ted Nelson

      Jones can get an expanded role without relegating Gardner to platoon duty. Jones only got 222 PAs last season. He only started 10 games at DH and played in 16 games at DH. If he plays about 55 games full games at DH this season he might double his PAs without playing any more innings in the field. Or if Swisher plays more DH, Jones can play more RF.

      • RkyMtnYank

        I do like the Jones idea in RF better than Swisher even full time!

        • Mister Delaware

          So you’re saying Gardner > Jones > Swisher ?

    • Steve (different one)

      Gardner got 588 PA’s last year and 569 in 2010. Perhaps you are overreacting?

      • RkyMtnYank

        Overreacting at what? I’m not jumping off a bridge, I just don’t agree with giving more playing time to Jones over what Gardner can bring to the team especially at this point in their careers.

        • Steve (different one)

          It is an overreaction to say that if Gardner isn’t playing every single day, he might as be traded. I’d say the Yankees are doingba pretty great job of maximizing Gardner’s value. Unless we think he is better than a 5-6 win player or we think he would return a 5-6 win player in a trade? That seems unlikely to me.

          • RkyMtnYank

            I think my reaction was to the statement in the article “While he’s typically seen as a platoon partner with Brett Gardner”. I just don’t agree with Gardner as a platoon player yet that can’t hit lefties.

        • Mister Delaware

          Isn’t the argument above the exact opposite of your fear? If Jones is DHing more, he’ll be playing LF against LHP less, leaving Gardner in LF. Last year there would be times when Jones would take LF and someone like Posada would DH.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    The most bizzarely overly-dissected topic of the off-season: Who’s going to take the remainder of the DH at-bats…

    …or, as I like to call it, “projecting our mourning of losing Jesus Montero onto other places.”

    • Ted Nelson

      I think any hole on the roster is going to get dissected like this. Before the trade it was starting P… because there wasn’t really an offensive hole. There was some bench talk, but mostly concluding with “that’ll come later in the off-season.”

      There might be quite a few remaining DH PAs, so I think it’s worth discussing.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        This is a much smaller hole than it gets described as on here, though. It feels more like missing the impact that Jesus would have potentially made than the hole that’s actually left for 2012.

        The “true DH” crowd describes the whole as such that, if the team does not acquire a full-time all-bat kind of player, a major hole in the lineup will be created, never mind the fact that we can safely say there’s a preference on the team’s part for flexibility with the DH position in order to give the regulars half-days off. Combine that with Andruw’s at-bats, and there’s not as much left as many would like to belive.

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t know if there is a full-time DH crowd. Maybe that’s just my own bias, but when I even suggest that they might end up with a DH I have to spend all day defending my position and can’t remember many people if any agreeing with me that they might just end up with a DH or a platoon at DH.

          I think it’s potentially a large hole. It will require Andruw playing more than he’s played in years and Nunez or someone else really stepping up for it not to be a large hole.

          “never mind the fact that we can safely say there’s a preference on the team’s part for flexibility with the DH position in order to give the regulars half-days off.”

          I don’t think that we can safely say that at all. I think we can say that they want to do what’s best for the team. That’s generally been a full-time DH in the past or a platoon (Thomas/Berkman for example). Whether it is in the future depends on a lot of variables. A-Rod’s health, Nunez’s throwing, the performance of someone like Hall or Chavez, Jones performance and durability… There could certainly be a situation where Nunez, Jones, and Hall/Chavez/whoever are all good enough to jointly cover the DH “hole.” There’s also a good chance that they won’t be, though. Nunez and Hall were well below replacement last season. Chavez was right at replacement and couldn’t stay healthy for the infinite year in a row. Jones hasn’t had more than 331 PAs since 2007.

          I think the Yankees are high on Nunez. Even as one of his bigger supporters, though, I think there’s a good chance they’re wrong. If that happens I think they’ll trade for a fairly full-time player at DH and/or IF. (If they haven’t already found them before the season.)

          “Combine that with Andruw’s at-bats, and there’s not as much left as many would like to belive.”

          Again… I don’t think we’ll know how much of a hole there is for a while. I do think it’s easily the biggest hole on the roster right now and worth talking about if we’re going to bother talking about the Yankees in the middle of what should be the winter.

          I think we should expect at least half a season of PAs and a post-season (bigger half) platoon spot open at this point… and that’s a pretty sizable hole by Yankee standards.

        • DM

          The “true DH” crowd is Ted — and the echo of his own voice as he rationalizes his preference over what’s actually been said and done.

          • Ted Nelson

            I really don’t understand your love for twisting reality.

            If you read my comments I am clearly not a “true DH” person. I am a “situational” person. I have said dozens of times now that if you have the personnel you don’t need a “true DH.” However, I have also said that Nunez is as likely to be below replacement level next season as above replacement level.

            Is that really too hard for you to understand?

            And what has been said? You take one press conference where Girardi said Montero would not DH “full-time” and somehow jump to the Yankees wanting to constantly rotate A-Rod, Jeter, Swisher, Cano, and Tex at DH with no primary DH. There’s a lot of middle ground between having David Ortiz and having no primary DH at all.

            • Ted Nelson

              And your historical claims are RIDICULOUS. You have literally said that Nick Johnson was not a primary DH because they wanted to play him in the OF. You have totally ignored the Lance Berkman trade. How do you take yourself seriously?

              • DM

                Hee Hee — there’s the Ted drift. I do think NJ was signed to be the PRIMARY DH but you used to call it FULL-TIME dh. Just like “BAD move” isn’t synonymous with “SOLID ENOUGH move” — PRIMARY ISN’T THE SAME AS FULL-TIME. Shall I drag up all your references to full-time DH that now has morphed into “primary”. You’re not a worthy adversary, Ted. You’re too dishonest. Everything’s a hedge, as if I don’t notice you creeping towards the middle like you always do in the end. That’s how Campos goes from non-existent to “Who cares about an A-ball pitching prospect?” — to “I think he’s a very exciting prospect.” And that’s how “dynasty” threatening move becomes “bad move” become “solid enough move.” You’re a bad joke — like “DH is a position” to defend your beloved Montero staying on board. “Hey, what position do you play?” “I play short.” “I play first.” “I play DH.” It’s a punchline — not a position. LOL.

                • Ted Nelson

                  Johnson was the full-time DH. You’re talking about semantics, though. You said the Yankees haven’t had a primary DH since Matsui… so I used the word “primary to describe Johson” since you claimed he and Posada weren’t primary DHs. Johnson was the full-time DH while he was healthy: http://espn.go.com/mlb/player/gamelog/_/id/4240/nick-johnson
                  I don’t see how you can deny that he and Jorge were full-time DHs. That they didn’t last all season was due to injury and getting benched… not some belief in playing inferior players for the sake of flexibility.

                  You are saying that DH isn’t a position, and I am not a worthy adversary? I don’t consider you an adversary, I consider you an ignorant nuisance.

                  • DM

                    NJ was injured in the Spring, and only started 21 games total; he played 1st base twice (which is the same total that Ortiz did all of last year). To take 21 starts from a player who had injury issues from the get-go is absurd. As usual, you choose to ignore certain facts –i.e., dropping the full context. You do the same with Posada. You ignore the idea that he’s under contract for $13.1mil, and no one wanted him to catch. Do you think they would’ve signed Posada to a 1 yr, $13.1 mil contract to be a DH-only type? You drop the context of these players like him and Matsui who were already on the team, making big money, who USED TO PLAY DEFENSE. They weren’t brought in to DH. They had regressed to DH-only types.

                    And I rightly called both Matsui and Posada PRIMARY DHs — b/c THEY WEREN’T FULL-TIME. That’s why I called Matsui the closest — but not quite at 116 games. And Posada started at DH 82 times last year — far more than other player on the Yankees; that made him their PRIMARY DH last year — but no person with a half a baseball brain would describe 82 starts at DH as a FULL-time DH.

                    So tell me Ted, who was the primary DH for the Yankees last year? Then would you say that same person played FULL-TIME at the DH “position” last year? Absurd. Primary vs full-time isn’t semantics. And bad vs solid enough isn’t either. It’s just more of the Ted I’m-wrong-but-I-can’t-admit-it BS shuffle.

                    Your chronic equivocations, non-sequiturs and dishonesty render your writing on these subjects worthless to read. I’ve learned my lesson. There’s no point in trying to reason with an irrational baseball know-nothing like yourself.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Nick Johnson played 90% of his games at DH… and I am dropping the context by calling him a DH? Tex plays 150 games a year at 1B… but Johnson was brought in as a 1B and not a DH? Could it maybe be that he was brought in as a full-time DH… but also a back-up 1B? You think that’s possible?

                      Posada was the full-time DH until he got benched for poor performance. You accuse me of ignoring context and not having half a brain… and you ignore that?
                      I never said Posada was a good value at $13 million per. Please let me know where I said that. I said he started the year as the full-time DH. The everyday DH. Then… he stunk beyond belief from the right side and wasn’t great from the left side either.

                      Can we just discuss the issues rather than you making things up and calling me dihonest for not following your non-sense?

                • Ted Nelson

                  Hey, Frank Thomas “what position did you play?” 1B and then… DH.

                  Hey, Edgar Martinez “what position did you play?” A little 3B, but mostly DH.

                  Hey, David Ortiz “what position do you play?” I play DH.

                  Paul Molitor, Thome, Giambi, Baines, Chili Davis…

                  Those guys are not punch-lines. They are/were very good hitters who can’t/couldn’t field.

                  • DM

                    No, they say I used to PLAY fill-in-a-position, now I DH. I’ve never heard anyone say “I play DH.” like it’s on equal with actually playing defense.

                    Yeah, they were good hitters — designated hitters — who didn’t play a position. And that’s considered a negative, a LIMITING factor — not the same as “playing” any other position. Ask the Hall of Fame voters if they consider it the same as any other position. No Gold Gloves for DHs. If Edgar Martinez had stayed in the field (regardless of defense prowess) instead of becoming a FULL-time DH at age 32, he’d already be in Cooperstown. Position matters. Only a pinhead like you say “Who cares what position” to that.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      So… they play DH. Yeah.

                      I am a pinhead and you don’t think DH is a position? Interesting.

                      I understand that playing good defense has positive value. I also understand that playing bad defense has negative value. If Edgar Martinez had played a poor 3B his whole career ignorant HOF voters might have been happier, but his team would have lost more games. This is a team sport, and it’s about winning the most games. Regularly playing a terrible defender in the field when you can DH him is bad for your team in most cases.

                      I am in no way against a “rotating” DH when it maximizes your team’s value. I just think that situation is rare. It requires having bench players who are better than the alternative DH. Veteran bench players are by nature flawed guys who have trouble finding a starting job elsewhere. The best way to employ a rotating DH is to have some specialized veterans like Jones who bring one skill but some flaws and then homegrown bench players who could be starting elsewhere. Maybe Nunez is that guy. I’d say it’s roughly 50/50, though.

    • DM

      Back in December, and before Montero was traded Girardi downplayed the idea of him being a “full time DH” anyway. He indicated that they’d use that spot to rotate players in and out — or as a “revolving door” as A-Rod put it. The idea that Girardi wanted to give Montero a try at 1st base also supports this.

      In the past the Yankees were pushed into using aging and/or brittle players who were still under contract as their primary DH — like Matsui with his knees — or Posada with his age and bad catching. They don’t have that issue now. That slot is finally unclogged. Every hitter on the roster can play legit defense too. I suspect any acquisition will be able to as well. But if not, this hitter will not be able to DH full-time with A-Rod, Jones, Jeter, Tex, Swish and Cano on the roster. Matsui ’09 was the last closest thing the Yankees had to a full-time DH (116 games) — and they still DH’d someone other than him 46 times. Like Damon for the Rays last year, if you DH 130+ games, you’re thee FULL-time DH. There was nothing open like that on these Yankees — even for Montero — which Girardi had already said.

      • Ted Nelson

        Still twisting the truth to fit your narrative, I see. Two year in the past they signed Nick Johnson. They traded two prospects to get Lance Berkman. They weren’t using aging players they were stuck with at DH… they were actively looking for a DH and using one guy or a platoon in the spot.

        Convenient to go back to 2009 when their full-time DH got hurt in 2010 and was terrible in 2011… both having to be replaced mid-season. It’s like saying the Giants and Twins don’t want good Cs because they haven’t had one in a year.

        There doesn’t have to be this black and white one DH or a total revolving door dichotomy you’re so intent on creating. There is a lot of middle ground. A guy doesn’t have to DH 130 games to be the team’s primary DH. I think everyone in their right mind would rather have a guy with versatility who can play the field and DH than not play the field if their hitting is equal. The reality, though, is that there are a lot of players out there with no business playing the field who can hit. Those guys DH. There’s a chance the Yankees will come across one of those guys who presents good value. There’s also a chance Nunez will step up and they won’t need a primary DH.

        And, based on your mind-reading, what does Girardi want to do in the playoffs? Rotate guys at DH?

        • DM

          I thought you weren’t talking to me? Remember — when you slinked away on your belly from the quotes you asked for?

          As for truth twisting, do we really need to examine NJ again? A fairly young guy brought in who could play an above average 1st base — was going to be worked out in the OF before his usual injuries crept in? Clearly a 2-way player signed with the very flexibility idea in mind that you keep dismissing despite the quotes and references here on this board that support the same? Who’s really twisting things to fit his narrative? Who ignores what he doesn’t like? Who pretends that A-Rod is the only veteran candidate to get DH at-bats, then slowly backs off that to include an ever growing list?

          I went back to 2009 for exactly the reason I stated. That’s when something close to a full-time DH was last used — B/C HE WAS SIGNED — AND HAD BAD WHEELS. They didn’t sign Matsui and his knees to 1 yr deal to be their FULL-time DH. He was already on the team. It’s the opposite of what you claim. They were pushed into it — just like Posada last year. $13.1 mil 39 yr old who can’t catch — viola! — Let’s start the season with him as full-time DH b/c that’s our desire???? NO. They had to. NJ brought his glove with him. Matsui and Posada had lost their gloves in their last year — BUT THEY WERE STILL SIGNED TO BIG MONEY. You act like they were acquired for that purpose — THEY ERODED TO DH-ONLY TYPES. Get it??

          Back to Ted’s fantasy land. A full-time DH is always the primary DH — but a primary DH doesn’t necessarily suggest a FULL-time DH. If Gardner played 100 games in LF — and Jones played 62 games in LF, you might dub Gardner their PRIMARY LF but he wouldn’t be considered their FULL-time LF. Talk about twisting a concept? Playing 100 of 162, less than 2/3rds qualifies as full-time??? or have you now switched to “primary DH” as the latest thing you “really meant”. Creeping away again, huh?

          And another prime example of Ted-skew-n-spew: Lance Berkman, huh? You’re bringing up a trade-deadline acquisition — for the stretch drive as an example of the scheme they use??? How many times have the Yankees and other teams acquired a player that overlaps in some area — temporarily, for the sake of winning any extra game they can to be in the post-season?? Are you high? Do you ever see closers get traded at the deadline to serve some other purpose — like setting up?? And to cap it off Berkman STILL STARTED 7 OF HIS 28 games at 1st base!!! The Yankees could have Mays, Mantle and Dimaggio in the outfield — Babe Ruth at DH — and they still might trade for Hank Aaron at the deadline if the price is right. Do you even follow baseball beyond fWAR? Do you look up from the computer to actually watch games?

          “And, based on your mind-reading, what does Girardi want to do in the playoffs? Rotate guys at DH?”

          No — you don’t rest players in the playoffs. The post-season is all hands on deck — running on adrenaline. That’s why you rest guys during the REGULAR season using a rotating DH. Get it??

          • Ted Nelson

            I have never slinked away from you. You make too little sense to respond to sometimes. The quotes you had didn’t say at all what you suggested they said.

            I don’t know what to tell you.

            Nick Johnson played 90% DH… but he’s wasn’t brought in to DH. That’s really your argument? He played 0 games in the OF… but you know they would have started giving him meaningful playing time in the OF?

            Berkman played 75% DH… but he wasn’t primarily a DH?

            I have never once said that the Yankees should have someone who plays 100% of their games at DH. You can be a “full-time” or “primary” or whatever meaningless word/phrase you’d like to use DH and not play every single game at DH. Most DHs can at least stand at 1B for a game and look like they’re playing the position.
            You’re arguing against a strawman by continuing to suggest that’s what I’ve said. It’s not what I’ve said.

            “No — you don’t rest players in the playoffs. The post-season is all hands on deck — running on adrenaline.”

            Do I really have to explain this to you? You have to play a DH in the AL playoffs and roughly 1/2 the WS games. If there’s no worthy DH on the roster, who are you going to play? Chris Dickerson?

            • DM

              “I don’t know what to tell you.”

              Right, the truth stifles clowns like you. So you keep parroting a select slice of NJ b/c you can’t answer to the full context.

              “Do I really have to explain this to you? You have to play a DH in the AL playoffs and roughly 1/2 the WS games. If there’s no worthy DH on the roster, who are you going to play? Chris Dickerson?”

              Amazingly, you know less of post-season baseball than regular season baseball. And what’s a “worthy DH” — one who can’t take the field in any meaningful way? LOL

              • Ted Nelson

                Can we stop pretending like I’m an idiot who doesn’t understand anything?

                Nick Johnson was brought in to DH. He was also brought in to back-up Tex… which is a 10-15 game a season job. Perhaps they would have tried him in the OF if he’d stayed healthy. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been god-awful… but given how he runs, I doubt it.
                Nick Johnson was always injury prone. This wasn’t a new thing. The context was that they brought in an injury prone player thinking he might stay healthy at DH.
                It seems to me that you are ignoring the context if you don’t think Johnson was brought in to DH, or that Berkman was traded for as a platoon mate to Thames… at DH.

                “Amazingly, you know less of post-season baseball than regular season baseball.”

                Insulting my intelligence doesn’t make me any less intelligent in reality.

                You really maintain that the Yankees don’t need a DH in the playoffs? What are you on?

                A worthy DH is one that can… you know… play the position. Which involves hitting and running the bases. If your bench is Jones, Nunez, Cervelli, Bill Hall, and Chris Dickerson… who is DHing against RHSP in the post-season?

                • DM

                  Ted, why are you replying to me? If I want the fWAR of the KC Royals bat boy, I’ll ask you, ok? Other than that your contributions and “analysis” are nothing but your personal preferences wrapped in circular reasoning.

                  Anyone who tries to map out a post-season roster NOW is pathetically clueless. No baseball roster is static across a season. Are you that stupid? I don’t know what the roster will be on Opening Day, but you’re mapping out the playoff roster?? And wait a second, isn’t the playoff appearance in grave danger now that Montero is gone?? LOL.

                  But I have some good news for you. The Yankee Latin-American scouts are at it again. The rumor is that they’ve found a top rung DH prospect in the Dominican Republic. They were searching for 3rd basemen, Left-handed starters — and DH-men. This guy supposedly has major league DH tools already — and he’s only 16! He sits in the dugout while the rest of the team takes the field with the poise of a veteran. They say he plays a wicked DH — and he hasn’t even tried on a glove since he was 8! They noticed his DH-ability so early on so they said don’t bother with that playing defense stuff. This guy might be the best DH-man we’ve every seen. Stay tuned, Ted.

                  • Ted Nelson

                    When was the last time you made a point that was actually right? I can’t remember once.

                    Like when they gave Jesus Montero a 7 figure bonus, you mean? The Yankees actually have a long history of acquiring bats with questionable defensive tools. So the joke is on you. Posada. Cano. Giambi. Matsui. Sheff by that point.

                    You have maintained this whole time that the Yankees WILL NOT have a DH. They will ONLY have a rotating DH. My question is if they have a rotating DH, who hits in the DH spot against RHSP in the play-offs?
                    Every time I even suggest they might possibly consider a DH… you jump all over me.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      And I notice you have no response above where I thoroughly kill your comments. Who is slinking away?

                    • DM

                      hahaha. Still making up things to make bad arguments again, huh? We went from me saying that they don’t have a need for a FULL-TIME DH, and that the manager prefers having flexibility as well as using that slot to rest most all of the regulars. Both assertions have been proven through demonstration and quotes — and have also been referenced by writers and other posters on this very board as though it’s common knowledge to everyone (except brain-dead Ted “They traded Montero!! My projected superstar HofF DH for the next 15 yrs!!! WAAAAH!!!” Nelson).

                      The Yankees will have a DH in every game except some in inter-league play. What they won’t have is a FULL-TIME DH — like an Ortiz, or a Damon last year, or an Edgar Martinez for the last years of his career. Your equivocations know no bounds. Full-Time DH, Primary DH, and now apparently anyone who is “a DH” ever are all the same in your squirming rationalizing try-to-find-a-way-to-make-him-wrong-and-me-right-for-once mind.

                      And the reply button is blacked out on your other posts — not that there was anything worth responding to anyway. Same nonsense. And you CONSTANTLY drop context and avoid or ignore specific points I make altogether — B/C YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY — except to recycle the same slivers that I’ve already thoroughly exposed by bringing the full context in to illuminate how dim and dishonest your drivel is. A perfect example is your bizarre play-off game talk in Feb — which completely ignores the context of roster changing, injuries occurring, performances impressing, performances disappointing — and without any specific knowledge of your opponent at all except RHSP. It’s like asking Joe Torre if he expects to start Jose Vizcaino in a game in the Subway Series BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS — BEFORE THE YANKEES EVEN HAD VIZCAINO ON THE ROSTER.
                      Call up WFAN, Ted — when Girardi’s on the air to ask — or e-mail YES with that question. I’m sure it’ll get the response it deserves — HANG UP or DELETE.

                      The saddest aspect of this is it all this roots back to your bitter blind Montero-love. It’s a pretzel logic contortion that you just can’t cop to in a simple admission — so instead you slither slowly away from A-Rod being the only vet to possibly use DH ABs besides a FULL-time DH to your Ted 2.0 version that says “Oh yeah, I can see a rotation! I have nothing against it at all. If fact, I kinda like it.” I didn’t jump on you — you jumped on me for daring to echo what Girardi had said — even when Montero was here.

                      Your initial theory would break down this way: Full-time DH (Montero or a new acquisition) would get a 130 games there, you’d begrudgingly give A-Rod 15-20 games, then sprinkle the few remaining DH openings across only the “old” part of the roster. That’s not a “rotation” — which you suddenly pretend that you have nothing against — as it becomes clearer and clearer that what I, others here — AND GIRARDI AND CASHMAN said is looking a lot more likely than Adam Dunn-esque move.

                      Let’s go back to the Girardi Dec statement. He said he didn’t see Montero as a full-time DH, but he would get ABs there, right? But you say “full-time” vs “primary” is just semantics, right? So, Girardi in your mind could just have easily said that he didn’t see Montero as a “primary DH” either — b/c he said they’d need to “rotate” the DH. So, Ted — if Montero ISN’T the full-time/primary DH (same role to you), who gets the other DH ABs? How would Montero get his ABs? Or could it be that FULL-TIME DH means something like FULL-TIME SS or FULL-TIME 2B? And that a lesser role wouldn’t be dubbed “FULL-TIME” BUT MIGHT STILL BE CONSIDERED “PRIMARY”??!?

                      Ted, who was the primary DH for the Yankees last year? One guy DH’d far more than anyone else. Who was it that DH’d over 50% of the games by himself?

                      And getting back to the type of example you ignored. If Gardner played 100 games in LF and Jones played 60 games in LF, who is the primary LF? Would you call Gardner the Yankees FULL-time LF?

                      You dodged all that — and many many many others. I can guess your reply. “Nick Johnson DH’d 90%” of all 21 of his injury-laden games in the START of the season when less rest is needed. The latter point you totally ignored. There’s a difference between April and August.

                    • DM

                      “Like when they gave Jesus Montero a 7 figure bonus, you mean? The Yankees actually have a long history of acquiring bats with questionable defensive tools. So the joke is on you. Posada. Cano. Giambi. Matsui. Sheff by that point.”

                      There’s a difference between questionable defense, bad defense and non-existent defense. Your equivocations just keep coming. It’s a testimony to how poor Montero’s defense and attitude is that the Yankees were afraid to use him in the field — A 22 YR OLD. Your list above is filled with Gold Gloves by comparison to what’s been said about Montero. And what did Newman say about Montero and DH’ing — or did you forget — or purposely ignore again? He said “I hope he hears it” –i.e., he hopes Montero is inspired by all the DH talk — and TAKES IT AS A DIG AT HIM B/C NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY A POSITION IS A NEGATIVE — made worse that you’re a young player and not a 40 yr old with bad knees.

                      Name one player who was drafted/signed and came up through minors as a DH. The joke is always on the person who just doesn’t get it. And that person is always Ted.

  • Ted Nelson

    Jones does seem to be getting lost in all the LH bat talk, but I think the initial fall-out from the trade included a knowledge that Jones was an option at DH.

    I agree that they have a number of options. I would say that a fairly full-time DH is one of those options, though. Right now that seems more likely via trade than free agency, but I think there’s a decent chance that they acquire someone who beats out other guys for PAs. Probably not a 150 G DH… but maybe a 100+ G guy who earns the spot as the season goes on. Damon is about the only FA I think has much chance of that. Maybe they trade for someone, though.

  • theyankeewarrior

    You would think there would be an obvious candidate for “old lefty who can do nothing but hit vs. RHP anymore”, but there really isn’t.

    They’re either signed (Thome/Giambi/Papi), too old (Matsui), have no power left (Damon), “cost too much” (Pena), or unavailable right now (Ethier).

    Hopefully Cash has someone up his sleeve who can pop in the cheap for a few months until the trade market heats up.

    • theyankeewarrior

      Pop *ON* the cheap.

  • DM

    “Immediately following the Jesus Montero trade, it appeared the Yankees were in the market for a full-time DH in his stead.”

    More like potential full-time DH free agents were interested in coming to the Yankees after the trade. Those original “been in touch with” rumors were downgraded by Cashman as merely those players’ agents contacting the Yankees post-trade. Cashman only said he’s looking “for a bat” via the trade route. This doesn’t indicate full-time DH nor does it negate the idea that this “bat” might have a glove as well.

  • Johnny

    I would rather have the proposed Hall/Ibanez split than Dickerson or Maxwell making regular appearances.

  • CJ

    What about cashman saying he will try to trade for a bat?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      He could trade for a bat, sure. There’s no quantifier there as to the quality of that bat or what role they would have.

  • CJ

    Betances + Dickerson for Parra?
    Betances + Laird for Headley?

    • FIPster Doofus

      No to the first trade. Yes to the second trade.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Could we go wrong with Dickerson getting the RF assignment vs. RHP and Swisher DHing on some days, then have Jones in RF vs. LHP, with Shisher still Dhing?

    If A-Rod needs a half day, sit Dickerson/Jones and put Swish in Rf, Nunez at 3B.
    I’d rather do this and sign Bill Hall. It gives the roster far more flexibility than an old slow DH who has no defensive/baserunning value, or a DH who can’t hit for power anymore, and has no defensive value.

  • Monterowasdinero

    I never thought Andruw Jones was in shape last year. We talk alot about Phil and Joba but Andruw was soft and out of shape in my opinion. He may be more serviceable if he devotes himself to his conditioning more this year.

    That said, Gardy is still an everyday player for me.

    • Mister Delaware

      Double-edged sword. A peak condition Andruw Jones would probably be too good to be a weak-side platoon DH for the Yankees.

  • Jonathan

    I really don’t understand the fact that people are seeming to actually want to give inferior players more playing time. If we can get Johnny at $2-3MM there is no doubt that’s the right way to go. We’ve all seen what happens when Pena/Nunez/Cervelli etc get too many ABs. Unless a ninja trade happens or Cash is waiting until the deadline where there will surely be plenty of DH options available for a C prospect I expect Damon to come back. There just aren’t many DH spots open and playing on a shitty A’s team in a giant ballpark for an extra $1MM probably isn’t worth it to Johnny. Of course he’s taken the best deal each time he’s been a FA. I just hope he’s not drinking the Scott Boras koolaid after he fucked Johnny after the 2009 season. $39MM?? how about a 1 year $8MM deal in a shitty city and giant ballpark. Enjoy. Learn from your mistakes Johnny.