Baseball America’s Early Draft Preview

Open Thread: Dante Bichette Jr. talks to YES
Taking baseball a little less seriously

We’re still five months out from the actual event, but I guess that’s why they call it an early draft preview. Baseball America published a list of the top 100 draft prospects today, as well as a position-by-position breakdown of the draft class. It’s a pretty good year for catchers and middle infielders, but a little light on college arms. Both links are free for all, though subscribers can see scouting reports for each of the top 100 guys.

The Yankees currently own three of the top 91 and five of the top 154 picks, with their first selection coming 30th overall. They didn’t gain or lose any picks via free agent compensation, and won’t because all the Type-A’s have signed. No word on what the team’s draft spending limit (courtesy of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement) will be yet.

Open Thread: Dante Bichette Jr. talks to YES
Taking baseball a little less seriously
  • RetroRob

    I could be wrong, but this draft might yield chaos. The new CBA totally upsets how teams have drafted in the past, and I’m not sure what to expect in year one of the new CBA.

    • Plank

      I think the change will be teams picking players on talent only. The compensation with the same draft pick if a player doesn’t sign has largely gotten rid of that recently anyway. In the 3rd to mid rounds, I bet the longshot signing guys won’t be drafted anymore since there is no way they would sign for round 3 money. They will probably be drafted in the later rounds (if they weren’t draftedin the first round) just so they don’t become free agents (heaven forbid.)

      That’s all my speculation. It’s not based on anything.

      • RetroRob

        I think that was Selig’s goal, having the best talent go in order, rewarding the teams with the worst records. That’s probably how it will play out, yet it will certainly be interesting to see what happens in year one. Actually, it might be more interesting in years two and three as teams perhaps start finding loopholes after going through a few drafts.

        Did they eliminate the rule that a team loses its draft money, and can’t spend it in lower rounds, if they don’t sign their #1 pick? Seems to me that would put all the leverage in the draft pick’s hands.

        The other item is I wonder if high school players will ever be drafted in the first rounds. It might make more sense to draft late college guys who have less leverage. High school kids can simply go on to college. A junior, or certainly a senior, has no where to go.

        Something surprising is going to happen. Just don’t know what it is.

        • Plank

          Seniors already have no leverage.

          I disagree about Selig’s motivation for the new draft rules. The distribution of talent is a by-product of his goal of depressing money in the hands of young players.

          I could see high school kids who are considered great but are probably going to college getting drafted higher. If they get drafted at number 10, they can get slot money this year at number 10 or they can go to college for 2 years for a small possibility of getting a little bit more money in the future.

          • RetroRob

            Right. A senior doesn’t have leverage, which I guess is why all these guys enter as juniors. Is there anything that would prevent a player from going to school on the “five-year” plan, allowing him an extra year of negotiating leverage? This is probably addressed in the rules somewhere, either by the CBA, or maybe even the NCAA. I wonder if we’ll see more high school players go the junior college route. Or outside of the clear top high school players being drafted, will the new rules encourage the drafting of more college players, forcing most of the talent into the funnel, where they come out at the near end of their college years, reducing leverage.

            I’m guessing MLB has thought all these things through, or maybe they haven’t. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but my guess is something unexpected will.

  • Plank

    I believe under the new CBA the Yankees have to let the chicken who picks the football games choose who they draft.

    They also have to send in a drunk 7 year old to negotiate all contracts with drafted players.

    • Jonathan

      His name is Hank Steinbrenner…and he just acts like a 7 year old

  • William

    You should be able to trade draft picks. With the Yankees past record in drafting players, they’re better off tradin them to draft pick hungry teams (Rays, Royals, Padres, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Nationals, Mariners)

    • Plank

      Their last half decade of drafts have been pretty good. Every team misses more than they hit in the draft.

      • JohnnyC

        Just to illustrate that, the following tweet from Mike Axisa about tonight’s Caribbean Series game:

        “Kris Johnson pitching for the DR. Red Sox drafted him 40th overall in 2006. Yankees drafted Joba with the next pick.”

        • Mister Delaware

          So Kris Johnson is still starting? Fire Cashman.

          • Plank

            Nicely done.