Joba continues rehab program, throwing off half-mound


Via the AP, Joba Chamberlain has started throwing off a half-mound as he continues his rehab from Tommy John surgery. He’s been throwing off flat ground for a few weeks, but now he’s starting to get elevated. He’s right on schedule based on Mike Dodd’s classic TJS article, and should begin throwing breaking balls pretty soon. Joba figures to return to the team in mid-June, a year out from surgery.

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  • Peter

    And is expected to be stretched out right? Alright I will let it go…maybe.

    • Max

      I had the same thought. It’s almost like, oh what is that phrase, a reset button?

    • http://www.bronxbombersreport.com Craig Maduro

      I was wondering how many comments before a “Joba-back-to-the-rotation” comment would be made. I let it go last year, but now I’m back on the bandwagon.

      • Monterowasdinero

        How about a “Joba in rehab” comment?

        /just kidding Joba-lovers

  • JoeyA

    This may be a ridiculous question with a very common sense answer, but how is throwing off flat ground vs. mound anyone or less stressful for the arm?

    • jjyank

      Just a guess, but I would think the downward angle of the mound might be more stressful on the arm than simply moving your arm on flat ground.

  • JoeyA

    This may be a ridiculous question with a very common sense answer, but how is throwing off flat ground vs. mound any more or less stressful for the arm?

  • Balistes

    can someone explain why its harder to throw off a mound than flat ground? i would have thought that throwing off a mound would be easier because of the gravity advantage.

  • joe

    Throwing off a mound puts more stress on the arm to “catch up” to the body, especially the lower half, as opposed to flat ground… That is why pitchers are able to throw harder on a mound than on flat gound, the mound forces more arm speed from the pitcher.

  • J. Scott

    When Cashman was on with Francessa last week he said we shouldn’t look for Joba until “…after June.” I get the feeling Joba is not any kind of priority item for the team at this point. I don’t think he’ll be fast-tracked.

    • Darren

      With all of the things the Yankees can do wrong, their approach to injury, surgery and rest is usually refreshingly conservative. I’m sure Joba’s glad he’s not rehabbing on the Mets. They’d probably pencil him in as the Opening Day starter.

      • Kevin Winters

        At least he would be viewed as a starter.

  • noseeum

    Yes, it’s essentially beating a dead horse, but I still see no reason why they wouldn’t give Joba a shot to start. My guess is by June their bullpen will still be looking rock solid, and they’ll have tons of arms available to fill any bullpen spot they may have.

    If Joba is essentially an extra arm, why not give him some rehab starts in the minors and see what he’s got? It’s not like they’ll be urgently needing his services in the bullpen when he’s better.

  • blee

    The fact that everyone’s thinking about returning Joba to a SP must mean that the front office and coaches have at least thought about it too right?

    • Kevin Winters

      I’m sure they have even if they know it’s not going to happen. That’s just based on everyone not always agreeing on a certain thing.

  • Dave

    Yanks have 7 SPs for a 5 man rotation. Do the math! Joba had his best days in the pen. Any Questions?